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WWE Payback 2014 Thoughts and Opinions (Spoiler Free)

Kickoff show from Chicago had Booker T, Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston and the Josh Mathews holding it down. As everyone knows this PPV (I mean WWE Network exclusive) was just Extreme Rules part 2. So guys can get their wins back. The kickoff show is always inconsequential. They had an interview with one of the Bellas saying she has no idea what Daniel Bryan will do. Well thanks for that useless interview. The pre-show also had a confrontation between the Rhodes brothers and Rybaxel, well I guess there’s been an extra match added. Booker T announces Kofi has a match with Bo Dallas too. Extra matches added to pay-per-views are never a good thing.

Michael Cole announced the PPV attendance at 13,000. Allstate Arena holds 18,000. That’s worrisome. I attended this event, a lot of it was blacked off and you could see that.

Uh boy. The Chicago Bull vs the New Jersey Troll. In one way it is sad that two teams in the tag division are a backdrop to a comedy match. Normally the mascots add something to the real match, not the other way around. Three Man Band is an island of rejects, while Los Matadores are a well formed unit. The crowd chants for tables pretty early. In a way this makes real wrestlers look so much better by seeing how terrible this match is. This match was awful, but at least it had the stipulation on it. Its great, the bull stole Hornswaggle’s schtick, making it pointless for Hornswaggle to be in the company. If Hornswaggle were full sized, the WWE would never let someone so out of shape be in their ring, but since WWE is equal opportunity, Hornswaggle (and JTG) have jobs.

The fans want CM Punk, which is cool. Paul Heyman says that Punk is over watching the Blackhaws get their streak broken… and they did. The Kings beat them. I think that’s a big story, the Kings go to the NHL playoffs. Two men that both now only have one name fighting over a championship that represents a country neither man hail from. Good call WWE, the United States Championship is the ‘ironic title.’ Michael Cole spudders off previous United States championships and Jerry Lawler keeps clearing his throat, waiting for Cole to say a specific name. Good brawl of a match. Sheamus was the heel, just like every big man that the WWE says is a face. I think the real story with this match is how strong Ceasaro is. Ceasaro can hang with the big guys as he has proven time and time again. He will one day be the top guy in the company before Dolph Ziggler. Sheamus was even showing some good agility, I have a feeling Sheamus holds back in the ring and just pretends to be a power guy. I’d say this is a star making match for both guys.

WWE commercial for WWE Countdown. The problem with the network, the countdown doesn’t really matter when there are countless countdowns, but I guess its just extra content. I just don’t need to see it on a WWE Network event.

Two teams with mash up songs. I would hate to count the titles these four men have held. Rybaxel must no longer be Paul Heyman guys, because he wasn’t out there with them. I can’t blame Heyman for not being with them. Why waste Heyman on two guys that aren’t going anywhere when you can pair them with a fresh manager with less experience and fame such as Brad Maddox. I would predict the winner of this match to get a title shot and after watching NXT, this match just feels like unneeded filler. The crowd knew it too.

WTF? I thought the Network was free of ads? I can understand if its the network’s own ads. Anyway, it was a quick ad.

Rusev is now from Russia or residing in Russia. Reminds me of the days of WWE saying Canadians were residing in America. My problem Rusev is the bored expressionless common face he has, even if he’s a thick muscle man. WWE keeps up with its Rusev vs black man theme, even if in the past month he fought some white jobbers. Big E had a nice USA singlet, its one ugly yet beautiful match, like watching rhinos fight, muscle on muscle on muscle with little technique, style or flair. The fans want Ziggler, because fuck this match I guess.

Yep Money in the Bank. Four weeks from tonight.

Jerry Lawler questions why Bo Dallas has a pay-per-view match so soon. No, here’s the thing… pay-per-views are now at the level of NXT live network events. JBL points out that Bo is on a two match winning streak. Bo Dallas looks and delivers like his fat hairy brother. What more can be said about a match thrown together? Bo Dallas is just a gimmick, a different way of delivering Bad News.

I just don’t want to see this match. Wade has a pointy, evil beard. Like all heels, he’s over as a face. He says someone needs to put Old Yeller down. Barrett is a 4 time Intercontinetal champion and RVD is a former 6 time champion. Wow. That’s a reason why these two should never hold that title again. This was another good physical match. RVD can always work with bigger guys, but I’d have to say the only difference between this match and every other RVD match is that Wade Barrett had a counter or dodge for the big RVD offense. The crowd was split on this one, and it wouldn’t be the last time of the night.

