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My Booking Survivor Series 2011 to TLC 2011 and all the weeks between.

WWE Survivor Series is one week away, and the next WWE pay-per-view is WWE TLC (tables ladders and chairs oh my). I will neglect my thoughts on the poor buildup to Survivor Series and say the point of this is to book Survivor Series to TLC. Here we go!

I say Cena gets the win, Rock bottom on Cena to close the show. I think that’s what people want to see. Nevermind a heel turn from Cena to beat down the Rock… Fans won’t want to see Rock return and get beat down and Cena just came out with a new shirt, and he needs to sell it. I’d rather he make $$$ for the company.

Punk doesn’t need the belt. Screw job him over. Del Rio is your classic heel. You can have the ring announcer interfere, ref bump, plunder. Anything to keep Punk from getting the belt… if not have the ref wake up when Punk has a chair in his hand and call the match. Orrrrr you can really shock people by having a 30 minute time limit draw.

It’s the Survivor Series, time for a shakeup. If this was Wrestlemania, I’d say the faces should beat the heels. In this case I say Heels win with Swagger and… other guy getting pinned (who is he?). Cody Rhodes goes over Orton, Christian over Sheamus, Swagger over Kofi, Barrett over Sin Cara and Mason Ryan.

Keep Henry strong, you didn’t just make him champion after a 4 month build to have him lose the belt. Plus Kane is coming back… just as the Big Show did.

I’m only thinking this match is on Survivor Series, since Zack Ryder has an online petition to get the title. Seeing as how his videos only get 200,000 views when he’s in the main event of RAW that has 3 million+ viewers… that’s not a positive. Since Survivor Series is at MSG not far from Long Island, Zack wins to make a star. That’s how WWE works sometimes.


WWE TLC matches and the buildups to them. There are 4 weeks between Survivor Series and TLC.
Why? Cena won his match at the Survivor Series… and so did Del Rio.
How? Cena went over Miz & Truth by himself on RAW, and won the match on Survivor Series… but that won’t be good enough. Punk was screwed. So Punk vs Cena #1 contender. or… both men need to go through someone to get that #1 contender match.
Week 1: Cena won… all hail Cena… he was Rock Bottomed… but since Rock won’t be here, he wants the next biggest fish and that’s the one with the biggest title. Del Rio. Who then comes out and says winning a tag match doesn’t get you a title shot. How about winning some singles matches like he did last night. Punk comes out. He knows he was screwed over. He wants a rematch tonight… GM John Laurenitus comes out, says Punk doesn’t make the matches. It will be Cena vs Punk for the #1 contendership… Cena over Punk. I’m sure we’ve all seen it before…
Week 2: Non title: Alberto Del Rio over Kofi (without Evan). I think having Cena go over guys week after week would be meaningless. Alberto however it would be more competitive because he hasn’t been cemented. John Cena does commentary. After the match there is a scuffle… Brodus Clay rips John Cena out of the chair and destroys him. Puts him through a table and Del Rio applauds!
Week 3: Del Rio appears to introduce his old apprentice, Brodus Clay. Non title: Alberto Del Rio over JoMo. Brodus stands guard with his back the match watching the entryway. Just stand there looking intimidating. After the match, John Cena challenges Brodus to a match next week in order to make sure that he isn’t a factor in his title match.
Week 4: Cena over Brodus Clay. Afterward Del Rio and Brodus destroy Cena.
TLC: Del Rio wins… with help from Brodus of course. It can setup a feud between Brodus and Cena.

