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Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (02/09/12)

Congratulate me… I’m watching TNA when it’s on instead of 4 days later.

Wow the Star Wars gimmick seems to be tacked on in the opening segment. This was terrible.

BULLY RAY / ROODE / STORM SEGMENT (do Storm and Hardy exist?)
First of all it is hilarious that Roode stabbed his partner in the back to get the TNA title… and now he’s paired with Bully Ray. Perfect. Bully Ray has been awesome for months and its only a matter of time before the fans flip him face. They’ve built up Bully Ray vs Roode so well that I forget James Storm and Jeff Hardy are even in the match at the PPV. In fact I’d say don’t even have Storm or Hardy on the PPV and just make it Roode vs Ray. Another giant glaring problem is Roode has a problem with Sting. He has a problem with a GM? Well I guess when no one else matters you’d have a problem with a non wrestler.

I have a bigger problem with this week’s commercial than both of last week’s commercial. Shop TNA… but it didn’t show any merchandise, just prom ODB and cupid Eric Young. If anything have a still photo of shirts at the end. That would be the bare minimum. But this is like a superbowl commercial where they’re funny commercials, but they don’t make me remember the product or the brand that they’re selling.

This feud still doesn’t make sense. Two Impacts ago I specified a different spin on the angle that would still get KAZ paired with Daniels. Well here’s another one… have AJ win the TV title… then Daniels wants it… then KAZ wants it and drives a wedge in their friendship. Then Robbie E wants it back. Four men instantly put that title on the map. Not that it should even exist.


It is a shame they’ve had this match so many times that it’s just a throw away match on free TV. TV… like my TV title idea. What is dumb about this match is having the lesser opponent Kaz take on AJ Stylez at the pay-per-view while AJ takes on the mastermind Daniels on free TV before the lesser match. Mike Tennay reminds us of a special Star War’s Phantom Menace preview, which essentially is a preview for a movie that has been on DVD 10+ years. Tennay tells us what’s next and the live event dates run by the screen… It makes me think this match is just ad space. Stellar job by both men. I almost hate ranting about the commentary. If any crowd deserves this match it is thisUKcrowd, however this match should have and could have gone 20 – 30 minutes with no problem from me.

Eric wants Gunner to take out his son one kneecap at a time… how does this make sense when a piledriver on the concrete floor didn’t stop Garrett Bischoff? Eric should say his superior genes made his son’s neck super strong. Gunner should say he won’t settle for breaking Garrett’s neck he’ll chop off his head and make sure he doesn’t come back!

Wow this guy is over. He had the fans eating out of his hand… oh and Joe was there. He was the most over guy in the company! If there is anyone building to a double turn it would be the fast charismatic team and the uncharismatic untalented team with no cohesion. I’d smell a double turn, but that is too predictable.

Good short match and gives Shelley momentum. I feel like Shelley vs Aries is money after their interaction a few weeks ago. That amazing interaction was followed by no interaction. I don’t even feel like this killed any heat between Shelley and Aries, which is good, because on paper I’d hate this just like Gail Kim vsTara right beforeTara vs Gail Kim.

One old man warning another old man he has a target on his back, two old men that had a feud for about a year if not a subtle feud 2 years. It is a shame that I think Sting is an old man. This segment accomplished nothing other than putting heat on Sting. Personally I think Storm needs heat, because he’s cold now.

Tara is taking a video with fans walking by… the brawl starts and the fans do nothing. Thankfully this is a short brawl and not some 5 minute thing.

Last week Hogan hyped up TNA by burying them. Wow. He hyped them by saying they’re nothing and he’s gonna take them to greatness. Just like he said 2 years ago now… 2 years go by and TNA is probably in a worse place. Sure its turning in the past few months, but think to when Hogan came in and what became of TNA for almost 2 years. Personally I wouldn’t have aired the backstage Hogan promo… but if you don’t he might get offended…

HOGAN & GARRETT (the bellboy)
I personally think Garrett should be getting Hogan’s bags and never ever mentioned at all. Garrett’s father is one of the greatest heels of all time. Heels and most hated men… on TNA they have a golden storyline opportunity Bischoff vs his son. There’s a catch though. Garrett hasn’t paid his dues… Sure Garrett was a ref for a year, like Shane McMahon was, but if TNA wants Garrett to be an acceptable face, he needs to suffer as a jobber for years and after he has persevered he will be an accepted face. A jobber as in never win at all… so people get behind him as underrated, someone kept down… Or you could take the easy road which would be to have Garrett follow his dad around.

