WWE should hold open tryouts and offer free training to those that make it in order to saturate the wrestling industry

A few days ago I posted a blog about how the WWE can beef up the wrestling industry and itself by having 4 developmental territories and other ideas. But now I have a blog about how the WWE can beef up the wrestling industry and itself by offering free training to select people. With the rise of UFC and MMA coupled with the death of WCW it seems like interest to be a pro wrestler is dwindling.

I really think WWE needs to start up open tryouts to get trained. Let’s say start in New York City, have open tryouts, go to gyms, soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields tell everyone show up for a chance at free wrestling training. You will get guys of all sorts of shapes and sizes with athletic backgrounds or a desire to wrestle or at least get in the door. Giant football players looking for something in the off season, short chubby guys with tha passion to be a wrestler, soccer players looking for cash, baseball players wanting to be local stars. Let’s say at a bare minimum open tryouts net you 100 – 1,000 people.

Then out of that 100 – 1,000 people pick 25 of them to train for X amount of time. However long it takes to train wrestlers. Just train them for free not as an investment, call it a loss to improve the industry. Don’t have eliminations like Tough Enough, but rain them a full period of time or until they quit or fail. If someone quits or fails early on, give a call to an alternate.

Since everyone is trained for X amount of time without being eliminated you get a graduating class of wrestlers. The WWE doesn’t have to give them contracts, but they just gradate like any other class. But think of it this way let’s say 10 of them graduate, you have 10 WWE trained workers set out into the wrestling industry who will go back home or to their local promotion and wrestle. Perhaps in 10 years after you’ve trained the guy he makes it into the WWE, then in 3 years he becomes a top tier champion. Just like Daniel Bryan who was trained by WWE wrestler, Shawn Michaels and worked his way through Ring of Honor and other companies in 10 years to make it to the WWE.

Then in 6 months, you do another training school in Los Angeles, then Chicago, then Toronto, then Tampa, then Seatle, then Houston. Another 100 –  1,000 potentials to get 25 in a class to get graduates to be released into the wrestling world. That is 50 a year with WWE training by assumingly the best of the best. 50 guys, that’s enough for 2 small wrestling companies. 2 small wrestling companies that these workers would get experience and they’d maintain day jobs and the best part is they’d be getting better on someone else’s dime… unless of course they are given developmental deals.

Perhaps one of these 50 workers might even go on to be a wrestling promotor and open a company of their own if there are no promotions in their area.

There is a WWE network coming up soon and they need TV shows, make 2 teams, let’s say team Booker T and team Bill Demott. Have one team in one house, and another team in the house next door. The in house drama would spice things up to make it watchable if you don’t want to do a straight up training show. Have team challenges like tug of war or find 2 college wrestlers on the team and have them go at it for team pride. Or just do a straight up training show with 25 guys. Heck have a where are they now show in 2 years for the graduates still in wrestling. You’ll find some interesting stories when you showcase normal people.

With the training school touring like MTV’s Real World being in different cities it will draw in regional people like having the school half a hear for New York City, you’d draw in people from all over the tri-state area if not the nation. There are people dying for oppertunities like this that I’m sure WWE knows from Tough Enough. People willing to drop everything to be trained by WWE. Heck guys even looking to get noticed by the #1 company on the planet.

All of this is dry statistics, but with 50 guys trained per year in promotions either WWE owned developmental or not it will result in some interesting angles. If a WWE trained guy goes into a small promotion he could be the big fish, the blue chipper, the hand picked WWE trained guy that will be a giant star in such a little promotion and he can let everyone know it until some face topples him. If the WWE trained guys get into a developmental company for the WWE, you can have a guy that on paper who looks good and came from football torn down by a short pudgy guy that grew up wanting to wrestle and how it was his life long dream and he’s gonna run that chizzled football player out of the company before he embarasses the sport just because he got free WWE training when the short guy had to pay his hard earned money living in his car, working 3 jobs just to afford training.

More trained workers means more people in the wrestling industry. Having the WWE pedigree leads to great angles either on WWE TV or not. Having more pro wrestlers also creates a demand for more small promotions like there were 10 years ago. It will only bennefit the wrestling industry to saturate it with workers who perhaps never realized they wanted to wrestle or couldn’t afford it. Perhaps the WWE doesn’t want guys who didn’t work 3 jobs to make ends meet and pay for wrestling school or maybe WWE just doesn’t want to micro manage like that.


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