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Ideas on what should the WWE do with the Shield do now?

There is no other three man team that has been as dominant in wrestling as the Shield. The WWE has even started bringing back factions to feud with them, including Evolution. There is no where for the Shield to go. They are on top of it all.

Last night, they didn’t just defeat the boss Triple H and his Evolution faction, but they destroyed them in an elimination tag match. The Shield didn’t even lose a fall in the main event of WWE Payback. The Shield hasn’t just gone over Evolution once, but twice in a row. There is no need for another match. There is no need for the Shield to face the Wyatts, or go for the tag team titles. They’ve already had both.

I mentioned they beat the boss. If the boss can’t beat them, the boss should break them. There is no longer a need for a three man faction, there’s no competition, so the boss Triple H should divide them. Bait them with the WWE championship, since Daniel Bryan is still out of action. It doesn’t have to be a title match, so much as a shot at the top title. Singles gold that every wrestler dreams of would be enough to at least motivate one of the three members of the Shield to divide themselves from the rest and go for it.

It doesn’t even have to be a three way match, or thrown into a Money in the Bank ladder match for a shot, they just need to be put in a beat the clock with a shot at the WWE title on the line. Whomever defeats their opponent the quickest will get the shot at Daniel Bryan’s title. That alone should generate heat amongst the Shield, without them bluntly turning on one another for the heck of it.

If the Shield refuses to go for the top single’s title, Triple H can point out the WWE doesn’t really need the Shield. They’ve proven no one can match them and there is no competition for them. The boss Triple H, could have them sent home until competition rises up and well boys that could be a very, very long time.

Triple H could punish them with a 10 on 3 match, then when the Shield wins that match, Evolution can attack, injuring  them all just to get them out of the picture for a while and get heat on Evolution after losing 2 pay-per-view matches in a row. If Brie Bella and other wrestlers can quit of their own doing, or there can be injury angles, then they can be ‘injured’ for a month leading into Summer Slam.


Revisiting WWE’s Katie Vick Angle 10 Years Ago (and adding to it)

Katie Vick will forever be known as the necrophelia angle where wrestler Triple H found out that Kane had killed his then girlfriend Katie Vick in a car accident when he swerved to avoid an animal on the road. HHH also said that the corrinor found traces of semin in Katie Vick and wondered if it had happened before or after she was dead. Then next week they had HHH pretending to be Kane having him in a casket ontop of what looked to be a teenage manniquen. Teenage…. so it was necro-statchatory.

Anyway, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this terrible angle, I thought that I’d continue it.

Since the accident that took place what 25 years ago? What they failed to mention was when Kane swerved to avoid that animal and ended up in a car accident was the fact he hit another car head on killing the parents…. but leaving the baby alive in the baby seat. That baby grew up in an evil orphanage. No one wanted him because he was just too damn ugly what with all of his scars. Then one day when he went off to college, he found Youtube and heard everyone LOL at the Katie Vick angle, but he remembered the name Kane. He had researched it was a teenager named Kane that had ended the lives of his family. So now the only thing this victim has on his mind is revenge. He’s trained as a wrestler to make sure everything he does to Kane is nice and legal in the ring.

Now that WWE RAW will be 3 Hours (booking 101)

WWE RAW is going to 3 hours, which seems to make most people groan. The USA Network wants them to go to 3 hours and the WWE probably wants to compete with NFL having 3 hour games. Oh and WWE probably wants to charge fans more for tickets. My first idea is probably the easiest, keep 2 hours of RAW, but have 1 hour of Superstars before it. 2 totally different shows, so RAW won’t spread itself so thin and for the fans that need an extra hour of wrestling, its there for them. An episode of Superstars mostly consists of 5 job matches with 1 quality match on top.

Chances are, the network said we want 3 hours of RAW, not Tough Enough, not Superstars. Word on the street is that WWE wants to have a cruiserweight division to fill up that extra hour. WWE doesn’t even have a division for theUS, IC or tag titles. WWE can use the extra hour to air preliminary matches with low end guys. Your Brodus Clays, Heath Slaters, JTGs, Usos, Santinos and Rybacks. Next week, feed them to your mid carders like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Christian, Cody Rhodes and so on. Then the next week feed them to your top guys or your almost top guys like Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, and so on. It is about getting their finishers over so you know what to look for in the important matches and gaining momentum so guys go into a pay-per-view with 4 wins each month. Then at pay-per-views have top guys vs top guys. Almost top guys vs almost top guys and a few mid carders vs mid carders. That way at the pay-per-views there is no clear cut answer of who will win.