Logically Garrett is too low on the totem pole for Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Perhaps if Garrett was in a feud with Anarchya or something or didn’t even have a feud, but was a jobber, he’d slip through the cracks and get far less resistance and hatred. Garrett looks like he can wrestle, he’s got a body and sideburns and with some training and experience he can probably be an underrated wrestler. What sucks is Hogan is just yammering in the ring and I’m so bored that I’ve typed this all out…

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the silent star here. Gunner. This dude has had 10 years in the business and he started out as a security guard… just like I suggested Garrett start low. Now Garrett has hit a stride of injuring guys. He deserves his spot and he’s got a great look and intensity.

As for the fans I pity them to have to have sat through 20+ minutes of the Bischoffs.

If there’s any movie that should be in 3D it is a Star Wars movie… I’ve seen Thor,Alicein Wonderland and Jackass 3D all in 3D. The best 3D movie I’ve ever seen was Jackass 3D, because the other 2 were flat movies with 3D special effects. The backgrounds were flat and the people were popups. Episode 1 might fall into the same trap…. Since it was filmed with standard cameras, but the special effects are 3D. What a cash grab. Maybe the cash earned from replaying these movies will go to making episodes 7 – 9.

MICKEY JAMES vs VELVET SKYE (it was there)
Wow Micky’s outfit is not flattering, but whatever. The fans are into both women. Its funny because Velvet did Mickey’s fireup gesture and Mickey got heel heat for the shaking hands spot. I felt like this was pointless and since it was pointless why not have Velvet go over since it doesn’t matter.

ROODE VIDEO (and all of the flaws in the TNA PPV main event)
I’m afraid to say this video did nothing for me to want to buy this PPV to see Roode win. No one has an ace up their sleeve. Hardy hasn’t been on TV in 2 weeks, Bully Ray has heat, but he’s a heel and Storm isn’t looking effective. Plus this four way feels like a holdover. To make me want to watch this match, Hardy, Storm and Bully Ray need to have looked more effective. They need more heat. Let’s look at this over the past 3 weeks… Hardy hasn’t won a match in 3 weeks. Bully Ray interferes and has lost a match. Storm gets saved by Sting who isn’t even in the match, he loses 1, wins 2 (tag match) and Storm has lost 1 tag and1 a singles match. It is half and half booking that makes me think they’re even by way of sucking. Instead of 4 strong guys its 4 weak guys. I would have loved to see the last PPV, Sting win, Bully win, Roode win, Hardy win or even Hardy and Roode draw. Then I’d love to have none of them lose in the past month. Come to think of it, TNA did have them win at the last PPV. They might want to mention that in the video package next time.

Two tag wrestlers who ditched their long term tag partners against TNA’s top star and GM. No Hardy… whatever, not like he has a PPV match. Hell maybe he won’t show up… cuz he’s on drugz. Hell… it should be Sting vs Bully vs Roode vs Storm. Logically. Think about it. Hardy has been gone 2 weeks and all the heat was put on Sting. Then Sting can get the next PPV.

Jeremy Borash doing the intros of the main events just seems long now. Sure it adds prestige by having people wait to see their main event, but I’d rather see an extra 4 minutes of wrestling instead of a 4 minute introduction on top of a 6 minute entrance for 4 men who have entered the ring already once that night. I like how Bully and Roode slap their own hands so they don’t have to tag out when the ref isn’t looking and then don’t double team…. It is silly… because they can tag each other since they just leave.

Annndddd my DVR cut off, which I think my DVR is set to overrun 5 minutes. I hope Storm won.

No Eric Young or ODB, thank goth. TNA theme songs suck… they’re very generic and similar in ways… except Winter and Mickey. Another hot crowd, but it felt normal. It will suck next week to be back in a 1,000 seat arena after seeing 8,000 fans to see TNA. They need to consider doing a PPV over there if not moving over there, but then their audiences would drop week after week. Brutis Magnus felt extremely hot where he and Joe should have been in the main event teaming with Storm against Roode, Crimson & Morgan. Sting could have been the enforcer and had Bully Ray interfere with Sting there to kick his ass. It would have put heat on 2 matches.


Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (02/02/12)

It was great and made it TNA feel big. Proof that I’d rather watch a good serious opening than some backstage brawl.

Hugggeee arena and that’s awesome. Oh my word this felt as big as a WWE RAW audience. TNA should just move here or for PPVs fly to the UK. Sure they can’t keep up this incredible audience, but it was awesome. The crowd was so hot for TNA. The camerawork felt bigger and less cheap than usual. If anything, this was TNA’s biggest event ever… so they gave away their biggest matches ever. It was a great isolated event, but it should have been a PPV, because for a TV show it should make you want to buy the PPV and this show didn’t make me want to watch the PPV.

