Thoughts on TNA Impact headed into the PPV (9-8-11)

There were a few things evident last night… such as no Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan was literally tacked on terribly. They really need to push all of their matches. Promos even, vignettes… anything! Even if these TV shows are taped 2 shows at a time and they can’t do everything in the ring, have pretapes for the TV. Seeing as how all these guys may very well have the best matches at the PPV, its dumb to leave them off TV.

The show really put some heat on the final four of the Bound for Glory Series, but that is a mess in and of itself. The BFG series is clearly a sham with some workers having more matches than others. Hopefully next year they can do a round robin style series with 1 on 1 matches with 5 or 6 matches per week (house shows included).

They put heat on Gunner as a wildcard in the tournament, because I’m sure no one gives him a chance, so he won the final four-way. Bully Ray, Storm and Roode all cut fiery promos. Storm’s promo wasn’t the best saying Bully Ray and the big names can’t draw… which they can’t but his match is against Gunner… who is not a big name.

The tournament itself might end up being a draw with the tie breaker on TNA Impact… which could happen more than Gunner winning. I expect Roode to win… or they can have James Storm win it then at the PPV, have Angle cripple Storm only to have revenge fuel his tag team partner Robert Roode who will earn the next title shot and then get the belt. Then when James comes back he can go through Angle to get the #1 contendership and get a title shot and go into the match as 2 faces for 1 belt. It would draw. 2 men, the top tag team forced to do battle for TNA’s greatest prize.

RVD should have called out Lynn instead of going into the bathroom. RVD would have looked more like a man and then JL could say what he said in the bathroom. They’d feed off the crowd. Ask the crowd things like… If you’ve been making some…one else look good for years wouldn’t you wonder why your paycheck isn’t as big and why he gets the promotions? RVD would wonder… if you’re the guy that everyone pays to see, why shouldn’t you get the big money? Being in front of the crowd might put heat on the match. Then they brawl, then a match is booked.

But since they didn’t do that… people will think JL was in the bathroom. Way to go. To defend TNA, they only have so much time in front of a crowd filming 2 episodes on one show.

Kendrick looked great in a suit… too bad he’s bat shit crazy underneath. He threw the belt down as a material possession… Dumbass. I hope he loses it, because gold was made by god so having it makes you closer to mother Earth or whatever. Anyway, I hope Aries wins the title so Kendrick and Eric Young can battle over the TV title in comedy matches.

Anderson got his rematch against Kurt Angle. It was probably one of Anderson’s best matches of the past few months. Anderson is a guy that is so basic in the ring. Like he just goes through the motions. Now at the PPV, its Sting vs Angle vs Anderson. To be honest… I had no idea they were building tot his match. It should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t. So strange… Maybe if I cared it would be good.

There are only 3 active tag teams… they need to get some more guys into the tag division and drop the TV title all together. There’s no heat for the Tag Title match other than maybe D-Von and Pope and their shitty storyline that ruins all of their matches. These two guys could be a good tag team if it weren’t for the stupid story interrupting their matches. Heck maybe these two guys could be a good tag team if they stop arguing and just wrestle. If wrestling matters… then have them wrestle. Pope can be put over in the tag team.

He closed the show, when he should have been a footnote. Is he even on the PPV? I read he might take on Jeff Jarrett. Like all addicts, he had puppy dog eyes and wanted his next chance. How about earning it? I’ve been in relationships with addicts and really when you give them another chance, you’ve already lost to them! They need to work to get their chance. Put a carrot in front of Hardy that will make him work. Put him in the dog house a year … like probation. Then maybe when he’s good and ready you can put him back on TV again.

Hardy should actually take on Sting and have that match free on TV to make up for the match he blew trying to scratch and claw his way to victory in his 30 second match. Terrible. I have already posted another rant on this guy.

This match was added to the PPV after the TV. They NEED to have Kash cutting promos on this kid like he did for his post match interview. Post them on the TNA website. That post match interview with Kash was awesome. I’d love to hear more and they might go viral. Think of it TNA. Eyeballs!

That poor MMA guy having to commentate for this comedy match. Good job TNA. At least the TNA title was defended on TV in the ring for the first time in 3 months. Shouldn’t this guy have been stripped of the belt 2 months ago? If I didn’t have one of my employees show up for 3 months I’d fire him. TNA needs another TV show to need a TV title. Until then, discontinue it.

As for Big Rob Terry… uh he was used wisely. He should be a bodyguard… I guess.

I think we’ve got all of our titles covered on free TV. Uh… Winter got her win back against Mickey James. It should be their last match on the PPV until Velvet Skye gets a title shot at their biggest PPV of the year. All of their ducks are in a row.

Either I’m forgetting them … or TNA is. Isn’t Flair’s match against Sting for Flair’s career? Sure he’s retired a lot, but shouldn’t this be a big deal? Where were they? Did I forget them or did TNA?


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