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My booking a month of TNA storylines from TNA Turning Point 2011 to TNA Final Resolution 2011 and all the Impact TVs between

Sure TNA has already filmed their TV for the next month, but I don’t follow spoilers. Instead this is me being bored booking 7 storylines from November – December. We start with the previous PPV, TNA Turning Point


AJ vs ROODE (Storm is still injured)
– WEEK 1: It is reported Storm is still in the hospital. Sting makes: #1 CONTENDER >> AJ over HARDY when Jarrett interferes. AJ just lost the title match… but it was so close that Sting wants to give AJ one more chance. What do the fans say? One more chance?… funny Jeff Hardy knows about one more chance. Well Sting can’t just give it to AJ… so he makes AJ vs Hardy who just beat Jeff Jarrett at the PPV.
– WEEK 2: Sting says that he wants to raise the stakes to Roode vs AJ. He wants a ladder match at the PPV. The contract signing and civilness. AJ puts Roode through the table.
– WEEK 3: AJ over MAGNUS & WILLIAMS. Roode has a lot of money… enough money to fly Doug & Brutis from England just to face AJ. Embarass AJ! Sting won’t sign off on that 2 men agains 1 how is that fair? AJ says he’s got this… Magnus & Williams fail, They fail… Roode beats down Magnus & Williams for failing him!!!
– WEEK 4: ROODE over KAZ. AJ over JOE. Bobby Roode went over Joe to get a title shot… AJ should have to face Joe as well. Joe wins… Joe gets a title shot a week later.
– PPV: LADDER MATCH >> ROODE over AJ. Gotta break an egg to make an omlett

– WEEK 1: Jarett interferes in Hardy vs AJ.
– WEEK 2: Hardy calls out Jarrett. Jarrett doesn’t enter the ring. He’s scared at retribution. Jarrett disappears backstage when Hardy runs after him, Gunner clotheslines Hardy when he is about to go backstage. Jarrett comes out saying don’t think we’re done Hardy!
– WEEK 3: Jeff Hardy is at an autograph signing… Goes through a few fans, signing stuff, then a man, his wife and their kids all ask for an autograph. Its Jarrett and his kids. Hardy is they’re favorite wrestler!!!! Hardy wants payback… but Jarrett would use his own kids to sheild Hardy. Brilliance.
– WEEK 4: Sting wants to see Hardy vs Jarrett again. Makes Hardy vs Jarrett. HARDY over GUNNER. Jarrett does commentary.
– PPV: HARDY over JARRETT leading to a title shot at the next PPV. or… Jarett over Hardy to keep the feud going one or 2 months later.

– WEEK 1: Bully Ray & Stiener promo… Bully doesn’t like losing. Calls out Abyss. Bully Ray leaves and Stiener gets destroyed.
– WEEK 2: ABYSS over 2 local jobbers.
– WEEK 4: Face off between Bully Ray & Abyss. Bully Ray agrees the the match if they can use weapons. Abyss says he signed his own death warrant. Ends off with Bully using security between them both and Abyss destroying security so Bully Ray can run away.
– PPV: NO HOLDS BARRED >> ABYSS over BULLY RAY keeping the post Immortal streak alive.

ROBBIE vs RVD (guest starring Rob Terry)
– WEEK 1: Robbie E & Rob Terry are celebrating on the town! Going to clubs and woo hoo! They call ladies ugly and get drinks splashed in their faces. RVD over STIENER.
– WEEK 3: RVD & EY over ROB TERRY & ROBBIE E. Terry gets pinned.
– PPV: RVD over ROBBIE so RVD might get motivated.

MEXICAN AMERICA vs MORGAN & CRIMSON (guest starring Pope & D-Von)
– WEEK 1: Crimson & Morgan come out to congradulate one another… Mexican America come out. Telling your opponent good job is weak! Nothing was proved in their match, while Mexican America went won their match at the PPV. Morgan bets if he and Crimson team up they’ll win the belts. No its not that easy. Beat a team and you might get a shot! MORGAN & CRIMSON over MAGNUS & WILLIAMS
– WEEK 2: D-VON & POPE over INK INC. Crimson & Morgan ask for their title shot from Mexican America!!! D-Von and Pope come back out… they both won their matches… how about next week have a #1 contenders?
– WEEK 3: #1 CONTENDERS >> MORGAN & CRIMSON over D-VON & POPE. Mexican America come out to brawl with Morgan & Crimson.
– WEEK 4: CRIMSON over ANARCHYA. HERNANDEZ over MORGAN with help from Anarchya.
– PPV: MORGAN & CRIMSON over MEXICAN AMERICA to keep Crimson undefeated and hide both Crimson & Morgan in a tag team.

