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If Daniel Bryan gives up the WWE title, here’s what to do next

WWE champion Daniel Bryan had neck surgery (really selling that tombstone from Kane) and might need to relinquish the WWE championship. ‘The Authority’ has really been trying to prevent Daniel Bryan from getting that title and keeping that title, so why not strip him of it? Its for his own good. Any face in wrestling will work with a broken (freaken) neck. You need to stop them from further injuring themselves.

So what happens when Daniel Bryan gets stripped of the title? Does Kane get the title since he was by some miracle the #1 contender? Does the WWE hold a tournament? Nah they just did that for the Intercontinental championship to determine a #1 contender. Do they do a battle royal? Nope, they just did that to get the title off of Dean Ambrose. Do they have a beat the clock challenge? They already did that too. WWE really burnt through their ideas in one month.

So what could they possibly do? I could easily suggest an Elimination Chamber match, but the timing is just off. Since it is June, the WWE could do a one night 8 man King of the Ring tournament, but again they just did a tournament for Wade Barrett to win.

Instead, make a Money in the Bank match for the WWE title since that pay-per-view is coming up in July. It would seem logical to just hold off and have a match involving Cena, Orton, Batista, Wyatt, Kane and some other random wrestler (Big Show? Ceasaro? Roman Reigns after a 3 way between the Shield? a mystery spot for Chris Jericho?).

While I don’t exactly think ladder match with any of those guys, they are sadly at the top. It would certainly be an uphill battle for the only face Cena (although I wonder if Wyatt isn’t a face). They could get some big drama with Wyatt interference and Evolution working as a team until the bitter end. Kane can even light a table on fire and put Cena through it. Embrace that hate right? Kane could just destroy the ladder because he doesn’t want anyone to win, he just wants to hurt people.

The WWE has had a vacant title for a month or two at some point, so there’s no real desire to have the match immediately. Since it is a while until the Money in the Bank pay-per-view…. I mean monthly special on the WWE network, here are some potential qualifying matches:

  1. John Cena vs Big Show
  2. Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler (to force 2 fan favorites against one another)
  3. Kane vs Kofi Kingston
  4. Batista vs Dean Ambrose
  5. Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
  6. Mystery spot (battle royal, 5 way match between the 5 losers)

On top of that Money in the Bank match for the title, the WWE can always have another Money in the Bank match earlier that night to determine the guy to carry the briefcase. Having two of the same big gimmicks waters down the gimmick though. Although, it might be detrimental to the WWE’s interest not having someone fresh carrying the briefcase with the potential of winning.

In all, I think that could wrap up the issue, especially if Daniel Bryan is out for the long term.

What do you think?


Randy Orton vs Kane (a far better idea to get heat) and kickstar an evil era

Randy Orton and Kane have a match tonight that was based around nothing until Kane revealed that he didn’t like feeling human when Randy Orton beat him in a match last summer. Wow what a meh reason for a match at WrestleMania. Basically they had no place for either one of them, so they stuck them together.

Now here is a better idea that should have been done weeks ago (sorry I’m so late on posting this): Randy Orton, you’re too pretty. I hate pretty things. Your male model looks I’ve always liked scarecrow frankenstien good looks. I’ll make you so gruesome you’ll fall out of life and be to embarassed, humiliated and humbled to ever show your face in public let alone wrestling. I don’t want to win at wrestlemania. Just disfigure you. Put your pretty face between the stairs and stomp the pretty out of you.

I think the interest from my version of Kane vs Orton would be seeing Randy’s face stomped in the stairs. In fact he can do it to Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase Jr and take them out for 2 months. Get the staircase face stomp  over.

Kane can even terrorize the Divas because they’re pretty. Kane can take Kelly Kelly outside the ring, throw the top set of stairs off and put Kelly Kellyh’s head down on the lower stairs only to have Orton save her. Kane can be suspended, because WWE doesn’t allow violence against women… even though they do. Suspend Kane til Mania.

The week before Mania, Orton can even question the logic behind why Kane has his mask back and vows to unmask the Big Red Monster after he pins him. However, at Mania Kane can get the upper hand and just staircase Orton’s face to put him out of action briefly enough time for Kane to go onto other things. Things such as why is Kane wearing the mask… because his mask was taken from him by the wrestler HHH. The wrestler HHH has now been replaced by some corporate suit wearing shell of a man and if someone wants Kane’s mask, they can take it from him.

Kane then goes on to destroy people and Kane wants revenge on HHH who is no longer a wrestler. Kane will make HHH a wrestler again by taking out guys on the show. If there are no wrestlers left, HHH will be forced to wrestle. Then you either have HHH win and take off Kane’s mask… but more interestingly let’s say Kane injures HHH and beats him to a pulp and puts him on the shelf.

The night after Kane takes out HHH the red monster can laugh and point out he got what he wanted… not revenge on HHH, but now no one runs the WWE, there will be chaos! The WWE will turn into the wild west where only the strong survive. John Laurenitus can try for a power play to take over the WWE and some face like Punk or Cena can prevent him while the rest of the card has monsters destroying guys. Khali, Henry, Big Show, and Kane destroy guys for months. Kane can convince guys like Brodus Clay to embrace the hate and shed his red jump suit to be himself and destroy the weaker wrestlers. T-Rexx, Drew McIntyre can kill low end guys. It will finally culminates at Survivor Series where the top 4 faces take on the top 4 monsters to restore order. The next month HHH could come back and take out Kane.

Kane can create a unique situation with no one in power and kickstart an evil era. They can brand that idea and it would provide for 6 months of shows that lead into and after Surivor Series. This could even lead to Kane getting the belt, which with an entire era revolving around him creating this chaos.

My ideas to build Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber

With the Elimination Chamber PPV on the horizon, the WWE needs to make 2 Elimination Chamber matches. One for CM Punk’s championship was already made on Monday Night RAW. With Smackdown on Friday, the WWE needs to make one for Daniel Bryan’s heavyweight title. Sure the Smackdown tapings have happened, but I’m not one to read spoilers.

