My Version of TNA Hard(core) Justice 2011 (and tv leading up to it) (continuance from my Destination X)

First read my version of TNA’s Destination X tournament 2011

Let’s play pretend, that I have the TNA book…
This is my version of booking for TNA’s Hardcore Justice PPV
This follows my version of Destination X tournament and the motnh leading up to it >>

HARD(CORE?) JUSTICE >> will have

– KURT vs RVD (TNA title no DQ falls count anywhere)
– AJ vs STING (#1 contendership)
– JOE vs JARRETT (last man standing)
– ABYSS vs KAZ (X title janice on a pole match)
– BEER MONEY vs DREAMER & BULLY RAY (tag title tables match)
– EY vs GUNNER (for the TV title no DQ)
– DANIELS vs MATT HARDY (I quit or submission)
– face CRIMSON vs heel ANDERSON (streak vs former champ)

>> results >>

EY or GUNNER… whoever if the match is on the PPV
BEER MONEY over DREAMER & BULLY RAY (youth movement)
– because ABYSS wants Janice as a weapon so bad that he just takes KAZ’s abuse
JOE destroys JARRETT who doesn’t make it to the 10 count
AJ over STING over clean
– AJ thanks Sting for bringing out his best, Sting thanks AJ and the fans
ANGLE over RVD via pinfall
– in a great match with a feel good moment at the end that they put on a great show


I’ll just say there are 4 weeks from Destination X to Hard Justice
– I don’t care if its really 3 or 6 weeks… their website didn’t have the info

0. Starve fans of hardcore until the PPV (all hardcore shut off since Slammiversary)
1. Build non hardcore good guys as the solid challenges to beat
2. Build hardcore guys and brawlers as having an advantage at the PPV
3. Build Angle & RVD as the top guys
4. Build AJ & Sting as squeaky clean
5. Build Joe as a killer & Jarrett cares about his wife (leave his wife off TV so people forget how hateable she is)
6. Build Kaz as a new, loved, pretty champion & Abyss is demented and sick, focused on killing Kaz
7. Build Dreamer & Bully Ray as dangerous together
>8. Build Matt & Daniels submission holds
>9. Build minor feuds
>10. Build expendible feuds
> Things marked with > can be cut

R3- Bischoff wants Immortal in the main event, Hogan wants the best man period
R3- Bischoff & Hogan make a 5 man gauntlet match (RVD / BULLY RAY / MATT HARDY / AJ / STING)
R1- AJ vs STING (gauntlet for the gold) 10 minute TIME LIMIT DRAW
R1- RVD over MORGAN (gauntlet for the gold)
R1- RVD over BULLY RAY (gauntlet for the gold)
R3- Angle congratulates RVD, shakes his hand, staredown with the title up to end the show
R3- Anderson isn’t in the gauntlet and yells at Bischoff for 30 seconds
R3- He just lost the match and he didn’t want to defend the belt when Hogan wanted him to
R3- Bischoff or Hogan give Anderson Crimson at the PPV
R5- Joe is angry he’s not in the gauntlet, Bischoff informs him he failed to get the job done at Destination X
R5- Dreamer vs Red… instead of Red, Angry Joe destroys Red…
R5- Joe destroys Dreamer… Joe is a heel acting faceish, Dreamer is a face acting heelish
R5- Joe sends a message to Bischoff that Immortal is toilet paper
R6- KAZ is a new X-Champ from Destination-X Post match celebration at the clubs
R6- Celebration with Fortune, makes the fans want to be there
R6- Strippers come, but KAZ is a happily married man (or whatever)
R6- New TNA champ Angle’s celebration is more work in the gym (to keep his title)
R6- Bischoff gives his man Abyss a rematch against KAZ for the PPV
R6- Abyss wants Janice to be a part of it, KAZ says he has Janice
R6- Bischoff says that’s not fair, Hogan suggests Janice on a pole is fair
R1- EY over Gunner (TV title) Gunner is DQed for getting caught using a pipe
R10- Gunner beats down EY Morgan runs in for the save