They build to this one saying that Daniel Bryan’s wife would be fired if he didn’t give up the WWE championship. Good. The Bellas shouldn’t wrestle. WWE knew this for years when they had the Bellas accompany celebrities, but alas, the WWE doesn’t have celebrities anymore. Headed into Payback, that was an interesting angle, but a strong champion is his own man. Daniel Bryan is not a strong champion right now and he needs to learn to say no to stupid angles.

It’s great, because they’ve built a WWE Network live event around an angle, just like WCW used to. I remember the days when Gorilla Monsoon pointed out that if a champion can’t defend a title within 30 days, he’ll lose it. HBK made a career out of it.

Stephanie McMahon came out in a teal dress, which is hilarious, because there was just a comedian that said, ‘you can tell when a woman gets old, she starts wearing teal.’ Not just wearing teal, but pearls usually say old woman.

The fans want CM Punk and Stephanie spun it into ‘the fans want you to quit, just like CM Punk.’ Brie Bella got some punch lines and came off looking stronger than Bryan, just like Natalya speaking for Tyson Kidd. Brie was sadly the star here, and the WWE was competing against itself with the season 2 finale of Total Divas… not to mention Chicago Black Hawks having a game in the city. Since this is spoiler free, I can’t tell you what happens, but there’s your tease. This angle had sting and it was just insult after insult.


There was no way they could build to this match other than pick on a commentator. That’s one step above insulting the town they’re in. At least Bray was finally a heel again. Cena doesn’t really have any ties to anyone except Zack Ryder, and Cena didn’t save Ryder from Alexander Rusev so…. to the rescue of Jerry Lawler.

Its sad that a giant Superman needs to sell for three bums, because his kryptonite is kids that aren’t even in danger. Logic. I guess Superman was always weak to magic. Why does Bray Wyatt blow out his lantern, then come out with it lit?

It is always a good visual when Bray comes to the ring and this match almost reminded me of Camacho vs Adam Rose from NXT Takeover. Its a serious guy, a serious gangsta by himself against a joke character with a faction that the fans love. Then whenever John Cena does stupid comedy, fans wonder why it isn’t funny. Maybe if Cena had his own goons his awful comedy would suddenly get over. I think wrestling fans really just want to belong.

Bray is awful in the ring, he tires easily, his offense isn’t just unconventional and unconvincing, its botchy. At least he can play this over the top character, because he just kills any sort of pace. This was a slow plodding match full of Cena selling so Bray can just be a character and do shit to giggle at the camera and stall for time while he catches his breath. It is the perfect match stipulation for him. Once the gimmick gets stale he’ll be cut.

If you love destructible environments… this is the match for you!

They replayed the same commercial for Money in the Bank. I’m happy WWE is associated with the Special Olympics. Its another feel good charity.

One of the only divas with a last name, Alicia Fox, going for the title after getting her new crazy R-Truth gimmick. Doing something with her is better than nothing I guess. She wants to be Queen Alicia… gotta have a Queen of the Ring for that. I still say the only reason for this match is to showcase just how pale Paige is by contrasting her against a black athlete. Well that and since Paige is new, she’s working her way up the Diva’s division. Even as a champ she’s starting off at the bottom. Kind of like how in Blackjack, an Ace is worth 11 or 1.

Paige uses Matt Morgan’s back elbows and they’re awful. Perhaps the worst maneuver on the show. I have to admit…. Alicia Fox is very technically sound and has diverse and complex submissions. So did Melina Perez, but no one ever gave her credit. They actually told a back story in this match. Shocking, I know, Normally flat women don’t have back problems.

Evolution have grown beards and buzzed their heads. Its an interesting uniform look. The default avatars of evil. Beards mean push in the WWE. Wade gets a beard, he gets a push. Husky Harris grows a beard, push as Bray Wyatt. Daniel Bryan gets a beard and gets a push. Batista looks so much slimmer now and his new blue ring wear might have looked better without his long Mat Hardy elbow pads. He was indeed Bluetista.

This match was great, but it was less captivating than the Bray vs Cena match. Six great workers main eventing. Its everything I wanted to see at Extreme Rules 2014. No one seemed to actively be going for pins, it degraded into a big arena wide brawl.

In all a 3 match pay-per-view, which is all you need, but with 3 hours, there were a few things that could have been cut.


WWE Payback 2014 Predictions

WWE Payback 2014 is this Sunday, or as I like to call it ‘Extreme Rules 2014 part 2’ I’m all for having long feuds, but it really seems like the WWE just wants to have guys get their wins back. You beat me, now I beat you. This pay-per-view (I mean WWE Network live event) also hinges on if WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will give up his title due to a neck injury (selling that tombstone from Kane). Here are the matches.