So to make the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, the obvious idea would be to assign people. Let’s say Orton vs Wade vs Cody vs Bryan vs Big Show vs Henry. That’s obvious… but that doesn’t make for a watchable Smackdown show. So I came up with the idea of qualifying matches…

Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Wade vs Ted DiBiase
Henry vs Ezekiel Jackson
Big Show vs Jinder Mahaul
Cody vs Sin Cara (or Gabriel or Kane since technically he is or was a Smackdown guy)

The winners would be obvious except for the last match. So you could couple it with the idea of a speed record. The man with the quickest match gets the #6 entrance in the Elimination Chamber. The slowest victory will be the #1 entrant and so on. The champion would randomly enter. Some people would have a problem with just feeding midcarders to main eventers. That is not captivating television, so let’s reorder everything…

Henry vs Big Show

Wade vs Orton
Cody vs Sin Cara
Jinder Mahaul vs Ezekiel Jackson
Ted DiBiase vs Drew McIntyre

Who would win those matches… would you watch that Smackdown? You could couple that with my time = entrant idea.

But does anyone really want to see a chamber match with Orton vs Henry vs Cody vs Ezekiel vs Dibiase vs Bryan? Probably not, so then we book injuries and reworkings. Here we go:

ORTON over WADE to get into the chamber match or WADE over ORTON
BIG SHOW over HENRY to get into the chamber match
CODY over SIN CARA to get into the chamber match
EZEKIEL over JINDER to get into the chamber match or JINDER over EZEKIEL
DIBIASE over DREW to get into the chamber match

WADE over EZEKIEL. Wade cheats to win and beats down Zeke who then gets a comeback and Wade bails.
Or ORTON over JINDER with Orton going over clean and there’s nothing Jinder can do. Orton has his arms raised and that’s it. Jinder is angry…
HENRY asks GM TEDDY LONG to get into the chamber to get his title back. Teddy shoots him down… so instead Henry asks Daniel Bryan for a title shot. Daniel refuses he’s just had a match or he’s injured or something, but Henry doesn’t get a match. Henry knows what it will take to get into the match…

because Zeke wants to crush Wade and avenge the loss… well Wade doesn’t want a match, he has already beaten Zeke. Zeke has something Wade wants… and that’s a shot in the chamber match.
Or ORTON over JINDER because Jinder is so angry at Orton, he demands a rematch! Orton already beat Jinder, but if Jinder is so confident that he can beat Orton again… he should put up his entrance in the Elimination Chamber. Jinder refuses… Teddy Long comes out and says he likes that idea and he makes the matches around here, so tonight it is Orton vs Jinder for the last slot.
HENRY over DIBIASE and injures Dibiase in the process. Mark Henry lobbies to get in the match since DiBiase is injured and all… That’s a shame… If Henry thinks he’s getting into the chamber he’s right… but as #1 so he can take a beating from every Smackdown superstar. Good luck Mr. Henry!


There could be several tweaks like Orton and Rhodes shots are in jeapordy. You could have someone go over Daniel Bryan in a non-title match to get a spot in the chamber, but I’d rather not have a champion lose any matches unless its for the belt.

My WWE booking my TLC to Royal Rumble (and the 6 weeks inbetwen)

At people’s requests… This is a continuance of my Survivor Series to TLC. To summarize… Del Rio is looking strong going over Punk at Survivor Series and Cena at TLC. Henry beat Kane who retaliated, Punk went over Nash with help from a returning HHH, Miz & Truth went over Bourne & Kofi for the titles, Daniel Bryan’s briefcase was stolen assumingly by Christian, but no it wasn’t, Ziggler lost the IC belt to Ryder and Big Show went over Barrett in a KO challenge.

TLC to ROYAL RUMBLE (6 weeks) (so far taken me 6 hours to write and book)

ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH (big players on RAW: Cena & Punk)
– Week 1: Punk lost his singles match against Del Rio. Cena lost his singles match against Del Rio. All hail Del Rio who reminds Cena that he promised the Rock he would be champion at Wrestlemania, but over Del Rio’s dead body. Brodus is Del Rio’s bodyguard. Cena vows to win the Royal Rumble to get his title shot and win the title at WrestleMania before his match with the Rock. Cena says Del   Rio is nothing but a road block on his way to the Rock. Punk interrupts and says Cena is nothing but dead weight Punk needs to dump over the top rope to go into Wrestlemania. GM John Laurinitus appears to say that if Punk or Cena ever want a title shot again, they’ll work as a team and beat the tag champs Miz & Truth. If Punk and Cena fail to win, they’ll have a singles match at the Royal Rumble. CENA & PUNK over MIZ & TRUTH. Afterward Cena goes after Del   Rio, Brodus defends Del Rio and Punk is left to take the beating from Miz & Truth.
– Week 2: GM John Laruinitus comes out and congratulates Punk & Cena on their victory. He enjoyed Punk & Cena working together. He wants to make another match. Punk comes out and stops him. One tag match was fine, but he’s a singles competitor and thinks Cena would agree. GM John says very well. Tonight it will be Punk alone against a mystery tag team. You’ll wish you had someone to tag out to. Oh and Punk, if you or John Cena lose or interfere in any match between now and Royal Rumble, neither of you will be in the Royal Rumble match and won’t see a title shot as long as I’m in power. GM John summons the tag team. PUNK over TYLER REKS & MASONRYAN(Cena is watching backstage). Cena comes out to cheer Punk on. Punk takes a beating. Punk waves off any potential help from Cena and still wins. After the match, GM John comes out and tells Cena to prepare for his match next week.
– Week 3: Backstage GM John is with Otunga & McGillicutty. They’ve fallen off of the tag team map. How would they like to get back in the picture? Face Cena tonight. CENA over OTUNGA & MCGILLICUTTY.
– Week 4: Backstage, GM John is looking for someone to face Cena. Everyone shakes their head no. They know Cena will kill them. Finally, Cena gets to Vicki, Dolph and Swagger. Vicki wonders what’s in it for her clients? If they beat Cena they’ll get individual WWE title shots. She agrees then she wonders what’s in it for her? GM John says he’s a married man if that’s what she’s implying… but just for Vicki he’ll throw in a honey glazed ham. CENA over DOLPH & SWAGGER.
– Week 5: Backstage, Nash wants a match from Laurinitus who then gives him Punk. If Punk loses he won’t be going to the Royal Rumble. Nash pins Punk… who had his foot on the rope. Then after the fact, the ref notices the foot and the terrible mistake. He tries to restart the match, but gets roughed up by Nash! Punk pulls Nash away, GTS and a pinfall. The referee runs away.
– Week 6:John Cena comes out and thanks GM John Laurenitus for making life so interesting over the past few weeks, but Cena has had his fill of handicap matches. He’s ready for the Royal Rumble match. CM Punk comes out and agrees… GM John comes out and says that there’s still one last match they’ll have to have. It’s a singles match… Remember GM John said if either of you lose or interfere between then and Royal Rumble, they’ll be taken out of the match. Well you don’t have to worry about the interference… because it will be against one another. Cena vs Punk to a no contest. In the match, Cena throws Punk over the top, Later, Punk throws Cena over the top. During the match, Del Rio comes out and points out the fact that Cena and Punk have made a lot of enemies this past six weeks and neither man will win the Royal Rumble since they’ll both have a big target on their back. Out march Dolph, Swagger, Mason, Reks, Otunga, McGillicutty, Miz & Truth to beat down Cena & Punk causing the no contest. No one lost… but no one won.
– PPV: Cena and CM Punk are the final two. CM Punk wins the Rumble match, since WWE has always cemented guys with the Royal Rumble. This was all about putting heat on the 2 guys that might win it.

