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Ideas to spice up any WWE Survivor Series

I’ve fallen out of wrestling for the past 4 months…. but I’m back.


I know a good hook for Survivor Series. If there is one (or more) Survivor Series match, put the survivors into a title shot match the night after. So if there are 2 survivors then they face 1 on 1 for some sort of title shot. If its a big issue to have heel vs heel the next night…. have an authority figure bring up a face wasn’t eliminated he was injured the previous night. And he’ll have the fans vote, should the face be put into the contender match? Naturally a face would. That would give motivation to the guys in the Survivor Series match. Plus do you help someone out to win the match or do you let them get pinned to be the lone survivor and get the title shot by default?

The idea would play out over at least 3 shows. Series, Raw #1, Raw #2. They can pad it out where the guy gets a shot at the next PPV. It doesn’t even have to be for a top title.


Another way to get heat on the consequence of a Survivor Series match would be to say…. and the guys that lose won’t get any sort of title shot for a month… Then when the heels or faces lose. Someone from that squad can say well if I’m not getting a title shot, I’m seeing to it that the guys that beat us don’t get a title shot (or a championship) either. Then that can be a little 1 month story. It can lead to a cage match, to keep these psychos out. It can lead to guest enforcers. It can lead to one of these losers going on a 4 match winning streak…. but so sorry you don’t get a shot cuz you lost that one match a month ago. Next time don’t lose when it counts…. sadface.


If 8 and 10 man Survivor Series are too common…. why not have a tag title 4 team elimination match. 4 teams of 2 men one being the tag champions. The catch is participants are eliminated not teams. So if you get pinned your partner still has a chance. Then when it comes down to it, the winning team might have just 1 man. So I won the tag belts…. not us. Even if the team would still hold the tag belts :-) It is still an 8 man elimination idea.

There would be 3 slots to fill which require 3 qualifying squash matches that would at least give all teams a win headed into the PPV :-)


My Booking Survivor Series 2011 to TLC 2011 and all the weeks between.

WWE Survivor Series is one week away, and the next WWE pay-per-view is WWE TLC (tables ladders and chairs oh my). I will neglect my thoughts on the poor buildup to Survivor Series and say the point of this is to book Survivor Series to TLC. Here we go!

I say Cena gets the win, Rock bottom on Cena to close the show. I think that’s what people want to see. Nevermind a heel turn from Cena to beat down the Rock… Fans won’t want to see Rock return and get beat down and Cena just came out with a new shirt, and he needs to sell it. I’d rather he make $$$ for the company.

Punk doesn’t need the belt. Screw job him over. Del Rio is your classic heel. You can have the ring announcer interfere, ref bump, plunder. Anything to keep Punk from getting the belt… if not have the ref wake up when Punk has a chair in his hand and call the match. Orrrrr you can really shock people by having a 30 minute time limit draw.

It’s the Survivor Series, time for a shakeup. If this was Wrestlemania, I’d say the faces should beat the heels. In this case I say Heels win with Swagger and… other guy getting pinned (who is he?). Cody Rhodes goes over Orton, Christian over Sheamus, Swagger over Kofi, Barrett over Sin Cara and Mason Ryan.

Keep Henry strong, you didn’t just make him champion after a 4 month build to have him lose the belt. Plus Kane is coming back… just as the Big Show did.

I’m only thinking this match is on Survivor Series, since Zack Ryder has an online petition to get the title. Seeing as how his videos only get 200,000 views when he’s in the main event of RAW that has 3 million+ viewers… that’s not a positive. Since Survivor Series is at MSG not far from Long Island, Zack wins to make a star. That’s how WWE works sometimes.