Uh boy. Sadly, they just had a ladder match, and how do you go from a ladder match to a normal match? Put consequences on the match. If there’s one thing that makes me want to order a pay-per-view (which is no longer a pay-per-view) its a little person comedy match. Not just that, but an interspecies little person match. It doesn’t matter who wins, but Hornswaggle is losing. These two are so limited, but if it gets ratings, go for it.

WWE loves crazy black people when you look at R-Truth, Alicia Fox is now a crazy black character. No wait that sounds racist. She’s now a crazy character, but is she crazy like a fox? I hope so. After she supposedly quit a few weeks ago, she’s now the #1 contender… after losing in the NXT title tournament to a woman making her debut (Alexa Bliss). I really think this match is just to showcase how pale Paige is. Wrestling isn’t wrestling anymore, its a freakshow. Anyway, I predict Alicia Fox to win, because she has become interesting. However, she’ll get the rug pulled out from under her soon enough. Although, Paige vs a returning AJ is a good story to tell, but Paige isn’t holding up the division so much as people are saying wow she’s pale.

Wade Barrett wins. No doubt in my mind, thank you jobber for showing up. Wade is on the way up, while Rob Van Damn has been on his way down for the past 15 years. I still like the guy, I just don’t want to see him. He has had the same match for the past 15 years. There are no highs and lows for his matches.  Rob Van Damn is a guy on auto pilot and he needs to change something about his style to get me interested again. He used to be an innovator of offense, but now he’s just neutered and stale. I no longer feel he can make his big matches any better or worse than his small matches. Thanks for coming, Rob Van Damn.

After Ceasaro won matches two pay-per-views in a row, including the battle royal at Wrestlemania, he has been on fire. I would predict Ceasaro to walk out with the championship, if I didn’t know that the WWE likes Sheamus. They want Sheamus to be back on top some day. He has the height, the look, the strength and everything else. So does Ceasaro, just not the height. It is a toss up, the WWE might have Heyman blow the match for Ceasaro. I’ll still pick Ceasaro for the win, to keep the pay-per-view win streak going.

Since the Shield won last month, I’d say Evolution will win. The WWE could also go a different way with it where the Shield wins a second time, but then at Money in the Bank, Evolution can dominate a Money in the Bank ladder match, causing a third match to happen. If you think I’m crazy that 2 wins in a row shouldn’t make a 3rd match, this is the WWE here. Anything crazy can happen! However, I am picking Evolution to win. Mainly, I’d even pick Randy Orton and Batista to win, so they have heat for the WWE world title.

The premise of this is Daniel Bryan has an injured neck. Too many diving headbutts I guess or maybe it was Kane tombstoning Daniel Bryan a week or two before their match last month. Either way, Daniel Bryan had neck surgery, so he has been at RAW every week, because history shows us that a legit neck injury means you hop on planes and fly around the country to not recover.

I wonder if this will be the main event. People are thinking that Daniel Bryan will have a match against Kane still (unofficial), because somehow Kane deserves a title shot after doing nothing since his last loss to Daniel Bryan. Other people are thinking Daniel Bryan will take out Triple H going into the Evolution match. Yet still some are fully expecting CM Punk to return, because it is his home town of Chicago (and he didn’t return for the Chicago RAW earlier this year). If he gives up the title, there can always be a Money in the Bank match for the title next month.

I am expecting nothing. I have an open mind to everything, but since the WWE likes to keep their top face chasing titles, its a good way to get the belt off of him. Daniel Bryan gives up the title.

Well, John Cena had Bray Wyatt beat last month in what was a 3 on 1 affair in a cage match no less. Until a kid distracted Cena from winning. Wow that was stupid, but hey whatever. I predict the Wyatts to win, just because of WWE logic. Harper and Rowan will get beat up by John Cena, but in the end, they’ll rough up an old commentator, and Cena will get blindsided to save him. Huzzah WWE, you think up crazy shit!

If Daniel Bryan gives up the WWE title, here’s what to do next

WWE champion Daniel Bryan had neck surgery (really selling that tombstone from Kane) and might need to relinquish the WWE championship. ‘The Authority’ has really been trying to prevent Daniel Bryan from getting that title and keeping that title, so why not strip him of it? Its for his own good. Any face in wrestling will work with a broken (freaken) neck. You need to stop them from further injuring themselves.

