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Things I learned from rewatching 1992 WWF Superstars as an Adult

I grew up on Superstars, just before Monday Night RAW debut. I found a stream of old Superstars episodes from 1992 and started watching 3 episodes.

  • Every match lasted 1-2 minutes even with an entrance. They were all squash matches having basic moves with finishers.
  • Families were in the crowd especially kids. It was quite PG.
  • 6 matches per show.
  • The pretaped interviews in all 3 shows were from the same guys. The Mounty, Sid Justice, Beverlies, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Macho Man and so on.
  • When wrestlers cut their promos they talked TO the camera. They were all over the top and intense.
  • People complain about TNA piping in fan reactions. WWF was no better. I hear an astounding ovation for a shoulder butt when everyone is politely sitting down doing nothing.
  • It had to be a much better time to wrestle. Do a 1 minute match and everyone cheers or boos at you instead of modern wrestling where even job matches have to be 4 minutes and entrances take a minute or two.
  • This is total ADD TV. Bright flashy colors. Nothing lasts more than a minute not even promos. The Funeral Parlor segments are the exception.
  • Superstars didn’t sell anything for jobbers. There were a few matches where the jobber didn’t get any offense.
  • Virgil had a 5 star Superstars match (by jobber standards) with someone… all because Virgil sold and let his opponent have an offense.
  • I think they must have taped 3 or 4 episodes. The fans had to sit through 24  1 minute matches.
  • I love the fact they have the WWF newsroom for lack of a better term. It makes me think of the commercials that try to con people into thinking they’re watching a news program. That way morons can say I saw product X on the news it must be a fact.
  • A lot of this felt like pretend. Their gimmicks, the backdrops over a blue screen. Oddly enough that’s okay.