Good a promo! Not an angle, a promo. This was good heel stuff, The faces come out and Sting makes a match. This is your average segment, but in front of a giant arena it made them feel like stars. Sting makes Storm vs Roode then Storm vs Bully Ray. What the hell is this? Those are 2 matches that should not be given away for free! Especially not Storm vs Roode!

A commercial is a commercial, but when its for a shop they NEED TO SHOW MORE MERCHANDISE!!! Having Eric Young prancing around and ODB in a prom dress with champagne isn’t wearing merchandise to sell it. The other women are wearching merch and I always get on TNA’s case about this. To sell merchandise, you need to show merchandise.

BUCKINGHAM BRAWL >> CRIMSON & MORGAN vs JOE & MAGNUS (why was this not for the title in the UK?)
This wasn’t a brawl so much as a TYPICAL WRESTLING MATCH. A buckingham brawl is 2 on 1 for the first few minutes before it turns into a tag match. I think the visual on this was off slightly because Morgan was allowed to be on the apron. He should have been on the floor until allowed to participate. Personally… I feel its wrong to have this tag match on free TV. Sure its a tag match, but when you are building to this match at the PPV, you don’t give it away for free. Build it with 1 on 1 matches or having Magnus & Joe going over another tag team. Even though this had an ok stip… I’ve already seen it so now I want to see it less at the PPV so that will downgrade my overall score of the PPV. If anything they should have kept it a 2 on 1 handicap match. Oh and if they did this, it probably should have been for the titles. Magnus from the UK could win the belts in the UK. I see Joe & Magnus going over at the PPV. Oh and since Crimson lost, does that mean his streak is over?

ERIC BISCHOFF ANGLE (a waste of time)
Wow Garrett has twangy rock music and sideburns that belong to the Honkey Tonk Man. To be honest this should have been handled far differently from a lot of perspectives. Garrett probably should have revealed Hogan by calling him out instead of Bischoff disbelieving and discrediting the mystery man. If Hogan is a draw he probably should have been hyped on TV before randomly being called upon. He was hyped to the arena and we all knew Hogan was the mystery trainer a few months ago. Hopefully this keeps Hogan out of the ring, but because Hogan was such a big name back in the day, he should be tied with the biggest names of TNA and not stuck with his friend’s son. Worse yet… doesn’t Garrett want revenge on Gunner for almost crippling him? There is less and less of an Eric / Gunner connection as time goes on.

Good little video, kept short and rightfully so. He’s the right guy for Austin Aries to take on.

AUSTIN ARIES vs MARK HASKINS (a good isolated event)
I think Haskins only really works in Europe, which is fine. A good display of talent from both men instead of a flat out squash. This felt good like a brief PPV match just because of how fantastic the crowd was. Good for making Aries. It is at this point that I realize how TNA is giving things time to breath by ending them without crazy run ins or anything. I guess the only thing missing was Alex Shelley, but you know what… it still felt like he didn’t need to be there and it took nothing away from their feud. Perhaps an Aries vs Shelley video package before the match would have been good so you don’t forget about it. But you don’t want to have 2 video packages back to back.

STORM vs ROODE (why was this free?)
What? Why is this on free TV. If anything give it to the fans as a non televised main event to the UK fans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When 2 people touch, you want to see it less and this could have been a money match for them. But since they gave it away for free they didn’t pop the rating. In fact nothing will ever pop their rating. It is like pushing a cart full of rocks. When you try to shove it… the cart will go no where, but when consistently push it, that cart will get momentum and eventually push itself. This match was not hinted at or hyped up from last week. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe fans love to watch two guys with momentum fighting it out.

This is probably a nitpick, but both men look similar, so to the people in the nosebleed sections they probably had no idea who was who unless they noticed the giant cattlescull on Storm’s tights and the long forearm sleeves. Roode probably should have worn green tights. They aren’t wrestling in front of 1,000 people at the Impact Zone. This was 8,000 people of a 12,000 seat arena.

If anything this builds to a cage match… and not a 3 way at the PPV. Adding Bully Ray into a 4 way at the PPV would be good, because otherwise I see Bully just helping Roode cheat to win as he’s done for weeks now. Oh and lastly… it was Sting in fro the save… not Jeff Hardy, not AJ styles or some young top contender. If anything it makes Storm look weak that a non wrestler had to help him. If anything it should have been Sting trying to help, but Bully and Roode get the drop on him and Storm saves Sting.

NON TITLE >> TARA vs GAIL KIM (before the title match at the PPV)
I’m shocked they didn’t just give away Micky vs Gail or make Micky vs Tara, because they were in the WWE longer than Gail. So this is a non-title match before the PPV… Logic. Hell if anything make a non title match at the PPV and make the title match at the next PPV. Orrrrrr…. have Tara vs Rayne & Gail 1 on 2. That way Tara will want Rayne out of the picture so she doesn’t interfere in the PPV title match. Like Tara will lose the 1 on 2… but she will temporarily injure Rayne like a concussion or a broken arm to take her out for a month. Hell the WWE would probably food poison Rayne to keep her out. The crowd seemed really flat in this match. Maybe its because they already saw the main event as Storm vs Roode. With the ending of this match and Rayne costing Gail the match… I have a feeling that Gail will ban Rayne from ringside like a true face.

