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Everything Wrong with TNA Impact (and how it should have been) (in my mind) (03/08/12)

RECAP OF GARRETT FEUD (not enough Gunner)
Not enough Gunner, way too much Garrett. I’m dreading what tonight will entail. Gunner arrives in his jeep. He is different from anyone else. Little jeep, big sunglasses, a plaid hick shirt and giant sideburns, but with that being said I don’t want him in the role he’s in. Gunner however is awesome.

GUNNER, BISCHOFF & FLAIR PROMO (and glaring issues)
Flair’s music is played. Well a different and less dramatic version of his music. Anyone remember when Bischoff & Flair hated each other? Maybe it’s just me, but I think Gunner doesn’t need 2 white haired managers. He just needs one of them. Oh and wait where’s Chelsea? It doesn’t matter, she’s pretty useless. That’s like giving a one night escort a name. Flair is looking like a corpse over the past few years. 

So they set up a tag match with Gunner & Garrett. A high end wrestler throws his hat into the ring metaphorically. That elevates Gunner, but belittles the wrestler that appears. Hey if you want Garrett to look good, you put him in there with the best. So who is it? Kurt Angle who has gone on a tear about his kids over the past year or so he knows the value of a father being disrespected by his son.

Wow the closeup made him look old. He is putting on his makeup and talking to a mirror. Eric Young appears. I think TNA knows how stupid Sting is, so they sent in Eric Young, their comedy guy. A match is set, Eric Young & ODB vs the tag champs. Not the TNA tag titles, the knockout tag titles. Sting goes back to giggling in the mirror.

KNOCKOUTS TAG TITLES >> ERIC YOUNG & ODB vs GAIL & RAYNE (surprisingly entertaining)
This match makes sense since ODB has had singles matches with Gail & Rayne and Eric has been in the background. Rayne & Kim look like tag partners since they have matching colors and that’s literally all it takes. Oh good a knockouts tag match with Eric Young. I fully expect Eric to lockup with the ref half a dozen times. Over the years Eric has really been the guy to work with the women… or not work with the women. 

ODB is still heavily over just like the previous 2 weeks. In fact she gets such a reaction from the crowd that she should be the world champion. Eric Young’s spots were actually good and entertaining this week. He wanted a bronco buster. He dodges run ins from the knockouts, a stacked airplane spin and complete with a falling rape pin attempt. 

It’s a little early for that. What’s it the 3rd month of their tag team? Eh, whatever. They can have a long engagement. This is probably the sort of thing they should have KAZ & Traci Brooks do years ago. Crowd loved it.

He is here to look at management… He looks to be quite the character.

Not as entertaining. He’s putting on a serious face. 

Austingets an email from Sting on what looks to be a blackberry. Sting wants Zema Ion vs Aries tonight. Aries questions Sting’s logic to have the match tonight. I smell a title change and a face turn for Aries.

I love Zema’s trashy look. Terrible tights, terrible afro and spraying that bottle make it an awesome look. Austin Aries is a gorgeous magician. It is all about the look. Great facial hair, he just needs a top hat and a wand. 

Good stall tactics by Aries celebrating around the ringside.  Puts a unique flair on him and this match has tons of flair from flashy moves to hairstyles. Even the hairspray looks awesome, because it’s covered with magazine beauty shots. I guess it’s a fair way to end a TV match, but this just means they should put a stipulation on their PPV match. Ladder match? Hairspray on a pole match? 

Mr. Parks is Abyss’s brother. That’s why Joseph has an impressive appearance.

CALF-ZILLA PROMO (a stipulation is really needed)
He’s the guy that did this and that to James Storm. Their match at the PPV will be a #1 contenders match for Lockdown, even though James Storm is the #1 contender at Lockdown. After he beat Bully Ray. What will be different? What stipulation will make this match different than the last time? 

Sting appears… he’s all crazy. Yep Sting is crazy alright. Sting looks like Raul Julia from Adams Family Values since his makeup is over his eyes and he has a mustache. Oh good and it’s after the break. 

ROODE vs BULLY (a wasted money match)
Again… Roode, Storm, Hardy, Bully and Angle are your money guys. You do not have them on free TV facing one another. You have them against lesser guys. Anyway this match has been built up a lot better than Roode vs Storm so why not give it away on free TV? We just had one heel vs heel match, why not have another back to back? The crowd is rowdy in a good way.

After a few minutes, Storm appears to chase out Bully Ray… then not care about Roode until he stands up. Storm gives Roode the Last Call and lays the title on him. I think Roode & Storm have touched way too much for me to give a damn about their match. In fact TNA knows the only way to get heat on this match is promise a title change. I don’t want to see someone in your main event of next PPV laid out. Why do I want to watch Sting beat someone when I just saw him laid out 2 weeks in a row? 

