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Pondering the logistics of starting my own D-grade wrestling promotion (and touring nationally in 9 years)

For the past month, I’ve been pondering making a small promotion. Small like tiny to start with.

I’ve calculated how it will work… Once a month there is 1 show with 12 guys that is broken up and made into 4 episodes. 12 guys fresh out of wrestling school, so they’ll either work for free or $20. So 12 x $20 = a payout of $240 – $300. Experience > money.

Then for the ring I spend $5,000 – $6,000 for my own ring and that might be best in the long run. I’d need a promoter’s liscense.

Then its host the event in someone’s backyard (unless that’s illegal) and the folding chairs come from the local VFW.

I can get friends to video tape it and build a platform for the hard camera. We have 2 or 3 cameras. I know a few people with HD cams. Then for publicity there are always tear sheets, websites and facebooks.

So with all of that it would cost $500 per show and chances are local wrestling schools could tell their guys to work for the company because a video taped match is a video taped match. Experience > money.

1 taping a month = 4 episodes.  Air the episodes on public access and show them on Youtube in 4 10 minute segments. Tickets would be free for a startup OR have a donation jar. You like it, you give.

So with the ring $6,000 and 12 shows x $500 = $12,000 by the end of the first year. I can swing that. But at the end of the first year, I’d have to start charging $5 per ticket. Hopefully draw 50 people paying. $250 per show. Which would be half of payroll. Then I’d have to start paying the year 1 guys more money and cut half of the year 1 guys to replace them with fresh workers from wrestling school. Which would turn payroll into 6 workers x $50 = $300 + 6 workers x free or $20 = $120 = $420 – $500  + other expenses = $700 per show. Losing an estimated $450 per show.

To take up the slack, I’d get sponsors.
– 1 month sponsorship with 8 (10 second spots) $50.
Like WCW Saturday Night always had hot pockets.
– To get $450 I’d lose each show, I’d need 9 sponsors. Fuck.
– 9 x 10 second spots = 1 minute and 30 seconds of ads cut into my TV time. I’m happy with that. … Since I’d never get 9 sponsors its more like 30 seconds of ads out of my TV time. Making $150.

Local promotion 12 shows a year for the first 2 years, then 24 shows a year within a 2 hour radius for year 3 and 36 shows per year year 4. Then the local promotion makes a profit after losing $48,000 ($12K x 4 years). Then hopefully year 5 I can get 50 shows per year and work on a regional TV deal. Year 6 work on iPPVs 12 per year then hopefully get the first stage of a national company. Find out where the biggest sales for iPPVs are and go there. Then find some upstart TV network and join with them… assuming I haven’t gone bankrupt. Then by year 9 turn into a national touring company. If not the US, head to Canada.

There is a wrestling promotion simulator on PC that I’ve done this all with, but I don’t think their figures are realistic. I’ve got a friend that is making a wrestling promoter sim… but he makes one every year and it never gets done.

In 9 years I’m onto a much bigger scale. 25 workers, with a payroll of $800,000 per year. Average salary would be $50,000, but some would have $100,000 others would have $20,000.

50 TV tapings per year at $20 per ticket. 12 PPV or big events per year at $20 per ticket, 3 non televised events per week for 50 weeks. With 7 matches at each (minus 12 events that are PPVs) at around $15 per ticket.

Get at least 1,000 paid at TV tapings, at least 1,000 paid for big events, and at least 500 paid for non televised events.

That comes out to more than $2 million per year with around $1.5 million for other expenses.

I’d think around 200 live events with $1,000 per venue so a payout of around $200,000.

Tour the US with PPVs or big events in major cities and instead and tour in a circle.


James Storm winning the TNA title (2 stars with 1 stone)

A lot of people seem befuddled on why James Storm won the TNA title and not Roode. I think I understand why they gave the title to Storm. To garner more interest in Roode vs Storm and hopefully make 2 guys while Angle is injured.

Let’s say with Roode… that month long push (BFG series doesn’t count as a push) made him a B+ or A- guy. If he won the belt he’d be A+ and Storm would be a C. Storm winning the belt made him go from C to lets say B-. With work they’ll make him a B+ or A-. So you still have a B+ and B- But at least you don’t have a pair of Cs anymore…
Another thing with the bait and switch of Storm as champion is the simple fact that Storm never went through Fortune. So he can stay a face for a while and go through the faces… then become a heel and go through Fortune one by one leading to Roode vs James Storm in a year.