AUSTIN ARIES vs JESSEE SAURONSUN (guest starring Kash & Zima)
– WEEK 1: Aries issues an open challenge… Jesse appears… Aries adds to anyone he didn’t just beat at the PPV. NON TITLE >> ARIES over KENDRICK… gives Austin a win. Jesse & Aries staredown. Kash blindsides him.
– WEEK 2: KID KASH over ZIMA ION. Kash beats down Zima, then Jesse saves Zima and challenges Kash next week.
– WEEK 3: #1 CONTENDERS >> JESEE over KID KASH (as the gatekeeper) Aries & Kash beat down Jesse. Zima runs down for the save and Zima & Jesse send the heels packing
– WEEK 4: JESSE & KASH over ZIMA & JESSE (zima gets pinned by Aries)
– PPV: ARIES over JESSE with help from KID KASH

– WEEK 1: KAZ over POPE. After the victory, KAZ calls out Daniels. He wants to get through to his old friend Daniels. Show him the light. Backstage… Daniels laughs at him. Kaz is trying to save him? Kaz is the one that is lost without the bags of Roode or Storm to carry. Kaz is nothing but an alter boy with no priest. Daniels leaves him with that thought.
– WEEK 2: DANIELS over MARK HASKINS (he’s still under contract). Calls out KAZ. He can save KAZ. Join him and they can be a tag team! KAZ can carry Daniels bags. He can save KAZ from mediocrity. He doesn’t have to answer right now… KAZ knows Daniels number.
– WEEK 3: KAZ over SHELLEY. Daniels appears and asks if KAZ has an answer for him. KAZ appears… the answer is no. He doesn’t carry anyone’s bags and what’s come over Chris, who points out he’s not a second bananna to anyone. He’s had more followers than TNA has on their roster. He is the messiah that will save wrestling and save KAZ. Now get in line and follow him or suffer the consiquences! KAZ says maybe at the PPV he can beat some sense into Daniels… or Daniels says he can beat KAZ into line!
– WEEK 4: DANIELS over KENDRICK. KAZ loses to Roode… backstage Daniels laughs at KAZ. He’s lost and loses matches, with Daniels leading him, he could have won, but now Daniels has found new followers and at the PPV, he’s gonna find out why he should have gotten in line!
– PPV: DANIELS over KAZ with help from Daniels new cult members.

– WEEK 1: Hulk Hogan goes to the ring. He calls out Garett Bischoff and says you’ve got guts and courage, but you need to know how to wrestle if you’re gonna defeat Gunner. Hogan offers Garett training… Garett accepts.
– WEEK 2: Hogan training Garett a brief vignette. Bischoff sees it and offers Gunner training from a great ameture wrestler, a man who has coached Olympic champion Kurt Angle… introducing Scott Stiener!!!
– WEEK 3: Training vignette with Scott Stiener & Gunner. More pushups!!!! More chinups!!! More curls!!! Bischoff is interviewed backstage… Garett moved out of the house. He moved out… not kicked out. Garett won’t last on his own.
– WEEK 4: More serious training vignette with Hogan doing sit downs and Garett doing a sitdown, mixed with real training footage of Garett working with jobbers. Garett has his dad’s picture on punching bags and needed to move out to stand up on his own and be a man (he could be 20 or 30 I don’t even know)
/- PPV: They DO NOT have a match at this PPV. This is like a 3 month build to have a match on that PPV or TV… whichever TNA wants.


My Booking Survivor Series 2011 to TLC 2011 and all the weeks between.

WWE Survivor Series is one week away, and the next WWE pay-per-view is WWE TLC (tables ladders and chairs oh my). I will neglect my thoughts on the poor buildup to Survivor Series and say the point of this is to book Survivor Series to TLC. Here we go!

I say Cena gets the win, Rock bottom on Cena to close the show. I think that’s what people want to see. Nevermind a heel turn from Cena to beat down the Rock… Fans won’t want to see Rock return and get beat down and Cena just came out with a new shirt, and he needs to sell it. I’d rather he make $$$ for the company.