Starve people of matches between main eventers (but not angles or promos). Make fans pay to see top guys against one another even if its just a tag match. Don’t show top guys against one another when you could have top guys vs top guys at house shows and draw bigger numbers when fans say I want to see that match instead of meh I just saw that match on free TV or I’ve seen them in 10+ matches over the past 3 months. Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk comes to mind. They’ve had 6+ singles matches in 3 months and at Money in the Bank that will make 7+ in 4 months.

With all of that being said, there is a risk that Smackdown and RAW attendance would go down if people knew they’d only see mid carders vs top guys. But I’d rather have 2 not sold out TV shows and 6 sold out house shows per week, instead of the other way around. Even if TV ratings somehow drop… the real focus is if people are buying your pay-per-views. UFC has a great model where a lot of fans don’t even watch UFC’s free TV, they just watch the pay-per-views because fans need to watch pay-per-views to see the major matches.

To make TV matches more interesting when you know there’s a clear cut winner because John Cena will always beat Jack Swagger. Sheamus will always beat Dolph Ziggler. Guys like Cena and Big Show don’t need to wrestle every week, because they’ve wrestled on WWE TV every week for 10+ years. The twist is you handicap the mega stars. Not as in 2 on 1 matches, but I mean add a gimmick here and there like if the lesser man is good at hardcore or submissions, make a hardcore or submission match. Play to the strength of the midcarder and the weakness of the top guy. You can also have it so there is a top guy as a guest referee or a guest commentator in the top guy vs midcarder match.

People say that wins and losses mean nothing and that’s true in a way. Wins are more of an angle and a way to gain momentum where you wonder when will the streak end? Or even when a champion outgrows a title and you think they have to lose it… will this be the night they lose it? It’s all about momentum and imagining how can this person lose when they’ve got such high momentum going into a pay-per-view match? Making someone wonder who will lose when they’ve both had 4 wins in the month building up to the pay-per-view. Making someone wonder whose finisher is better when you haven’t seen everyone take every finisher. That wonder of what will happen instead of we’ve seen what will happen 3x this month.

What to do now that Hornswaggle was revealed to be WWE’s RAW GM

So this past week on WWE RAW, Santino Morella of all people found out that Hornswaggle has been the anonymous GM of RAW. A storyline that has been dead for a full year. It was just thrown out there with very little build to it all show. So now what?

Next week Jericho or someone comes out and yells at Hornswaggle… you made me do X Y Z when you were the GM all along. Jericho punts or beats down Hornswaggle. Then Santino, Brodus or FINLEY comes out to defend Hornswaggle. Bam. Match. Then next month they can do the same thing. In fact even have Santino, Brodus or Finley get the feel good win of the night… but then get beaten down and setup a rematch at the next pay-per-view where the heel can go over.

Hornswaggle is a prop to get heat and as an anonymous GM I’m sure he did plenty of things that heels could mention to result in a match. In fact even if someone gets done with their feud with Hornswaggle…. months later to build a standard TV match a heel can cut a promo saying how someone said to him the other day remember when the anonymous GM did this or did that? I’d challenge you to a match Hornswaggle if I didn’t know there’s no victory in beating a midget. So find someone to fight for you and I’ll kick your ass after the match.

Just randomly bring it up whenever you want. Hornswaggle doesn’t need to accompany anyone to the ring like a manager, he just needs defenders. Chances are that defender will be Fit Finley.

Rebooking WWE RAW (7/9/12)

So to sum up RAW, they had 6 wins and 2 matches. Wins are what happens when a match is under 3 minutes and you can’t really get invested. matches last longer and let you care about the conclusion.

WWE Title >> AJ Lee / CM Punk / Daniel Bryan Storyline
Bryan wanting to marry AJ makes more sense than AJ wanting to marry Punk. AJ writing Punk valentines, creepy poems and stuff like that makes sense and it can be more subtle and less fucking insane. However, Bryan wanting to marry her would make sense from a title standpoint.