Mapping out a year long Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes feud

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: Their big match is tonight… even though they’ve had TV matches with Cody going over and they’ve even had another feud when Cody and Ted Dibiase broke away from Legacy. We saw how well that went.

Cody has a lot of things working for and against him. He’s heavily gimmicked with a mask, the intercontinental title and he’s the son of a son of a plumber, the great Dusty Rhodes. He has a lot working against him, such as his height, his lack of weight… and well he is Dusty Rhode’s son and Goldust’s brother. WWE has a tendancy to push the tall, chizzled men who are sons of legends like like his opponent Randy Orton.

Well after posting on someone’s blog I thought that I would flesh out a year long feud with Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Leading up to tonight’s Vengeance pay-per-view Cody has a few TV victories over Randy Orton.

VENGEANCE >> CODY cheats to win
Sure Cody has won clean before, but this is a grander stage… well kind of. pay-per-views seem to mean more even if its a C level pay-per-view. But pay-per-view matches become something of legend… because only 100,000 people see them instead of the 3-4 million that watch RAW. Another thing that helps is the fact they will talk about the match afterward.

SURVIVOR SERIES >> CODY cheats to pin Randy in a survivor series match
On Randy’s side will be Sheamus, the Big Show and Kane… or Daniel Bryan, but who care’s this is all about Cody. On Cody’s team will be Mark Henry, Ted Dibiase and Christian. Cody will cheat to win over Randy before Cody himself gets booted and pinned by Sheamus. Then Randy Orton puts Cody through a table for revenge!

DECEMBER PPV (TLC?) >> RANDY wins a tables match
They go into a tables match. Cody wants Randy to suffer. In fact he wants to inflict facial pain and promises that he will put Randy through a table face first to leave his face mangled and disfigured! Cody wastes so much time doing this that Randy wins…. Subtly saying… Cody can’t be pinned…

ROYAL RUMBLE >> CODY and RANDY in the rumble match eliminate each other
Their feud has simmered for a while. During an in ring interview with Randy, Cody cuts him off. Randy won’t win the Rumble. Not while Cody is in there with him. Cody has several pins over Randy… but Randy hasn’t pinned Cody in a while. Pinned??? No… beaten yes. Royal Rumble isn’t about pins, its about throwing your opponent over the top rope and Randy has the size and leverage. They end up brawling heading into the Royal Rumble.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER >> CODY and RANDY are in the chamber match CODY cheats to pin RANDY but doesn’t win the title
Even though neither man will win the Royal Rumble… they’ll still get a title shot at Elimination Chamber because that’s how backward the WWE is. With Daniel Bryan claiming he will take his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania, having a Smackdown elimination chamber match seems pointless.

Anyway, Cody steals a pin over Randy. Steals as in Mark Henry slams Randy and gets distracted then Cody picks up the scraps. Then Mark Henry slams him as punnishment for the pin. Randy and Cody can brawl on the outside.

Building up to this match Cody can boast about how long its been since Randy has pinned him. Well at Wrestlemania, there will be a guest enforcer to watch the match and make sure that Cody doesn’t cheat to win. Randy goes over clean thus… falsely ending the fued.

No one pins Cody Rhodes! No one! Randy brags in an interview and Cody beats Randy with a lead pipe and takes him out for several months. There is blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood, cut to black and white) and a stretcher to get the injured Randy. Full neck brace and all. Randy should look comatose. Officials should take Cody away. Cody gets suspended for such poor sportsmanship.

When Cody Rhodes is brought back, he goes on a tear through cruiserweights and smallar guys. At pay-per-views Cody faces larger opponents. Kane, Big Show, Khali and so on. GM Teddy Long punnishes him for his brutality at every pay-per-view. If Cody wants to brutalize he’s gonna know how it feels playa!

Cody’s bagmen increase. They help him win matches and turn into a villainesque army. Imagine Cody leading 10 bagmen down to ringside to just lumberjack around the ring for TV matches. They don’t interfere, just look laughably imposing and beat up any face that tries to enter. These bagmen should have black lucha masks underneath incase a bag gets knocked off.

MAY 2012 >> CODY over KANE
This match gets built for a TV match when Kane is swarmed by the bagmen. He can even light the bags on fire… but the WWE won’t do that now. Instead they will have a pay-per-view match.

JUNE 2012 >> CODY and BIG SHOW go to a no contest
Big Show trains for the match by punching meat and punching the face off manniquens. That’ll be Cody and his bagmen. In the match, the bagmen rush the Big Show who destroys them all, but Cody runs. Big Show didn’t need the bell to be rung!!!