Punk doesn’t need the belt. Screw job him over. Del Rio is your classic heel. You can have the ring announcer interfere, ref bump, plunder. Anything to keep Punk from getting the belt… if not have the ref wake up when Punk has a chair in his hand and call the match. Orrrrr you can really shock people by having a 30 minute time limit draw.

It’s the Survivor Series, time for a shakeup. If this was Wrestlemania, I’d say the faces should beat the heels. In this case I say Heels win with Swagger and… other guy getting pinned (who is he?). Cody Rhodes goes over Orton, Christian over Sheamus, Swagger over Kofi, Barrett over Sin Cara and Mason Ryan.

Keep Henry strong, you didn’t just make him champion after a 4 month build to have him lose the belt. Plus Kane is coming back… just as the Big Show did.

I’m only thinking this match is on Survivor Series, since Zack Ryder has an online petition to get the title. Seeing as how his videos only get 200,000 views when he’s in the main event of RAW that has 3 million+ viewers… that’s not a positive. Since Survivor Series is at MSG not far from Long Island, Zack wins to make a star. That’s how WWE works sometimes.


WWE TLC matches and the buildups to them. There are 4 weeks between Survivor Series and TLC.
Why? Cena won his match at the Survivor Series… and so did Del Rio.
How? Cena went over Miz & Truth by himself on RAW, and won the match on Survivor Series… but that won’t be good enough. Punk was screwed. So Punk vs Cena #1 contender. or… both men need to go through someone to get that #1 contender match.
Week 1: Cena won… all hail Cena… he was Rock Bottomed… but since Rock won’t be here, he wants the next biggest fish and that’s the one with the biggest title. Del Rio. Who then comes out and says winning a tag match doesn’t get you a title shot. How about winning some singles matches like he did last night. Punk comes out. He knows he was screwed over. He wants a rematch tonight… GM John Laurenitus comes out, says Punk doesn’t make the matches. It will be Cena vs Punk for the #1 contendership… Cena over Punk. I’m sure we’ve all seen it before…
Week 2: Non title: Alberto Del Rio over Kofi (without Evan). I think having Cena go over guys week after week would be meaningless. Alberto however it would be more competitive because he hasn’t been cemented. John Cena does commentary. After the match there is a scuffle… Brodus Clay rips John Cena out of the chair and destroys him. Puts him through a table and Del Rio applauds!
Week 3: Del Rio appears to introduce his old apprentice, Brodus Clay. Non title: Alberto Del Rio over JoMo. Brodus stands guard with his back the match watching the entryway. Just stand there looking intimidating. After the match, John Cena challenges Brodus to a match next week in order to make sure that he isn’t a factor in his title match.
Week 4: Cena over Brodus Clay. Afterward Del Rio and Brodus destroy Cena.
TLC: Del Rio wins… with help from Brodus of course. It can setup a feud between Brodus and Cena.

Why? Since Team Orton will lose… Kane returns to get revenge on the man that put him out.
How? Kane can mystery return, flames and all. He can get into Henry’s mind with caskets, fire and so on. Henry ain’t scared. He’s the champ!
Week 1: Henry cleaned out the heavyweight division. He went over Orton, Sheamus, Bryan, Big Show. There’s no one left? Does he need to stack Sin Cara on top of Tyson Kidd to get a heavyweight challenger? Lights go off… crowd pops. Lights go red. Flames jet out of the ring posts. Henry isn’t scared.
Week 2: Henry over Ezekiel Jackson. In the match, the lights go red and Henry still wins. Show yourself Kane! Stop with these games. Henry isn’t scared!
Week 3: Henry over Ted Dibiase Jr. After the match in the celebration, lights go dark. Lights go red with Kane in front of Henry who is dumbfounded. Kane puts his hand on Henry’s neck and Henry bolts from the ring.
Week 4: Teddy Long makes a match for TLC, Henry vs Kane for the heavyweight title. Since Henry injured Kane with a chair, it will be a chairs match! Henry is interviewed about Kane. He’s not scared. He looks forward to putting Kane back on the shelf. Henry and Kane have been around the longest out of anyone, but there’s only one man that has the longevity and that’s Henry.
TLC: Henry over Kane, because Kane will be so motivated to hurt Henry he won’t bother pinning him! After the match Kane will continue to beat Henry!