AJ should be asking what do you want Punk? I can be what you want! Punk can say I don’t want you, I don’t want this. I dig crazy chicks, but I want to keep my title more than I want to date you…. That can still keep the illusion of not knowing who will win the title match if CM wants to keep his belt.

At least AJ makes Punk & Bryan look tall…. because John Cena doesn’t help.

When RAW started, I thought, shouldn’t Beth just appear to destroy AJ. AJ will try to talk her out of it, Beth can say…. enough talking. You’re a wrestler, not a referee. This is a referee (who then appears) and this is a match. Then destroys AJ. Daniel Bryan can run out to pick her up and carry her. AJ… AJ are you okay? What did you do to her you monster????

Pushing Tyson Kidd
Since people are buzzing about Tyson Kidd, WWE can bring up the pay-per-view from July from a decade ago…. Canadian Stampede where the Harts reigned supreme! The Harts who trained Kidd. Have his wife / fiance give him a simple good luck kiss. Show him coming up over the years…. his long rise to even get a shot at a title shot! This man had to live on spaghetti-os and wrestle in front of 50 people to wrestle in front of 10,000. Have Bret Hart smile, hit Tyson on the shoulder and say go get that title shot Kidd.

Smackdown Money in the Bank >> Tyson Kidd / Christian / Tensai / Cody Rhodes / Dolph Ziggler / Sin Cara Storyline
I want to hear Kidd Talk. WWE needs to do a lot to sell the Smackdown guys and why they should be champion. Why should I care about Ziggler when he’s FAILED on 2 dozen title shots? Why should I care about Tensai when he FAILS to beat John Cena? Tell me why Cody Rhodes is more than just the name RHODES? Tell me why I should give a damn about Santino as more than a cartoon character. Why should I care about Christian when he’s held the belt and whined about losing it for months? Why should I get behind Tyson Kidd when he only gets lucky wins and sniffs underwear? I need to know why the hell I care about any of these people. You have 1 week. Fuck you had 4 weeks and entire careers to make me care.

Heavyweight title >> Alberto Del Rio / Sheamus Storyline
If WWE wanted to gain a 1 night heat on ADR that uses a car…. have him run over Sheamus with a car in a garage. OMG he just run him over Can Sheamus defend his title in 1 week after being hit with a car???? But then again does the WWE want to waste a car angle on a match that is the 3rd from the top at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view?

Or like I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, build up ADR over 2 or 3 weeks by breaking jobbers arms and getting tap outs. ADR breaks arms, but Sheamus is no normal man. Then stack the deck. Submission match with a champion that doesn’t really win by submission.

RAW Money in the Bank >> John Cena / Big Show / Kane / Chris Jericho Storyline
I’ve pointed out several times…. starve people of Cena, Jericho, Kane and Big Show…. instead of putting them all together. Sure that might be what the RAW fans want to see when you have them sit through shit. Promos against one another, building each of them individually. Asking wrestlers and FANS who will win? Why will they win? Ask Punk who will win and who he wants to? Make this match seem bigger than it is.

Why should I care about Cena, Big Show, Jericho and Kane? All 4 have held almost 40+ world titles between them. Is it because they’re the best???? Well if they were, they would still be holding the title. Kane should go out and destroy the …ladder so no one can win….. why? Because he should only care about a title because it will draw more victims. People want gold and I guard that gold and I want to hurt people. Why does Big Show want to be champion when he has an iron clad contract? Is there more money in it for him? Or is it to outlive the failure of losing the Smackdown belt in what 30 seconds??? Yeah that’s it. Why does Cena want it? To be champion 11 times? You’ll always remember your 11th title reign!!!!! No…. its because Punk beat him last year at the biggest event of the year. Even bigger than Mania. Punk embarassed Cena when Cena KNEW he’d hold onto that belt. Why does Jericho want it? To prove he’s the best in the world again? No because Punk beat him and he can’t sleep at night without thinking how Punk beat him. Punk beat him 3x and he wants to make Punk pay!
Cena should really be the guy getting the sole title shot against Punk. Cena has won a lot lately. Even has major PPV victories this year over Kane, Big Show…. and well took on Jericho a lil while ago.
I’d really really really have this Cena / Kane vs Show / Jericho on house shows and not the TV. Deny fans any combination of the main event of your PPV. But give the house show fans something for their money. Nope…. instead its Cena vs Big Show and Bryan & Punk vs Kane & Jericho. wtf? How does this make sense?

