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Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (episode 4 Sampson Stretchered)

To start with, this will forever be the Sampson Stretcher job. Many people have been asking me if its legit or not… well it was filmed 6 months ago…. so the answer is no.

Anyway this is the 4th episode (of 5) of Micro Championship Wrestling. This week’s biggest show ever is in Atlanta, Georgia. Hulk wanted the minis to step it up and work on their promos. So they worked on their promos while driving in the RV on their way to the show. BUT THEY NEVER CUT PROMOS AT THE SHOW. Wow. Maybe they just didn’t show it.

Justice cut a solid promo. The fat lady midget cut a meh promo that everyone loved. Trixie didn’t even cut a promo. She’s shit. Can’t wrestle, can’t talk, but hey she’s a blodge midget and men love sex with people that make their penis look big. Then Jersey Jess cut a pretty good promo.

Johnny G had a brilliant idea by having some Atlanta street rappers teach the minis how to cut promos and ShortSleeve Sampson cut a battle rap right then and there. It always amazes me how generic battle raps are. Like these rapers all have the raps in their mind already because they’ve done it dozens of times. Anyway, Sampson’s rap was good and he challenged Blixx who just walked away.

Wow this midget Blixx what a piece of shit. He’s really shown me nothing from the wrestling clips. However, he’s a giant ego and it makes the show more watchable, because he’s a giant prima-dona.

So this fucker Blixx works a deal with his friend in Atlanta owns a bar to get payback on Sampson. Blixx, Sampson and Justice go to this bar… and the owner of the bar wants to make them a deal for the 3 of them to wrestle in his bar. Sampson talks the guy into paying each of them a few hundred to wrestle in his bar….

Let’s look at the logistics of this… a few hundred dollars for 3 guys. That comes out to a minimum of $600… for 3 guys to wrestle a 10-15 minute match at the most Oh and possibly mess up the place. Oh yeah that sounds real. Well its either pay $50- $500 for a band to play 2-6 hours in a night or have 3 midgets wrestle for 10-15 minutes for 10x more. Ugggg…. Anyway, we won’t see this match until the main event of the episode.

Hogan hypes this venue as legendary… I’ve never heard of it, nor do I remember what it is, but hey whatever. So to sell out this GIANT arena, they need to do publicity. Brian Knobbs makes it seem like he can handle it. So Johnny G prints him off some fliers and MCW is hooked up to do a radio show for publicity.

Radio deal fell through… And Knobbs lost the fliers and the master copy of the flier. So then the midgets had to dumpster dive… yet Knobbs wasn’t there… whatever.

Anyway, they had a graphic showing that the venue was 70% full. It looked like this place could fit maybe 500 people at the most. Let’s look at the logistics of this… they had no promotion yet they still drew a 70% crowd. That’s some damn good promotion by the venue itself! Why even bother promoting if you still get 70% full.

Uh… there were match clips, but who cares, this is a reality show!

Now to the main event… Blixx, Justice and Sampson in a bar working a match. The whole setup to this was Blixx wanted payback on Sampson for something from 5 years ago. 5 years ago? He’s harbored it that long… Anyway in the clips of this match Blixx and Sampson never touched…

Instead it was everyone fighting with Justice who coincidentally won with a pile driver. Justice hit a shitty looking piledriver on Sampson on the floor. Sampson said he couldn’t feel his legs… that’s bullshit, it was a safe piledriver. So then EMTs get called in.

Blixx goes to the hostpital with Sampson. Its all a good cliffhanger ending for what will turn out to be nothing. Fake reality show… Its a total mockery of pro wrestling. How the hell can this midget promotion with 8 workers draw 500 people for a show that will probably last 30 minutes at the most??? How? Where the hell is their championship belt that Demo won on the first episode? Where is the home base arena that they set up on the first episode. Was the first episode supposed to be the final episode? Did they air them out of order?

What a terrible television series… that only has 5 episodes! They really sold a network on a 5 episode show? Or is this just part A of season 1 and we’ll have part B in Springtime. Which would be BS, because this show was filmed in spring of 2011.



Watching NXT and finding faults it shouldn’t have (and how to fix them)

In 20 minutes into watching NXT and I’ve only seen 1 NXT guy and 5 pros. Maybe that’s for better matches and better promos… but 2 segments in… there is ZERO crowd heat. No one cheers, no one knows the pros.

That’s a big problem. Not just the only problem. Since this is a net show showcasing rookies it should suck… but this sucks on a different level.