JULY 2012 >> NO DQ >> CODY over BIG SHOW
Big Show demands a rematch. No DQ. He’s the Big Show. He can take out 10 bagmen and Cody! So GM Teddy Long makes the match! Bagmen get destroyed… Cody chops down the Big Show. He has help. A lot of help. Cody gets hoisted up by the bagmen! Hurray! But then Randy Orton takes off a bag and RKOs Cody and bolts after punching a few more bagmen out!

Randy wants blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood). Nothing will save Cody. He wants a cage match. But going into the cage match… Randy takes out the bagmen one by one. RKOing them all so no one will be left by Summerslam. The bagmen can still rush out in the cage match to keep Randy from winning at first, but Randy will RKO them one by one and destroy them with the cage as a weapon. With all of the chaos Cody escapes.

By now if you’re not dead from reading… Cody has gained enough steam to go for the heavyweight title. Let’s say against Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan brings backup to protect himself from the bagmen. Big Show, Randy Orton and Kane. If they help Daniel tonight, he’ll give them each a one on one title shot. Well it never happens since he loses the title! Randy, Kane and the Big Show destroy the bagmen quickly so they don’t make a joke of the match. Then they all disappear.

Randy wins a #1 contender match the Smackdown after Night of Champions to set up Cody vs Randy. Hell in a Cell. There’s a top on the cage. No one gets in. No one gets out. 2 men go in 1 champion comes out. It’s Hell in a Cell. Cody cuts a promo with the bagmen who have bolt cutters. You think Cody is afraid?

Teddy Long comes out and says enough is enough. No more bagmen at any WWE live event. Either they leave or Cody is stripped of the title and fired. Teddy won’t have a mockery of Smackdown anymore. You think Cody needs the bagmen? No. He’s beaten Randy on his own and he’ll do it again!

I’d say keep the title on Cody since he just won it. Logic dictates that Randy would go over to conclude the feud.

Bobby Roode needs to win the TNA title tonight (and not later)

With this amount of push Bobby NEEDS the to win the TNA title tonight at Bound for Glory. If he doesn’t win the title, it will be another 5 or 10 years before fans take seriously and that is lost money. If its not tonight and then he gets it next month then it will be meh. Then it won’t mean anything. People would rather see him win the TNA title tonight and have a rematch instead of a not winning the championship tonight followed by a him winning next month.

That meh is a deflation of the crowd and their willingness to pay to see him. He needs to look strong and by strong I mean a clean pinfall without any dirt such as runins, cheating or whatever. Kurt can cheat… he’s a heel.

He also needs his glory at the end THIS IS BOUND FOR GLORY. Meaning no post match beat downs. You can even have an evil glance from someone… just nothing that takes longer than 1 second. People will eat up an evil glance.

Let’s look at history like in WCW when Sting was screwed out of his big match against Hogan only to win the title a few months later. That was past everyone’s point of giving a damn. Ultimate Warrior came in and won the title with no loss of momentum. People pay to see momentum. Especially if there are 2 momentums going for a head to head collission course.

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle needs to be the main event of the pay-per-view. Bobby needs to be over the company politics between Hogan, Sting and Dixie. He needs to be above that celebration. He and THE TITLE need to be above it. By pushing him strong with him as your champion it will make your company look better. People want strength that’s why they’ve gotten behind Mark Henry after not wanting to see him for years. Strength and steam will push the promotion and make people want to see TNA, Bobby and the fresh matches he will bring to the main event picture.

Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (episode 4 Sampson Stretchered)

To start with, this will forever be the Sampson Stretcher job. Many people have been asking me if its legit or not… well it was filmed 6 months ago…. so the answer is no.

Anyway this is the 4th episode (of 5) of Micro Championship Wrestling. This week’s biggest show ever is in Atlanta, Georgia. Hulk wanted the minis to step it up and work on their promos. So they worked on their promos while driving in the RV on their way to the show. BUT THEY NEVER CUT PROMOS AT THE SHOW. Wow. Maybe they just didn’t show it.

Justice cut a solid promo. The fat lady midget cut a meh promo that everyone loved. Trixie didn’t even cut a promo. She’s shit. Can’t wrestle, can’t talk, but hey she’s a blodge midget and men love sex with people that make their penis look big. Then Jersey Jess cut a pretty good promo.