DEL RIO vs JOMO (JoMo’s streak)
Why? Because the title match doesn’t sell Royal Rumble. Why JoMo? To build him for Elimination Chamber.
– Week 1: JOMO over JTG. JTG laughs at JoMo and says once he loses tonight, he’ll be at the bottom of the barrel. JoMo says he’s been near the top before and reached for that shiny brass ring. That brass ring is worth more than the gold in JTG’s grill. JoMo goes over and looks effective while doing it.

– Week 2: JOMO over SWAGGER. Swagger and Vicki come out and belittle JoMo for his accomplishment of beating JTG. JoMo mentions that was the start of a winning streak.
– Week 3: Del Rio says his oponent has 2 wins in a row, but Del Rio is there to crush his hopes of ever getting to the top. JoMo is sent out. NON TITLE >> JOMO over DEL RIO by a 3 quarter nelson out of the blue. This was supposed to be a standard match, but Del Rio gets pinned and then he and Brodus Clay beat down JoMo afterward for the embarrassment.
– Week 4: JOMO over MASON. While JoMo is still in his coat… Mason poses to the crowd to boos. Then JoMo shows off his abs to the crowd to cheers. Mason attacks and after a quick match, JoMo goes over. Jim Ross goes out to compliment JoMo on his victory and having 4 wins in a row. Del Rio comes out and says last week was a fluke, he wants another match. JoMo says no. He won the last match and they’ve had several. Why does he need another? Del   Rio holds up the belt… because you want this… JoMo asks Jim Ross, what do you think? Jim says I’d like to see that at Royal Rumble myself. JoMo says then it’s on. Royal Rumble.
– Week 5: JOMO over ZIGGLER. JoMo compliments Ziggler on his loss to Cena last week. Two on one and he still lost. That takes talent to do that. Vicki says that JoMo’s ego is as big as his hair now… JoMo says no Vicki, my ego is about the size as your looks around at her posterior, before Ziggler takes a swipe at JoMo to start the match. Del Rio and Brodus come out in the match. After the match, Del Rio and Brodus beat down JoMo.
– Week 6: Backstage, Del Rio wants Brodus to squash JoMo. Break him so Del Rio can have Royal Rumble off. JOMO over BRODUS without Del Rio at ringside. Then later… After Punk vs Cena… and Del Rio is commanding the troops, JoMo attacks Del Rio!
– PPV: JoMo loses to the mighty Del Rio. This was all about building JoMo to get fed to Del Rio.

Why? Because Henry beat Wade Barrett.
– Week 1:  Big Show went over Wade Barrett in the knuckle knockout challenge at the TLC PPV. Teddy Long comes out and proclaims Big Show gets the next title shot against Mark Henry at the Royal Rumble. Henry comes out and asks who has Big Show pinned? This is wrestling, not boxing. Mark Henry wrestles people and wins. He wants to face other men that wrestle people and win. Find me competition Teddy or do I have to start breaking every leg I come across? He starts looking intimidating to Teddy. Big Show comes out and Teddy bails. They have a stare down. They collide. Neither man falls or flinches. Pyro in the ring posts goes off and Kane comes to the ring. Kane who had beat down Henry at the TLC PPV. Kane wants the belt too. Henry backs out of the ring. Teddy Long makes #1 contender match Kane vs Big Show for later tonight! In between now and then… BARRETT over SHEAMUS. Later… BIG SHOW over KANE. Wade Barrett runs down and blatantly attacks Big Show for the DQ. Kane choke slams Wade then Big Show leg drops him. The faces raise their arms in victory.
– Week 2: Wade Barrett comes out and says what he and Big Show started at the TLC PPV isn’t over and his interference last week was calculated. Wade says Kane was a mere casualty of his attack on Big Show. Kane appears. Flames go off.  The two men brawl. Teddy says they’ve got a match tonight and its next. KANE over BARRETT
– Week 3: BIG SHOW over CHRISTIAN and Show then plugs the fact he’s been champion more times than Mark Henry and held the belt longer than Henry. Wade Barrett appears and says but that was in the past, Mark Henry is a champion and you are a big oaf with a lucky punch (at TLC). Barrett would win in a wrestling competition. We’ll see next week. The match is made.
– Week 4: BIG SHOW over WADE BARRETT by DQ when Henry appears to interfere by giving the Big Show some belly-to-belly suplexes and splashes. Wade gets some stomps on Big Show before Kane comes down for the rescue! The heels leave after the damage has been done.
– Week 5: ARM WRESTLING CONTEST >> HENRY vs BIG SHOW and it doesn’t matter who wins. Either way, Henry will end up using the table to beat down Big Show.
– Week 6: Big Show is angry about last week and doesn’t want to wait for the Royal Rumble. He challenges Henry to a match tonight and Henry doesn’t even have to put his title on the line. Henry comes out and says a finely tuned athlete like him needs prep time and refuses the challenge. So Big Show attacks him and it leads to a brawl between Henry & Big Show, neither man falls, but the brawl ends up disappearing backstage.
– PPV: Henry over Big Show to keep the title strong!