It kicked off with JTG and a “rookie” the toilet brush. JTG cut down the fans and the fans had no reaction even when being insulted. Now that was sad. I actually say the toilet brush rookie he was with (formerly CM Punk’s rookie in season 2) is better known than JTG. Terrible segment that went on for 8 minutes. A match is setup later.

This match should have had heat. Jinder punched in Yoshi’s teeth on a different episode… which should have been shown before this match. This was a squash match when they should really be showing off Yoshi’s high-flying and still have Jinder win.

William Regal (on commentary) explained a real life story that he was at Jinder’s christening 25 years ago! Wow! That’s crazy if its true.

Yep they sure were…

Wow they changed poor Percy. Now he looks like everyone else only black. There is nothing that makes him stand out. His attire is devoid of color and flair. Maybe it was some on air thing where they stripped him down.

Where is Tyson Kidd’s rookie? His rookie was eliminated, but the rookie still needs to be there. Speaking of rookies… Darren Young’s (toilet brush) pro is Chavo Guerrero who was released from the WWE. JTG’s rookie was eliminated so they must have teamed up. Where was Percy’s pro??? Is Percy a pro himself? If he’s a pro then why is another pro vs pro match on NXT?

This was probably Tyson Kidd’s best match in the past year. It made him look like a star by jobbing out Percy Watson. The one thing I got from Percy is he jumps high… so does Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin. It’s like a check box for black athletes.

Yawn. He has the look of a young Rock. He says that tonight marks his return to greatness. This probably should have been before his match, but whatever.

Lets recap before we start this… 2 rookies, 6 pros. According to the WWE there are 3 rookies left. 1 of which is Darren Young. The others are Titus ONeil who was backstage with AJ for 1 minute and the last rookie to still be on the show is Derrick Burkman, who is Daniel Bryan’s pro. Daniel Byran is someone this whole show can be built around. Out of everyone he actually feels like a star. He’s been with the company 2 years, he can wrestle, the fans get behind him, but he’s not here… so whatever.

The main event was around 10 minutes long and had the fans interested. The right team won… and afterward 2 more pros jumped them to quickly close the show.

Its like the WWE is swimming backward. WWE has this show for rookies, yet they only had 2 rookies (if Percy isn’t a pro). Only 1 of the rookies had not been eliminated. They should have all of the finalist rookies getting victories on this show to build them headed into the finale. Job out the guys who have been eliminated. Don’t have current WWE “stars” go over them. Once they get integrated into Smackdown or RAW (or Superstars) have them do jobs to the WWE stars. This is NXT and the pros can dominate their show on WWE Superstars (online).

WWE should keep that in mind for next season, but the WWE will do what it wants and bury guys they’re trying to make.

Since there is zero crowd heat, NXT needs a star to tie everything together. Like a host. Jim Ross comes to mind. He can be the guy everyone pays attention to so there is a crowd reaction. He can have in ring interviews. It’s either that or have a wrestler host or have a weekly guest host to make it interesting. CM Punk hosts one week. John Cena hosts another, Christian hosts another. This would pop the Internet ratings and by pop I mean 500 extra views and it will get people paying attention. That superstar would take a hit considering he doesn’t get his 1st appearance pop on Smackdown and he might feel stale before he appears on Smackdown.

2 Ways to Beef Up TNA X-Plosion while Unclogging TNA Impact (making room for more in ring and less backstage)

TNA has this problem (and I have a solution)… it does 2 TV episodes per TV taping. TNA Impact is a 2 hour show on Spike TV with 30 minutes of commercials. That leaves 90 minutes to fill the show. That’s fine, but the problem is that there are 2 episodes taped making for a 3 hour per show… then on top of that is TNA’s B-show X-Plosion. On X-Plosion there is an exclusive match. The segment for that one match seems to last 10 minutes and there are 2 X-Plosion matches at each TV taping. Making for 20 extra minutes on top of 3 hours… to compensate… TNA has plenty of backstage angles otherwise each TV taping would be almost 3 hours and 30 minutes..

These backstage angles are a big part of complaints, but they have to be done… but I think I can unclog 20 minutes of the TNA TV tapings which hopefully would mean 10 less minutes of backstage segments on TNA Impact.

That’s the problem, now here are two solutions that will unclog TNA Impact and beef up TNA X-Plosion.

I propose that TNA X-Plosion gets its own TV taping. 1 TV taping a month makes 4 TV episodes. On top is a non-televised main event (Joe vs Morgan, AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels). That will give the TNA Impact tapings will have an extra 20 minutes to do in ring stuff and less backstage angles.

