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Keeping CM Punk Strong (once he wins the WWE title from Cena at TLC)

If I booked it… Punk would win the WWE title from John Cena in our home town of Chicago IL. Then disappear with the belt. Vince McMahon will panic and make Randy Orton (or whoever the heavyweight champion is) drift between shows just like the unified tag team championship. That way Cena can have a title to capture (assuming that Cena isn’t “fired”). They can have Cena vs Orton at Summerslam to draw in their face vs face. Maybe have that feud go until the Rumble. You can have Smackdown vs RAW at Survivor Series.

Building into Royal Rumble… you hype for a month. CM Punk will return at the Rumble. He’s resigned he will appear again. Vince McMahon says CM Punk left with the WWE belt. There is ONLY the heavyweight belt. Have Punk go in the Rumble match, have him throw out guys and cut a speech cutting down the company. No one can stop him… will it be Yoshi Tatsu that comes out next? You know I never lost the WWE championship. CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble!!!!!! There is presidence for an inactive guy coming in and winning the Rumble.

Then… the next night on RAW he brings the WWE title and announces to John Cena (heavyweight champion) that as the Royal Rumble winner he gets a title shot at Wrestlemania… but he doesn’t want the title shot at Mania, he wants to hold both belts by Wrestlemania and walk in as the undesputed champion. As the Royal Rumble winner he challenges Cena at No Way Out… with a heavyweight title vs WWE title on the line. Winner take all!!!

CM Punk wins, but then in the Elimination Chamber match at the No Way Out (or Elimination Chamber) PPV… Undertaker wins the Chamber match meaning he’s the #1 contender for the unified belt.

Cena faces Rock at Wrestlemania… just before Punk’s unified title takes on Taker’s undefeated streak. Punk topples Taker and beats the streak! Someone has to beat him, it might as well be the guy that unified the titles.

Everyone else that Taker faces is in tears thanking them for the match of their career at the grandest stage. Punk is disrespectful the next night on RAW. Punk needs some real competition and not just Taker who wrestles 2x a year.

That’s when HHH comes back… Taker retired his best friend and basically put HHH out for a full year! Punk wonders why HHH should get a shot when he’s been gone? HHH vs Cena at the next PPV Backlash for a title shot at the May PPV. Then throughout 2012-2013 until Wrestlemania HHH and Punk have a feud with 5 singles matches. Punk wins 2 (Summer Slam & Royal Rumble), HHH wins 2 (May PPV & Survivor Series). Then they build to Wrestlemania 2013 as their final match. If Punk wins, HHH disappears. Punk goes over… HHH disappears!

6 months go by with business as usual for Punk defending the unified title. Maybe Jericho will come back to say he was the man that unified the WWE / WCW belts. Anyway, after 6 months, Punk’s life starts getting worse. He’s booked in tag matches with him and a jobber vs 2 main eventers. Then Punk vs 2 main eventers and 3 main eventers. Punk’s life just gets worse and worse. So Punk looks into it and by Royal Rumble, HHH comes out and says he’s the man behind the scenes pulling the strings and making Punk’s life hell. HHH says you retired me and the Undertaker. This is what you made for yourself. This hell is all yours and it started with leaving with the WWE title 2 years ago!

HHH says there’s one way to end the hell. A match at Wrestlemania 2014. Punk says he retired HHH from active competition… Then you can bring me back Punk or should I make your life worse? Maybe make a Royal Rumble with you Punk as the #1 slot and make the unified title on the line? Punk lets HHH back in the company. HHH wins his match with Punk at 2014 and HHH is back or Punk wins and HHH stays backstage.