What to do now that Hornswaggle was revealed to be WWE’s RAW GM

So this past week on WWE RAW, Santino Morella of all people found out that Hornswaggle has been the anonymous GM of RAW. A storyline that has been dead for a full year. It was just thrown out there with very little build to it all show. So now what?

Next week Jericho or someone comes out and yells at Hornswaggle… you made me do X Y Z when you were the GM all along. Jericho punts or beats down Hornswaggle. Then Santino, Brodus or FINLEY comes out to defend Hornswaggle. Bam. Match. Then next month they can do the same thing. In fact even have Santino, Brodus or Finley get the feel good win of the night… but then get beaten down and setup a rematch at the next pay-per-view where the heel can go over.

Hornswaggle is a prop to get heat and as an anonymous GM I’m sure he did plenty of things that heels could mention to result in a match. In fact even if someone gets done with their feud with Hornswaggle…. months later to build a standard TV match a heel can cut a promo saying how someone said to him the other day remember when the anonymous GM did this or did that? I’d challenge you to a match Hornswaggle if I didn’t know there’s no victory in beating a midget. So find someone to fight for you and I’ll kick your ass after the match.

Just randomly bring it up whenever you want. Hornswaggle doesn’t need to accompany anyone to the ring like a manager, he just needs defenders. Chances are that defender will be Fit Finley.


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