TNA LIVE EVENT COMMERCIAL (and how counterproductive is)
Fan buries why go to an Impact taping when someone will put up a sign in your face and you won’t meet the superstars? Plug the fact you meet the wrestlers, but don’t bury your TV tapings.

Joe is looking for his brother who’s his brother? Crimmorgan have issues as a team. Whatever.

ROBBIE E & ROB TERRY vs CRIMMORGAN (and various bad tacked on elements)
Feels like a tag division is brewing. Robbie E & Rob Terry appear in matching pink sweaters? What’s the logic behind that? I know their heels, but it just felt tacked on and stupid. Speaking of tacked on Mike Tennay needs to remind us of Crimson & Morgan’s history as competitors beating the hell out of one another and then they are paired as a tag team. I think they only had 2 singles matches in the span of 2 months. They had a few with Joe mixed in there too.

Wow this match has a lot of meat in it. If anything this match makes Terry and Robbie E look good. Frequent tags, Terry does power spots, Robbie E does quick spots. It’s everything that Morgan and Crimson should have been doing 3 months ago and everything Mexican America should have done. Morgan looked good when he got the hot tag too. Good finish, I just don’t like where this team is headed since TNA needs teams and these 2 should be killing the tag division and not arguing. Tennay announces CrimMorgan vs JoNus Brothers atVictory Road, making 5 matches in 3 months. No one should have that many matches. That’s what singles matches and 3 ways are for. 

Kurt just recaps… Kurt’s eyebrows twitch purposely. Tennay and Tazz could have just thrown up a graphic the match is still to come.

Thank god they recapped this, because it makes no sense and still makes no sense.

Yep another and I bet he wants answers. He informs the crowd that the 10th anniversary is coming and I couldn’t be more sad for a guy who’s been with the company since day 1 to be stuck in the mud like this. Saddled with something that could have fantastic matches, but the logic behind them makes no sense. He reminds fans of some terrible angles before KAZ & Daniels show up. 

Daniels says AJ got fame and Daniels got fired. Oooo KAZ calls AJ transparent and predictable and puts trust in the wrong people. Maybe that’s AJ’s fault and not their’s. I’m still waiting for it to make sense or maybe it makes sense and I just don’t care because they’ve teased this for weeks. Why not just say AJ got Daniels and KAZ fired both. Or do that TV title idea that I’ve mentioned for a month.

Oh fuck Kennedy is back. Now I really don’t care. He just steals the thunder of this terrible angle.

GARRETT & HARDY vs ANGLE & GUNNER (killing all heat for Angle vs Hardy)
Uggg. Again Angle vs Hardy is a money match and having them touch in 2 tag matches in the past 3 weeks doesn’t make me want to see a singles match. Hardy is TNA’s ratings man supposedly, so this main even should do well compared to last week’s 6 man tag that didn’t have him. You can still have Hardy in a match, you can have Angle in a match, just not the same match, but then I guess that wouldn’t mean you’d piggyback Garrett on Hardy & Angle.

Hardy comes out shambling like a ghoul. Like I’ve said before he’s not a wrestler just a performance artist. Gunner gets an anti gunner chant even before he’s tagged in. That’s heat. The crowd this week was great with chanting and rowdiness.


Garrett gets the hot tag and he’s really sloppy. So sloppy that TNA needs to cut to different angles. He’s pretty wild out there. When he stands his arms flail out. Good finish that made sense, but now I don’t need to watch either match at the PPV.

IN CONCLUSION (zero heat forVictory Road)
Andersonvs Daniels is announced. I’m wonder when the PPV is. TNA really fails at plugging their pay-per-views. You had your world champion main eventer get laid out earlier. You had your X-Division pay-per-view match for free. You had a tag match that killed all heat for your #3 PPV match. But hey it’s only the 3rd match from the top, why am I nitpicking? Oh and on your PPV you’ll have a tag title match that we’ve seen 5x in the past 3 months. TNA is really betting on Sting… but if Sting goes over someone that was laid out 2x in as many weeks does that really mean anything?


Thoughts on TNA Impact headed into the PPV (9-8-11)

There were a few things evident last night… such as no Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan was literally tacked on terribly. They really need to push all of their matches. Promos even, vignettes… anything! Even if these TV shows are taped 2 shows at a time and they can’t do everything in the ring, have pretapes for the TV. Seeing as how all these guys may very well have the best matches at the PPV, its dumb to leave them off TV.

The show really put some heat on the final four of the Bound for Glory Series, but that is a mess in and of itself. The BFG series is clearly a sham with some workers having more matches than others. Hopefully next year they can do a round robin style series with 1 on 1 matches with 5 or 6 matches per week (house shows included).

They put heat on Gunner as a wildcard in the tournament, because I’m sure no one gives him a chance, so he won the final four-way. Bully Ray, Storm and Roode all cut fiery promos. Storm’s promo wasn’t the best saying Bully Ray and the big names can’t draw… which they can’t but his match is against Gunner… who is not a big name.