R3- Robbie E wanted X-title gold so Cookie would be more than friends with him
R3- Robbie challenges Kurt for his gold
R3- Kurt comes out and says she’s a gold digger and you don’t need a woman to make you happy
R3- Kurt finds his happiness pumping iron and winning… like Gym Tan Laundry?
R3- Video package on RVD getting the title shot
R2- ABYSS destroys RED clean
R2- BULLY RAY & DREAMER beat down Beer Money with weapons
R1- CRIMSON over ORLANDO clean with EY rooting for Orlando
R4- Sting calls out AJ and thanks him for their match, wants to still go
R4- Sting wants a no time limit straight up match at a hardcore PPV
R4- Their non hardcore match will steal the show
R4- Hogan comes out and says since they went to a draw in the gauntlet for the gold…
R4- Their PPV match should be a #1 contenders match
R4- AJ agrees, they shake hands and a match is made!
R5- Jarrett is returning tonight after his Slammiversary loss to Angle
R5- Joe is still angry at Bischoff and will make Bischoff’s life hell
R5- Jarrett is still in Immortal right?
R5- Jarrett returns after being gone to help his wife after her fall…
R5- Jarrett congratulates Angle and Jarrett was humbled at his defeat
R5- Joe storms out, says Jarrett should have stayed home its safer there
R5- Joe destroys security to get to the ring
R5- Joe says He let his woman get to him when his focus should be what happens in the ring
R5- Joe says Jarrett is too soft to stay in this business
R5- Jarrett always lies, cheats or manipulates things, because he can’t get it done in the ring
R5- Jarrett agrees to a match
R5- Joe’s gonna send him packing back to his wife and out of the buisiness
R5- Joe calls his wife a bitch and that’s the last straw Jarret jumps him
R5- Wild pull apart brawl
R5- Jarrett wants to beat the hell out of Joe, not pin him Jarrett wants last man standing at the PPV
R5- Joe agrees!
R6- KAZ quick video package of his life, training, highlights of him in the ring
R6- Sit down with KAZ, he knows he has the monster beat, he’s a big garbage truck and KAZ is a sports car
R8- DANIELS over SHELLEY via submission
R8- Matt Hardy wants to test his ice pic vs whatever Daniels uses as a submission
R8- Submission or I Quit match set up for the PPV
R10- EY thanks Morgan for the save and EY gives Morgan a title shot at the PPV thanks!


R3- Mexican America picks a fight with Kurt and Kurt says he’ll kick all their asses
R3- At the end of their match, Mexican America can continue to beat down Kurt
R3- RVD can make the save because he wants Kurt at his best for the PPV
R3- To RVD that belt will be a trophy for beating the great Kurt Angle
R2- Abyss reads strategy then rips his book in half
R1- KAZ over KENDRICK clean and Kendrick boils about being beaten
R1- Fortune & Traci Brooks come out to celebrate!!!
R1- Kendrick looks envious and the Bucks & Red tell him to cheer up
R4- Sting is training, he’s gotta get his cardio up to compete with AJ
R4- AJ is training with Fortune, AJ is making his offense more high impact!
R4- Sting has been beaten down by the biggest men, it takes a lot to keep Sting down!
R5- Joe says Jarrett doesn’t belong and he’s soft
R5- Sitdown with Jarrett and Tennay
R5- Jarrett has been in the business a long time… he had to outthing opponents
R5- Like when a Samoan Bulldozer is about to run you over, you dodge it and don’t punch it
R5- This old dog has a lot of tricks still and the brain is the strongest muscle
R6- Show Abyss training for his match with KAZ
R6- Abyss eats red meat and just punches and destroys jobbers left and right
R6- Abyss punches concrete and weird random stuff, he gets worked up men in white need to zap him to calm him down
R7- Bischoff makes a tag title match with Bully, Dreamer & Beer Money
R7- Hogan gives Beer Money the right to pic a guest ref
R7- Beer Money choose Devon… later Bully Ray has a plan…
R8- Matt Hardy video of him stalking random people…
R8- Matt just runs out and puts the ice pic on random people
R8- He screams tap!!! Tap out!!! When they do Matt says they’re just another punk like Chris Daniels!!!
R1- EY over ORLANDO via creepy pin that Orlando allows
R10- GUNNER over MORGAN because he cheats and uses the pipe!
R10- EY sprints down and gets clocked unconscious
R10- Gunner continues to beat down Morgan


R1- CRIMSON over STIENER clean, but no handshake
R1- (Student over teacher)
R3- Who will win Kurt vs RVD? Ask everyone…
R3- Mexican America hopes RVD, Jarrett says Angle, Sting & AJ knows its a toss up
R3- Ask Dreamer, Bully Ray, Sabu, Sandman, Stevie, Raven and so on!
R3- Sit down with Angle… RVD’s leg strength is awesome, will the ankle lock work???
R3- Sit down with RVD… Angle can pop up and do a belly to belly off the top when RVD goes for frog splash…
R3- How can they both win, their strengths in offense are the other’s strengths in defense!
R4- Angle between Sting & AJ… Sting dealt with Immortal its been 5 on 1
R4- AJ says Fortune won’t be a part of his match at PPV
R4- AJ doesn’t want Sting to have any excuses… like time limit or his age… ouch
R5- JOE over Immortal’s ROB TERRY clean he’s coming for Jarrett
R5- Bischoff is getting worried, what is Jarrett going to do about it?
R5- Jarrett has been thinking… he’s got it handled, he never needed Immortal
R5- You’re either with us or against us
R6- KAZ takes some time off to enjoy a moment with his wife and dinner at a restaurant
R6- After the restaurant in the street Abyss interrupts them
R6- Abyss says KAZ took everything from him, his belt, his Janice
R6- Abyss is gonna get them back at the PPV
R6- Then Abyss looks at Traci and says then he’ll take everything from KAZ
R6- The monster laughs!
R7- Bully Ray finds Devon & beats him down
R7- Bully Ray makes Dreamer beat Devon down too
R7- Bully Ray breaks Devon’s arm so he can’t count and Devon is taken out of PPV!
R9- Anderson yammers about Crimson
R8- DANIELS over ROBBIE E via submission
R8- MATT over SHELLEY via submission
R10- It is announced Morgan can’t wrestle at the PPV thanks to Gunner
R10- Bischoff gives Gunner the shot against EY with no DQ!


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