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Ideas to spice up any WWE Survivor Series

I’ve fallen out of wrestling for the past 4 months…. but I’m back.


I know a good hook for Survivor Series. If there is one (or more) Survivor Series match, put the survivors into a title shot match the night after. So if there are 2 survivors then they face 1 on 1 for some sort of title shot. If its a big issue to have heel vs heel the next night…. have an authority figure bring up a face wasn’t eliminated he was injured the previous night. And he’ll have the fans vote, should the face be put into the contender match? Naturally a face would. That would give motivation to the guys in the Survivor Series match. Plus do you help someone out to win the match or do you let them get pinned to be the lone survivor and get the title shot by default?

The idea would play out over at least 3 shows. Series, Raw #1, Raw #2. They can pad it out where the guy gets a shot at the next PPV. It doesn’t even have to be for a top title.


Another way to get heat on the consequence of a Survivor Series match would be to say…. and the guys that lose won’t get any sort of title shot for a month… Then when the heels or faces lose. Someone from that squad can say well if I’m not getting a title shot, I’m seeing to it that the guys that beat us don’t get a title shot (or a championship) either. Then that can be a little 1 month story. It can lead to a cage match, to keep these psychos out. It can lead to guest enforcers. It can lead to one of these losers going on a 4 match winning streak…. but so sorry you don’t get a shot cuz you lost that one match a month ago. Next time don’t lose when it counts…. sadface.


If 8 and 10 man Survivor Series are too common…. why not have a tag title 4 team elimination match. 4 teams of 2 men one being the tag champions. The catch is participants are eliminated not teams. So if you get pinned your partner still has a chance. Then when it comes down to it, the winning team might have just 1 man. So I won the tag belts…. not us. Even if the team would still hold the tag belts :-) It is still an 8 man elimination idea.

There would be 3 slots to fill which require 3 qualifying squash matches that would at least give all teams a win headed into the PPV :-)