The tournament itself might end up being a draw with the tie breaker on TNA Impact… which could happen more than Gunner winning. I expect Roode to win… or they can have James Storm win it then at the PPV, have Angle cripple Storm only to have revenge fuel his tag team partner Robert Roode who will earn the next title shot and then get the belt. Then when James comes back he can go through Angle to get the #1 contendership and get a title shot and go into the match as 2 faces for 1 belt. It would draw. 2 men, the top tag team forced to do battle for TNA’s greatest prize.

RVD should have called out Lynn instead of going into the bathroom. RVD would have looked more like a man and then JL could say what he said in the bathroom. They’d feed off the crowd. Ask the crowd things like… If you’ve been making some…one else look good for years wouldn’t you wonder why your paycheck isn’t as big and why he gets the promotions? RVD would wonder… if you’re the guy that everyone pays to see, why shouldn’t you get the big money? Being in front of the crowd might put heat on the match. Then they brawl, then a match is booked.

But since they didn’t do that… people will think JL was in the bathroom. Way to go. To defend TNA, they only have so much time in front of a crowd filming 2 episodes on one show.

Kendrick looked great in a suit… too bad he’s bat shit crazy underneath. He threw the belt down as a material possession… Dumbass. I hope he loses it, because gold was made by god so having it makes you closer to mother Earth or whatever. Anyway, I hope Aries wins the title so Kendrick and Eric Young can battle over the TV title in comedy matches.

Anderson got his rematch against Kurt Angle. It was probably one of Anderson’s best matches of the past few months. Anderson is a guy that is so basic in the ring. Like he just goes through the motions. Now at the PPV, its Sting vs Angle vs Anderson. To be honest… I had no idea they were building tot his match. It should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t. So strange… Maybe if I cared it would be good.

There are only 3 active tag teams… they need to get some more guys into the tag division and drop the TV title all together. There’s no heat for the Tag Title match other than maybe D-Von and Pope and their shitty storyline that ruins all of their matches. These two guys could be a good tag team if it weren’t for the stupid story interrupting their matches. Heck maybe these two guys could be a good tag team if they stop arguing and just wrestle. If wrestling matters… then have them wrestle. Pope can be put over in the tag team.

He closed the show, when he should have been a footnote. Is he even on the PPV? I read he might take on Jeff Jarrett. Like all addicts, he had puppy dog eyes and wanted his next chance. How about earning it? I’ve been in relationships with addicts and really when you give them another chance, you’ve already lost to them! They need to work to get their chance. Put a carrot in front of Hardy that will make him work. Put him in the dog house a year … like probation. Then maybe when he’s good and ready you can put him back on TV again.

Hardy should actually take on Sting and have that match free on TV to make up for the match he blew trying to scratch and claw his way to victory in his 30 second match. Terrible. I have already posted another rant on this guy.

This match was added to the PPV after the TV. They NEED to have Kash cutting promos on this kid like he did for his post match interview. Post them on the TNA website. That post match interview with Kash was awesome. I’d love to hear more and they might go viral. Think of it TNA. Eyeballs!

That poor MMA guy having to commentate for this comedy match. Good job TNA. At least the TNA title was defended on TV in the ring for the first time in 3 months. Shouldn’t this guy have been stripped of the belt 2 months ago? If I didn’t have one of my employees show up for 3 months I’d fire him. TNA needs another TV show to need a TV title. Until then, discontinue it.

As for Big Rob Terry… uh he was used wisely. He should be a bodyguard… I guess.

I think we’ve got all of our titles covered on free TV. Uh… Winter got her win back against Mickey James. It should be their last match on the PPV until Velvet Skye gets a title shot at their biggest PPV of the year. All of their ducks are in a row.

Either I’m forgetting them … or TNA is. Isn’t Flair’s match against Sting for Flair’s career? Sure he’s retired a lot, but shouldn’t this be a big deal? Where were they? Did I forget them or did TNA?

My 18 months of TNA overall booking

This will be long… 18 months of TNA booking >>
AJ takes out Bubba to end the feud
Destination X: Kurt takes out Anderson for the title and Kurt drops everything but the wrestling

Destination X has an X division 8 man tournament
– Winner gets X-division shot against Abyss
– KAZ wins tournament over Brian Kendrick who can be secretly jealous
KAZ beats Abyss in a big match that means something
Beer Money keep their tag belts
PROTECT Robert Rude and have him do stellar promos
Destination X: Beer Money vs SEX (Elix & Daniels or Elix & Low Ki)

Joe as a heel goes against a loving husband Jeff Jarrett
– Joe laughs at his love for his wife and how he should go home to be with her
– Let the real men wrestle
– Karen is slowly forgotten, because she’s an overwhelming heel right now

AJ vs Kurt in a brief feud of good guy vs good.
– Sure we’ve seen it

Minor feuds
– RVD vs Sting out of respect
– Anderson vs Crimson
– Morgan vs Gunner?
– KAZ vs Kendrick
– Eric Young vs Shelley or Anderson (Eric’s wit flies circles around Anderson)
– Beer Money vs … idk Dreamer / Bully Ray?