Why? Since Team Orton will lose… Kane returns to get revenge on the man that put him out.
How? Kane can mystery return, flames and all. He can get into Henry’s mind with caskets, fire and so on. Henry ain’t scared. He’s the champ!
Week 1: Henry cleaned out the heavyweight division. He went over Orton, Sheamus, Bryan, Big Show. There’s no one left? Does he need to stack Sin Cara on top of Tyson Kidd to get a heavyweight challenger? Lights go off… crowd pops. Lights go red. Flames jet out of the ring posts. Henry isn’t scared.
Week 2: Henry over Ezekiel Jackson. In the match, the lights go red and Henry still wins. Show yourself Kane! Stop with these games. Henry isn’t scared!
Week 3: Henry over Ted Dibiase Jr. After the match in the celebration, lights go dark. Lights go red with Kane in front of Henry who is dumbfounded. Kane puts his hand on Henry’s neck and Henry bolts from the ring.
Week 4: Teddy Long makes a match for TLC, Henry vs Kane for the heavyweight title. Since Henry injured Kane with a chair, it will be a chairs match! Henry is interviewed about Kane. He’s not scared. He looks forward to putting Kane back on the shelf. Henry and Kane have been around the longest out of anyone, but there’s only one man that has the longevity and that’s Henry.
TLC: Henry over Kane, because Kane will be so motivated to hurt Henry he won’t bother pinning him! After the match Kane will continue to beat Henry!

Why? Kevin Nash needs a debut match and he has history with Punk.
How? Punk loses his #1 contendership… Laurenitus makes the match. Or…. CM could politic, by GTSing the man who put COO on the shelf, Punk would get HHH’s favor… Nash can say the same thing, it’s about getting noticed, that’s why he hospitalized HHH.
Week 1: Nash is ready to wrestle, he wants competition. JoMo is sent out to be slaughtered. We all love JoMo… feed him to Nash. If this was a JoMo vs Nash program, then Nash can get beat.
Week 2: Nash promo… he wants a match. Enter Punk who can respect the fact that Nash took out the COO HHH… But this isn’t about revenge, this is about making sure that big lazy Kevin Nash doesn’t work and take someone’s spot that is more deserving. Nash says its business and when he goes over Punk, he’ll be in the title picture and Punk can go down to the US title or something. Laurenitus sends out security to prevent them from fighting.
Week 3: Punk over McIntyre. Punk wonders where is Nash? GM John Laurenitus answers that Nash missed his flight. So Nash stays home and gets paid, while guys like Punk are wrestling week in and week out.
Week 4: Punk over Swagger. Where’s Nash now? Did he miss his flight? Nash emerges unseed from the crowd, blindsides Punk, powerbombs him. Raises his arms, walks away.
TLC: Punk over Nash when HHH returns.

Why? Barrett is on a winning streak and show came back and has momentum.
How? Barrett will tout his winning streak and shun Big Show for losing his title.
Week 1: Big Show needs to get in the title hunt again. Mark Henry refuses him. Show asks Daniel Bryan how much is the money in the bank title shot worth? Show has been wrestling in big time companies. He’s got some coin. $100,000… $200,000…. $500,000? He can’t go one million, his wife would kill him. Wade Barrett scorns Big Show for trying to buy something that he can just take, but even if he took it, he’d fail like he did twice in a row! They brawl.
Week 2: Big Show over Jinder. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan (Money in the Bank doesn’t mean you get a year-long push). Show saves Daniel Bryan afterward.
Week 3: Big Show over 3 jobbers (why not?). Wade Barrett over Ezekiel Jackson.
Week 4: Wade Barrett issues a gentleman’s challenge to the big show. They have a KO Challenge on TLC. How novel. They both have 2 wins going into TLC. Wade was a bare knuckle fighter and Big Show has been known to knock people out with his punch.
TLC: Big Show over Barrett. Since a heel has the belt, a face should go over.

