Now that John Cena is the WWE champion… here’s what to do with him (7 PPV bookings til Wrestlemania)

Uggg… unfortunately John Cena has won the WWE championship again last night. Everyone falls before Cena… Alberto, Miz and Truth, no one can touch him! Punk beat him 3+ times straight, but now Punk is stuck in the mud… This article is about keeping Cena over… sorry. I’m not the biggest fan of Cena, but sometimes its about keeping the WWE title strong instead of passing it back and forth on a monthly basis like WCW did before they died.

There is a Monday Night RAW coming up soon live from Mexico. One can assume that Alberto Del Rio will win the WWE championship from Cena in Mexico… which would be counterproductive considering he’s a heel. If Rey Mysterio Jr. isn’t injured he and John Cena can team up to take on Alberto Del Rio and someone else… let’s say Dolph Ziggler.

Since Alberto is a heel and Rey is injured… Smart money would have Rey accompany John Cena to take on Alberto who would cut a promo on the Mexican fans how they amount to nothing and if they need to be American to amount to anything. Turn your back on your country and cross the Rio Grande, because America will always be better than you!

Then Rey can have his boy John Cena go over Alberto. Rey can even get in a punch on Del Rio after the match… unless he’s too injured. Everyone in Mexico would love it.

Wow this is a dumb PPV to have wedged between Survivor Series and Night of Champions. Having this PPV so close to 2 others is counterproductive and works against your Night of Champions. Chances are Punk vs HHH in Hell in a Cell will happen here. But more importantly, Del Rio vs John Cena. Yes again and I’d chump him out again.

But my thought is different from what the WWE will do… since this PPV is all about Hell in a Cell, I say let a lesser guy get a shot against John Cena. Maybe even 2 lesser guys. But lets explore another option John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler who has been the US champ for a very long time. He could get this match by earning it, maybe a 4 man tournament with him going over Jack Swagger in the final round. Then at the PPV, Dolph will fall prey to an attack by Swagger. Cena won’t see the attack, but this will be an out for Dolph. Plus you’ll see how well they fair against one another for the future… plus this is a stalling tactic since Cena has burnt out most of his matches.

The rumor… and Survivor Series poster is that John Cena will team with the Rock on a 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match. If I had to make a dream team for them, it would be Rock, Cena, Punk, Kofi and Evan Bourne against Miz, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and uh Del Rio … OR There’s bigger money on Rock, Cena, Punk, Orton and Sheamus vs Miz, R-Truth, Christian, Del Rio and Mark Henry.

There’s no way in hell that Rock or Cena both get eliminated, instead Rock will cost Cena who gets pinned by Dolph Ziggler.

DECEMBER PPV (I don’t even know what they are anymore)
It gets headlined by John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has 1 pin on Cena and Cena has 1 pin on Dolph. Now its time for their rubber match, for all the marbles, put it in a cage so there will be no Swagger, Vicki or anyone else.

WWE has too many PPVs and that made this PPV the hardest to book Cena for. Since there’s literally no one left… I say that John Cena defends the WWE title against John Morrisson. They want to push JoMo, here’s the opportunity when everyone is buying the PPV for the match on top… so no one will be upset if the match ends in no contest due to the heel lockeroom beating down Cena and JoMo. There can even be interference from Miz, Truth, Dolph, Swagger and anyone else… This will setup the chamber match for next month.

6-Man WWE Title Elimination Chamber: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio vs Miz vs R-Truth vs Jack Swagger >> The deck is stacked against Cena… big time. He’s Superman, don’t worry he can persevere. But… let’s say it gets down to Miz vs Cena or Dolph vs Cena or Alberto Del Rio vs Cena… any of these men. When it looks like Cena has won, the Rock can appear and distract Cena to lose the championship to the Miz so he can go on to defend it against the Royal Rumble winner CM Punk or the Rock can appear after Cena has gone over 5 men.

Assuming no one gets injured, the plan is to have the Rock vs John Cena. The baseball cap wearing fool has said he’ll walk in with the WWE title, but lets hope he hasn’t lost it and gained it 2 more times by then… Cena can go into Wrestlemania as the WWE champion and fans can get all hyped that the Rock could walk out with the WWE title and save the company *cough* Punk *cough*

Cena can go over the Rock, because truth be told, the Rock isn’t sticking around… Unless of course he wants to stick around for a month or forever, then you’d give Rock the title. This would give Cena a 6 month title run and put the WWE title at the top of Wrestlemania where it belongs.

Best of all… Cena is kept from Punk, so as soon as Punk wins whatever match he has at Mania (Undertaker, HHH, Steve Austin), you can have Punk be an instant challenger against Cena with their first match in 6+ months.

They have their feud and Punk goes over once and for all. Cena can take a year long break from the WWE champion and CM Punk will have opened up fresh championship matches and a fresh style for the WWE championship. Then in a year, Cena can get his next title shot… making his next title shot be talked about.


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