Why? Kevin Nash needs a debut match and he has history with Punk.
How? Punk loses his #1 contendership… Laurenitus makes the match. Or…. CM could politic, by GTSing the man who put COO on the shelf, Punk would get HHH’s favor… Nash can say the same thing, it’s about getting noticed, that’s why he hospitalized HHH.
Week 1: Nash is ready to wrestle, he wants competition. JoMo is sent out to be slaughtered. We all love JoMo… feed him to Nash. If this was a JoMo vs Nash program, then Nash can get beat.
Week 2: Nash promo… he wants a match. Enter Punk who can respect the fact that Nash took out the COO HHH… But this isn’t about revenge, this is about making sure that big lazy Kevin Nash doesn’t work and take someone’s spot that is more deserving. Nash says its business and when he goes over Punk, he’ll be in the title picture and Punk can go down to the US title or something. Laurenitus sends out security to prevent them from fighting.
Week 3: Punk over McIntyre. Punk wonders where is Nash? GM John Laurenitus answers that Nash missed his flight. So Nash stays home and gets paid, while guys like Punk are wrestling week in and week out.
Week 4: Punk over Swagger. Where’s Nash now? Did he miss his flight? Nash emerges unseed from the crowd, blindsides Punk, powerbombs him. Raises his arms, walks away.
TLC: Punk over Nash when HHH returns.

Why? Barrett is on a winning streak and show came back and has momentum.
How? Barrett will tout his winning streak and shun Big Show for losing his title.
Week 1: Big Show needs to get in the title hunt again. Mark Henry refuses him. Show asks Daniel Bryan how much is the money in the bank title shot worth? Show has been wrestling in big time companies. He’s got some coin. $100,000… $200,000…. $500,000? He can’t go one million, his wife would kill him. Wade Barrett scorns Big Show for trying to buy something that he can just take, but even if he took it, he’d fail like he did twice in a row! They brawl.
Week 2: Big Show over Jinder. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan (Money in the Bank doesn’t mean you get a year-long push). Show saves Daniel Bryan afterward.
Week 3: Big Show over 3 jobbers (why not?). Wade Barrett over Ezekiel Jackson.
Week 4: Wade Barrett issues a gentleman’s challenge to the big show. They have a KO Challenge on TLC. How novel. They both have 2 wins going into TLC. Wade was a bare knuckle fighter and Big Show has been known to knock people out with his punch.
TLC: Big Show over Barrett. Since a heel has the belt, a face should go over.

Why? This match had a lot of incarnations… 6 man tag with Orton, Rhodes, Sheamus and so on. But to be honest. I don’t think anyone wants to see those guys again and again. I feel I could make people care about this match.
How? Someone takes the briefcase…
Week 1: Daniel Bryan over Heath Slater. Big Show tries to buy Bryan’s money in the bank title shot. Bryan refuses.
Week 2: Christian wonders why Bryan didn’t sell the title shot to Big Show? Daniel Bryan explains it for the millionth time. Christian mentions having a match for it… Bryan refuses. He went through hell for it. Christian laughs and says you’ll go through hell to keep it. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan with interference from Christian.
Week 3: Daniel Bryan over Tyson Kidd… after the match Bryan looks for his briefcase its gone! Who took it? He assumes Christian and beats him senseless. Puts him in the Labell lock and Christian passes out and can’t tell Bryan where he hid it!
Week 4: Christian comes out. He doesn’t know where the briefcase is. If Daniel Bryan agrees to give Christian a shot for that money in the bank at TLC he will find the briefcase for Daniel and bring it to TLC. Teddy Long shows up to amend the match… There will be no tables, ladders or chairs… or DQs or count outs… or pinfalls. It will be a submission match!
TLC: Christian doesn’t show up with the briefcase… why? Because he didn’t steal it. Bryan goes over thus begins the push… The quest for the briefcase and who stole it.

Why? Not many tag teams… and Miz & Truth are the hottest heel tag team now which isn’t saying much.
How? Miz & Truth go on a tear through the tag division. Winning every week building to TLC.
– Week 1: Miz & Truth lost the previous night. They make an open challenge… answered by Santino & Goldust who get murdered…. saying Do you think this is funny???
– Week 2: Miz & Truth over JoMo & Alex Riley… two guys that Miz had tagged with and even Truth tagged with JoMo
– Week 3: Truth with Miz over Kofi… alone.
– Week 4: Miz & Truth cut a promo about how Evan hasn’t been on TV for a month. They’ve been beating teams left and right! They make a pay-per-view challenge. Kofi and Evan accept on one condition… if its a Ladder match!
TLC: Your pick. Go ahead and pick.