Feuds last 2 or 3 months… (these are the final scores of the feud not details of every match)
– Kurt goes over AJ, gets a handshake: Make the match feel big
– RVD over Sting in a serious match that means something
– Joe cripples Jarrett and gets a title shot against Kurt
– Crimson over Anderson
– Morgan over Gunner
– KAZ over Kendrick
– Young over whoever
– Beer Money over Dreamer & Bully Ray

New feuds star in Sept or Oct
– A respect match for the belt, RVD vs Angle
– A heated up heel Joe vs Sting
– Face Jarrett vs a sadistic Abyss that loves looking at Jeff’s wife
– Morgan vs Crimson to see who’s the best Morgan gets heelish
– pretty boy KAZ vs smartass Shelley
– heel Kendrick vs EY
– Heel Anderson & Gunner vs Beer Money (protect Rude, make him look good)

‎2 or 3 months later in December or January the feuds end (these are the final scores of the feud not details of every match)
– Angle over RVD with a the winner holding up the loser’s arm.
– Joe over Sting
– Jarrett over Abyss… by blinding him for looking at his wife
– Morgan over Crimson ending the streak… through cheating
– KAZ over Shelley
– Kendrick over EY, because as comedy, EY doesn’t need wins
– Beer Money wins and looks good

New feuds start (January)
– Joe is on a streak and has been on a streak since June
– mega destructive Joe vs great wrestler Kurt Angle for the belt
– RVD vs an arrogant heel Morgan
– Sting vs Abyss (seen it before, Sting tries to bring Abyss to god)
– AJ vs Kendrick or Shelley
– Beer Money vs… idk Mexican America?
– KAZ vs idk some new Cruiserweight challenger… Daniels maybe?
– Crimson who is down in the dumps teams with an uplifting EY vs Gunner & Kennedy
– Jarrett vs Robbie E… they both have women, it can be TNA’s 1st class couple vs no class couple

The feuds end in February or March (these are the final scores of the feud not details of every match)
– Joe doesn’t just win the title, he injures Kurt
– Joe puts everyone on notice, he’ll clear out the TNA roster and no one can stop him
– RVD over Morgan
– AJ over Shelley
– Sting over Abyss after the monster doesn’t find jesus
– Beer Money is on fire and you’ve been protecting Roode all this time
– KAZ over Daniels or a time limit draw and a sign of respect
– Crimson & EY over Gunner & Kennedy
– Jarret clearly over Robbie E

New feuds start in February or March wow…
– Joe goes through workers on TV crippling everyone leading to…
– RVD vs Sting on free TV for a title shot
– Joe vs RVD an injured Angle is rooting for RVD
– heel Morgan vs Sting
– Beer Money… uh I’ve run out of people… lets Say MCMGs came back
– KAZ & AJ vs Gunner & Kennedy
– Crimson & EY & Red vs Bubba & Dreamer & Abyss
– Jarrett vs Kendrick who is Karen’s yoga instructor he gets touchy feely

Feuds end in May or June… wow this is going far
– Joe destroys RVD and breaks his leg or something
– Sting over heel Morgan
– MCMG over James Storm or get screwed out of the titles somehow
– KAZ & AJ over Gunner & Kennedy
– Bubba & Dreamer & Abyss over and look hardcoreeeeeee
– Jarrett over Kendrick

New feuds start in May or June 2012
– Joe vs Sting who earns his title shot and talks about what a cancer Joe is
– Joe injures James Storm, breaks his leg on TV
– RVD on crutches
– Angle doing rehab hanging out with his kids… but he looks forward to kicking Joe’s ass
– Roode wants Joe bad!
– Roode vs Morgan who thinks Roode isn’t shit without a tag partner
– Bubba vs Jarrett cuz Bubba was intimidating Jarrett’s woman backstage
– KAZ vs someone… Robbie E? Crimson? idk
– AJ vs Daniels who challenges AJ for leadership of Fortune
– MCMG vs EY & Red (X-division tag match)
– Kennedy & Gunner vs eh does it matter at this point? Kennedy vs Gunner

Feuds end in August or September 2012… dang a year…
– Joe destroys Sting and puts him on the shelf
– Roode over Morgan
– AJ over Daniels, but regrets that it had to come to this. Daniels is broken and angry
– KAZ over whoever
– MCMG over EY & Red
– Kennedy over Gunner
– Jarrett over Bubba and Jarrett loves his wife woo