WWE TLC matches and the buildups to them. There are 4 weeks between Survivor Series and TLC.
Why? Cena won his match at the Survivor Series… and so did Del Rio.
How? Cena went over Miz & Truth by himself on RAW, and won the match on Survivor Series… but that won’t be good enough. Punk was screwed. So Punk vs Cena #1 contender. or… both men need to go through someone to get that #1 contender match.
Week 1: Cena won… all hail Cena… he was Rock Bottomed… but since Rock won’t be here, he wants the next biggest fish and that’s the one with the biggest title. Del Rio. Who then comes out and says winning a tag match doesn’t get you a title shot. How about winning some singles matches like he did last night. Punk comes out. He knows he was screwed over. He wants a rematch tonight… GM John Laurenitus comes out, says Punk doesn’t make the matches. It will be Cena vs Punk for the #1 contendership… Cena over Punk. I’m sure we’ve all seen it before…
Week 2: Non title: Alberto Del Rio over Kofi (without Evan). I think having Cena go over guys week after week would be meaningless. Alberto however it would be more competitive because he hasn’t been cemented. John Cena does commentary. After the match there is a scuffle… Brodus Clay rips John Cena out of the chair and destroys him. Puts him through a table and Del Rio applauds!
Week 3: Del Rio appears to introduce his old apprentice, Brodus Clay. Non title: Alberto Del Rio over JoMo. Brodus stands guard with his back the match watching the entryway. Just stand there looking intimidating. After the match, John Cena challenges Brodus to a match next week in order to make sure that he isn’t a factor in his title match.
Week 4: Cena over Brodus Clay. Afterward Del Rio and Brodus destroy Cena.
TLC: Del Rio wins… with help from Brodus of course. It can setup a feud between Brodus and Cena.

Why? Since Team Orton will lose… Kane returns to get revenge on the man that put him out.
How? Kane can mystery return, flames and all. He can get into Henry’s mind with caskets, fire and so on. Henry ain’t scared. He’s the champ!
Week 1: Henry cleaned out the heavyweight division. He went over Orton, Sheamus, Bryan, Big Show. There’s no one left? Does he need to stack Sin Cara on top of Tyson Kidd to get a heavyweight challenger? Lights go off… crowd pops. Lights go red. Flames jet out of the ring posts. Henry isn’t scared.
Week 2: Henry over Ezekiel Jackson. In the match, the lights go red and Henry still wins. Show yourself Kane! Stop with these games. Henry isn’t scared!
Week 3: Henry over Ted Dibiase Jr. After the match in the celebration, lights go dark. Lights go red with Kane in front of Henry who is dumbfounded. Kane puts his hand on Henry’s neck and Henry bolts from the ring.
Week 4: Teddy Long makes a match for TLC, Henry vs Kane for the heavyweight title. Since Henry injured Kane with a chair, it will be a chairs match! Henry is interviewed about Kane. He’s not scared. He looks forward to putting Kane back on the shelf. Henry and Kane have been around the longest out of anyone, but there’s only one man that has the longevity and that’s Henry.
TLC: Henry over Kane, because Kane will be so motivated to hurt Henry he won’t bother pinning him! After the match Kane will continue to beat Henry!

Why? Kevin Nash needs a debut match and he has history with Punk.
How? Punk loses his #1 contendership… Laurenitus makes the match. Or…. CM could politic, by GTSing the man who put COO on the shelf, Punk would get HHH’s favor… Nash can say the same thing, it’s about getting noticed, that’s why he hospitalized HHH.
Week 1: Nash is ready to wrestle, he wants competition. JoMo is sent out to be slaughtered. We all love JoMo… feed him to Nash. If this was a JoMo vs Nash program, then Nash can get beat.
Week 2: Nash promo… he wants a match. Enter Punk who can respect the fact that Nash took out the COO HHH… But this isn’t about revenge, this is about making sure that big lazy Kevin Nash doesn’t work and take someone’s spot that is more deserving. Nash says its business and when he goes over Punk, he’ll be in the title picture and Punk can go down to the US title or something. Laurenitus sends out security to prevent them from fighting.
Week 3: Punk over McIntyre. Punk wonders where is Nash? GM John Laurenitus answers that Nash missed his flight. So Nash stays home and gets paid, while guys like Punk are wrestling week in and week out.
Week 4: Punk over Swagger. Where’s Nash now? Did he miss his flight? Nash emerges unseed from the crowd, blindsides Punk, powerbombs him. Raises his arms, walks away.
TLC: Punk over Nash when HHH returns.