Why? This match had a lot of incarnations… 6 man tag with Orton, Rhodes, Sheamus and so on. But to be honest. I don’t think anyone wants to see those guys again and again. I feel I could make people care about this match.
How? Someone takes the briefcase…
Week 1: Daniel Bryan over Heath Slater. Big Show tries to buy Bryan’s money in the bank title shot. Bryan refuses.
Week 2: Christian wonders why Bryan didn’t sell the title shot to Big Show? Daniel Bryan explains it for the millionth time. Christian mentions having a match for it… Bryan refuses. He went through hell for it. Christian laughs and says you’ll go through hell to keep it. Wade Barrett over Daniel Bryan with interference from Christian.
Week 3: Daniel Bryan over Tyson Kidd… after the match Bryan looks for his briefcase its gone! Who took it? He assumes Christian and beats him senseless. Puts him in the Labell lock and Christian passes out and can’t tell Bryan where he hid it!
Week 4: Christian comes out. He doesn’t know where the briefcase is. If Daniel Bryan agrees to give Christian a shot for that money in the bank at TLC he will find the briefcase for Daniel and bring it to TLC. Teddy Long shows up to amend the match… There will be no tables, ladders or chairs… or DQs or count outs… or pinfalls. It will be a submission match!
TLC: Christian doesn’t show up with the briefcase… why? Because he didn’t steal it. Bryan goes over thus begins the push… The quest for the briefcase and who stole it.

Why? Not many tag teams… and Miz & Truth are the hottest heel tag team now which isn’t saying much.
How? Miz & Truth go on a tear through the tag division. Winning every week building to TLC.
– Week 1: Miz & Truth lost the previous night. They make an open challenge… answered by Santino & Goldust who get murdered…. saying Do you think this is funny???
– Week 2: Miz & Truth over JoMo & Alex Riley… two guys that Miz had tagged with and even Truth tagged with JoMo
– Week 3: Truth with Miz over Kofi… alone.
– Week 4: Miz & Truth cut a promo about how Evan hasn’t been on TV for a month. They’ve been beating teams left and right! They make a pay-per-view challenge. Kofi and Evan accept on one condition… if its a Ladder match!
TLC: Your pick. Go ahead and pick.

Why? Ziggler just lost the title to Ryder.
How? Ziggler goes on a killing streak to get his title shot.
– Week 1: Zack comes out to a celebration! Ziggler, Swagger and Vicki show up to rain on it. Ziggler wants his rematch tonight! Zack says start your own online petition and you’ll get one! Dolph & Swagger beat down Zack.
Week 2: Zack over Drew McIntyre. Dolph over Alex Riley.
Week 3: Dolph over Mason Ryan. Zack over JTG. Santino compliments Zack backstage on his victory. Then Swagger and Ziggler attack. Next week a tag match.
Week 4: Zack & Santino over Swagger and Ziggler. Ziggler does not get pinned.
TLC: Zack.


CM Punk tore the space-time continuum (that is sucking the WWE into a black hole)

I propose the idea that CM Punk is making a change… for the worse. Sure it’s probably not his fault (just writing’s), but he pulled the wrestling curtain aside as commentator and in his now infamous promo from July heading into the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV. This was a negative and you’ll soon see why…

As commentator, Punk brought up flaws in WWE’s logic (yet he himself falls into failed logic). He also wore T-shirts from his favorites like Colt Cabanna and Charles Manson. WWE let everything slide… he’s CM Punk. As he did commentary, during John Cena matches Punk would be more protective of his beloved Pepsi can… than calling the match. It was his subtle way of knocking how WWE commentators don’t talk about matches, but rather hype up “what else is tonight.”

Building up to the Money in the Bank PPV, CM Punk had said he’d leave with the WWE title after winning it in his hometown of Chicago. He then cut down the WWE and its management. Punk said John Cena is one of the things wrong with the WWE as well. He also brought up the name John Laurenitus… which has never been mentioned on WWE television (maybe rarely).

Before Money in the Bank, John Laurenitus was introduced as an on-screen character. He was the right hand man of Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE. He wasn’t a joke of a character like Patterson or Briscoe were in the late 90s.

After CM Punk won the WWE title, he “left” the WWE (only to return to RAW in 8 days), but when he left Vince McMahon was removed from the WWE. Vince is gone from TV (as he is every summer) when his son-in-law HHH took over the WWE‘s day to day operations. Those two things were big… Vince is gone… HHH is back after being gone for 6+ months. Not only is he back, but he runs the WWE since he is Vince’s son-in-law and all (figure out how he outranks Vince’s own daughter Stephanie).