Start new feuds
– fiery Roode vs Joe and he goes through a lot to get his title shot
– Joe goes through Fortune on free TV one by one by one
– KAZ on the shelf, AJ on the shelf
– Joe gets off leaving Roode last, he knows Joe’s gonna kill him
– Angle is gearing up for a return
– RVD & Sting are still in wheelchairs, but ready to come back
– Heel Daniels vs EY
– Jarrett vs Morgan, the DNA of TNA to Karen
– MCMG vs some team
– Kennedy & Gunner vs Bubba & Abyss

The feuds end in November or December 2012… wow
– A pashionate Roode beats Joe doing what no one could do…
– Roode defeated a Joe who went 18 months undefeated
– Lets just say Joe slips or something
– Joe goes to the bottom of the ladder…
– You know who’s waiting on Joe’s rise to the top?
– Everyone he put on the shelf and you have another year of feuds for Joe
– Roode is made, because he was protected for 18 months
– KAZ was made, because he was protected for 18 months
– Jarrett was kept strong, because he was protected for 18 months
– You then have 4 tent posts
– Sting, RVD and AJ were kept strong too… until they met Joe

My Version of TNA Hard(core) Justice 2011 (and tv leading up to it) (continuance from my Destination X)

First read my version of TNA’s Destination X tournament 2011

Let’s play pretend, that I have the TNA book…
This is my version of booking for TNA’s Hardcore Justice PPV
This follows my version of Destination X tournament and the motnh leading up to it >>

HARD(CORE?) JUSTICE >> will have

– KURT vs RVD (TNA title no DQ falls count anywhere)
– AJ vs STING (#1 contendership)
– JOE vs JARRETT (last man standing)
– ABYSS vs KAZ (X title janice on a pole match)
– BEER MONEY vs DREAMER & BULLY RAY (tag title tables match)
– EY vs GUNNER (for the TV title no DQ)
– DANIELS vs MATT HARDY (I quit or submission)
– face CRIMSON vs heel ANDERSON (streak vs former champ)

>> results >>

EY or GUNNER… whoever if the match is on the PPV
BEER MONEY over DREAMER & BULLY RAY (youth movement)
– because ABYSS wants Janice as a weapon so bad that he just takes KAZ’s abuse
JOE destroys JARRETT who doesn’t make it to the 10 count
AJ over STING over clean
– AJ thanks Sting for bringing out his best, Sting thanks AJ and the fans
ANGLE over RVD via pinfall
– in a great match with a feel good moment at the end that they put on a great show


I’ll just say there are 4 weeks from Destination X to Hard Justice
– I don’t care if its really 3 or 6 weeks… their website didn’t have the info

0. Starve fans of hardcore until the PPV (all hardcore shut off since Slammiversary)
1. Build non hardcore good guys as the solid challenges to beat
2. Build hardcore guys and brawlers as having an advantage at the PPV
3. Build Angle & RVD as the top guys
4. Build AJ & Sting as squeaky clean
5. Build Joe as a killer & Jarrett cares about his wife (leave his wife off TV so people forget how hateable she is)
6. Build Kaz as a new, loved, pretty champion & Abyss is demented and sick, focused on killing Kaz
7. Build Dreamer & Bully Ray as dangerous together
>8. Build Matt & Daniels submission holds
>9. Build minor feuds
>10. Build expendible feuds
> Things marked with > can be cut

R3- Bischoff wants Immortal in the main event, Hogan wants the best man period
R3- Bischoff & Hogan make a 5 man gauntlet match (RVD / BULLY RAY / MATT HARDY / AJ / STING)
R1- AJ vs STING (gauntlet for the gold) 10 minute TIME LIMIT DRAW
R1- RVD over MORGAN (gauntlet for the gold)
R1- RVD over BULLY RAY (gauntlet for the gold)
R3- Angle congratulates RVD, shakes his hand, staredown with the title up to end the show
R3- Anderson isn’t in the gauntlet and yells at Bischoff for 30 seconds
R3- He just lost the match and he didn’t want to defend the belt when Hogan wanted him to
R3- Bischoff or Hogan give Anderson Crimson at the PPV
R5- Joe is angry he’s not in the gauntlet, Bischoff informs him he failed to get the job done at Destination X
R5- Dreamer vs Red… instead of Red, Angry Joe destroys Red…
R5- Joe destroys Dreamer… Joe is a heel acting faceish, Dreamer is a face acting heelish
R5- Joe sends a message to Bischoff that Immortal is toilet paper
R6- KAZ is a new X-Champ from Destination-X Post match celebration at the clubs
R6- Celebration with Fortune, makes the fans want to be there
R6- Strippers come, but KAZ is a happily married man (or whatever)
R6- New TNA champ Angle’s celebration is more work in the gym (to keep his title)
R6- Bischoff gives his man Abyss a rematch against KAZ for the PPV
R6- Abyss wants Janice to be a part of it, KAZ says he has Janice
R6- Bischoff says that’s not fair, Hogan suggests Janice on a pole is fair
R1- EY over Gunner (TV title) Gunner is DQed for getting caught using a pipe
R10- Gunner beats down EY Morgan runs in for the save