NASH vs HHH (and the typical craziness)
– Week 1: HHH is in the arena storming through backstage… He’s on a mission. Some fan in a suit tries to give HHH a piece of paper, but the commentators say he’s got no time for autographs. Later on… HHH returned from the injury to interfere against Nash in his match with Punk. HHH returns to RAW after a 6+ week absence to unleash hell on Nash. He challenges Nash to a match at Royal Rumble. Nash appears… He refuses. That was just business putting HHH on the shelf. You’ve gotta make yourself noticed to get anywhere in the WWE and it’s all about getting to the top and making the most money. HHH goes with his sledgehammer to meet Nash on the stage. Security arrives and HHH destroys them. Then the cops arrive. Why? Nash called them. He has a 500 foot restraining order against HHH after his attack the previous night! HHH has a history of punching men in cuffs. He has anger issues. That fan with the piece of paper was trying to serve HHH with the restraining order.
– Week 2: Nash will be in action tonight!!! HHH has been stricken from the building due to the restraining order. Nash is in the ring, out comes his opponent. NASH destroys SANTINO who parades around the ring, while Nash stands there like a lump. Then Nash boots him in the gut and jackknives him. One foot pin. HHH appears on the Titan tron with a sledge hammer next to some beautiful car that just so happens to be Nash’s. Its more than 500 feet away and everything that Nash bought with his hefty contract… HHH is gonna destroy unless Nash says yes to a match at the Rumble! Yes or no? Nash says no. Then sees his car sledge hammered. Later on Nash can find what was his car and get angry.
– Week 3: Nash isn’t here this week. HHH comes to the ring asks the fans what they thought last week about Nash’s car. You know Nash bought a home with that WWE contract money. Maybe HHH should find a big enough sledge hammer to destroy it or maybe get a tank to blow it up. Just say yes to a match and it will all stop.
– Week 4: NON TITLE >> NASH over RYDER. Nash never gets taken off his feet. Josh Matthews asks Nash what is his answer for HHH to a match at Royal Rumble? Nash powerbombs Matthews.
– Week 5: It is revealed for powerbombing Josh Matthews… Nash is fined quarter of a million dollars. Nash says with his contract, that’s chump change. Nash wants a match and goes to GM John Laurinitus, who makes Punk vs Nash. CM PUNK over NASH who in the match roughed up a referee. After the match, HHH comes on the big screen. He’s outside a very nice house. What was just business to Nash was trying to end HHH’s life and take him from my family and the WWE fans. HHH says the cops won’t make it in time! You and me at Royal Rumble. Yes or no? Nash says yes! Then the camera pulls out to reveal a projected screen of Nash’s house and HHH is in a studio. He then says that’s one of the perks of being WWE COO. He adds that he could fire Nash, but what fun would that be when he can legally kick his ass.
– Week 6: HHH vs Nash has been signed… There is a video highlighting their friendship over the years. HHH’s rise to the top. Nash’s rise to the top 5 years earlier. Sit down interviews with guys talking about who is better in the ring and their tactics. Both guys are straight ahead, but Nash tends to cut corners and cheat. Will the sledge hammer be the equalizer at Royal Rumble? Sit downs with Jim Ross interviewing Nash who calmly says HHH always tries to make things personal… but didn’t Nash make things personal with that attack? Nash would attack whoever the top guy is and from where I sit that’s HHH. Even if they were friends, if it comes down to living in a mansion and making sure his wife and kids drive around in Ferraris, he’d pick that over a friend any day.
– PPV: HHH over Nash. But it won’t end there… It will get worse, because now to Nash it will be personal and he can be a true heel and blame HHH for driving him to such extremes.