Johnny G had a brilliant idea by having some Atlanta street rappers teach the minis how to cut promos and ShortSleeve Sampson cut a battle rap right then and there. It always amazes me how generic battle raps are. Like these rapers all have the raps in their mind already because they’ve done it dozens of times. Anyway, Sampson’s rap was good and he challenged Blixx who just walked away.

Wow this midget Blixx what a piece of shit. He’s really shown me nothing from the wrestling clips. However, he’s a giant ego and it makes the show more watchable, because he’s a giant prima-dona.

So this fucker Blixx works a deal with his friend in Atlanta owns a bar to get payback on Sampson. Blixx, Sampson and Justice go to this bar… and the owner of the bar wants to make them a deal for the 3 of them to wrestle in his bar. Sampson talks the guy into paying each of them a few hundred to wrestle in his bar….

Let’s look at the logistics of this… a few hundred dollars for 3 guys. That comes out to a minimum of $600… for 3 guys to wrestle a 10-15 minute match at the most Oh and possibly mess up the place. Oh yeah that sounds real. Well its either pay $50- $500 for a band to play 2-6 hours in a night or have 3 midgets wrestle for 10-15 minutes for 10x more. Ugggg…. Anyway, we won’t see this match until the main event of the episode.

Hogan hypes this venue as legendary… I’ve never heard of it, nor do I remember what it is, but hey whatever. So to sell out this GIANT arena, they need to do publicity. Brian Knobbs makes it seem like he can handle it. So Johnny G prints him off some fliers and MCW is hooked up to do a radio show for publicity.

Radio deal fell through… And Knobbs lost the fliers and the master copy of the flier. So then the midgets had to dumpster dive… yet Knobbs wasn’t there… whatever.

Anyway, they had a graphic showing that the venue was 70% full. It looked like this place could fit maybe 500 people at the most. Let’s look at the logistics of this… they had no promotion yet they still drew a 70% crowd. That’s some damn good promotion by the venue itself! Why even bother promoting if you still get 70% full.

Uh… there were match clips, but who cares, this is a reality show!

Now to the main event… Blixx, Justice and Sampson in a bar working a match. The whole setup to this was Blixx wanted payback on Sampson for something from 5 years ago. 5 years ago? He’s harbored it that long… Anyway in the clips of this match Blixx and Sampson never touched…

Instead it was everyone fighting with Justice who coincidentally won with a pile driver. Justice hit a shitty looking piledriver on Sampson on the floor. Sampson said he couldn’t feel his legs… that’s bullshit, it was a safe piledriver. So then EMTs get called in.

Blixx goes to the hostpital with Sampson. Its all a good cliffhanger ending for what will turn out to be nothing. Fake reality show… Its a total mockery of pro wrestling. How the hell can this midget promotion with 8 workers draw 500 people for a show that will probably last 30 minutes at the most??? How? Where the hell is their championship belt that Demo won on the first episode? Where is the home base arena that they set up on the first episode. Was the first episode supposed to be the final episode? Did they air them out of order?

What a terrible television series… that only has 5 episodes! They really sold a network on a 5 episode show? Or is this just part A of season 1 and we’ll have part B in Springtime. Which would be BS, because this show was filmed in spring of 2011.


HHH’s Quest to put himself over by putting heat on his path to greatness (Punk Who?)

It has become clear that Punk was another 3 month push… like R-Truth… like Miz… CM Punk was derailed by HHH who when Punk disappeared HHH returned and took the role of COO. So we all had HHH’s return and his new position with the company to talk about.

That was only the beginning folks. With HHH back, he needs a program, a feud, not just feuds, but HHH needs a golden path to walk on his quest back to greatness. HHH taking over the WWE is just a brief checkpoint. John Laurenitus will eventually take over the company. It is inevitable, but so is HHH wrestling.

With CM Punk gone face and John Cena going over all of the heels earlier this year, HHH really has no fiery opponents. So the trick is get the heels over again. The new COO started to put over a pair of heels (Miz & Truth) by firing them. That greatly takes away any heat, but they came back in the role of the spoiler sparing HHH from losing his big match with CM Punk at Night of Champions.

Then Miz & Truth returned to cause chaos in the cage (TM) at Hell in a Cell. They were both handcuffed and taken away by police and punched by HHH on the way out. They have the spoiler role… it’s a heel thing.