Why? Ziggler just lost the title to Ryder.
How? Ziggler goes on a killing streak to get his title shot.
– Week 1: Zack comes out to a celebration! Ziggler, Swagger and Vicki show up to rain on it. Ziggler wants his rematch tonight! Zack says start your own online petition and you’ll get one! Dolph & Swagger beat down Zack.
Week 2: Zack over Drew McIntyre. Dolph over Alex Riley.
Week 3: Dolph over Mason Ryan. Zack over JTG. Santino compliments Zack backstage on his victory. Then Swagger and Ziggler attack. Next week a tag match.
Week 4: Zack & Santino over Swagger and Ziggler. Ziggler does not get pinned.
TLC: Zack.

Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (11/10/11)

New TNA champion Roode came out… as a full fledged heel. That seems a little iffy. Just boom he’s a heel now. He didn’t do it and everyone else would do the same deep down if they saw a brass ring and saw stepping over their best friend, their partner for their own glory they’d do the same and that’s why you’ll boo me now.

Having Storm go out was a little silly but acceptable. They really should have had him take time off saying he had a concussion and had AJ Stylez challenge him to the pay-per-view for Fortune. Or KAZ wants revenge too. Roode says how bad do you want it? Go through the other and I’ll give you a title shot. Just like I had to do leading up to Bound for Glory.

Garrett Bischoff… he looks like a wrestler. But having his first meh match on national television. Personally I think they could have done Gunner vs Garrett… but do it in 3 months with 3 months of 1 minute training vignettes with Garrett at wrestling school. Then have his match on pay-per-view…  Bischoff can interfere and cost his son the match. Then they all beat him down and send him packing of a year where he gets proper training in OVW.

Jersey Shore. Having Jersey Shore Ronnie and Garrett debut on the same show when they’re both very limited felt the same… Ronnie was minimized which was good. But now suddenly Robbie E gets a TV title shot for losing a match after he lost a match makes little sense. Wow this match should have been on pay-per-view. Granted Robbie E vs EY will be a better match, but maybe they shouldn’t have jobbed out Robbie E to EY. Maybe instead Rob Terry interferes for the DQ, then EY brings in Ronnie. Then they do the tag match… with Rob Terry taking the pinfall and then Robbie vs EY with Ronnie in his corner. His enforcer. Then he pops Rob Terry at the pay-per-view and EY pins Robbie. Bada-bing!

Crimson…. He needed to be more dominant in his victory over Pope. I felt more like Pope made a mistake. Morgan should have been on commentary and Bellatore’s CEO shouldn’t have been on this week, but last week.

Kid Kash & Jessee Sauronson…. How did Kid Kash get a title shot? I would have loved to see Kash swerve Jessee and say you signed this match to face me & Austin Aries vs you. Not a 3 way-not for the title. Just stacking the odds against Jessee.

Chris Daniels…. wow they shouldn’t have had Bellatore’s CEO doing commentary. He took away from the match. Daniels vs AJ was great, but if AJ is going for the title, he should have gone over clean. Then RVD can pick up the scraps for revenge from the earlier week… or just don’t have it. There’s no build at this point that would draw interest more than you will see Daniels vs RVD.

6 Man Tag…. You know I can’t complain too much about this. Abyss went over Stiener. That makes Abyss look strong when he’s recently broken away from Immortal and the weak link Stiener gets pinned. Nothing wrong here. Hot match.

Main event… Should have been #1 contender’s match to get the TNA shot at Roode. KAZ against AJ like I said before. Better yet, no DQ that way Roode can be at ringside and throw in KAZ or AJ if they go to the outside. Fight for his amusement! Just like he did. The gold is sweet guys! AJ can go over, then send Roode packing and shake KAZ’s hand.

Just my thoughts….

James Storm winning the TNA title (2 stars with 1 stone)

A lot of people seem befuddled on why James Storm won the TNA title and not Roode. I think I understand why they gave the title to Storm. To garner more interest in Roode vs Storm and hopefully make 2 guys while Angle is injured.