SMACKDOWN’S ROYAL RUMBLE (big players: Orton, Wade, Christian, Sheamus)
– Week 1: Orton comes out and says he misses the title around his waist, RKOing everyone that challenged him. Christian appears and says he misses the fame. Sheamus appears and says the great part about the Royal Rumble is a loser like Christian can get a second chance and weasel his way into an opportunity. Wade Barrett comes out to say he looks in that ring and sees 3 has-beens. The Royal Rumble is about crowning a fresh champion at WrestleMania. Look at the long line of worthy contenders who have gone on to win the title on the grandest stage of them all and I will be no different. They all get busy and fight in the ring with Christian and Wade getting sent to the outside. Teddy Long appears to say there’s gonna be a match tonight. SHEAMUS & ORTON vs CHRISTIAN & BARRETT. Sheamus & Orton win when Wade just walks away from his partner. This match is counter productive to him being healthy enough for the title.
– Week 2: CHRISTIAN over GABRIEL. KANE over BARRETT as explained in the Big Show & Henry storyline. Tag team champions Miz and Truth appear on Smackdown. Teddy Long says that last week Orton and Sheamus had a victory over Christian and Barrett. That puts them in line for a shot at the champs. Miz refuses for them. There’s no way they’ll defend the tag team against a team that was just born the previous week at a GM’s whim. Teddy agrees, it doesn’t have to be for the titles, but it does have to be for tonight! ORTON & SHEAMUS over MIZ & TRUTH by DQ when Christian runs in to interfere! Then he escapes before Sheamus & Orton destroy him.
– Week 3: WADE over GABRIEL to get Wade on the winning path again. SHEAMUS over HUNICO. ORTON over JINDER. After Orton’s victory, Sheamus congratulates Orton on his win, Sheamus says they’ll have to thank Christian. Thank Christian? If they won that match next week they’d be well on the way to tag team gold. Both guys don’t want a partner tying them down. Its about their own personal glory and don’t be surprised if I throw you over the top in the Royal Rumble. No don’t be surprised if I throw you over the top… Christian appears and wonders who would win in a match. The Great White or the Viper. One hunts on land, the other on sea. They are both useless in their opponent’s home turf. Orton looks at Sheamus who tells Orton to settle down. Christian is just wondering who would win because he knows who would win if one of them had a match. No matter if Christian faces Sheamus or Orton. He’d lose, because he’s just a weasel. Wade and Cody then attack from behind and beat them down.
– Week 4: BIG SHOW over BARRETT. KANE over JINDER. CHRISTIAN over TATSU. ORTON over BARRETA Baretta and Orton is announced. Barreta goes to Wade and asks him for advice. Wade tells Barreta some tips to defeat Orton, but concludes it by saying never come to me again. SHEAMUS over KIDD. Afterward Cody and Christian both come out, but Sheamus grabs a chair and chases the heels off.
– Week 5: Teddy Long makes: CODY & WADE & CHRISTIAN over ORTON & SHEAMUS. KANE over KIDD. It is announced that there will be a 10 man battle royal next week to determine the #1 and #30 Royal Rumble slots.
– Week 6: Since there are only 10 slots… Teddy Long gives 4 low end guys the chance of a lifetime to get the #30 slot, but only if they make it into the battle royal tonight. Teddy says Yoshi Tatsu, Ted Dibiase Jr, Jinder and Tyson Kidd will all be in singles matches against Orton, Wade, Christian and Sheamus.WADEover DIBIASE. CHRISTIAN over TATSU. SHEAMUS over JINDER. ORTON overKIDD. OVER THE TOP ROPE CHALLENGE >> 10 MAN BATTLE ROYAL (big players: Kane, Orton, Christian, Wade, Cody & Sheamus). The winner gets the #30 slot. The runner up gets the #1 slot. It comes down to Orton vs Wade vs Christian. Christian just takes a dive over the top rope instead of risking the #1 slot. Orton eliminates Cody, Christian throws out Sheamus, Wade throws out Kane and Wade throws out Orton.
– PPV: Orton is first, Wade is last. Cody throws out Orton. Sheamus throws out Christian, Kane lasts a long time as he always does. It comes down to Sheamus & Wade & Cody, Cena & Punk & Ryder.

Daniel Bryan’s briefcase was stolen before TLC. He’s on a quest to get it back.
– Week 1: Bryan is on a quest backstage, who stole his blue briefcase. Everyone is a suspect. Before the show Bryan goes to the time keeper that was holding his stuff. The time keeper looked away for a moment and poof the briefcase was gone. He’s sorry that he can’t be more help. Later Bryan goes to Big Show and says Show tried to buy it, would he just take it? Show points out that if he stole it, he wouldn’t be able to use it, but if he bought it from Bryan he would be able to. Who wouldn’t want Bryan to use the title shot?
– Week 2: Bryan comes out. It’s pretty obvious who doesn’t want him to use his title shot. Mark Henry. He comes out. Don’t think its Henry. He fears no man… little man. Don’t you need to be a heavyweight for this belt? Henry gives Bryan the world’s strongest slam for the trouble. Then he adds time is runing out before Wrestlemania. Christian appears and sits on Bryan. Remember going into the TLC PPV I told you that I’d find your briefcase and bring it? Well I found out a lead. Christian slaps around a weak Daniel Bryan who struggles to his feet. Christian then gives him the kill switch. I want a rematch! Beat me next week and I’ll tell you my lead.
– Week 3: BRYAN over CHRISTIAN via tapout. Bryan keeps the Labell Lock on long enough to hear Christian give up the name Hunico knows who did it!
– Week 4: Bryan goes into WWE gang territory. Hunico’s thug locker room with Primo and the other guy. What does Bryan want? To know who stole the briefcase. What’s it worth? How much money? Bryan says its worth them not paying their hospital bills. Tough talk for one man, but Hunico says they’ve got nothing to hide, some white wrestler wanted to hire them to steal the briefcase, but they didn’t pay well enough, so they said no… and now they didn’t pay well enough to keep their mouths shut so they’re telling Daniel. Now that Bryan knows, how’s he gonna get out of there in one piece? Primo shuts the door and they attack him, beat him down. Sin Cara and Ted Dibiase run in for the save after the job was done.
– Week 5: BRYAN & SIN CARA & TED DIBIASE over HUNICO & PRIMO & OTHER GUY. At least now I know who Hunico is. Bryan goes over Hunico and looks effective while doing it. Sin Cara & Dibiase get beat down and Bryan does the work. Afterward, Bryan sends Hunico’s boys running and Bryan asks Hunico who wanted his briefcase? Hunico says he told Bryan some white guy wrestler. That’s not good enough! Tell Bryan who! Hunico doesn’t know some guy with a gun’s name…
– Week 6: Bryan calls out Trent Barreta. He comes to the ring with a rousing “who is this guy?” or boos. Hopefully boos. Where’s the briefcase? How should Trent know, he’s not a luggage handler. Bryan is really gonna trust Hunico’s word? Bryan says he’s not, but then asking around he found a man with a video from weeks ago. Roll the footage. The big screen shows Trent Barreta and Hunico with his boys looking mean and ugly. Trent says that he has a buyer for the briefcase and that buyer is willing to pay to make sure Daniel Bryan doesn’t get that title shot by WrestleMania. Hunico says whatever Barreta is getting paid, Hunico wants 90%. Baretta refuses and says 50 / 50. Eventually Hunico sends Baretta packing. So that leaves Bryan with the question… Who has the briefcase? Trent gets out of the ring with Bryan chasing him. Trent pushes a cameraman at Bryan and gets away. Teddy Long comes out and says Trent you can get away today, but next week it’s you and Bryan and you’re gonna give up the briefcase or get fired. No amount that you’ve been paid can equal your job here at the WWE.
– PPV: Daniel Bryan gets his hands on Trent Baretta in the Royal Rumble match throws him out, then gets thrown over himself then Bryan goes after Trent who runs!!!