Since Cena is clearly the odds on favorite to win the Money in the Bank… and he’s had major feuds with all 3 of these guys over the years…. why not Cena vs 3 of them? Or why use matches to build up these 4 guys? Is it because WWE actually needs a real match on RAW?

Let’s look at the logic of the big tag match…. why should Jericho want Big Show to tag out? Wouldn’t he want everyone to get weakened? Hell wouldn’t he just leave the arena until someone said if you don’t tag in you won’t be in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

A DQ in a tag match… John Cena & Kane vs Big Show & Chris Jericho Logistically breaking up a pin should be a DQ. Just like a singles match. I never thought of it. Yeah.  Now if the ref doesn’t see it….

WWE tag division storyline… Ron Killings & Kofi Kingston vs Hunico & Camacho
Didn’t the Prime Time Players win a title shot for the tag titles at the last PPV? Why are Hunico and Camacho getting the tag title shot at the pay-per-view? Doesn’t Ron Killings have a broken foot? Does WWE actually have 4 tag teams? That’s a start.

Sin Cara & Tyson Kidd (put Kidd under a mask and call him Kidd Canada). Ryback & Ryan (Mason). Drew & Rekks. Hawkins as a buttler for Damien Sandow. Santino & Ryder or Ryder & Ricardo. Dibiase & Regal…. if one wasn’t retired and the other injured. Jinder & Khali… who cares if one is face and the other is heel.

And again just randomly put low end guys together at house shows. Find who’s awesome enough to be on TV even if you don’t have ethnic matching like a pair of blacks and a pair of mexicans. Why not an Asian with a black guy?

Heating up a dead storyline…. Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler
Cole vs Lawler…. smells like WWE just gave up. None of our wrestlers are over enough…. go with announcers! Wasting time on this when you should be building Smackdown guys to be credible enough to win a title or at least making RAW guys credible enough to take on Punk.

Perhaps if they spent more time making people credible and less time searching for Hornswaggle and watching commentator’s wrestle there would be 75% of fans wanting to see Christian vs Cody or Kidd vs Yoshi Tatsu.

Rebooking RAW (7/2/12)

So far it looks like there are only 4 matches for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view coming up. In last week’s rebooking RAW I think that I made 8 logical matches. Chances are the WWE will make 8 matches 2 will be squash matches involving Ryback and Sin Cara. WWE RAW didn’t give me much to work with what with all of its 3 minute matches.

I think booking the main event money in the bank match is a lot tougher than the Smackdown one. The Smackdown one is a place to showcase new talent and Smackdown should be the place to plug their money in the bank match (even if this is rebooking RAW). Have them explain why they want the title or why they feel they will be the next champion. Damien Sandow can talk, Christian can do his promo with the peeps, Cody can laugh, Santino can be in comedy training vignettes… Tensai can be in a video drinking tea and destroying jobbers in the gym, Dolph can tell his manager to shut up… he wants to talk, and Kidd can go out be wreckless. You can even have sit down interviews with each one to talk with them for real-sies explaining why they got in the business, their sufferage and why they stuck with it to one day be at the top of the WWE. Don’t ask Damien or Santino. They’re not real characters or have them do it in character. Then you continue them all having singles wins building up to the pay-per-view. I have a feeling WWE will throw them into an 8 man tag.

But with the main event money in the bank its a lot tougher with 50+ years of WWE experience. I’m not sure anyone has the desire to see any of them to be champion again so much as be a stepping stone for Punk. I say starve fans of interaction between the four of them. Ask wrestlers and fans at live events, who will win. Even ask CM Punk who he thinks will win since a fighting champion doesn’t care who will win. Make it like a larger than life dream match instead of a stepping stone for men who have climbed Mt. Everest. They literally do not need any matches to build them up, they are the top guys, the guys you should be paying to see and if you don’t agree with people paying to see them, the WWE has failed over the past decade.