Let’s say with Roode… that month long push (BFG series doesn’t count as a push) made him a B+ or A- guy. If he won the belt he’d be A+ and Storm would be a C. Storm winning the belt made him go from C to lets say B-. With work they’ll make him a B+ or A-. So you still have a B+ and B- But at least you don’t have a pair of Cs anymore…
Another thing with the bait and switch of Storm as champion is the simple fact that Storm never went through Fortune. So he can stay a face for a while and go through the faces… then become a heel and go through Fortune one by one leading to Roode vs James Storm in a year.

Mapping out a year long Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes feud

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: Their big match is tonight… even though they’ve had TV matches with Cody going over and they’ve even had another feud when Cody and Ted Dibiase broke away from Legacy. We saw how well that went.

Cody has a lot of things working for and against him. He’s heavily gimmicked with a mask, the intercontinental title and he’s the son of a son of a plumber, the great Dusty Rhodes. He has a lot working against him, such as his height, his lack of weight… and well he is Dusty Rhode’s son and Goldust’s brother. WWE has a tendancy to push the tall, chizzled men who are sons of legends like like his opponent Randy Orton.

Well after posting on someone’s blog I thought that I would flesh out a year long feud with Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Leading up to tonight’s Vengeance pay-per-view Cody has a few TV victories over Randy Orton.

VENGEANCE >> CODY cheats to win
Sure Cody has won clean before, but this is a grander stage… well kind of. pay-per-views seem to mean more even if its a C level pay-per-view. But pay-per-view matches become something of legend… because only 100,000 people see them instead of the 3-4 million that watch RAW. Another thing that helps is the fact they will talk about the match afterward.

SURVIVOR SERIES >> CODY cheats to pin Randy in a survivor series match
On Randy’s side will be Sheamus, the Big Show and Kane… or Daniel Bryan, but who care’s this is all about Cody. On Cody’s team will be Mark Henry, Ted Dibiase and Christian. Cody will cheat to win over Randy before Cody himself gets booted and pinned by Sheamus. Then Randy Orton puts Cody through a table for revenge!

DECEMBER PPV (TLC?) >> RANDY wins a tables match
They go into a tables match. Cody wants Randy to suffer. In fact he wants to inflict facial pain and promises that he will put Randy through a table face first to leave his face mangled and disfigured! Cody wastes so much time doing this that Randy wins…. Subtly saying… Cody can’t be pinned…

ROYAL RUMBLE >> CODY and RANDY in the rumble match eliminate each other
Their feud has simmered for a while. During an in ring interview with Randy, Cody cuts him off. Randy won’t win the Rumble. Not while Cody is in there with him. Cody has several pins over Randy… but Randy hasn’t pinned Cody in a while. Pinned??? No… beaten yes. Royal Rumble isn’t about pins, its about throwing your opponent over the top rope and Randy has the size and leverage. They end up brawling heading into the Royal Rumble.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER >> CODY and RANDY are in the chamber match CODY cheats to pin RANDY but doesn’t win the title
Even though neither man will win the Royal Rumble… they’ll still get a title shot at Elimination Chamber because that’s how backward the WWE is. With Daniel Bryan claiming he will take his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania, having a Smackdown elimination chamber match seems pointless.

Anyway, Cody steals a pin over Randy. Steals as in Mark Henry slams Randy and gets distracted then Cody picks up the scraps. Then Mark Henry slams him as punnishment for the pin. Randy and Cody can brawl on the outside.

Building up to this match Cody can boast about how long its been since Randy has pinned him. Well at Wrestlemania, there will be a guest enforcer to watch the match and make sure that Cody doesn’t cheat to win. Randy goes over clean thus… falsely ending the fued.

No one pins Cody Rhodes! No one! Randy brags in an interview and Cody beats Randy with a lead pipe and takes him out for several months. There is blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood, cut to black and white) and a stretcher to get the injured Randy. Full neck brace and all. Randy should look comatose. Officials should take Cody away. Cody gets suspended for such poor sportsmanship.

When Cody Rhodes is brought back, he goes on a tear through cruiserweights and smallar guys. At pay-per-views Cody faces larger opponents. Kane, Big Show, Khali and so on. GM Teddy Long punnishes him for his brutality at every pay-per-view. If Cody wants to brutalize he’s gonna know how it feels playa!