With HHH back, the anonymous GM disappeared RAW… thankfully, but John Laurenitus was never revealed as the anonymous GM. In fact no one was revealed to be the anonymous GM. Since it was an anonymous GM, no one really noticed the disappearance.

To top off that craziness… but CM Punk was the WWE champion when he returned… but so was John Cena who had won the title from Rey Mysterio Jr the same night Rey won the WWE title to conclude an 8 man tournament. 2 men with 1 title. It’s like an alternate universe where CM Punk never existed… yet he does exist with the WWE title.

To unify the 2 belts back into 1, HHH made himself referee in a match with CM Punk vs John Cena. After CM Punk unified the championships, Kevin Nash made his shocking return after a 6+ month absence from the WWE. Before that 6+ month absence it was a 5+ year absence.

With Kevin Nash back… he was soon “fired.” Meanwhile, John Laurenitus and HHH struggle for HHH’s company. As those two struggled, former main eventers R-Truth and Miz started talking about a conspiracy in the WWE… yet those two were the only two aligned. In other words HHH is his own man, CM Punk is his own man, John Lauranitus was his own man, Nash was his own man, but R-Truth and Miz are aligned and conspiring…

A PPV where every match was a championship match was headlined by a non-title match that had HHH vs CM Punk for the WWE… No DQ. A suit wearing owner of the WWE vs a guy who looks like a short order cook. There’s nothing wrong with that, until you lay out how they got here.

Headed into the Night of Champions PPV, CM Punk was set to have a match with Kevin Nash until he got fired… he also cut a promo that was so inside I’m not sure the kids at home watching RAW knew what was going on. They called each other Phil and Paul. That’s like if the guys on the TV show X-Files started calling each other Jillian and David.

The WWE clearly painted themselves into a corner with this one, if HHH lost he’d lose the company, but if Punk lost… the WWE would exit the black hole. So R-Truth and Miz interfered… that way they’d take the fall for the WWE not giving a clean finish with a match that had big consequences.

R-Truth & Miz were “fired” the next night. After they faced CM Punk who teamed with John Cena. John Cena who is the man who CM Punk called out and said he’s one of the things wrong with the WWE. A man that he faced 3x and beat (before their 4th match where Nash distracted Punk).

– Vince ran the WWE
– No John Laurenitus
– John Cena holds the WWE title
– R-Truth on the roster
– Miz on the roster
– Kevin Nash NOT on active roster
– HHH NOT on active roster

– Vince fired
– John Laurenitus is there (a man in a speaking role who can barely speak)
– John Cena HOLDS THE WWE TITLE (changed hands 6 times in 2 months)
– R-Truth fired
– Miz fired
– Kevin Nash fired
– HHH runs the WWE

Is the WWE better or worse?

Review of 1998 WCW Souled Out (and the infamous Nash>Giant powerbomb)

Hopefully I won’t give anything away with my review of this card. 1998 was a time where I was all gothed up and going to college. I was busy watching WWE at the time. This show took place right after the Sting vs Hogan match at Starcade 1997 that had a shit finish where the championship was held over… for 2 months… 2 dubmass months. This PPV was when the NWO was still one single faction and it was 1/4th of the company of wrestlers. So it was all out WCW vs NWO. Just hearing the title of the PPV… WCW, NWO and SNICKERS present… Souled Out! Without the title on the line… I thought that Ric Flair vs Bret Hart was the main event… because that’s what they talked about all night. No I was wrong. It was Lex Luger vs Randy Savage.

HOT OPENER! Wow this was good. Sure there were botched spots, but this was the best opening 8 man that there could ever be!

They kick off this match by banning the flock from ringside. Wow what a bland match. If anything Raven was the star with Benoit just selling. What’s bad is there were 2 standing 10 counts in a row. I hate to say it, but this was like watching 2 corpses wrestle.