R3- Robbie E wanted X-title gold so Cookie would be more than friends with him
R3- Robbie challenges Kurt for his gold
R3- Kurt comes out and says she’s a gold digger and you don’t need a woman to make you happy
R3- Kurt finds his happiness pumping iron and winning… like Gym Tan Laundry?
R3- Video package on RVD getting the title shot
R2- ABYSS destroys RED clean
R2- BULLY RAY & DREAMER beat down Beer Money with weapons
R1- CRIMSON over ORLANDO clean with EY rooting for Orlando
R4- Sting calls out AJ and thanks him for their match, wants to still go
R4- Sting wants a no time limit straight up match at a hardcore PPV
R4- Their non hardcore match will steal the show
R4- Hogan comes out and says since they went to a draw in the gauntlet for the gold…
R4- Their PPV match should be a #1 contenders match
R4- AJ agrees, they shake hands and a match is made!
R5- Jarrett is returning tonight after his Slammiversary loss to Angle
R5- Joe is still angry at Bischoff and will make Bischoff’s life hell
R5- Jarrett is still in Immortal right?
R5- Jarrett returns after being gone to help his wife after her fall…
R5- Jarrett congratulates Angle and Jarrett was humbled at his defeat
R5- Joe storms out, says Jarrett should have stayed home its safer there
R5- Joe destroys security to get to the ring
R5- Joe says He let his woman get to him when his focus should be what happens in the ring
R5- Joe says Jarrett is too soft to stay in this business
R5- Jarrett always lies, cheats or manipulates things, because he can’t get it done in the ring
R5- Jarrett agrees to a match
R5- Joe’s gonna send him packing back to his wife and out of the buisiness
R5- Joe calls his wife a bitch and that’s the last straw Jarret jumps him
R5- Wild pull apart brawl
R5- Jarrett wants to beat the hell out of Joe, not pin him Jarrett wants last man standing at the PPV
R5- Joe agrees!
R6- KAZ quick video package of his life, training, highlights of him in the ring
R6- Sit down with KAZ, he knows he has the monster beat, he’s a big garbage truck and KAZ is a sports car
R8- DANIELS over SHELLEY via submission
R8- Matt Hardy wants to test his ice pic vs whatever Daniels uses as a submission
R8- Submission or I Quit match set up for the PPV
R10- EY thanks Morgan for the save and EY gives Morgan a title shot at the PPV thanks!


R3- Mexican America picks a fight with Kurt and Kurt says he’ll kick all their asses
R3- At the end of their match, Mexican America can continue to beat down Kurt
R3- RVD can make the save because he wants Kurt at his best for the PPV
R3- To RVD that belt will be a trophy for beating the great Kurt Angle
R2- Abyss reads strategy then rips his book in half
R1- KAZ over KENDRICK clean and Kendrick boils about being beaten
R1- Fortune & Traci Brooks come out to celebrate!!!
R1- Kendrick looks envious and the Bucks & Red tell him to cheer up
R4- Sting is training, he’s gotta get his cardio up to compete with AJ
R4- AJ is training with Fortune, AJ is making his offense more high impact!
R4- Sting has been beaten down by the biggest men, it takes a lot to keep Sting down!
R5- Joe says Jarrett doesn’t belong and he’s soft
R5- Sitdown with Jarrett and Tennay
R5- Jarrett has been in the business a long time… he had to outthing opponents
R5- Like when a Samoan Bulldozer is about to run you over, you dodge it and don’t punch it
R5- This old dog has a lot of tricks still and the brain is the strongest muscle
R6- Show Abyss training for his match with KAZ
R6- Abyss eats red meat and just punches and destroys jobbers left and right
R6- Abyss punches concrete and weird random stuff, he gets worked up men in white need to zap him to calm him down
R7- Bischoff makes a tag title match with Bully, Dreamer & Beer Money
R7- Hogan gives Beer Money the right to pic a guest ref
R7- Beer Money choose Devon… later Bully Ray has a plan…
R8- Matt Hardy video of him stalking random people…
R8- Matt just runs out and puts the ice pic on random people
R8- He screams tap!!! Tap out!!! When they do Matt says they’re just another punk like Chris Daniels!!!
R1- EY over ORLANDO via creepy pin that Orlando allows
R10- GUNNER over MORGAN because he cheats and uses the pipe!
R10- EY sprints down and gets clocked unconscious
R10- Gunner continues to beat down Morgan