Are those bras and pantis for sale… Then why were they in the commercial. Oh and fuck… the shirts are so modified so you’re not buying those shirts… you’re buying real shirts, but whatever. Not like I know how to sell merchandise or anything.

BISCHOFF SEGMENT #2 (once was good enough)
Thankfully Gunner was brought along. Really… did there need to be 2 Garrett Bischoff segments? Two Eric Bischoff segments I’d be fine with, but not two Garrett segments. The mystery trainer was revealed… to the public… not just to Eric this time. Was it me or did Hulk Hogan not look as big muscle wise. Maybe he’s had a back surgery or something. Gunner bumps for Hogan and Garrett… That is you rkiller you spent a month of crippling guys like Garrett, Doug Williams, RVD and almost AJ Styles. Imagine if Gunner took out Garrett… Hogan makes a temporary save… Eric distracts Hogan and Garrett fights back and tries to piledrive Hogan on the concrete only to get saved by Garrett then refs split them all up leaving Hogan and Garrett to pose in the ring.

STORM vs BULLY RAY (how does this make sense)
Jeff Hardy must not be able to leave the country or something, because he wasn’t here on TV… oh but that’s right Bully Ray injured him last week by putting him through a table. If it was to take him out, it should have been 2 tables to the floor off the stage or something. Perhaps that is a spot to injure someone for a month when a top rope powerbomb through a table is a week long injury spot. Since Hardy wasn’t a part of this card… I felt like it should be Roode vs Storm… but then they just had it!!!

Before we start this match… how the hell does this make sense. Take on the champion to get to the man who screws you over in the same night. Shouldn’t it be reversed? Take on the man who screwed you over to take on the champion. Hell and why did he even need to take on the champion? If they are aiming to make a 4 way for the PPV. Then I’d have Bully Ray go over… he beat the 2 #1 contenders… that puts him into the PPV match. Actually it would make more sense to just have the man who beat the 2 #1 contenders do a singles match against the TNA champ.

There was fire in this match which is a shame, because Storm is injured coming into this match. Sting came out with a cricket bat… I guess Sting needs to earn his money somehow, but it doesn’t make Storm look strong being defended by a non wrestler. Storm should be defending him.

I hate to say it, but this was a better match than Storm vs Roode… but maybe Storm only did it half hearted knowing he had a second match.

The crowd was very hot even though they died down by the end thanks to the fact of Storm vs Roode in the middle of the show. This was a good isolated event that should have been a PPV for the most part (outside of the angles and Storm having 2 matches). It did some building… but it didn’t make me want to see matches twice in two weeks. TNA should make you want to see a match through building it up… NOT MAKE YOU WANT TO SEE A MATCH THROUGH SEEING THE MATCH! WWE is guilty of this too, but its a way to find out if a PPV is going to sell or not based on the ratings. If it does not get the ratings, they can always change the match.

Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (01/26/12)

BACKSTAGE BRAWL >> HARDY vs BULLY RAY (killing any kind of heat)
What a dull segment with zero crowd heat. This was a time killer. Sure its great for Hardy to get his heat on Bully Ray, but it should have been in front of the crowd. It was also horrible of them to brawl in the prop area… I now know where they keep the barbed wire barricades.

The near retired wrestler needs to save the two young bucks (Roode & Hardy) from their ass kicking backstage then make the match? Really? Shouldn’t the two young bucks save Sting’s ass then scatter when the young bucks come to save the day then the faces challenge them for later. I love Sting, but not at the cost of the younger talent. Younger and cheaper talent. If you don’t want to make Sting look weak why bother… Hardy and Bully could have just fought, Roode enters, Storm enters then heels run and get challenged by faces. Duh… Sting could make the match then but he doesn’t need to break them up. Sting gets tacked onto something that doesn’t even need him.

Eh it was an opener a good opener, but it didn’t feel like it meant much even if it was for a shot at Gail Kim’s title. They need to have a graphic if this is a #1 contender’s match or what.

Killing time… Putting Eric over with the women… Apparently TNA needs to use their women.