Orrrrr…. if TNA doesn’t want to devote X-Plosion to have its own TV taping, then take C-level matches from live events (house shows). It would give a different feel to X-Plosion and imagine being able to say this week’s X-Plosion comes from NJ or NY. You could follow the workers around as they explore the town or follow one worker on the road per week. Then for the TV, dub commentary over the matches. Dim the crowd like TNA X-Plosion already dims the crowd. The matches wouldn’t be any different… Shelley vs Doug Williams or Mickie James vs Madison Rayne (real X-Plosion matches).
Both solutions could have more matches on their B show (instead of 1 have 2, then an Impact recap, promos and the Spin Cycle round table).
Oh and to top it off… have the TV championship ONLY defended on X-Plosion. That way its one less title to clutter TNA Impact. The TV champion would look like a big shark in a little pond. He would be the gatekeeper and it would put heat on the TV title.
In fact you could take 16 guys off the main roster who are C or D level guys and put them exclusively on X-Plosion. Guys like Eric Young, Alex Shelley, Kid Kash, Jesse Sauronson, Crimson, Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore, Pope, Devon, Scott Stiener. Keep them off of Impact for 6 months so when they come back its a shock and they feel fresh. Abyss takes 6 months off from Impact so he can become a monster on X-Plosion… dominates everyone then returns to Impact to raise hell. In fact his first program on Impact can be someone that after he loses to Abyss he’s sent to X-Plosion for 6 months. By having X-Plosion as its own show it will take 16 wrestlers out of 45 active wrestlers off of Impact.
Hopefully these ideas can solve two noticeable problems with TNA. Less backstage angles and less championship titles on Impact.

CM Punk tore the space-time continuum (that is sucking the WWE into a black hole)

I propose the idea that CM Punk is making a change… for the worse. Sure it’s probably not his fault (just writing’s), but he pulled the wrestling curtain aside as commentator and in his now infamous promo from July heading into the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV. This was a negative and you’ll soon see why…

As commentator, Punk brought up flaws in WWE’s logic (yet he himself falls into failed logic). He also wore T-shirts from his favorites like Colt Cabanna and Charles Manson. WWE let everything slide… he’s CM Punk. As he did commentary, during John Cena matches Punk would be more protective of his beloved Pepsi can… than calling the match. It was his subtle way of knocking how WWE commentators don’t talk about matches, but rather hype up “what else is tonight.”

Building up to the Money in the Bank PPV, CM Punk had said he’d leave with the WWE title after winning it in his hometown of Chicago. He then cut down the WWE and its management. Punk said John Cena is one of the things wrong with the WWE as well. He also brought up the name John Laurenitus… which has never been mentioned on WWE television (maybe rarely).

Before Money in the Bank, John Laurenitus was introduced as an on-screen character. He was the right hand man of Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE. He wasn’t a joke of a character like Patterson or Briscoe were in the late 90s.

After CM Punk won the WWE title, he “left” the WWE (only to return to RAW in 8 days), but when he left Vince McMahon was removed from the WWE. Vince is gone from TV (as he is every summer) when his son-in-law HHH took over the WWE‘s day to day operations. Those two things were big… Vince is gone… HHH is back after being gone for 6+ months. Not only is he back, but he runs the WWE since he is Vince’s son-in-law and all (figure out how he outranks Vince’s own daughter Stephanie).

With HHH back, the anonymous GM disappeared RAW… thankfully, but John Laurenitus was never revealed as the anonymous GM. In fact no one was revealed to be the anonymous GM. Since it was an anonymous GM, no one really noticed the disappearance.

To top off that craziness… but CM Punk was the WWE champion when he returned… but so was John Cena who had won the title from Rey Mysterio Jr the same night Rey won the WWE title to conclude an 8 man tournament. 2 men with 1 title. It’s like an alternate universe where CM Punk never existed… yet he does exist with the WWE title.

To unify the 2 belts back into 1, HHH made himself referee in a match with CM Punk vs John Cena. After CM Punk unified the championships, Kevin Nash made his shocking return after a 6+ month absence from the WWE. Before that 6+ month absence it was a 5+ year absence.