TAGDIVISION STORYLINE (establishing tag teams and building to WrestleMania)
– Week 1: RAW: NON TITLE >> CENA & PUNK over MIZ & TRUTH which is explained in the Cena & Punk Royal Rumble match storyline. Feed them to higher talent.
– Week 1: SMACKDOWN: NON TITLE >> MIZ & TRUTH over USOS. Miz & Truth kick their asses and look effective. Miz and Truth retain the titles.
– Week 2: RAW: ZIGGLER & SWAGGER over SANTINO & RYDER. Santino gets pinned by Swagger here. I’m building Swagger to have a padding feud for Elimination Chamber before WrestleMania.
– Week 2: NON TITLE >> SMACKDOWN: ORTON & SHEAMUS over MIZ & TRUTH by DQ. Since Orton and Sheamus had a tag victory over Christian & Barrett this match is made.
– Week 3: RAW: AIRBOOMover REKS & RYAN>> Reks & Ryan are a new team made by GM John Laurinitus. Air Boom gets the victory, but then Reks & Ryan destroy Air Boom.
– Week 3: SMACKDOWN: HUNICO & PRIMO over DIBIASE & SIN CARA by cheating. Maybe it should be Yoshi Tatsu instead of Dibiase, but this match is intertwined with Daniel Bryan’s quest for the briefcase…  Dibiase can take the pin. Sorry Dibiase fans, not everyone can get pushed. Next week they get their revenge.
– Week 4: RAW: AIRBOOMover OTUNGA & MCGILLICUTTY. Otunga & McGillicutty get fed to Air Boom. But more interesting after that, Reks & Ryan come down to the ring and destroy Air Boom again! Otunga & McGillicutty bail.
– Week 4: SMACKDOWN: GABRIEL & HEATH over USOS. It is a friendly match between the two teams. Miz does commentary.
– Week 5: RAW: REKS & RYANover GOLDUST & SANTINO. The wrecking crew of Reks & Ryan destroy Godust & Santino. Muscle beats comedy. Post match beat down, followed by Air Boom saving Goldust & Santino.
– Week 5: NON TITLE >> SMACKDOWN: MIZ & TRUTH over GABRIEL & HEATH by cheating. After having a win over the Usos, Gabriel & Heath get a non title shot. Miz & Truth cheat to win, but Gabriel & Heath send the heels packing.
– Week 6: RAW: AIRBOOMover SWAGGER & ZIGGLER by DQ when Reks & Ryan just interfere and destroy Air Boom. Swagger, Ziggler & Vicki bolt.
– Week 6: SMACKDOWN: GABRIEL & HEATH over HUNICO & PRIMO. To continue pushing Gabriel & Heath they go over Hunico & Primo.
– PPV: All of these tag teams are in the Royal Rumble. The RAW teams are part of a bigger storyline gunning for Cena and Punk. There will be a culmination of tag teams at WrestleMania. This is just a start to establishing some teams.

– PPV: At the Royal Rumble, a video package can roll for Undertaker to appear at WrestleMania (assuming he would want to, it is his career after all).

Mapping out a year long Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes feud

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: Their big match is tonight… even though they’ve had TV matches with Cody going over and they’ve even had another feud when Cody and Ted Dibiase broke away from Legacy. We saw how well that went.

Cody has a lot of things working for and against him. He’s heavily gimmicked with a mask, the intercontinental title and he’s the son of a son of a plumber, the great Dusty Rhodes. He has a lot working against him, such as his height, his lack of weight… and well he is Dusty Rhode’s son and Goldust’s brother. WWE has a tendancy to push the tall, chizzled men who are sons of legends like like his opponent Randy Orton.

Well after posting on someone’s blog I thought that I would flesh out a year long feud with Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Leading up to tonight’s Vengeance pay-per-view Cody has a few TV victories over Randy Orton.

VENGEANCE >> CODY cheats to win
Sure Cody has won clean before, but this is a grander stage… well kind of. pay-per-views seem to mean more even if its a C level pay-per-view. But pay-per-view matches become something of legend… because only 100,000 people see them instead of the 3-4 million that watch RAW. Another thing that helps is the fact they will talk about the match afterward.

SURVIVOR SERIES >> CODY cheats to pin Randy in a survivor series match
On Randy’s side will be Sheamus, the Big Show and Kane… or Daniel Bryan, but who care’s this is all about Cody. On Cody’s team will be Mark Henry, Ted Dibiase and Christian. Cody will cheat to win over Randy before Cody himself gets booted and pinned by Sheamus. Then Randy Orton puts Cody through a table for revenge!