Cody’s bagmen increase. They help him win matches and turn into a villainesque army. Imagine Cody leading 10 bagmen down to ringside to just lumberjack around the ring for TV matches. They don’t interfere, just look laughably imposing and beat up any face that tries to enter. These bagmen should have black lucha masks underneath incase a bag gets knocked off.

MAY 2012 >> CODY over KANE
This match gets built for a TV match when Kane is swarmed by the bagmen. He can even light the bags on fire… but the WWE won’t do that now. Instead they will have a pay-per-view match.

JUNE 2012 >> CODY and BIG SHOW go to a no contest
Big Show trains for the match by punching meat and punching the face off manniquens. That’ll be Cody and his bagmen. In the match, the bagmen rush the Big Show who destroys them all, but Cody runs. Big Show didn’t need the bell to be rung!!!

JULY 2012 >> NO DQ >> CODY over BIG SHOW
Big Show demands a rematch. No DQ. He’s the Big Show. He can take out 10 bagmen and Cody! So GM Teddy Long makes the match! Bagmen get destroyed… Cody chops down the Big Show. He has help. A lot of help. Cody gets hoisted up by the bagmen! Hurray! But then Randy Orton takes off a bag and RKOs Cody and bolts after punching a few more bagmen out!

Randy wants blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood). Nothing will save Cody. He wants a cage match. But going into the cage match… Randy takes out the bagmen one by one. RKOing them all so no one will be left by Summerslam. The bagmen can still rush out in the cage match to keep Randy from winning at first, but Randy will RKO them one by one and destroy them with the cage as a weapon. With all of the chaos Cody escapes.

By now if you’re not dead from reading… Cody has gained enough steam to go for the heavyweight title. Let’s say against Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan brings backup to protect himself from the bagmen. Big Show, Randy Orton and Kane. If they help Daniel tonight, he’ll give them each a one on one title shot. Well it never happens since he loses the title! Randy, Kane and the Big Show destroy the bagmen quickly so they don’t make a joke of the match. Then they all disappear.

Randy wins a #1 contender match the Smackdown after Night of Champions to set up Cody vs Randy. Hell in a Cell. There’s a top on the cage. No one gets in. No one gets out. 2 men go in 1 champion comes out. It’s Hell in a Cell. Cody cuts a promo with the bagmen who have bolt cutters. You think Cody is afraid?

Teddy Long comes out and says enough is enough. No more bagmen at any WWE live event. Either they leave or Cody is stripped of the title and fired. Teddy won’t have a mockery of Smackdown anymore. You think Cody needs the bagmen? No. He’s beaten Randy on his own and he’ll do it again!

I’d say keep the title on Cody since he just won it. Logic dictates that Randy would go over to conclude the feud.

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (episode 4 Sampson Stretchered)

To start with, this will forever be the Sampson Stretcher job. Many people have been asking me if its legit or not… well it was filmed 6 months ago…. so the answer is no.

Anyway this is the 4th episode (of 5) of Micro Championship Wrestling. This week’s biggest show ever is in Atlanta, Georgia. Hulk wanted the minis to step it up and work on their promos. So they worked on their promos while driving in the RV on their way to the show. BUT THEY NEVER CUT PROMOS AT THE SHOW. Wow. Maybe they just didn’t show it.

Justice cut a solid promo. The fat lady midget cut a meh promo that everyone loved. Trixie didn’t even cut a promo. She’s shit. Can’t wrestle, can’t talk, but hey she’s a blodge midget and men love sex with people that make their penis look big. Then Jersey Jess cut a pretty good promo.

Johnny G had a brilliant idea by having some Atlanta street rappers teach the minis how to cut promos and ShortSleeve Sampson cut a battle rap right then and there. It always amazes me how generic battle raps are. Like these rapers all have the raps in their mind already because they’ve done it dozens of times. Anyway, Sampson’s rap was good and he challenged Blixx who just walked away.

Wow this midget Blixx what a piece of shit. He’s really shown me nothing from the wrestling clips. However, he’s a giant ego and it makes the show more watchable, because he’s a giant prima-dona.

So this fucker Blixx works a deal with his friend in Atlanta owns a bar to get payback on Sampson. Blixx, Sampson and Justice go to this bar… and the owner of the bar wants to make them a deal for the 3 of them to wrestle in his bar. Sampson talks the guy into paying each of them a few hundred to wrestle in his bar….