Legend has it that AJ Lee will be the guest referee… Daniel Bryan should suddenly find himself appologizing to her. Roses. He misses her. Aw Daniel you’re so sweet. I don’t like sweet. He can either then pull her hair or intimidate her then. I win at the PPV. AJ can tell them… the best man will win. Then at the PPV Punk can put Bryan in the anaconda vice and AJ can be oblivious to Bryan tapping. That’s either an… I want Bryan to win or I hate Bryan and want him to suffer thing.

WWE RAW saw Daniel Bryan & Jericho vs Cena & Punk. That’s a great match on paper, but WWE should be starving you of Bryan and Punk, since we’ve seen them in singles matches 6+ times in 3 months. Punk is also the same guy who has been in a drinking angle and stuck in an AJ Lee storyline since this year started.

If WWE RAW was a movie AJ would be brushing her hair, Punk would come in. She’d try to kiss him, he’d say no She’d take her brush break the mirror. Yell at him. She’d then cut herself once and say you will love me! He can say no put that down …okay? She’d cut herself, wince in pain, tear up say it again, why don’t you love me? He’d explain then she’d cut again until he finally kissed her and she’d cry and they’d go find an EMT … together. Then she’d become his project to fix.

Then…. Daniel Bryan can get on Punk’s case. Why did he let her do that? You’re a man, you could have stopped her! You just had to give in and kiss her and she wouldn’t have done that. It’s your fault she did that. Then later Kane can stop by the ambulance / EMTs and tell them take a walk. Then Kane can say those cuts hurt don’t they… she says yeah… then he says good… then walks away laughing.

It can still be PG… just don’t show what she does with the mirror. Its not in view of the camera. Just show their upper halves. Then a week later Kane can call out AJ and ask how she’s healing if she’s scarred… like him. Join him and together they can be a pair of freaks.

Kane will keep talking… I’ve realized you and I are exactly alike. We’re both unwanted. Neither Daniel or Punk want you. Neither did I. We both like pain… Take my hand AJ and I’ll bring pain to everyone that brought it to us. Through their pain and suffering, I’ll make you feel better. They walk off hand in hand or someone will stop them asking did that just happen? and Kane will chokeslam that person.

Since Sheamus doesn’t have any on screen friends, ADR needs to start breaking arms in and out of the ring. Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Santino, Ted Dibiase, Drew McIntyre, heels, faces, it doesn’t matter, start breaking them 2 in each show. Until finally ADR puts the cross arm breaker on a woman, let’s say Alicia Fox. Then Sheamus appears, ADR bolts, then distracts him for Ricardo, but Sheamus no sells and puts out Ricardo. ADR can cut a final promo about the arms he’s broken and how will Sheamus lift his title… with a broken arm. ADR was an Olympic wrestler, drives beautiful cars and gets beautiful women. Sheamus is a bar brawler, drives a pinto and gets the fattest women of Ireland. That is why Sheamus is so strong from sweeping those porkers off their feet. #porklover

With all of this being said, I think my last rebooking RAW was better, because it lead to better matches.

Rebooking RAW (6/25/12) and making a better Money in the Bank PPV

I want to preface with my thought that WWE RAW was OK. It was good in the way that it was not bad and I’m totally fine with that. It looks like we’re getting Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk and Money in the Bank with former champions Chris Jericho vs John Cena vs Kane vs Big Show. Kind of leading me to believe that Cena will become the first man to win Money in the Bank and lose the title match.

With all that said…. here is my rebooking RAW:

