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Logical contenders for WWE titles

I’m really late with this, but WWE (and TNA) has this problem where if you want a title shot, just jump the champion! WWE made a stride in the right direction by having a tournament for the #1 intercontinental championship contender. However, it was just done at a time when their world champion needed a contender. How do you build to that match? Attack the champion Daniel Bryan, his wife and so on. Why would Kane be the #1 contender when Kane lost a six man tag at Wrestlemania? Nope no reason at all.THE LOGICAL CONTENDERSThe results of the past Extreme Rules pay-per-view should line up the next pay-per-view’s matches: Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena, who has been the top guy for a decade or so. Daniel Bryan beat Kane. Therefore it should be Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. Sure Daniel Bryan is now out with a neck injury from a tombstone piledriver that was banned by the WWE (way to sell the reason why its banned). I would say give the previous champion, Randy Orton a title shot, other than the fact Randy’s team lost at Extreme Rules.Meanwhile, Wade Barrett captured the intercontinental championship from Big E. As for his contender, I’d like to point out that Ceasaro went over RVD and Jack Swagger in the opening match. On top of that, Ceasaro won the battle royal at WrestleMania XXX. If that doesn’t put him in line for a title shot, I’d say that his manager Paul Heyman is missing a golden opportunity. I’ll mention that while Rusef went over two men, I wouldn’t say that puts him above Ceasaro.Why wouldn’t the Shield qualify to be in any title matches? They’re a three man unit that for two pay-per-views in a row have been in six man tags.So who should face Sheamus for his newly won United States Championship? Well, the previous long running champion Dean Ambrose of course. However, the Shield is on a roll, you can’t really throw them in there, so why not just make a tournament on Smackdown to decide the #1 contender? Sure they just did that, but that’s why there are beat the clock challenges! Its like a one night tournament without having the guys wrestle more than once.As for the tag team champions, the Usos? Well they didn’t even defend their titles on the last pay-per-view so if the WWE doesn’t care, I shouldn’t. Right? No. WWE has plenty of tag teams. The top contenders would surely be the Shield, and two of them should get a title shot, which would fall perfectly with Dean Ambrose vs Shamus, but they’ve been on a 3 man roll and a tag team is sadly just 2 people. Plus the WWE has had the match a lot. So let’s look at the other teams, RybAxel, the Rhodes, Xavier Woods & R-Truth, 3MB, Harper & Rowan, and finally Batista and Orton.From a logical standpoint, Batista and Orton are higher on the card, but alas, they’ve both lost two pay-per-view matches. Sure they could rehab them by destroying other tag teams and going on a mini streak headed into the pay-per-view, but from a winning standpoint, Harper and Rowan were part of what lead the real #1 contender Bray Wyatt to win his match at Extreme Rules against John Cena. Here’s the situation though, its the same problem 2 groups of 3 men. One group of three is more of a unit with equal parts. The other group seems to have a focus on one guy while the other two are just goons.That would make my version of Payback:
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Wade Barrett (BW WB) vs Ceasaro
Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose or the #1 contender coming out of the beat the clock challenge
Usos vs Harper & Rowan or Reigns & Rollins
SETUP NEXT MONTH’S PAY-PER-VIEW THIS MONTHWhew what an ugly card. That’s why you pad it with guys that will make for a better title picture next month. I’d say just by name value the top guys that should be going for the world championship are John Cena, Big Show, Batista, Randy Orton, Kane, ADR. Those would be considered the old guard of former champions, experienced guys that fresh champions should be going over. I would add, Brock Lesnar (the #1 contender coming out of Wrestlemania), HHH or Mark Henry, but I’m not sure about their status as active wrestlers. The only thing you need to think of with these six men is who do you want to see against Daniel Bryan (if he’s not injured) in the pay-per-view after Payback? Not simply who you want to see, but who you want to see him beat. Who is the top guy? I’ll say John Cena, you can say whomever you want, but now who does he go over to get there? Randy Orton is the former champ, but well, he’s kinda got that 6 man feud going with the Shield. Why have the Shield stuck in a six man when they can have titles and be in title matches? That would make for five matches so far.THE UNITED CONTINENTAL TITLE CONTENDERSNow let’s go to the other pool. The midcard pool of wrestlers for the intercontinental and United States championships. You could have the United States championship be a low card title for people like Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins, but honestly, who wants to see that on a pay-per-view. The midcard pool would look something like: Big E, Jack Swagger, RVD, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Damien Sandow, Fandango, Kofi Kingston, the Miz, Sin Cara, Rusev, Santino, Titus and Zack Ryder. I don’t even know if they’re all active or what. You could also dip into the main event pool of Batista, Big Show, ADR and Kane, but really, they’re above these two belts and if they don’t get their chance to shine, then so be it. Again, pick your matches, who do you want to see Sheamus face? I’d go for Big E, Jack Swagger and Rusev, because they’d all match up with Sheamus stylistically and height wise. Put those three in a match to determine the next #1 contender for the United States championship coming out of Payback.From that same pool, its time to decide who should be the #1 contender coming out of Payback for Ceasaro or Wade Barrett. Stylistically, I’d prefer to see Wade against Sheamus, but well Wade is the intercontinental champion. So I’d say RVD, Christian and Kofi can get the best match out of Ceasaro. The intercontinental championship can be the middleweight title with finesse guys instead of the powerhouses.As for the tag team title contenders coming out of Payback, we’d already have 7 matches and traditionally the WWE has 7 matches for pay-per-views, so the preshow can have a match from the tag division. Since I’ve already specified the tag division, I’ll just say the match should have opening level talent. Not your Batista and Ortons, but your Gabriel & Sin Caras. While they’re not a team, I’d be interested in them against the Usos or whomever would have the tag titles coming out of Payback.To summarize my version of Payback:
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
John Cena vs Randy Orton #1 contendership
Wade Barrett (BW WB) vs Ceasaro
RVD vs Christian vs Kofi #1 contender
Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose
Big E vs Rusev #1 contender
Usos vs Reigns & Rollins
Gabriel & Sin Cara vs RybAxel #1 contender, pre-showHaving actual #1 contenders coming out of the pay-per-view can let people know for a month what the matches are and build to them properly. There can be reasons for beatdowns, because they’re the #1 contender hoping to wear down a champ instead of hoping to get a title shot without actual winning. This is sports entertainment, and I just don’t know of any sports where the losers climb up the ladder. The guys trying to get into the #1 contender matches can be the guys wrestling and winning matches. Once you’re the #1 contender, do you need to wrestle anyone else but the champion? Every match would have a logical reason to be on the pay-per-view with a reason to be interested.Hopefully, I have made my case even if I may have left off big names like Batista, Big Show and Kane. Even if no one wants to see Orton vs Cena and when both guys instantly deserve title shots without earning them, because they’re past champions that have had a decade on top.