Why? Barrett is on a winning streak and show came back and has momentum.
How? Barrett will tout his winning streak and shun Big Show for losing his title.
Week 1: Big Show needs to get in the title hunt again. Mark Henry refuses him. Show asks Daniel Bryan how much is the money in the bank title shot worth? Show has been wrestling in big time companies. He’s got some coin. $100,000… $200,000…. $500,000? He can’t go one million, his wife would kill him. Wade Barrett scorns Big Show for trying to buy something that he can just take, but even if he took it, he’d fail like he did twice in a row! They brawl.
Week 2: Big Show over Jinder. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan (Money in the Bank doesn’t mean you get a year-long push). Show saves Daniel Bryan afterward.
Week 3: Big Show over 3 jobbers (why not?). Wade Barrett over Ezekiel Jackson.
Week 4: Wade Barrett issues a gentleman’s challenge to the big show. They have a KO Challenge on TLC. How novel. They both have 2 wins going into TLC. Wade was a bare knuckle fighter and Big Show has been known to knock people out with his punch.
TLC: Big Show over Barrett. Since a heel has the belt, a face should go over.

Why? This match had a lot of incarnations… 6 man tag with Orton, Rhodes, Sheamus and so on. But to be honest. I don’t think anyone wants to see those guys again and again. I feel I could make people care about this match.
How? Someone takes the briefcase…
Week 1: Daniel Bryan over Heath Slater. Big Show tries to buy Bryan’s money in the bank title shot. Bryan refuses.
Week 2: Christian wonders why Bryan didn’t sell the title shot to Big Show? Daniel Bryan explains it for the millionth time. Christian mentions having a match for it… Bryan refuses. He went through hell for it. Christian laughs and says you’ll go through hell to keep it. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan with interference from Christian.
Week 3: Daniel Bryan over Tyson Kidd… after the match Bryan looks for his briefcase its gone! Who took it? He assumes Christian and beats him senseless. Puts him in the Labell lock and Christian passes out and can’t tell Bryan where he hid it!
Week 4: Christian comes out. He doesn’t know where the briefcase is. If Daniel Bryan agrees to give Christian a shot for that money in the bank at TLC he will find the briefcase for Daniel and bring it to TLC. Teddy Long shows up to amend the match… There will be no tables, ladders or chairs… or DQs or count outs… or pinfalls. It will be a submission match!
TLC: Christian doesn’t show up with the briefcase… why? Because he didn’t steal it. Bryan goes over thus begins the push… The quest for the briefcase and who stole it.

Why? Not many tag teams… and Miz & Truth are the hottest heel tag team now which isn’t saying much.
How? Miz & Truth go on a tear through the tag division. Winning every week building to TLC.
– Week 1: Miz & Truth lost the previous night. They make an open challenge… answered by Santino & Goldust who get murdered…. saying Do you think this is funny???
– Week 2: Miz & Truth over JoMo & Alex Riley… two guys that Miz had tagged with and even Truth tagged with JoMo
– Week 3: Truth with Miz over Kofi… alone.
– Week 4: Miz & Truth cut a promo about how Evan hasn’t been on TV for a month. They’ve been beating teams left and right! They make a pay-per-view challenge. Kofi and Evan accept on one condition… if its a Ladder match!
TLC: Your pick. Go ahead and pick.

Why? Ziggler just lost the title to Ryder.
How? Ziggler goes on a killing streak to get his title shot.
– Week 1: Zack comes out to a celebration! Ziggler, Swagger and Vicki show up to rain on it. Ziggler wants his rematch tonight! Zack says start your own online petition and you’ll get one! Dolph & Swagger beat down Zack.
Week 2: Zack over Drew McIntyre. Dolph over Alex Riley.
Week 3: Dolph over Mason Ryan. Zack over JTG. Santino compliments Zack backstage on his victory. Then Swagger and Ziggler attack. Next week a tag match.
Week 4: Zack & Santino over Swagger and Ziggler. Ziggler does not get pinned.
TLC: Zack.