R1- CRIMSON over STIENER clean, but no handshake
R1- (Student over teacher)
R3- Who will win Kurt vs RVD? Ask everyone…
R3- Mexican America hopes RVD, Jarrett says Angle, Sting & AJ knows its a toss up
R3- Ask Dreamer, Bully Ray, Sabu, Sandman, Stevie, Raven and so on!
R3- Sit down with Angle… RVD’s leg strength is awesome, will the ankle lock work???
R3- Sit down with RVD… Angle can pop up and do a belly to belly off the top when RVD goes for frog splash…
R3- How can they both win, their strengths in offense are the other’s strengths in defense!
R4- Angle between Sting & AJ… Sting dealt with Immortal its been 5 on 1
R4- AJ says Fortune won’t be a part of his match at PPV
R4- AJ doesn’t want Sting to have any excuses… like time limit or his age… ouch
R5- JOE over Immortal’s ROB TERRY clean he’s coming for Jarrett
R5- Bischoff is getting worried, what is Jarrett going to do about it?
R5- Jarrett has been thinking… he’s got it handled, he never needed Immortal
R5- You’re either with us or against us
R6- KAZ takes some time off to enjoy a moment with his wife and dinner at a restaurant
R6- After the restaurant in the street Abyss interrupts them
R6- Abyss says KAZ took everything from him, his belt, his Janice
R6- Abyss is gonna get them back at the PPV
R6- Then Abyss looks at Traci and says then he’ll take everything from KAZ
R6- The monster laughs!
R7- Bully Ray finds Devon & beats him down
R7- Bully Ray makes Dreamer beat Devon down too
R7- Bully Ray breaks Devon’s arm so he can’t count and Devon is taken out of PPV!
R9- Anderson yammers about Crimson
R8- DANIELS over ROBBIE E via submission
R8- MATT over SHELLEY via submission
R10- It is announced Morgan can’t wrestle at the PPV thanks to Gunner
R10- Bischoff gives Gunner the shot against EY with no DQ!

My Version of Destination X Tournament 2011 (and tv leading up to it)

If I had the book…
Destination X will have
– Angle vs Kennedy for the title
– Winner of X-Division tournament will get title shot against Abyss
– KAZ vs Robbie E (or Jay Lethal)
– face Kendrick vs Daniels – face Shelley vs heel Buck (one of them)
– invading heel Senshi (in TNA 2 prove he’s the best) vs Red (or Red’s alter ego) (or Jay Lethal)
– big 10 man tag or something to fill up the other slots – Morgan / Sting / AJ / RVD / Crimson vs Hardy / Joe / Bully / Gunner / Dreamer
In the tournament
– KAZ over Robbie (duh)
– Kendrick or Daniels either one – Shelly over Buck – Senshi over Red

Then – Kaz vs Shelley – Senshi vs Kendrick or Daniels

Outcome – Kaz over Shelley – Kendrick or Daniels over Senshi

Meanwhile the heavyweight match – Angle over Kennedy clean via submission – Kennedy slinks away with a snear

Then in the finals – prettyboy Kaz vs squeaky clean face Kendrick or workhorse Daniels – The story with Kendrick would be good guy gets beat clean, but gets jealous – Jealousy slowly drives him nuts… but Kendrick was just a heel – The story with Daniels in the final is Fortune might be torn apart?
– Who do AJ / Roode & James Storm cheer for? Interview them?
– Who does Abyss cheer for? He roots for KAZ or Kendrick, he’d like to pull out their hair – His girl Janice would look good with a wig…

KAZ wins, Abyss hits the ring immediately fresh!
– Logic would say Abyss over clean and quick to setup a match for the next PPV – I’d like to twist it though… small package KAZ wins – Abyss is dumbfounded, but still gets his rematch – Faces and Fortune come out to celebrate with KAZ – Bischoff gives the X-division belt to KAZ in a moment that should seem like a milestone – Bischoff then DISAPPEARS from the PPV so as not to take heat from KAZ – Angle comes out and things grind to a hault – New champion Angle even comes out to give KAZ a pat on the back then Angle leaves – KAZ is hoisted by Fortune – KAZ with a glory shot putting him over to close the PPV


I’ll just say there are 4 weeks from Slammiversary to Destination X – I don’t care if its really 3 or 6 weeks, if I don’t know you probably don’t know

1. Build X division 2. Build Abyss 3. Build Angle & Kennedy 4. Build 10 man tag

WEEK 1 R1- OLD X-Division glory days video package R1- Hogan wants to see what these CURRENT X-Division guys got (slight face incling)
R1- KAZ over Shannon Moore in a solid match R1- KAZ sex Abyss is a joke to the division R1- Senshi over Suicide with a solid match R1- Senshi walks away from an interview he doesn’t say why he’s back R1- Red over Jeremy Buck R1- Red doesn’t talk… he lets actions speak for him Don West does Red’s commentary!
R1- smartass Shelley over Matt Hardy (shelley shrugs his shoulders and says he’s just better) R1- Shelley will win, because he’s smarter than everyone else R1- He had a successful business and tag team. Shelly IS SUCESS R2- Abyss destroys EY and reads from Sun Tsu R3- Kennedy vs Angle contract signing R3- Hogan tells them they can’t touch unless they’re in a designated match R3- Angle over Stiener Stiener is twice the wrestler Kurt is!
R3- play up Stiener / Angle wrestling background R4- Sting will rid the world of Immortal once and for all R4- Sting asks in the ring AJ styles will you help eliminate Immortal… yes

