CM Punk tore the space-time continuum (that is sucking the WWE into a black hole)

I propose the idea that CM Punk is making a change… for the worse. Sure it’s probably not his fault (just writing’s), but he pulled the wrestling curtain aside as commentator and in his now infamous promo from July heading into the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV. This was a negative and you’ll soon see why…

As commentator, Punk brought up flaws in WWE’s logic (yet he himself falls into failed logic). He also wore T-shirts from his favorites like Colt Cabanna and Charles Manson. WWE let everything slide… he’s CM Punk. As he did commentary, during John Cena matches Punk would be more protective of his beloved Pepsi can… than calling the match. It was his subtle way of knocking how WWE commentators don’t talk about matches, but rather hype up “what else is tonight.”

Building up to the Money in the Bank PPV, CM Punk had said he’d leave with the WWE title after winning it in his hometown of Chicago. He then cut down the WWE and its management. Punk said John Cena is one of the things wrong with the WWE as well. He also brought up the name John Laurenitus… which has never been mentioned on WWE television (maybe rarely).

Before Money in the Bank, John Laurenitus was introduced as an on-screen character. He was the right hand man of Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE. He wasn’t a joke of a character like Patterson or Briscoe were in the late 90s.

After CM Punk won the WWE title, he “left” the WWE (only to return to RAW in 8 days), but when he left Vince McMahon was removed from the WWE. Vince is gone from TV (as he is every summer) when his son-in-law HHH took over the WWE‘s day to day operations. Those two things were big… Vince is gone… HHH is back after being gone for 6+ months. Not only is he back, but he runs the WWE since he is Vince’s son-in-law and all (figure out how he outranks Vince’s own daughter Stephanie).

With HHH back, the anonymous GM disappeared RAW… thankfully, but John Laurenitus was never revealed as the anonymous GM. In fact no one was revealed to be the anonymous GM. Since it was an anonymous GM, no one really noticed the disappearance.

To top off that craziness… but CM Punk was the WWE champion when he returned… but so was John Cena who had won the title from Rey Mysterio Jr the same night Rey won the WWE title to conclude an 8 man tournament. 2 men with 1 title. It’s like an alternate universe where CM Punk never existed… yet he does exist with the WWE title.

To unify the 2 belts back into 1, HHH made himself referee in a match with CM Punk vs John Cena. After CM Punk unified the championships, Kevin Nash made his shocking return after a 6+ month absence from the WWE. Before that 6+ month absence it was a 5+ year absence.

With Kevin Nash back… he was soon “fired.” Meanwhile, John Laurenitus and HHH struggle for HHH’s company. As those two struggled, former main eventers R-Truth and Miz started talking about a conspiracy in the WWE… yet those two were the only two aligned. In other words HHH is his own man, CM Punk is his own man, John Lauranitus was his own man, Nash was his own man, but R-Truth and Miz are aligned and conspiring…

A PPV where every match was a championship match was headlined by a non-title match that had HHH vs CM Punk for the WWE… No DQ. A suit wearing owner of the WWE vs a guy who looks like a short order cook. There’s nothing wrong with that, until you lay out how they got here.

Headed into the Night of Champions PPV, CM Punk was set to have a match with Kevin Nash until he got fired… he also cut a promo that was so inside I’m not sure the kids at home watching RAW knew what was going on. They called each other Phil and Paul. That’s like if the guys on the TV show X-Files started calling each other Jillian and David.

The WWE clearly painted themselves into a corner with this one, if HHH lost he’d lose the company, but if Punk lost… the WWE would exit the black hole. So R-Truth and Miz interfered… that way they’d take the fall for the WWE not giving a clean finish with a match that had big consequences.

R-Truth & Miz were “fired” the next night. After they faced CM Punk who teamed with John Cena. John Cena who is the man who CM Punk called out and said he’s one of the things wrong with the WWE. A man that he faced 3x and beat (before their 4th match where Nash distracted Punk).

– Vince ran the WWE
– No John Laurenitus
– John Cena holds the WWE title
– R-Truth on the roster
– Miz on the roster
– Kevin Nash NOT on active roster
– HHH NOT on active roster

– Vince fired
– John Laurenitus is there (a man in a speaking role who can barely speak)
– John Cena HOLDS THE WWE TITLE (changed hands 6 times in 2 months)
– R-Truth fired
– Miz fired
– Kevin Nash fired
– HHH runs the WWE

Is the WWE better or worse?


2 thoughts on “CM Punk tore the space-time continuum (that is sucking the WWE into a black hole)

  1. mooselicker

    I’ll wait until it all plays out to make a full judgment on this. It could turn out great, everything in the last 3 years could be wrapped up that had no conclusion to it, and then we will all think it was brilliant. Or most likely the downtrend will continue. This could have been a huge era, but I think they blew it.

    1. workmancer Post author

      Thanks so much for your post Moose Licker 🙂

      Yes it could turn out great if in the end there are no GMs, no heels, a booming tag team division, blood, no commentators who are characters and we all sing. I think to draw people in WWE needs cheese. Its what worked in the 80s, 90s and now. To draw in a much wider audience you need to appeal to the people who aren’t being appealed to with NFL or TV dramas.


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