So what happens when Daniel Bryan gets stripped of the title? Does Kane get the title since he was by some miracle the #1 contender? Does the WWE hold a tournament? Nah they just did that for the Intercontinental championship to determine a #1 contender. Do they do a battle royal? Nope, they just did that to get the title off of Dean Ambrose. Do they have a beat the clock challenge? They already did that too. WWE really burnt through their ideas in one month.

So what could they possibly do? I could easily suggest an Elimination Chamber match, but the timing is just off. Since it is June, the WWE could do a one night 8 man King of the Ring tournament, but again they just did a tournament for Wade Barrett to win.

Instead, make a Money in the Bank match for the WWE title since that pay-per-view is coming up in July. It would seem logical to just hold off and have a match involving Cena, Orton, Batista, Wyatt, Kane and some other random wrestler (Big Show? Ceasaro? Roman Reigns after a 3 way between the Shield? a mystery spot for Chris Jericho?).

While I don’t exactly think ladder match with any of those guys, they are sadly at the top. It would certainly be an uphill battle for the only face Cena (although I wonder if Wyatt isn’t a face). They could get some big drama with Wyatt interference and Evolution working as a team until the bitter end. Kane can even light a table on fire and put Cena through it. Embrace that hate right? Kane could just destroy the ladder because he doesn’t want anyone to win, he just wants to hurt people.

The WWE has had a vacant title for a month or two at some point, so there’s no real desire to have the match immediately. Since it is a while until the Money in the Bank pay-per-view…. I mean monthly special on the WWE network, here are some potential qualifying matches:

  1. John Cena vs Big Show
  2. Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler (to force 2 fan favorites against one another)
  3. Kane vs Kofi Kingston
  4. Batista vs Dean Ambrose
  5. Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
  6. Mystery spot (battle royal, 5 way match between the 5 losers)

On top of that Money in the Bank match for the title, the WWE can always have another Money in the Bank match earlier that night to determine the guy to carry the briefcase. Having two of the same big gimmicks waters down the gimmick though. Although, it might be detrimental to the WWE’s interest not having someone fresh carrying the briefcase with the potential of winning.

In all, I think that could wrap up the issue, especially if Daniel Bryan is out for the long term.

What do you think?

