Idea for the WWE Network that could be the American Idol of Wrestling

TNA has its Gut Check, which is all fine, well and crazy when it has potential stars lose then try to look like a winner the next week. I have pitched several show ideas around on forums, but I think I have a winner.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and has 2 matches on it with a winner at the end of each episode. Mick Foley is the host along with three judges. The catch is that both matches per episode are conducted between two friends instead of strangers or rivals. They work together against one another to put on the best match possible and judges critique them, but at the end of each episode, have the judges reveal who they felt had the better match. The judging is on the match, not who won or who lost in that match. The match as a whole is judged. Each match gets 5 minutes to either cut a promo with a match or just have a match with no promo or a promo afterward. The bottom line is each ‘segment’ (match and or promo) gets 5 minutes.

Here’s an example:
Worker A vs Worker B
Worker C vs Worker D
End of show >> Worker A vs Worker B had the better segment, so they will appear in a future episode.

Winners would return like in a tournament. They would go up tier after tier. 8 episodes would have 32 workers competing. The 16 winners from those first 8 episodes come back to do 4 more episodes. So you see the same match 2x… but participants can work a storyline into things. It continues down to 2 episodes with the same match 3x like the conclusion of a feud and then the hour long finale. This would make for 15 episodes per season.

Even though each episode is 30 minutes long, have 2 episodes back to back for a full hour of entertainment. However, with only 15 episodes, the season will be over in 8 short weeks.

Contestants would send in tapes of their previous work and even have tryouts to make sure they can wrestle and they won’t just get on TV to sing and dance for their 5 minutes of fame. If anything the judges can just throw out the match or segment.

What is in it for the contestants? Money… fame… exposure… to be seen by the WWE and have them critique what would probably be your best match since its with another worker that you bring with you.

The twist in the final episode is that there can only be one winner out of your pairing. I don’t mean a shoot to the death or anything, but judges pick the best worker out of the winning pair. Have them cut promos on one another for all the money at the end. If its money, they’ll shoot down their friend that helped them get to the end.

What are your thoughts?


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