SHELLEY vs ZIMA ION (a wasted oppertunity)
Wow what a wasted opportunity… First of all… Austin Aries hand-picked Zima Ion to face Shelley… it wasn’t shown! Nor wasAustinout there doing commentary. There was zero heat for this match. It was a good match, but I would have liked it better if Zima was given some offense to create the illusion that Zima could win and Austin fears Shelley by trying to help Zima win. Oh and it would have made much more sense for Austin to choose Kash who has had a working relationship with Aries and to top it off he’s a much stronger heel.Austincould have had Kash do the match, but Kash could have said but if I win, I get a title shot.

Eh bad segment. Sure it gives a hint at Garrett’s trainer… but this was throw away. Last week’s segment with Garrett was fantastic.

ODB & ERIC YOUNG vs LOVE WINTER (a boring match)
I hate Eric in matches with the women because there is so much stalling. Maybe the live crowd likes it, but not me. Stalling that much is good for heels not faces. Sure he tries comedic spots, but doing them so often to start a match is just stalling and it makes me want to see him less. Christ this match… It was boring. The beauty of comedic characters is to get it over with before people stop laughing… I think EY would be more effective with ODB as a couple not a tag team. Fuck.

ROODE & BULLY RAY BACKSTAGE (makes roode feel less special)
I really feel like Bobby Roode should be above backstage stuff. Bully Ray is comedic gold, but I think the more I see Bully and Roode backstage the less special it makes Roode. Bully Ray should be with Stiener backstage. They can be gold together, but Roode should be kept sparingly, like only use him when it means something.

MORGAN vs JOE (a necessary evil)
Eh they had to do this match. It’s a good way to build up a tag match… especially when there are no tag teams since TNA breaks them up and just randomly slaps teams together… Wildcard style. The fans love Joe instead of Morgan. I think Joe in a feud with Crimson and or Morgan is a horrible idea because Crimson isn’t a strong face. Joe gets cheers and chants. Crimson needs to be in feuds with hated wrestlers like Anarchya. I would have really liked it if this match had more consequence like the winner picks the match stipulation at the PPV or winner gets a title shot or something… Morgan just won off a clothesline. A surprise.

AJ KAZ & DANIELS CONFRONTATION (and still nothing makes sense)
He could care less about KAZ? It should be couldn’t care less… This feud makes no sense, but at least we’ll get an answer and some great matches. KAZ is worth more money as a face in the X-Division than a putz dog with Daniels. Anyone notice how wrestling does reluctant turns. Love & Winter. HBK & JBL. Cena & Wade. If they wanted to turn KAZ with Daniels… it should have been Daniels beating AJ match after match and KAZ getting paired with Daniels in the wildcard tournament and they become a strong tag team a reluctant strong tag team. Where eventually Daniels teaches KAZ to cheat. Not teaches but inspired and eventually KAZ begins to like it and AJ tries to save his soul and get him back to the good side. Plus they could have had 3 ways and Daniels vs AJ with KAZ as guest referee both when KAZ is good and then when he’s evil.

TABLE MATCH >> ROODE & BULLY vs HARDY & STORM (too much interaction kills feud heat)
The magic and chase of Storm vs Roode has disappeared for me. Actually TNA is pretty formulaic when it comes to main event tag matches. Take the top 2 feuds, pair them together as the main even of 2 out of 4 weeks of Impact. It burns out my desire to see the singles match in the feud, because I’ve seen so much useless interaction. If anything I’d make this match… then have Roode quickly get injured and taken away or get injured before hand and he can’t make the match so someone else is thrown in. Then Roode comes back to screw over the faces. Jeff gets pinned and it’s because of Roode who beats them down to end the show. Holy Christ 10 minute ring entrance and introduction.

What does this match mean… Nothing. Since it means nothing Roode shouldn’t have been used. Here’s why it means nothing… Bully Ray looks strong destroying everyone after the match, but how does he follow-up a table match? By putting someone through a table… After it’s all said and done, you forget about who won. Maybe the winner should have been left with his arms up in the air because of who he just went over, but no it’s followed by a beatdown.

Nothing makes me want to watch next week. Nothing makes me want to watch the PPV. Chances are next week will be more of the same. Everything feels very safe and not captivating.

Sure hind sight is 20/20 but here we goooooo!!!

Jeff Hardy calls out Bully Ray… Bully doesn’t come out from the entrance but rather comes from the crowd and Hardy catches him. They brawl. Roode jumps in, then Storm jumps in and Roode & Bully bolt. Before Roode bolts Storm clips his leg and Roode bails selling it. Hardy and Roode challenge them to a match and they refuse!!! Sting comes out and says he makes the match and they’ll be in the match or Roode will be stripped of the TNA title and they’ll both be suspended without pay for a month!

Just a graphic saying #1 Contender’s match. Maybe Gail Kim having an interest in the match but not interfering.