DECEMBER PPV (TLC?) >> RANDY wins a tables match
They go into a tables match. Cody wants Randy to suffer. In fact he wants to inflict facial pain and promises that he will put Randy through a table face first to leave his face mangled and disfigured! Cody wastes so much time doing this that Randy wins…. Subtly saying… Cody can’t be pinned…

ROYAL RUMBLE >> CODY and RANDY in the rumble match eliminate each other
Their feud has simmered for a while. During an in ring interview with Randy, Cody cuts him off. Randy won’t win the Rumble. Not while Cody is in there with him. Cody has several pins over Randy… but Randy hasn’t pinned Cody in a while. Pinned??? No… beaten yes. Royal Rumble isn’t about pins, its about throwing your opponent over the top rope and Randy has the size and leverage. They end up brawling heading into the Royal Rumble.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER >> CODY and RANDY are in the chamber match CODY cheats to pin RANDY but doesn’t win the title
Even though neither man will win the Royal Rumble… they’ll still get a title shot at Elimination Chamber because that’s how backward the WWE is. With Daniel Bryan claiming he will take his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania, having a Smackdown elimination chamber match seems pointless.

Anyway, Cody steals a pin over Randy. Steals as in Mark Henry slams Randy and gets distracted then Cody picks up the scraps. Then Mark Henry slams him as punnishment for the pin. Randy and Cody can brawl on the outside.

Building up to this match Cody can boast about how long its been since Randy has pinned him. Well at Wrestlemania, there will be a guest enforcer to watch the match and make sure that Cody doesn’t cheat to win. Randy goes over clean thus… falsely ending the fued.

No one pins Cody Rhodes! No one! Randy brags in an interview and Cody beats Randy with a lead pipe and takes him out for several months. There is blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood, cut to black and white) and a stretcher to get the injured Randy. Full neck brace and all. Randy should look comatose. Officials should take Cody away. Cody gets suspended for such poor sportsmanship.

When Cody Rhodes is brought back, he goes on a tear through cruiserweights and smallar guys. At pay-per-views Cody faces larger opponents. Kane, Big Show, Khali and so on. GM Teddy Long punnishes him for his brutality at every pay-per-view. If Cody wants to brutalize he’s gonna know how it feels playa!

Cody’s bagmen increase. They help him win matches and turn into a villainesque army. Imagine Cody leading 10 bagmen down to ringside to just lumberjack around the ring for TV matches. They don’t interfere, just look laughably imposing and beat up any face that tries to enter. These bagmen should have black lucha masks underneath incase a bag gets knocked off.

MAY 2012 >> CODY over KANE
This match gets built for a TV match when Kane is swarmed by the bagmen. He can even light the bags on fire… but the WWE won’t do that now. Instead they will have a pay-per-view match.

JUNE 2012 >> CODY and BIG SHOW go to a no contest
Big Show trains for the match by punching meat and punching the face off manniquens. That’ll be Cody and his bagmen. In the match, the bagmen rush the Big Show who destroys them all, but Cody runs. Big Show didn’t need the bell to be rung!!!

JULY 2012 >> NO DQ >> CODY over BIG SHOW
Big Show demands a rematch. No DQ. He’s the Big Show. He can take out 10 bagmen and Cody! So GM Teddy Long makes the match! Bagmen get destroyed… Cody chops down the Big Show. He has help. A lot of help. Cody gets hoisted up by the bagmen! Hurray! But then Randy Orton takes off a bag and RKOs Cody and bolts after punching a few more bagmen out!

Randy wants blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood). Nothing will save Cody. He wants a cage match. But going into the cage match… Randy takes out the bagmen one by one. RKOing them all so no one will be left by Summerslam. The bagmen can still rush out in the cage match to keep Randy from winning at first, but Randy will RKO them one by one and destroy them with the cage as a weapon. With all of the chaos Cody escapes.

By now if you’re not dead from reading… Cody has gained enough steam to go for the heavyweight title. Let’s say against Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan brings backup to protect himself from the bagmen. Big Show, Randy Orton and Kane. If they help Daniel tonight, he’ll give them each a one on one title shot. Well it never happens since he loses the title! Randy, Kane and the Big Show destroy the bagmen quickly so they don’t make a joke of the match. Then they all disappear.

Randy wins a #1 contender match the Smackdown after Night of Champions to set up Cody vs Randy. Hell in a Cell. There’s a top on the cage. No one gets in. No one gets out. 2 men go in 1 champion comes out. It’s Hell in a Cell. Cody cuts a promo with the bagmen who have bolt cutters. You think Cody is afraid?

Teddy Long comes out and says enough is enough. No more bagmen at any WWE live event. Either they leave or Cody is stripped of the title and fired. Teddy won’t have a mockery of Smackdown anymore. You think Cody needs the bagmen? No. He’s beaten Randy on his own and he’ll do it again!

I’d say keep the title on Cody since he just won it. Logic dictates that Randy would go over to conclude the feud.

My Storyline to Push WWE’s Daniel Bryan (now not later) (7 PPVs)

Daniel Bryan seems to be on WWE’s backburner lately and has lost several matches and not been on a few cards. Since he won Smackdown’s Money in the Bank and has declaired that he wants his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania… the WWE probably feels they can use him to put some guys over before they heat him up in January for his title shot in March. I really think that’s their logic and we’ll see him do a lot better then.


Since they’ve got something going with Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara… WWE will do good vs evil Sin Cara at the PPV. Good one can prevail or the evil one can prevail and injure the good one, Then on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan can challenge evil Sin Cara. DB can go over evil Cara clean… no sweat.

Meanwhile… headed into Survivor Series, there is news that there will be a Smackdown Survivor Series match. Team Randy vs Team Henry. Henry’s team is assigned to him by Teddy Long… while Randy wants to assemble his team. Sheamus, a mystery man and the final member, Daniel Bryan.

In the match, Kane or Big Show can be the mystery man.Daniel Bryan puts Christian in the Labell Lock… Christian is tapping out… but the referee is out. The lock gets broken up and then  Christian uses a chair or a bell then pins Daniel Bryan as the referee wakes up. Ref counts the 3. Daniel Bryan attacks Christian who takes a bump and Christian gets pinned by someone else thanks to Bryan.

Next Smackdown, Daniel Bryan wants payback. he wants Christian at TLC or whatever the December PPV is. Maybe there is another one after that. Damn the WWE and all of its PPVs.