Cruiserweight Champion CHRIS JERICHO vs REY MYSTERIO JR
– This was a good match, not the greatest. Jericho worked the injured leg of Rey and Rey… jumped and springboarded and did everything he normally does. Rey sells nothing.

– Question. Why do 2 men need to announce a match for 2 men to have a shot at a 3rd man at the next PPV? Why did 2997 Starcade end with the belt being held up after Sting & Hogan. Why did Scott Hall get a title shot months earlier at World War 3 and have to wait 3 – 4 months before getting a title shot. Why? Why? Why!!!!!!!!!

– Wow Rick Martel. I felt like I was watching Ken Kennedy. This was a dull and awkward match that I had no interest in, nor did they make me want to watch. The work was memorably bad like when the Quebec Crab was put on Booker… Booker ‘s body and legs were straight out….

– Wow another match… There was a notable swerve in this match. They worked the best match they could, but wow was the crowd against Larry. You’d think he was the biggest heel and he was the face in all of this! There was a lot of stuff toward the end that made no sense, which seems to be on par. Larry’s moves were also outdated and just didn’t look right.

The tag team champs weren’t defending their belts on this card…

This was a shmoz. The story of this match was that Rick Stiener didn’t trust his own brother Scott… So he wasn’t letting Scott in the ring. That seems dumb. If he doesn’t trust his brother HIS OWN BROOOOTHERRRR!!!! why not just tag him in and let him get beat up? This was… uh not good. Its interesting though how WCW slow built the Scott, Buff & Rick love triangle over a 6+ month period.

THE GIANT vs KEVIN NASH (powerbotch)
This is the infamous match where Nash dumped the Giant on his head. There’s nothing spectacular about this match other than it happened 2 hours into the card. The card really just flew by in a haze of meh… Hogan and Bischoff were out there for Nash. Bischoff got laid out it was nice. The highlight is the botched powerbomb. Legend has it that Nash was told to work out in the gym to powerbomb the Giant, but he said he’d powerbomb him anyway. It was interesting hearing the commentators say Paul Wight is 500 lbs yet he’s much slimmer in WCW than WWE. It must be all of that hair.

They also have officials rush out to help the Giant… but not from the powerbomb. The powerbomb was just a botched spot and doesn’t involve the finish… therefore they didn’t care. Having no music to go out on would have been nice. Also Bobby Heenan wasn’t convincing me of the sevarity of things…

This match seemed to have no build to it… just thrown out there cold. Morons. Hopefully they built up to the PPV with promos, but instead WCW made it seem like the Internet fans built this one up wondering… who’s the best wrestler. Well tonight it was proven. This match was the best match of the night.

Bret Hart countered virtually everything and never let Ric have any offense unless Ric cheated. Luckily that was 25% of Flair’s offense. It was your typical Hart match. It was great in the ring with basic holds and locks, but done effectively. Tony Shavonti on commentary was surprisingly top notch on calling little nuances. I was amazed. Good 15 minute match if that

Over very quickly. Apparently the story here was Liz. She was all over this match, which as a heel vallet she should be. The match ended… I’m not even sure who won. Then the aftermath happened.

Bad PPV. Dull and uninspired matches. No main event title defended… nor was he wrestling… nor was the top contender wrestling and your #2 contender was wrestling a retired guy… but they did have an angle with 5 men for 1 belt to announce that at the next PPV they’d have the match. This was a big fuck you to the fans.

Review of 1998 WCW Fall Brawl

Hopefully I won’t give anything away with my review of this card. 1998 was a time where I was all gothed up and going to college. I was busy watching WWE at the time. This show took place at the height of WCW vs NWO vs 4 Horsemen vs Wolfpack. It was headlined by a War Games with 3 teams and the winner would get a title shot against Goldberg. This is the first old PPV I’ve watched in years. Well the first PPV in general that I’ve watched in years. The crowd was hot, the matches were awesome. This is a gem of a PPV. Everyone was over no matter what their height or wrestling skills. The heels did heel things and it really made me think WCW knew what they were doing. The heels all had managers to interfere. The heels all cheated or said things douchebaggery. The commentators actually put over the talent and didn’t bicker. One thing though… they need to point out what championship belt their guys are holding. I had to think about things…

– The opening contest lasted 15 minutes between 4 guys that probably shouldn’t have gone 15 minutes. This was a good opener. Very solid. I couldn’t tell who were the heels really. Maybe they both were.

