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2 Ways to Beef Up TNA X-Plosion while Unclogging TNA Impact (making room for more in ring and less backstage)

TNA has this problem (and I have a solution)… it does 2 TV episodes per TV taping. TNA Impact is a 2 hour show on Spike TV with 30 minutes of commercials. That leaves 90 minutes to fill the show. That’s fine, but the problem is that there are 2 episodes taped making for a 3 hour per show… then on top of that is TNA’s B-show X-Plosion. On X-Plosion there is an exclusive match. The segment for that one match seems to last 10 minutes and there are 2 X-Plosion matches at each TV taping. Making for 20 extra minutes on top of 3 hours… to compensate… TNA has plenty of backstage angles otherwise each TV taping would be almost 3 hours and 30 minutes..

These backstage angles are a big part of complaints, but they have to be done… but I think I can unclog 20 minutes of the TNA TV tapings which hopefully would mean 10 less minutes of backstage segments on TNA Impact.

That’s the problem, now here are two solutions that will unclog TNA Impact and beef up TNA X-Plosion.

I propose that TNA X-Plosion gets its own TV taping. 1 TV taping a month makes 4 TV episodes. On top is a non-televised main event (Joe vs Morgan, AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels). That will give the TNA Impact tapings will have an extra 20 minutes to do in ring stuff and less backstage angles.

Orrrrr…. if TNA doesn’t want to devote X-Plosion to have its own TV taping, then take C-level matches from live events (house shows). It would give a different feel to X-Plosion and imagine being able to say this week’s X-Plosion comes from NJ or NY. You could follow the workers around as they explore the town or follow one worker on the road per week. Then for the TV, dub commentary over the matches. Dim the crowd like TNA X-Plosion already dims the crowd. The matches wouldn’t be any different… Shelley vs Doug Williams or Mickie James vs Madison Rayne (real X-Plosion matches).
Both solutions could have more matches on their B show (instead of 1 have 2, then an Impact recap, promos and the Spin Cycle round table).
Oh and to top it off… have the TV championship ONLY defended on X-Plosion. That way its one less title to clutter TNA Impact. The TV champion would look like a big shark in a little pond. He would be the gatekeeper and it would put heat on the TV title.
In fact you could take 16 guys off the main roster who are C or D level guys and put them exclusively on X-Plosion. Guys like Eric Young, Alex Shelley, Kid Kash, Jesse Sauronson, Crimson, Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore, Pope, Devon, Scott Stiener. Keep them off of Impact for 6 months so when they come back its a shock and they feel fresh. Abyss takes 6 months off from Impact so he can become a monster on X-Plosion… dominates everyone then returns to Impact to raise hell. In fact his first program on Impact can be someone that after he loses to Abyss he’s sent to X-Plosion for 6 months. By having X-Plosion as its own show it will take 16 wrestlers out of 45 active wrestlers off of Impact.
Hopefully these ideas can solve two noticeable problems with TNA. Less backstage angles and less championship titles on Impact.