To set up the match Shelley comes out and demands Austin’s hand picked roadblock for Shelley. Austin comes out and says its Kid Kash who comes out and says he’s no pawn, he’s a king (king kash). Austin says to be the king he’s gotta have the belt and Kash says for him to be in the match if he wins its gotta be a #1 contender. Austin agrees and does commentary. In the end Shelley beats Kash. I would have a beatdown or something, but eh seems too much to have.

REBOOKING IT >> ROODE with TRAINER Roode can’t make it, Sting is called in and the trainer vouges that Roode can’t make it to a match tonight, he’s gotta have X-Rays. Sting tells Roode that if he said it he’d disbelieve it, but since the trainer said it, he’ll believe it, but if this is some fake, Roode will be stripped of the title.

Robbie E has been looking for a new Cookie. Love needs Robbie to take out Eric and to bring his bouncer Rob Terry. This way Eric can wrestle a man and ODB & Love can still have their wrestle on. Less stalling more match.

Sting informs Bully that Roode is too injured to compete, so Bully Ray needs to find a partner. Since he’s such a bully no one will agree to be his partner. He tries getting Stiener… but Stiener has this thing and can’t make it. So Ric Flair finds Bully Ray. Ric’s boy Gunner wants to move up the card and with Ray and Gunner they can cause a little mayhem and maybe put someone in the hospital.

Still the same match with the same outcome and the beatdown that follows. However, before the match both sides get into it the winner gets to pick the stipulation at the PPV. Let’s say falls count anywhere or something.

This is tricky considering its a going no where angle that will destroy all of their careers… Since I don’t have a time machine… just an imaginary creativity wand, I’ll just say that KAZ and AJ have been friends a long time and well that got KAZ nowhere. It didn’t give him money or respect. He had to watch his wife degrade herself to Eric Bischoff and if he had money or respect she wouldn’t have to do that. AJ is just a weight keeping KAZ down and with Daniels they’re gonna make it big like Robert Roode. No rules, no morals holding them back. AJ slaps the taste out of his mouth and says he won’t lose another friend to greed and challenges him to a match at the PPV. KAZ accepts knowing that he’ll win with Daniels in his corner oh and AJ make sure to watch your back…

Roode over Gunner. Sure Gunner has been on a roll lately, but he can still be on a roll next week. Unless you tell the story that Roode and Hardy can’t co-exist and one lays out the other which gives Bully Ray and Gunner the win, but since neither man is main eventing the next PPV, give the victory to Storm. Roode can appear afterward with a crutch, but then the crutch gets taken away and threatened to use it on Roode himself, who then falls and Bully Ray and Gunner help Roode to the back with Storm and Hardy raising their arms and staring at each other. You can do the Storm arms up and then Hardy arms up to gague reaction.

Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (11/10/11)

New TNA champion Roode came out… as a full fledged heel. That seems a little iffy. Just boom he’s a heel now. He didn’t do it and everyone else would do the same deep down if they saw a brass ring and saw stepping over their best friend, their partner for their own glory they’d do the same and that’s why you’ll boo me now.

Having Storm go out was a little silly but acceptable. They really should have had him take time off saying he had a concussion and had AJ Stylez challenge him to the pay-per-view for Fortune. Or KAZ wants revenge too. Roode says how bad do you want it? Go through the other and I’ll give you a title shot. Just like I had to do leading up to Bound for Glory.

Garrett Bischoff… he looks like a wrestler. But having his first meh match on national television. Personally I think they could have done Gunner vs Garrett… but do it in 3 months with 3 months of 1 minute training vignettes with Garrett at wrestling school. Then have his match on pay-per-view…  Bischoff can interfere and cost his son the match. Then they all beat him down and send him packing of a year where he gets proper training in OVW.

Jersey Shore. Having Jersey Shore Ronnie and Garrett debut on the same show when they’re both very limited felt the same… Ronnie was minimized which was good. But now suddenly Robbie E gets a TV title shot for losing a match after he lost a match makes little sense. Wow this match should have been on pay-per-view. Granted Robbie E vs EY will be a better match, but maybe they shouldn’t have jobbed out Robbie E to EY. Maybe instead Rob Terry interferes for the DQ, then EY brings in Ronnie. Then they do the tag match… with Rob Terry taking the pinfall and then Robbie vs EY with Ronnie in his corner. His enforcer. Then he pops Rob Terry at the pay-per-view and EY pins Robbie. Bada-bing!

Crimson…. He needed to be more dominant in his victory over Pope. I felt more like Pope made a mistake. Morgan should have been on commentary and Bellatore’s CEO shouldn’t have been on this week, but last week.

Kid Kash & Jessee Sauronson…. How did Kid Kash get a title shot? I would have loved to see Kash swerve Jessee and say you signed this match to face me & Austin Aries vs you. Not a 3 way-not for the title. Just stacking the odds against Jessee.