– Jericho kicked off the show by challenging Goldberg. So he had his match with Goldberg. Believe it or not Goldberg got a comeback and Jericho was pissed. Spots like that are for all of the fans who come to laugh at Jericho. Its his role.

– Quick match, pretty forgettable, but Earnist Miller started it out by saying he doesn’t want to hurt another brother so he’s gonna turn around wait 5 seconds and Norman better be gone. Wow what a heel move. WWE and TNA could benefit from little stuff like this.

– A match months if not years in the making… this was a hot crowd and it helped everything in the match. It was a brawl that ended up with Buff Bagwell getting injured… really injured, stretcher and an ambulance injured.

Cruiserweight Championship JUVENTUD GUERRERA vs SILVERKING
– Simply said this match was thrown out there cold and it was awesome. I’ve never been a fan of Silver King, but this guy can do anything. Another shocker was the commentators really put over both guys.

RAVEN w/ FLOCK (who will get Saturn as a slave) vs SATURN (who will disband the flock)
– This match had everything… literally. People like to say Jeff Jarrett matches are overbooked (or TNA main events in general), this had swerves, half a dozen run ins, near falls, Kanyon cuffed to ringside. This match was awesome and highly entertaining! They started out with no crazy run ins then when it came to the near falls it was overbooked, but it was fantastic. Good job from both guys and it used everyone very wisely and at the end Saturn was a god among men.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan had kidney cancer removed.

– You know its funny people always called Dean a vanilla midget and he’s not the tallest guy… but wow WCW booked this Malenko to have the crowd behind him. Kicking ass all over the place (usually against blonde heels). The fans were whipped into a frenzy and popping for leg locks and leg beatings. How did the WWF fail to get Dean Malenko over? Curt Henning did an amazing job selling, probably the best I’ve seen in years. Rick Rude had to carry him virtually. The only thing strange about this match was the fact this was a normal match, but they had built to it by having a steel cage match on Nitro.

– Scott Hall was wobbly… Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he was pretending to be drunk… Since Vincent gave him a dark beer… I’ll assume this was his on air alcoholic gimmick. This match told a great story. A short face Konan who got the crowd solidly behind him against a giant cheating Scott Hall. He really used his height to his advantage, cheated, and used Vincent’s interference. Believe it or not the rope cheating spots were unlike every other match on the show. There was also an unforgettable stomping spot and the alcoholic was even put into the Tequila Sunrise. You could tell Konnan was the face… because he didn’t have anyone out with him. No one chanted boring… Maybe because they weren’t in the northeast and maybe because it was WWE who taught their fans to chant boring…

– Bruce Buffer’s brother got his money to announce the participants. The pinfall or submission could occur at anytime and the winner would get a title shot against Goldberg. This was a brilliant idea on WCW’s part. Having the pin or submission take place at any time draws a lot more interest.
This match suffered from fundamental flaws of the War Games… The cage is silver and needs to be black so people can see in it. It needed camera holes. It needed to be taller, because no one can powerbomb or dive off the top rope with this dwarfish cage. Oh then to top it off when the Warrior came in they engulfed the ring with smoke not once but twice… preventing anyone from seeing anything. The main story here was Hogan fears Warrior. Another flaw in the War Games logic is the fact that when one man wins a match… no one really knows or can see he won except he’s the one that leaves the cage. With something like Royal Rumble… the winner is the last man standing. Its the final visual of how a match ends and who beats his chest above all the rest that sticks in your mind.

– Wow WWE and TNA could learn from this show. Simple stories in the matches, long and diverse matches and everyone was over. It was a good time in wrestling… even if it was right before the beginning of the end.