With Kevin Nash back… he was soon “fired.” Meanwhile, John Laurenitus and HHH struggle for HHH’s company. As those two struggled, former main eventers R-Truth and Miz started talking about a conspiracy in the WWE… yet those two were the only two aligned. In other words HHH is his own man, CM Punk is his own man, John Lauranitus was his own man, Nash was his own man, but R-Truth and Miz are aligned and conspiring…

A PPV where every match was a championship match was headlined by a non-title match that had HHH vs CM Punk for the WWE… No DQ. A suit wearing owner of the WWE vs a guy who looks like a short order cook. There’s nothing wrong with that, until you lay out how they got here.

Headed into the Night of Champions PPV, CM Punk was set to have a match with Kevin Nash until he got fired… he also cut a promo that was so inside I’m not sure the kids at home watching RAW knew what was going on. They called each other Phil and Paul. That’s like if the guys on the TV show X-Files started calling each other Jillian and David.

The WWE clearly painted themselves into a corner with this one, if HHH lost he’d lose the company, but if Punk lost… the WWE would exit the black hole. So R-Truth and Miz interfered… that way they’d take the fall for the WWE not giving a clean finish with a match that had big consequences.

R-Truth & Miz were “fired” the next night. After they faced CM Punk who teamed with John Cena. John Cena who is the man who CM Punk called out and said he’s one of the things wrong with the WWE. A man that he faced 3x and beat (before their 4th match where Nash distracted Punk).

– Vince ran the WWE
– No John Laurenitus
– John Cena holds the WWE title
– R-Truth on the roster
– Miz on the roster
– Kevin Nash NOT on active roster
– HHH NOT on active roster

– Vince fired
– John Laurenitus is there (a man in a speaking role who can barely speak)
– John Cena HOLDS THE WWE TITLE (changed hands 6 times in 2 months)
– R-Truth fired
– Miz fired
– Kevin Nash fired
– HHH runs the WWE

Is the WWE better or worse?

How TNA can save money, sell more tickets, get higher ratings and make more money

Call me cheap, but I think that TNA can save money by letting go of high-priced talent like Sting, Hogan, Angle, RVD, Scott Stiener, Ken Anderson, Flair and others. Sure it would hurt letting them go, but sometimes its for the best. Letting go of the guys who have been at the top of the company for a few years. But in reality, have those guys drew ratings? TNA gets an average rating of 1.1 per week. Nothing seems to move the needle.

Sting vs Ric Flair garnered a 1.2 rating for the entire show built around that match. Maybe if they did a 1.5 I’d say keep Sting. Rumor is that Spike TV pays for a lot of the high-priced talent, when Spike TV should probably be paying TNA that high price to keep TNA on the network.

By my calculations TNA will always get a 1.1 no matter what. New ECW got 1.1. NXT got 1.1… 1.1 its the bottom of the barrel. Which is why I’ve always said… cut the high price talent… except for 2 high pricers, lets say Angle (who has problems) and RVD (who doesn’t want to be there) and build up young guys (and probably cheaper). Then in a year. Rotate the big price talent out and replace them with 2 other guys.That would at least help the company keep costs down where they are self-sufficient.

Now here’s how TNA can sell more tickets (while still keeping costs down)… When TNA does house shows and tours around lets say to  North Carolina… they can call up big name locals like Jeff Hardy and Ric Flair to ask them, “How would you guys like $1,000 to appear?” That way TNA isn’t spending $50,000+ a year on them. They’d get the hometown pop and you might sell 500 extra tickets for the  home towners. 500 x $10 = $5,000 … payment enough. Plus since these high-priced names aren’t on TV, they’ll feel special for appearing on the house shows.

Also… plug these big names will be at house shows to sell more tickets.

This idea of cutting high-priced talent wouldn’t affect the TNA Impact tapings, because chances are they’ll always fill the 1,000 seat arena and get their 1.1 rating, even with AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Christopher Daniels, KAZ, Abyss, Austin Aries, James Storm, and fresh faces from the US and Mexico. TNA tickets are always free even if the Universal Studios park tickets are $60 – $80. That park will always be full and so will the Impact Zone.

If the high-priced talent is cut and you’re left with home-grown talent, it will be full of fresh guys never seen anywhere else and fans will watch TNA Impact to see what they do, so the audience will grow with them. Fans will buy TNA PPVs, TNA T-Shirts and TNA DVDs to see home-grown talent in their prime. However, pushing former WWE, WCW and ECW guys, the fans end up thinking… I’ve seen this guy or that guy in the WWE, ECW or WCW and they’ll end up popping in old WWE DVDs to see the guys in their prime and wearing their old wrestling T-shirts instead of buying yours.