Chris Daniels…. wow they shouldn’t have had Bellatore’s CEO doing commentary. He took away from the match. Daniels vs AJ was great, but if AJ is going for the title, he should have gone over clean. Then RVD can pick up the scraps for revenge from the earlier week… or just don’t have it. There’s no build at this point that would draw interest more than you will see Daniels vs RVD.

6 Man Tag…. You know I can’t complain too much about this. Abyss went over Stiener. That makes Abyss look strong when he’s recently broken away from Immortal and the weak link Stiener gets pinned. Nothing wrong here. Hot match.

Main event… Should have been #1 contender’s match to get the TNA shot at Roode. KAZ against AJ like I said before. Better yet, no DQ that way Roode can be at ringside and throw in KAZ or AJ if they go to the outside. Fight for his amusement! Just like he did. The gold is sweet guys! AJ can go over, then send Roode packing and shake KAZ’s hand.

Just my thoughts….

Wrestling Title Tiers and My Ideas on the Requirements to get to them

Wins and losses do matter. Characters matter too. After a week of having champions lose on both WWE and TNA I think they should get back to basics. There are tiers and divisions in both companies marked by championship titles. Top tier (WWE / Heavyweight / TNA), middle tier (US / Intercontinental / TV), lower tier (tag team), and special divisions like (divas / knockouts / X division).

10 or 8 people or teams in each division. Including tag teams. Its not that hard to make tag teams even if you don’t want to.

Traditionally to get a title shot is to pick a fight with the champion even if you’re on a losing streak. That’s all it seems to take. Samoa Joe and CM Punk seem to do it. Works well for them. But you know what works better. Momentum and proof. UFC would rarely if never have a loser get a title fight. It doesn’t make sense. Its not difficult. Another quick way to get a title contender is to lose a non title match… which again would make that person the champion so why do it?

So what I propose is having requirements… based on how many people are in each division.
– Top tier title shot requirements: Win 4 matches in a row with a 12 person division.
– Middle tier title shot requirements: Win 3 matches in a row a 10 person division.
– Tag title and special division shot requirements: Win 2 matches in a row with an 8 person or team division.

If you think that’s too much to do in 4 weeks between pay-per-views… it might be … but the catch is you have them do their 4-3-2 matches in the first month and if you don’t have the title match at the pay-per-view have the 4th, 3rd or 2nd match at the pay-per-view as a #1 contender match… but never announce #1 contendership, because that would give away a title match finish since there is a heel / face dynamic in wrestling.

Or have the 4th, 3rd or 2nd match as the first week after a pay-per-view to set up the next pay-per-view’s challenge. Then in month 2 you can have the champion vs challenger rivalry. That way you can have all of your title shot build up and craziness. So to break down the formula and start in week 2….

– Top tier match 1
– Mid tier match 1
– Women’s division match 1

– Top tier match 2
– Mid tier match 2
– Tag tier match 1

– Top tier match 3

PPV 1 or WEEK 5
– Top tier match 4
– Mid tier match 3
– Women’s division match 2
– Tag tier match 2

WEEK 6 (new week 2 starts for fresh people)
– Top tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Middle tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Tag tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Women’s division challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle

– Top tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Middle tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Tag tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Women’s division challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle

– Top tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Middle tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Tag tier challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle
– Women’s division challenger vs champ tag match or promo or angle

– Top tier title match
– Mid tier title match
– Tag tier title match
– Women’s division title match

WEEK 9 (fallout)
You can tie this week into week 5 by having the old challenger / old champion vs the person who is about to earn a title shot.

You can even mix it up and have 2 weeks of women’s or X-division or tag matches then a title shot on week 3. Or have 4 weeks of women’s or X-division or tag matches but the catch being… Team A wins match 1. But Team C beats Team A week 2, and team B beats Team C week 3 and then team B beats Team D week 4 in order to challenge team E for the titles at the pay-per-view.

That way it keeps the lower card moving and shifting. Your challengers can look strong and have momentum going into a pay-per-view. If you think it doesn’t work, it sure worked for Mark Henry.

Unconventional Moves to Put Over Mark Henry as Dangerous

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry is now the heavyweight champion. He’s got very limited offenses, but with his incredible strength and size he makes every move count no matter how basic. Let’s look at his current finisher, the World’s Strongest Slam. A simple falling bodyslam. He’s had that for 10+ year now. He’s had the chocolate slide as a babyface where he gets his opponents on the ropes kneeling, gets a running start and just slides through the ropes to the outside. Quite impressive. And he’s got the bear hug submission, which with his size and strength its perfect for him.

