TNA wrestling needs Dominos Pizza like commercials

For those that don’t know, here in America, we have Dominos Pizza. This brand of pizza has commercials saying, yeah we know we suck, but this is how we’re getting better and improving ourselves.

The funny thing about these type of commercials showcasing how awful Dominos is the fact this sort of campaign has been running for 5+ years and apparently nothing has gotten better. In TNA wrestling, things haven’t gotten better as a company. The product is cold and so stale, their long time fan favorites have to reinvent themselves. Jeff Hardy is suddenly a neurotic mask wearer and Eric Young has gone from goofy comedy to straight up serious.

For my own amusement, TNA needs Dominos like commercials. Things like we thought it would sell TNA merchandise to have the Knockouts wearing basketball jerseys, but not our merchandise. Other commercials such as, we know it was wrong to have 6 minutes of wrestling in a 120 minute show. Yeah it was stupid to have all of our faces come out one by one to get annihilated by a 3 man heel faction.

But now, things are going to change in TNA. We won’t have silly struggles for power on air. We won’t have the first 30 minutes of all talk not action. This is Total Nonstop Action after all. We’ll put more of a focus on rankings and who is where on their match to the TNA championship without having our wrestlers get bogged down in personal grudges like who is stalking the red headed ring girl this week whether its Christy Hemme or So Cal Val. We as a company have listened and we will get better. If one of our wrestlers thinks something is stupid, they’ll speak up. We will deliver on promises like having consequences and stipulations mean something and follow through on Contract vs Contract matches and give them an actual winner and a loser that means something with a proper build up.

TNA, the #2 wrestling promotion in the world is yours to lose. ROH is on your heels and NXT is right there beside you. I’d argue NXT is a step above TNA right now in my mind.


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