You can also try giving the fans what they want. People watch wrestling shows because of the wrestling right? I say have 15 minute main events… but since TNA films 2-3 episodes per TV taping, maybe they can’t have all the in-ring action because than a 4 hour wrestling card is a bit much to sit through.

Oh and book match finishes that a 5-year-old can understand, because if you can’t explain it to a 5-year-old people won’t like the main event. That’s not insulting a person’s intelligence by saying a 5-year-old needs to understand it. Let me explain it like this… if I tell you first X interferes, then Y interferes, then brass knucks were used, then someone went for a pin in a submission match, then the ref got knocked out, then Hogan ran out, then a new ref came out, then the old ref woke up and then they double pinned.  That’s a lot to happen in one match. Heck that’s a lot to happen in 1 SHOW!

If people hear about good matches, word of mouth will spread. Then if you give the 15 minute main eventers 20 – 30 minutes on PPV… you’ll get people watching and talking positively about TNA PPVs.

Plus TNA’s 50/50 booking of everyone. Your TNA champions lose to Gunner heading into a PPV doesn’t make me want to watch your PPVs and I love TNA. The 50/50 method is good for midcarders, but main eventers need to be 80/20 going over midcarders and upper tier talent while feuding with other tip top guys. The 80/20 method will make you look at AJ and Roode as top guys instead of seeing them equal to everyone else. Pick your 4 top guys and build the company around them.

If someone gets released from the WWE and you need the feeling of snatching up their star that they just lost… bring them on for a brief 3 months (unless they’re unwilling), then feed the ex-WWE guys to your TNA champions and work them down the card. TNA champion > anyone from the WWE. In TNA ( Anyone in TNA > Anyone in WWE ). You know that in the WWE it would be ( Anyone in WWE > Anyone in TNA ). Your guys are stars. AJ Styles is a star. Robert Roode is a star. KAZ is a star. Christopher Daniels is a star. Abyss is a star. James Storm is a star. Let me put it another way. These are your children, they are better than anyone else’s children. Protect your children, make them strong.

Just some thoughts on how TNA can save money, sell more tickets and get higher ratings and make more money.

Thoughts on TNA Impact headed into the PPV (9-8-11)

There were a few things evident last night… such as no Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan was literally tacked on terribly. They really need to push all of their matches. Promos even, vignettes… anything! Even if these TV shows are taped 2 shows at a time and they can’t do everything in the ring, have pretapes for the TV. Seeing as how all these guys may very well have the best matches at the PPV, its dumb to leave them off TV.

The show really put some heat on the final four of the Bound for Glory Series, but that is a mess in and of itself. The BFG series is clearly a sham with some workers having more matches than others. Hopefully next year they can do a round robin style series with 1 on 1 matches with 5 or 6 matches per week (house shows included).

They put heat on Gunner as a wildcard in the tournament, because I’m sure no one gives him a chance, so he won the final four-way. Bully Ray, Storm and Roode all cut fiery promos. Storm’s promo wasn’t the best saying Bully Ray and the big names can’t draw… which they can’t but his match is against Gunner… who is not a big name.

The tournament itself might end up being a draw with the tie breaker on TNA Impact… which could happen more than Gunner winning. I expect Roode to win… or they can have James Storm win it then at the PPV, have Angle cripple Storm only to have revenge fuel his tag team partner Robert Roode who will earn the next title shot and then get the belt. Then when James comes back he can go through Angle to get the #1 contendership and get a title shot and go into the match as 2 faces for 1 belt. It would draw. 2 men, the top tag team forced to do battle for TNA’s greatest prize.

RVD should have called out Lynn instead of going into the bathroom. RVD would have looked more like a man and then JL could say what he said in the bathroom. They’d feed off the crowd. Ask the crowd things like… If you’ve been making some…one else look good for years wouldn’t you wonder why your paycheck isn’t as big and why he gets the promotions? RVD would wonder… if you’re the guy that everyone pays to see, why shouldn’t you get the big money? Being in front of the crowd might put heat on the match. Then they brawl, then a match is booked.

But since they didn’t do that… people will think JL was in the bathroom. Way to go. To defend TNA, they only have so much time in front of a crowd filming 2 episodes on one show.

Kendrick looked great in a suit… too bad he’s bat shit crazy underneath. He threw the belt down as a material possession… Dumbass. I hope he loses it, because gold was made by god so having it makes you closer to mother Earth or whatever. Anyway, I hope Aries wins the title so Kendrick and Eric Young can battle over the TV title in comedy matches.

