Notice to all TNA wrestlers, coordinate your attacks!

With MVP in power, and having his own faction, apparently TNA has a big problem with 3 on 1 attacks and 3 on 2 attacks. If only TNA wrestlers could coordinate their attacks to be 3 on 3. Take for instance how the Wolves get beat down 3 on 2. Then Eric Young runs in well after the Wolves have been beat down. Several times on the last episode of Impact, someone would run in well after the three man faction was done beating someone down. Too late to help, too late for them to help that wrestler from getting down.

TNA has this history of heel factions that take the faces a year to overcome when really, just clear out the locker room to help. Mike Tennay says that everyone in the back is afraid of MVP. Afraid of what? If MVP was going to fire someone, he would have done it already!

To top that off, last week, we saw Eddy Edwards, Austin Aries, Eric Young and Bully Ray all swoop in for the save. I’m sure Davey Richards would have run in if he weren’t stretchered out to kick off the show. His partner Eddy Edwards didn’t go with him, because he must have had revenge on the mind, but he didn’t even see his partner to the ambulance.

But if you’re keeping count, that’s 4 guys that if they coordinate their attack, they could outnumber the 3 heels and even things up with their new heel referee.

It is also astounding that one on one matches get made by the heel that runs the faction and runs the company. Why would you put your guys in one on one matches, even if your faction will just all jump in 5 minutes into the match?

Oh better yet, why would MVP, a man of power put himself into a singles match? Powerful men like presidents, kings and managers don’t put themselves into fights. Especially not fair fights mono e mono.

I would tell the wrestlers to get a clue and to band together for one coordinated attack, but no. I’ll just tell the writers to get a clue and stop such idiotic booking. At least your knockouts contender managed to run off two heels.


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