Let’s look at the logistics of this… a few hundred dollars for 3 guys. That comes out to a minimum of $600… for 3 guys to wrestle a 10-15 minute match at the most Oh and possibly mess up the place. Oh yeah that sounds real. Well its either pay $50- $500 for a band to play 2-6 hours in a night or have 3 midgets wrestle for 10-15 minutes for 10x more. Ugggg…. Anyway, we won’t see this match until the main event of the episode.

Hogan hypes this venue as legendary… I’ve never heard of it, nor do I remember what it is, but hey whatever. So to sell out this GIANT arena, they need to do publicity. Brian Knobbs makes it seem like he can handle it. So Johnny G prints him off some fliers and MCW is hooked up to do a radio show for publicity.

Radio deal fell through… And Knobbs lost the fliers and the master copy of the flier. So then the midgets had to dumpster dive… yet Knobbs wasn’t there… whatever.

Anyway, they had a graphic showing that the venue was 70% full. It looked like this place could fit maybe 500 people at the most. Let’s look at the logistics of this… they had no promotion yet they still drew a 70% crowd. That’s some damn good promotion by the venue itself! Why even bother promoting if you still get 70% full.

Uh… there were match clips, but who cares, this is a reality show!

Now to the main event… Blixx, Justice and Sampson in a bar working a match. The whole setup to this was Blixx wanted payback on Sampson for something from 5 years ago. 5 years ago? He’s harbored it that long… Anyway in the clips of this match Blixx and Sampson never touched…

Instead it was everyone fighting with Justice who coincidentally won with a pile driver. Justice hit a shitty looking piledriver on Sampson on the floor. Sampson said he couldn’t feel his legs… that’s bullshit, it was a safe piledriver. So then EMTs get called in.

Blixx goes to the hostpital with Sampson. Its all a good cliffhanger ending for what will turn out to be nothing. Fake reality show… Its a total mockery of pro wrestling. How the hell can this midget promotion with 8 workers draw 500 people for a show that will probably last 30 minutes at the most??? How? Where the hell is their championship belt that Demo won on the first episode? Where is the home base arena that they set up on the first episode. Was the first episode supposed to be the final episode? Did they air them out of order?

What a terrible television series… that only has 5 episodes! They really sold a network on a 5 episode show? Or is this just part A of season 1 and we’ll have part B in Springtime. Which would be BS, because this show was filmed in spring of 2011.


HHH’s Quest to put himself over by putting heat on his path to greatness (Punk Who?)

It has become clear that Punk was another 3 month push… like R-Truth… like Miz… CM Punk was derailed by HHH who when Punk disappeared HHH returned and took the role of COO. So we all had HHH’s return and his new position with the company to talk about.

That was only the beginning folks. With HHH back, he needs a program, a feud, not just feuds, but HHH needs a golden path to walk on his quest back to greatness. HHH taking over the WWE is just a brief checkpoint. John Laurenitus will eventually take over the company. It is inevitable, but so is HHH wrestling.

With CM Punk gone face and John Cena going over all of the heels earlier this year, HHH really has no fiery opponents. So the trick is get the heels over again. The new COO started to put over a pair of heels (Miz & Truth) by firing them. That greatly takes away any heat, but they came back in the role of the spoiler sparing HHH from losing his big match with CM Punk at Night of Champions.

Then Miz & Truth returned to cause chaos in the cage (TM) at Hell in a Cell. They were both handcuffed and taken away by police and punched by HHH on the way out. They have the spoiler role… it’s a heel thing.

But it puts heat on Miz & Truth as heels. Without this heat, there’s really no heat on any potential match with HHH. Of course after seeing what HHH had done to Sheamus and Ted Dibiase Jr before Wrestlemania 2011… I’m not sure anyone can get any heat on a match with HHH.

I foresee and predict first that HHH will go through R-Truth, then the Miz. Two fresh matches for HHH… too bad for CM Punk, he had a match with both men on free TV back to back. Heatless matches on free TV.

But HHH’s ultimate goal is John Laurenitus. The man who will essentially take the WWE from HHH and turn everyone against him. On Monday night, all of the heels spoke out against HHH. The workers had a shaken vote of confidence against WWE COO HHH… which means very little… But nothing makes someone feel special like having THE ENTIRE ROSTER AGAINST HHH. It makes it look like HHH at the top of the pyramid and its him against everyone. That would build quite well to the Royal Rumble match…