Anderson got his rematch against Kurt Angle. It was probably one of Anderson’s best matches of the past few months. Anderson is a guy that is so basic in the ring. Like he just goes through the motions. Now at the PPV, its Sting vs Angle vs Anderson. To be honest… I had no idea they were building tot his match. It should have been obvious to me, but it wasn’t. So strange… Maybe if I cared it would be good.

There are only 3 active tag teams… they need to get some more guys into the tag division and drop the TV title all together. There’s no heat for the Tag Title match other than maybe D-Von and Pope and their shitty storyline that ruins all of their matches. These two guys could be a good tag team if it weren’t for the stupid story interrupting their matches. Heck maybe these two guys could be a good tag team if they stop arguing and just wrestle. If wrestling matters… then have them wrestle. Pope can be put over in the tag team.

He closed the show, when he should have been a footnote. Is he even on the PPV? I read he might take on Jeff Jarrett. Like all addicts, he had puppy dog eyes and wanted his next chance. How about earning it? I’ve been in relationships with addicts and really when you give them another chance, you’ve already lost to them! They need to work to get their chance. Put a carrot in front of Hardy that will make him work. Put him in the dog house a year … like probation. Then maybe when he’s good and ready you can put him back on TV again.

Hardy should actually take on Sting and have that match free on TV to make up for the match he blew trying to scratch and claw his way to victory in his 30 second match. Terrible. I have already posted another rant on this guy.

This match was added to the PPV after the TV. They NEED to have Kash cutting promos on this kid like he did for his post match interview. Post them on the TNA website. That post match interview with Kash was awesome. I’d love to hear more and they might go viral. Think of it TNA. Eyeballs!

That poor MMA guy having to commentate for this comedy match. Good job TNA. At least the TNA title was defended on TV in the ring for the first time in 3 months. Shouldn’t this guy have been stripped of the belt 2 months ago? If I didn’t have one of my employees show up for 3 months I’d fire him. TNA needs another TV show to need a TV title. Until then, discontinue it.

As for Big Rob Terry… uh he was used wisely. He should be a bodyguard… I guess.

I think we’ve got all of our titles covered on free TV. Uh… Winter got her win back against Mickey James. It should be their last match on the PPV until Velvet Skye gets a title shot at their biggest PPV of the year. All of their ducks are in a row.

Either I’m forgetting them … or TNA is. Isn’t Flair’s match against Sting for Flair’s career? Sure he’s retired a lot, but shouldn’t this be a big deal? Where were they? Did I forget them or did TNA?

How TNA can still make money off Jeff Hardy and still punnish him

Jeff Hardy is coming back to TNA despite his drug problems and the fact that he messed up PPV main events in the past. They seem to want to tell an addict got his act together and got better. It’s a Cinderella story sure… but if I were forced to make use of Jeff, here’s how I would do things…When Jeff comes back, I’d hype him returning. Then when he returns, have him get his pop and have him say what he needs to and the pop will be HUGE! Film it… but not air it.. yet… Then have him in a match that night. On TV he’d be thrown out cold… no entrance, he’d just be in the ring… so that way the fan’s pop will have died down once the crowd gets settled. There’s all your hype of his return he’s in the ring. He does the job clean to Sting in the match that was supposed to be at the PPV.You can give him a good match, but Sting goes over clean.Then I’d make him into nothing… He would be irrelevant. I wouldn’t use him on TV (unless contractually obligated). But I would have him exclusively on house showsand maybe dark matches. People will pay to see him… it would bump the house show, but then never have him on TV again.Fans will follow Jeff Hardy. Fans will look in the ticker at the bottom of the screen when I show house show matches Jeff Hardy vs AJ. Jeff Hardy vs Daniels. Jeff Hardy vs Kendrick. His die-hard fans will see his name and those fans will purchase tickets to house shows… especially when they realize… that’s the only way to see Jeff Hardy. I will crush their hero and I will laugh because it won’t matter to them. They saw Jeffrey Hardy in the ring and paid for tickets.Promote his merchandise… but not him. His fans will always be behind him and I’d just like to abuse that fact.

Then after 6 or 12 months… when he’s cleaned up his act for real, bring him back to TV and tell that Cinderella story. Show his appology on TV that he made a year before. Have him in TV matches. Then he can make even more money, because people will be starved of him. Plus my idea prevents backlash against the company from guys like Samoa Joe and MVP that lose week in and week out.

If he never cleans up his act… then he’ll stay in dark matches and house shows.