I would have had 1 Money in the Bank with 8 people… 2 of which take themselves out or brawl to the back. Having 1 money in the bank puts heat on the match, but also the man that wins can appear on RAW and Smackdown to tease who he’ll chal…lenge. Then have 10 matches over RAW & Smackdown to qualify for the 8 slots. Heck WWE likes voting so much, have the fans vote who should win #MITBcena. Then the top 8 guys get in or just have it the fastest 8 victories.
You can have those 10 matches on 2 shows putting over the guys and then have 8 more matches on 2 more shows putting over the guys in the Money in the Bank. Jericho can try to form alliances. Big Show can prove he can dominate… when everyone is knocked out he can climb the ladder. Sin Cara and Kofi can high fly into people to make you think Money in the Bank will be worth your money as a spectral. Sure they aren’t in Money in the Bank unless there are two matches, but hey. Zack Ryder can be thrown into it as a fan favorite and Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio can round out the 8 participants.
With the WWE version of money in the bank… I just thing this is 4 guys that have been with WWE alone for 10+ years with zero heat going into it. 20+ world title reigns between them. This is a match that should have been in 2002, not 2012. This is probably the best worked match they could probably have, but not the greatest spectacal.
Also I’d much prefer Cena vs Punk at the PPV. Why? Because it would celebrate 1 year of last year and that means more than another Bryan vs Punk match even if its better. Have Cena go over Otunga, have Dolph go over Heath, have Del Rio go o…ver Brodus and have a 3 way at the end of the night. The winner gets to pick their title shot at Money in the Bank. Cena would pick next week to face Punk. Punk can say do we really want to do this again? I beat you last year. Then when you won, you left the company and held out for more money while I’ve always been here. You say you’re the best in the world, but I’m the guy here proving it every week. I took out Brock, Big Show and the one guy you said you’d take out and that’s John Laurenitus. What makes you think you’re the best in the world when I’m the one main eventing? Then CM can shoot on him and probably not rekindle anything from last year, but more of a cash in and they can probably do some interesting promos with a 2 week build.
As for Dolph & Del Rio & Sheamus, the Dolph vs Del Rio contract on a pole match was the best it could have been, if it wasn’t so pointless at the end… it would make more sense to have one of the contenders get a victory heading into the match so if anything Dolph over Slater and Del Rio over Brodus. Both guys would have 2 victories going into their 3 way. Then do the 3 way at the PPV with 3 weeks of build instead of a moment before their title match this week.
Then on top of that last idea. Dolph needs to get one over on Sheamus. Have Dolph put a sleeper or rear naked choke on Sheamus and then Del Rio can do the arm bar to him at the same time.
I’m no fan of Sheamus vs Dolph vs Del Rio. I’d rather see Sheamus vs Kane. Well I’d rather not see either of them.

Then get AJ a title shot at the PPV by…. backstage AJ tells Kane. I’ll win my match just for you…. then reveal its Kane. Then she says I’d really like it if you were there for me. AJ goes out and wins a title shot against… Alicia Fox …or someone using some submission that would effect the champion Layla. Whatever Layla was just out for a knee make AJ’s submission a knee lock. Kane doesn’t come out. AJ cheats then uses the submission for the win. AJ keeps the hold on way too long and Layla comes running down and beats up AJ, who then says Kane help me please! So Kane comes out and choke slams Layla out of action for a month. Kane is banned from having matches for a month. AJ starts an unofficial reign as the top diva with a giant behind her. Just incase she ever dares to lose. AJ can have a match against someone else at the PPV and have the title shot 2 PPVs from now.
That idea could also get Kane matches. CM comes out… you don’t do that to women we love women… Bingo match. Sheamus runs out to kick a mans ass that choke slammed a woman. Bingo. Match. If WWE or USA Network doesn’t want to have any man against women violence (like Spike TV), then  Kane put his hand around someone and almost choke slam her, but thank goth Sheamus arrived!!!!
It would put heat on AJ’s matches. The divas could say how could you ever love that thing…. you know Kane AJ doesn’t really love you, she’s just using you since she’s too small and weak for the division. Referee says… Kane you’re banned from ringside for this match! Imagine the mixed tags. Oh and the best part to all of this is… even when she has Kane, she can still mess with Bryan and Punk… for dumping her.
Brodus lost this week to the Big Show, but in my world they’d be unbeatable until they face each other. Kind of like you know one of them will lose. You’re paying to see one of them lose. I’d have Ryback destroy him with feats of wow he can lift Brodus. Then have Brodus stretchered out to put heat on Ryback for killing a teddy bear. And yes Ryback can build by killing low end guys that aren’t 1 time jobbers.
TO FILL OUT MONEY IN THE BANK PAY PER VIEW Then I guess to fill out the TLC card have Lord Tensai vs Santino with a comedy build. Cody vs Christian with a normal build. Oh and the tag titles… Kofi and Killings can lose the tag titles to the Prime Time Players by way of their manager helping them cheat to gain the titles. Then have them defend the belts against someone at the pay-per-view. I’m thinking Camacho & Hunico.. Someone can step up to take on AJ for Layla’s honor.
So… looking at Money in the Bank we just hammered out:
AJ LEE vs LAYLA ALI (or friend of Layla)