Let’s add something more to his moveset, something that every wrestler has, but when Mark uses it, it can be dangerous. I’m talking about a headlock. Every wrestler uses it as a transitional spot. No one has submit to a headlock since the 70s. I’m not saying Henry ends the match in 1 minute (unless they’re a jobber). Build to it… At the finish of the match have Henry put on that standard side headlock and with Henry’s giant arms, wrench it and show the pain. Then have the midcarder tap out to it.

This wouldn’t be an ordinary side headlock, Henry would of course put his own twist on it and make it look better than everyone else’s. Maybe use a trip or a takeover to put the guy down on the mat where Henry just pulls back and pop goes the head. Maybe he can drag his opponent around and twist his body wildly to put the pain in.

Build the move and make it dangerous giving him submission victories, maybe even put someone in a neck brace. Eventually after a few months of it, Henry gets cocky. He wants to inflict pain, a tapout isn’t good enough. So when it comes to a main eventer like Randy Orton being in the side headlock, Henry will pull him around the ring and make it so the ref can’t take a submission. Then Randy can either slip out and win or be crippled in a neck brace. That way they both save face.

Here’s another thing… if Mark Henry can curl a frying pan as he’s demonstrated several times over the years, imagine what he can do in a hammer lock. He can put over a hammer lock as dangerous. He can break people’s forearms and either put them on the shelf 2 months or have them wrestling in a forearm cast.

These 2 submissions open up a new series of match types for Henry. Imagine Wrestlemania 2012, Mark Henry goes in after 6 months of submissions to defend the belt against Daniel Bryan’s Labell Lock. A move that Bryan can’t even get on Mark Henry… but luckily for Daniel, he’s not one dimensional and after working on Henry’s neck, he can make the dangerous olympian submit to a headlock… or submit himself.

Maybe those 2 moves aren’t big enough when Mark has put people through cage walls, slammed them onto steps and put them through tables, but just these 2 simple moves can put the moves over and make Henry dangerous and make the sport more realistic.

All I know is that somebody gone get they ass kicked.

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (a comedy of errors)

Tru TV has a new reality show called Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. Its a midget league of about 8 wrestlers on tour in Florida. The promotion is owned by Johnny G, trained by Pat Tanaka and invested in by Hulk Hogan (hence the name). Brian Knobbs is also there… for whatever reason. Since this is a reality show there is more reality than show. The debut episode only showed brief clips of 3 matches… and that was for the best.

This is the second midget reality series to make it to television. The other one was on Spike TV after Impact. It lasted a season and was much better than this disaster.

Wow what a train wreck of a show for a train wreck of a promotion. Hulk Hogan even endorsed it by saying this was the worst wrestling show he’s been to in 35 years.

Here’s what made it so terrible. First of all, there is a lot of drama behind the scenes. 3 of them got sent to do a radio show. The pretty girl midget was chosen to go over the fat girl dwarf. So that resulted into them arguing over half the show and not working well together.

Secondly… its the first episode and the company is already going under. That happens to a lot of reality show companies. Maybe that’s why they agree to a TV deal. Its revealed that the owner is paying everything out of pocket and everything is maxed out. It makes me wonder how much he actually spends per show when they all travel together and their ring is a lot smaller than the normal ring.

Third… their “top star” gets fired out of spite on the first episode. The top star they also bury as being terrible and phoning it in at a big match. A big match that opened the show.

Finally they start with only 6 wrestlers (2 women 4 men). Then they use the radio promotion to say they’ve got open casting calls and they pick up 1 wrestler and 1 vallet. The other workers then feel shitty because the owner Johnny G wants to expand the roster to 8. What the hell? Is there something written saying there must be 6 workers in that promotion? What a bunch of bitches. Is it because the RV is too crowded already?

They make it seem on the show this guy was just thrown out in a match without even meeting the crew. That seems a little strange that no one would see him backstage and wonder who’s he…

The new wrestler they hired ends up having a disasterous match where he freezes up. So then Hulk Hogan makes an inpromptu head shaving stipulation during the match. He just so happens to have the trimmers right there. The new guy later quits saying that he’s not at MCW’s level… well that’s not saying much considering even the promoter says how bad that first show was.

By the way, this inagural show was at Panama spring break 2011, so this show has been 6 months in the making before it came to television. More importantly than that… Hulk Hogan signed on 6 months ago.

Since this is a reality show they spliced match clips with clips of Brian Knobbs, Hulk Hogan and Johnny G saying how bad the matches were. They mention how the fans got bored with the second match in. Quite honestly midget wrestling isn’t supposed to be 5 stars. Its a special attraction like a magician at a party. I’m sure there are some midget wrestlers that can work good matches, but they’re probably few and far between.

This was a demonstration in everything wrong. Good job. I’ve learned what not to do.