Exploring the idea of WWE’s Mark Henry with the heavyweight championship

The short answer is NEVER. The long answer is yes. Mark Henry is very limited in the ring. He’s a giant man without much personality. For those reasons he shouldn’t ever have any top-level title.

However, Mark Henry has taken out Kane and the Big Show within the past 2 months. They haven’t returned … yet. So I propose that Mark Henry wins the title at Night of Champions… or whatever PPV comes next. With the title, Henry can destroy jobbers left and right using his leverage, weight and strength. He can be this generation’s Yokozuna (with the patriotism reversed, because he’s an American olympian). He can go over jobbers 2 at a time on Smackdown and get a manager to speak for him now that he’s champion (James Cornette with Yoko). Just make sure Tony Atlas isn’t his talker. No one can stop “huge” Henry…

Then Henry goes into Survivor Series and gets hidden in an 8 man elimination tag match against 4 fresh faces. It doesn’t matter who’s on Henry’s team, maybe he can start-up a faction of black heels to be this generations Nation of Domination. What I want are fresh guys. The faces eliminate everyone but Henry, then one by one Henry takes out 3 of the 4 guys until Henry gets pinned by a new challenger. Sheamus? Khali? Ezekiel? Bryan (he can have a title shot before he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot)? Anyone…

December PPV comes around, Mark Henry goes over whoever the challenger (Sheamus) is, but then Kane comes back! Kane will challenge at the Royal Rumble. Then in the Royal Rumble match itself Big Show comes back, but ultimately doesn’t win the match.

Elimination Chamber will make a nightmare for Mark Henry as he defends in a chamber match against Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton, Khali and the winner from Survivor Series Sheamus.

Ultimately Randy Orton wins the chamber match for the heavyweight title and defends it against Daniel Bryan with a 5 star match when he cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot at Mania like he said he would. Meanwhile, Big Show challenges Mark Henry for putting him on the shelf for what would be 6 months.

Unless of course the WWE wants to have “huge” Henry against Daniel Bryan with Bryan going over at Wrestlemania for the title. That would prevent a 1 month title reign from Orton, but make a much worse match on the biggest card of the year.

Come to think of it… Mark Henry doesn’t need the title to do any of what I just said. He can still lose at Night of Champions, not get the belt and still do everything that I just wrote…

On the other hand, Henry has been with the company 15 or so years. Winning a top title could be a small token of appreciation from a company that has put him through everything. He would be the guy to make a new top face when that face topples him. As champion he could also bring in other African-American talent to be his posse that carries out orders for him. Like a 2012 Nation of Domination. Like a ladder of guys for Kane, Big Show, Orton, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to climb before tackling the toughest challenge Mark Henry.


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