Logical contenders for WWE titles

I’m really late with this, but WWE (and TNA) has this problem where if you want a title shot, just jump the champion! WWE made a stride in the right direction by having a tournament for the #1 intercontinental championship contender. However, it was just done at a time when their world champion needed a contender. How do you build to that match? Attack the champion Daniel Bryan, his wife and so on. Why would Kane be the #1 contender when Kane lost a six man tag at Wrestlemania? Nope no reason at all.THE LOGICAL CONTENDERSThe results of the past Extreme Rules pay-per-view should line up the next pay-per-view’s matches: Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena, who has been the top guy for a decade or so. Daniel Bryan beat Kane. Therefore it should be Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. Sure Daniel Bryan is now out with a neck injury from a tombstone piledriver that was banned by the WWE (way to sell the reason why its banned). I would say give the previous champion, Randy Orton a title shot, other than the fact Randy’s team lost at Extreme Rules.Meanwhile, Wade Barrett captured the intercontinental championship from Big E. As for his contender, I’d like to point out that Ceasaro went over RVD and Jack Swagger in the opening match. On top of that, Ceasaro won the battle royal at WrestleMania XXX. If that doesn’t put him in line for a title shot, I’d say that his manager Paul Heyman is missing a golden opportunity. I’ll mention that while Rusef went over two men, I wouldn’t say that puts him above Ceasaro.Why wouldn’t the Shield qualify to be in any title matches? They’re a three man unit that for two pay-per-views in a row have been in six man tags.So who should face Sheamus for his newly won United States Championship? Well, the previous long running champion Dean Ambrose of course. However, the Shield is on a roll, you can’t really throw them in there, so why not just make a tournament on Smackdown to decide the #1 contender? Sure they just did that, but that’s why there are beat the clock challenges! Its like a one night tournament without having the guys wrestle more than once.As for the tag team champions, the Usos? Well they didn’t even defend their titles on the last pay-per-view so if the WWE doesn’t care, I shouldn’t. Right? No. WWE has plenty of tag teams. The top contenders would surely be the Shield, and two of them should get a title shot, which would fall perfectly with Dean Ambrose vs Shamus, but they’ve been on a 3 man roll and a tag team is sadly just 2 people. Plus the WWE has had the match a lot. So let’s look at the other teams, RybAxel, the Rhodes, Xavier Woods & R-Truth, 3MB, Harper & Rowan, and finally Batista and Orton.From a logical standpoint, Batista and Orton are higher on the card, but alas, they’ve both lost two pay-per-view matches. Sure they could rehab them by destroying other tag teams and going on a mini streak headed into the pay-per-view, but from a winning standpoint, Harper and Rowan were part of what lead the real #1 contender Bray Wyatt to win his match at Extreme Rules against John Cena. Here’s the situation though, its the same problem 2 groups of 3 men. One group of three is more of a unit with equal parts. The other group seems to have a focus on one guy while the other two are just goons.That would make my version of Payback:
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Wade Barrett (BW WB) vs Ceasaro
Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose or the #1 contender coming out of the beat the clock challenge
Usos vs Harper & Rowan or Reigns & Rollins
SETUP NEXT MONTH’S PAY-PER-VIEW THIS MONTHWhew what an ugly card. That’s why you pad it with guys that will make for a better title picture next month. I’d say just by name value the top guys that should be going for the world championship are John Cena, Big Show, Batista, Randy Orton, Kane, ADR. Those would be considered the old guard of former champions, experienced guys that fresh champions should be going over. I would add, Brock Lesnar (the #1 contender coming out of Wrestlemania), HHH or Mark Henry, but I’m not sure about their status as active wrestlers. The only thing you need to think of with these six men is who do you want to see against Daniel Bryan (if he’s not injured) in the pay-per-view after Payback? Not simply who you want to see, but who you want to see him beat. Who is the top guy? I’ll say John Cena, you can say whomever you want, but now who does he go over to get there? Randy Orton is the former champ, but well, he’s kinda got that 6 man feud going with the Shield. Why have the Shield stuck in a six man when they can have titles and be in title matches? That would make for five matches so far.THE UNITED CONTINENTAL TITLE CONTENDERSNow let’s go to the other pool. The midcard pool of wrestlers for the intercontinental and United States championships. You could have the United States championship be a low card title for people like Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins, but honestly, who wants to see that on a pay-per-view. The midcard pool would look something like: Big E, Jack Swagger, RVD, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, Damien Sandow, Fandango, Kofi Kingston, the Miz, Sin Cara, Rusev, Santino, Titus and Zack Ryder. I don’t even know if they’re all active or what. You could also dip into the main event pool of Batista, Big Show, ADR and Kane, but really, they’re above these two belts and if they don’t get their chance to shine, then so be it. Again, pick your matches, who do you want to see Sheamus face? I’d go for Big E, Jack Swagger and Rusev, because they’d all match up with Sheamus stylistically and height wise. Put those three in a match to determine the next #1 contender for the United States championship coming out of Payback.From that same pool, its time to decide who should be the #1 contender coming out of Payback for Ceasaro or Wade Barrett. Stylistically, I’d prefer to see Wade against Sheamus, but well Wade is the intercontinental champion. So I’d say RVD, Christian and Kofi can get the best match out of Ceasaro. The intercontinental championship can be the middleweight title with finesse guys instead of the powerhouses.As for the tag team title contenders coming out of Payback, we’d already have 7 matches and traditionally the WWE has 7 matches for pay-per-views, so the preshow can have a match from the tag division. Since I’ve already specified the tag division, I’ll just say the match should have opening level talent. Not your Batista and Ortons, but your Gabriel & Sin Caras. While they’re not a team, I’d be interested in them against the Usos or whomever would have the tag titles coming out of Payback.To summarize my version of Payback:
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
John Cena vs Randy Orton #1 contendership
Wade Barrett (BW WB) vs Ceasaro
RVD vs Christian vs Kofi #1 contender
Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose
Big E vs Rusev #1 contender
Usos vs Reigns & Rollins
Gabriel & Sin Cara vs RybAxel #1 contender, pre-showHaving actual #1 contenders coming out of the pay-per-view can let people know for a month what the matches are and build to them properly. There can be reasons for beatdowns, because they’re the #1 contender hoping to wear down a champ instead of hoping to get a title shot without actual winning. This is sports entertainment, and I just don’t know of any sports where the losers climb up the ladder. The guys trying to get into the #1 contender matches can be the guys wrestling and winning matches. Once you’re the #1 contender, do you need to wrestle anyone else but the champion? Every match would have a logical reason to be on the pay-per-view with a reason to be interested.Hopefully, I have made my case even if I may have left off big names like Batista, Big Show and Kane. Even if no one wants to see Orton vs Cena and when both guys instantly deserve title shots without earning them, because they’re past champions that have had a decade on top.