Now that John Cena is the WWE champion… here’s what to do with him (7 PPV bookings til Wrestlemania)

Uggg… unfortunately John Cena has won the WWE championship again last night. Everyone falls before Cena… Alberto, Miz and Truth, no one can touch him! Punk beat him 3+ times straight, but now Punk is stuck in the mud… This article is about keeping Cena over… sorry. I’m not the biggest fan of Cena, but sometimes its about keeping the WWE title strong instead of passing it back and forth on a monthly basis like WCW did before they died.

There is a Monday Night RAW coming up soon live from Mexico. One can assume that Alberto Del Rio will win the WWE championship from Cena in Mexico… which would be counterproductive considering he’s a heel. If Rey Mysterio Jr. isn’t injured he and John Cena can team up to take on Alberto Del Rio and someone else… let’s say Dolph Ziggler.

Since Alberto is a heel and Rey is injured… Smart money would have Rey accompany John Cena to take on Alberto who would cut a promo on the Mexican fans how they amount to nothing and if they need to be American to amount to anything. Turn your back on your country and cross the Rio Grande, because America will always be better than you!

Then Rey can have his boy John Cena go over Alberto. Rey can even get in a punch on Del Rio after the match… unless he’s too injured. Everyone in Mexico would love it.

Wow this is a dumb PPV to have wedged between Survivor Series and Night of Champions. Having this PPV so close to 2 others is counterproductive and works against your Night of Champions. Chances are Punk vs HHH in Hell in a Cell will happen here. But more importantly, Del Rio vs John Cena. Yes again and I’d chump him out again.

But my thought is different from what the WWE will do… since this PPV is all about Hell in a Cell, I say let a lesser guy get a shot against John Cena. Maybe even 2 lesser guys. But lets explore another option John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler who has been the US champ for a very long time. He could get this match by earning it, maybe a 4 man tournament with him going over Jack Swagger in the final round. Then at the PPV, Dolph will fall prey to an attack by Swagger. Cena won’t see the attack, but this will be an out for Dolph. Plus you’ll see how well they fair against one another for the future… plus this is a stalling tactic since Cena has burnt out most of his matches.

The rumor… and Survivor Series poster is that John Cena will team with the Rock on a 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match. If I had to make a dream team for them, it would be Rock, Cena, Punk, Kofi and Evan Bourne against Miz, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and uh Del Rio … OR There’s bigger money on Rock, Cena, Punk, Orton and Sheamus vs Miz, R-Truth, Christian, Del Rio and Mark Henry.

There’s no way in hell that Rock or Cena both get eliminated, instead Rock will cost Cena who gets pinned by Dolph Ziggler.

DECEMBER PPV (I don’t even know what they are anymore)
It gets headlined by John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has 1 pin on Cena and Cena has 1 pin on Dolph. Now its time for their rubber match, for all the marbles, put it in a cage so there will be no Swagger, Vicki or anyone else.

WWE has too many PPVs and that made this PPV the hardest to book Cena for. Since there’s literally no one left… I say that John Cena defends the WWE title against John Morrisson. They want to push JoMo, here’s the opportunity when everyone is buying the PPV for the match on top… so no one will be upset if the match ends in no contest due to the heel lockeroom beating down Cena and JoMo. There can even be interference from Miz, Truth, Dolph, Swagger and anyone else… This will setup the chamber match for next month.

6-Man WWE Title Elimination Chamber: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio vs Miz vs R-Truth vs Jack Swagger >> The deck is stacked against Cena… big time. He’s Superman, don’t worry he can persevere. But… let’s say it gets down to Miz vs Cena or Dolph vs Cena or Alberto Del Rio vs Cena… any of these men. When it looks like Cena has won, the Rock can appear and distract Cena to lose the championship to the Miz so he can go on to defend it against the Royal Rumble winner CM Punk or the Rock can appear after Cena has gone over 5 men.