WEEK 2 R1- Bischoff doesn’t like these X- Division guys… he’ll destroy them! Grrr…
R1- Max Buck over Jesse Neal (proving X-Division is better)
R1- Max Buck says he’s a darkhorse and no one sees that darkhorse coming!
R1- Kendrick over Bully Ray (proving X-division is better)
R1- Kendrick’s love is stronger than hate R1- Daniels over Dreamer for turning on AJ (proving X-division is better)
R1- Daniels needs the X-Division belt Its ALL he can think about R1- He will cleanse TNA of evil and sanctify it from Abyss R1- Robbie (or Jay Lethal) vs Doug Williams (he’s still under contract right?)
R1- Robbie E wants that TNA title so Snookie will be more than friends with him!
R2- Abyss laughs, because no matter who wins the tournament, Abyss will be fresh!
R3- Hogan wants Kennedy to defend his title tonight R3- Kennedy has to train for Kurt… he refuses R3- Kennedy cuts 1 minute promo on Kurt 1 MINUTE… not 10… no blackboard 1 minute!
R4- Sting asks in the ring Morgan will you help eliminate Immortal… yes R4- Sting asks in the ring Joe will you help eliminate Immortal… NO R4- Joe doesn’t need a team to destroy an army

WEEK 3 R1- Tournament brackets are made based on who won their matches R1- Hogan starts putting over the X-Division guys to Bischoff R1- Bischoff puts over his boy Abyss R1- INTERVIEW EVERYONE back stage… WHO WILL WIN THE TOURNAMENT?
R1- Heels stand firm Abyss will destroy whoever wins R1- Jeremy Buck knows his brother will win R1- Don’t Interview Fortune or have them deny KAZ or Daniels R1- Who does Angle think will win? Who does Sting? Kennedy? Hogan? Don West? Tennay? Snookie?
R1- Bully Ray harasses fans KAZ to the rescue R1- KAZ over Bully Ray… proving bullies get theirs in the end R1- dead serious Senshi over that joke EY R1- Senshi is the best in the world and no one in TNA can beat Abyss… but he will!
R1- fallen angel Daniels over heavenly Pope (if he’s still under contract)
R1- Robbie over Okato with the help of Cookie R2- Abyss destroys Suicide and commits a Homicide R3- Angle is training to win the title R3- Kennedy is training by drinking beers and watching TV R4- Sting asks in the ring RVD will you help eliminate Immortal… yes


R1- video packages for X-division tournament R1- KAZ & Kendrick & Shelley are serious to Bischoff about X-Division R1- Bischoff sez If someone from X-Division beats Abyss, he’ll personally hand them the title R1- Hogan says Bischoff better be a man of his word… Bischoff will be humbled R1- Red over Gunner (proving the X-Division is better)
R1- Shelley over Suicide clean or why not get Homicide for a week?
R1- Shelley is doing the tournament with the fire of 2 men him and Chris Sabin’s spirit is with him R1- Max Buck over Shannon (sorry Shannon, gotta push a heel)
R1- Keep right on ignoring that dark horse Max Buck and he’ll surprise you every time!
R1- Kendrick over Matt Hardy because warm love is stronger than ice cold R2- Abyss giggles about how he’s got 100+ lbs on the heaviest X-Division guy R3- Bischoff gives Kennedy the power to pick Kurt Angle’s opponent…
R3- Its a mystery… Rob Terry gets sent out, Kurt goes over him clean R3- Kennedy appears but he never said Rob Terry was the opponent… R3- Matt Morgan gets sent out and Kennedy says if he injures Kurt Angle, Kennedy will give Morgan a shot R3- Angle over clean R4- Joe is angry to Bischoff about not being on the PPV R4- Joe is a former X-Division champion, Bischoff comments on his weight R4- The deck is stacked against Immortal at the PPV R4- Bischoff sez Immortal needs an advantage against the faces at the PPV R4- For one night only Joe agrees to help Immortal and Joe says he’ll destroy the faces himself R4- Then he’ll turn on Immortal and destroy them too R4- Sting knows the numbers now favor Immortal R4- Sting asks in the ring Crimson will you help eliminate Immortal… yes R4- Sting knows Immortal has been weakened with Bischoff working against the X-Division and the faces R4- Sting thinks Bischoff knows the tides are turning and Bischoff’s back is against the wall R4- If all of Bischoff’s pawns fall then who will carry out Bischoff’s orders?

PPV is set up