But it puts heat on Miz & Truth as heels. Without this heat, there’s really no heat on any potential match with HHH. Of course after seeing what HHH had done to Sheamus and Ted Dibiase Jr before Wrestlemania 2011… I’m not sure anyone can get any heat on a match with HHH.

I foresee and predict first that HHH will go through R-Truth, then the Miz. Two fresh matches for HHH… too bad for CM Punk, he had a match with both men on free TV back to back. Heatless matches on free TV.

But HHH’s ultimate goal is John Laurenitus. The man who will essentially take the WWE from HHH and turn everyone against him. On Monday night, all of the heels spoke out against HHH. The workers had a shaken vote of confidence against WWE COO HHH… which means very little… But nothing makes someone feel special like having THE ENTIRE ROSTER AGAINST HHH. It makes it look like HHH at the top of the pyramid and its him against everyone. That would build quite well to the Royal Rumble match…

Watching NXT and finding faults it shouldn’t have (and how to fix them)

In 20 minutes into watching NXT and I’ve only seen 1 NXT guy and 5 pros. Maybe that’s for better matches and better promos… but 2 segments in… there is ZERO crowd heat. No one cheers, no one knows the pros.

That’s a big problem. Not just the only problem. Since this is a net show showcasing rookies it should suck… but this sucks on a different level.

It kicked off with JTG and a “rookie” the toilet brush. JTG cut down the fans and the fans had no reaction even when being insulted. Now that was sad. I actually say the toilet brush rookie he was with (formerly CM Punk’s rookie in season 2) is better known than JTG. Terrible segment that went on for 8 minutes. A match is setup later.

This match should have had heat. Jinder punched in Yoshi’s teeth on a different episode… which should have been shown before this match. This was a squash match when they should really be showing off Yoshi’s high-flying and still have Jinder win.

William Regal (on commentary) explained a real life story that he was at Jinder’s christening 25 years ago! Wow! That’s crazy if its true.

Yep they sure were…

Wow they changed poor Percy. Now he looks like everyone else only black. There is nothing that makes him stand out. His attire is devoid of color and flair. Maybe it was some on air thing where they stripped him down.

Where is Tyson Kidd’s rookie? His rookie was eliminated, but the rookie still needs to be there. Speaking of rookies… Darren Young’s (toilet brush) pro is Chavo Guerrero who was released from the WWE. JTG’s rookie was eliminated so they must have teamed up. Where was Percy’s pro??? Is Percy a pro himself? If he’s a pro then why is another pro vs pro match on NXT?

This was probably Tyson Kidd’s best match in the past year. It made him look like a star by jobbing out Percy Watson. The one thing I got from Percy is he jumps high… so does Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin. It’s like a check box for black athletes.

Yawn. He has the look of a young Rock. He says that tonight marks his return to greatness. This probably should have been before his match, but whatever.

Lets recap before we start this… 2 rookies, 6 pros. According to the WWE there are 3 rookies left. 1 of which is Darren Young. The others are Titus ONeil who was backstage with AJ for 1 minute and the last rookie to still be on the show is Derrick Burkman, who is Daniel Bryan’s pro. Daniel Byran is someone this whole show can be built around. Out of everyone he actually feels like a star. He’s been with the company 2 years, he can wrestle, the fans get behind him, but he’s not here… so whatever.

The main event was around 10 minutes long and had the fans interested. The right team won… and afterward 2 more pros jumped them to quickly close the show.

Its like the WWE is swimming backward. WWE has this show for rookies, yet they only had 2 rookies (if Percy isn’t a pro). Only 1 of the rookies had not been eliminated. They should have all of the finalist rookies getting victories on this show to build them headed into the finale. Job out the guys who have been eliminated. Don’t have current WWE “stars” go over them. Once they get integrated into Smackdown or RAW (or Superstars) have them do jobs to the WWE stars. This is NXT and the pros can dominate their show on WWE Superstars (online).

WWE should keep that in mind for next season, but the WWE will do what it wants and bury guys they’re trying to make.

Since there is zero crowd heat, NXT needs a star to tie everything together. Like a host. Jim Ross comes to mind. He can be the guy everyone pays attention to so there is a crowd reaction. He can have in ring interviews. It’s either that or have a wrestler host or have a weekly guest host to make it interesting. CM Punk hosts one week. John Cena hosts another, Christian hosts another. This would pop the Internet ratings and by pop I mean 500 extra views and it will get people paying attention. That superstar would take a hit considering he doesn’t get his 1st appearance pop on Smackdown and he might feel stale before he appears on Smackdown.