Assuming no one gets injured, the plan is to have the Rock vs John Cena. The baseball cap wearing fool has said he’ll walk in with the WWE title, but lets hope he hasn’t lost it and gained it 2 more times by then… Cena can go into Wrestlemania as the WWE champion and fans can get all hyped that the Rock could walk out with the WWE title and save the company *cough* Punk *cough*

Cena can go over the Rock, because truth be told, the Rock isn’t sticking around… Unless of course he wants to stick around for a month or forever, then you’d give Rock the title. This would give Cena a 6 month title run and put the WWE title at the top of Wrestlemania where it belongs.

Best of all… Cena is kept from Punk, so as soon as Punk wins whatever match he has at Mania (Undertaker, HHH, Steve Austin), you can have Punk be an instant challenger against Cena with their first match in 6+ months.

They have their feud and Punk goes over once and for all. Cena can take a year long break from the WWE champion and CM Punk will have opened up fresh championship matches and a fresh style for the WWE championship. Then in a year, Cena can get his next title shot… making his next title shot be talked about.

Exploring the idea of WWE’s Mark Henry with the heavyweight championship

The short answer is NEVER. The long answer is yes. Mark Henry is very limited in the ring. He’s a giant man without much personality. For those reasons he shouldn’t ever have any top-level title.

However, Mark Henry has taken out Kane and the Big Show within the past 2 months. They haven’t returned … yet. So I propose that Mark Henry wins the title at Night of Champions… or whatever PPV comes next. With the title, Henry can destroy jobbers left and right using his leverage, weight and strength. He can be this generation’s Yokozuna (with the patriotism reversed, because he’s an American olympian). He can go over jobbers 2 at a time on Smackdown and get a manager to speak for him now that he’s champion (James Cornette with Yoko). Just make sure Tony Atlas isn’t his talker. No one can stop “huge” Henry…

Then Henry goes into Survivor Series and gets hidden in an 8 man elimination tag match against 4 fresh faces. It doesn’t matter who’s on Henry’s team, maybe he can start-up a faction of black heels to be this generations Nation of Domination. What I want are fresh guys. The faces eliminate everyone but Henry, then one by one Henry takes out 3 of the 4 guys until Henry gets pinned by a new challenger. Sheamus? Khali? Ezekiel? Bryan (he can have a title shot before he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot)? Anyone…

December PPV comes around, Mark Henry goes over whoever the challenger (Sheamus) is, but then Kane comes back! Kane will challenge at the Royal Rumble. Then in the Royal Rumble match itself Big Show comes back, but ultimately doesn’t win the match.

Elimination Chamber will make a nightmare for Mark Henry as he defends in a chamber match against Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Khali and the winner from Survivor Series Sheamus.

Ultimately Randy Orton wins the chamber match for the heavyweight title and defends it against Daniel Bryan with a 5 star match when he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot at Mania like he said he would. Meanwhile, Big Show challenges Mark Henry for putting him on the shelf for what would be 6 months.

Unless of course the WWE wants to have “huge” Henry against Daniel Bryan with Bryan going over at Wrestlemania for the title. That would prevent a 1 month title reign from Orton, but make a much worse match on the biggest card of the year.

Come to think of it… Mark Henry doesn’t need the title to do any of what I just said. He can still lose at Night of Champions, not get the belt and still do everything that I just wrote…

On the other hand, Henry has been with the company 15 or so years. Winning a top title could be a small token of appreciation from a company that has put him through everything. He would be the guy to make a new top face when that face topples him. As champion he could also bring in other African-American talent to be his posse that carries out orders for him. Like a 2012 Nation of Domination. Like a ladder of guys for Kane, Big Show, Orton, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to climb before tackling the toughest challenge Mark Henry.