Christian comes out on an arm brace or a sling something. Christian tore something in his arm thanks to that Labell Lock at Survivor Series. Christian doesn’t want to face Daniel Bryan!!! That Labell Lock hurts! But… Christian says the only way he’d agree is if Daniel Bryan puts his Smackdown Money in the Bank title shot on the line at TLC. Daniel Bryan agrees, then Christian takes a swing at Daniel Bryan with the injured arm. Daniel sees it coming and puts the Labell Lock on Christian until security pries them apart.

On a different Smackdown, Christian gets into Teddy’s ear and proposes a ladder match. Think of the PPV numbers Teddy! Me in a ladder match! Teddy says he’s gotta think about Smackdown numbers too and just giving Christian a ladder match would put Daniel Bryan at a disadvantage when Christian has been in 100 of them. So on Smackdown, Teddy makes a match… if Christian wins the match tonight he’ll get to choose the match against Daniel Bryan. If Christian loses Daniel Bryan gets to choose. Bryan is stoked about it. He’s gonna choose a submission match!

Christian vs Khali. Christian wins by cheating or interference or whatever. Christian wants his ladder match.

Daniel Bryan goes over Christian in the ladder match. Daniel works on Christians arm the whole time with the ladder and the Labell Lock. That way Christian’s arm will hurt too much to use both arms to get the money in the bank briefcase…. even if working on the leg would be more effective, but whatever.

Daniel Bryan wants to win the Royal Rumble so he can use his money in the bank title shot for the Heavyweight Championship and then use the Royal Rumble title shot for the WWE title and unify the championships!!!

Maybe him saying unify the championships would look bad, because then it looks like he failed to do something… and that’s not good.

Instead of having Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match… he has a match against Wade Barrett. Nah the Royal Rumble idea is better. Put him in the Royal Rumble… but have Brodius Clay eliminate him.

Daniel Bryan has a match against Brodius Clay. Daniel goes over clean, looks strong and effective doing it.

This isn’t really about Daniel Bryan… its about the heavyweight title. Mark Henry defending in the chamber against Randy Orton, Kane, Big Show, Sheamus and Christian. Either Henry or Randy win. Henry should win simply to be a challenge for Bryan or Orton should win to be a better match for Bryan on Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry or Randy Orton. I say Henry… just to keep the title on him 6+ months… but Randy would make a better match but once Daniel wins the title he can have good matches with Randy anyway, so Henry.

David vs Goliath… however… Daniel Bryan doesn’t win the belt. Henry gets knocked out of the ring. Knocked out KOed… knocked the truck out. Daniel literally can’t get him back in the ring, so Daniel wins via count out.

Teddy Long didn’t like the finish of Wrestlemania, he feels there should be a rematch… Teddy wants to make a falls count anywhere match. Daniel Bryan wants a submission match, Henry vs Daniel Bryan. Henry comes out laughing at Daniel and says Henry is so powerful and Daniel Bryan is short. However, Henry only knows bear hugs. Daniel says power means nothing when you have heart and never say die.

Daniel Bryan wins the heavyweight championship… but unfortunately… Daniel Bryan literally cleared out all of the heels except for Wade Barrett… so then I say draft Daniel Bryan to RAW and bring the title and put John Cena on Smackdown and bring that title. TONS of fresh matches.

Exploring the idea of WWE’s Mark Henry with the heavyweight championship

The short answer is NEVER. The long answer is yes. Mark Henry is very limited in the ring. He’s a giant man without much personality. For those reasons he shouldn’t ever have any top-level title.

However, Mark Henry has taken out Kane and the Big Show within the past 2 months. They haven’t returned … yet. So I propose that Mark Henry wins the title at Night of Champions… or whatever PPV comes next. With the title, Henry can destroy jobbers left and right using his leverage, weight and strength. He can be this generation’s Yokozuna (with the patriotism reversed, because he’s an American olympian). He can go over jobbers 2 at a time on Smackdown and get a manager to speak for him now that he’s champion (James Cornette with Yoko). Just make sure Tony Atlas isn’t his talker. No one can stop “huge” Henry…

Then Henry goes into Survivor Series and gets hidden in an 8 man elimination tag match against 4 fresh faces. It doesn’t matter who’s on Henry’s team, maybe he can start-up a faction of black heels to be this generations Nation of Domination. What I want are fresh guys. The faces eliminate everyone but Henry, then one by one Henry takes out 3 of the 4 guys until Henry gets pinned by a new challenger. Sheamus? Khali? Ezekiel? Bryan (he can have a title shot before he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot)? Anyone…

December PPV comes around, Mark Henry goes over whoever the challenger (Sheamus) is, but then Kane comes back! Kane will challenge at the Royal Rumble. Then in the Royal Rumble match itself Big Show comes back, but ultimately doesn’t win the match.

Elimination Chamber will make a nightmare for Mark Henry as he defends in a chamber match against Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Khali and the winner from Survivor Series Sheamus.

Ultimately Randy Orton wins the chamber match for the heavyweight title and defends it against Daniel Bryan with a 5 star match when he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot at Mania like he said he would. Meanwhile, Big Show challenges Mark Henry for putting him on the shelf for what would be 6 months.

Unless of course the WWE wants to have “huge” Henry against Daniel Bryan with Bryan going over at Wrestlemania for the title. That would prevent a 1 month title reign from Orton, but make a much worse match on the biggest card of the year.

Come to think of it… Mark Henry doesn’t need the title to do any of what I just said. He can still lose at Night of Champions, not get the belt and still do everything that I just wrote…

On the other hand, Henry has been with the company 15 or so years. Winning a top title could be a small token of appreciation from a company that has put him through everything. He would be the guy to make a new top face when that face topples him. As champion he could also bring in other African-American talent to be his posse that carries out orders for him. Like a 2012 Nation of Domination. Like a ladder of guys for Kane, Big Show, Orton, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to climb before tackling the toughest challenge Mark Henry.