Why WWE should start hyping Brock Bryan for SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan is out with the briefest neck injury in the history of wrestling (sellen that tombstone). There’s another man that took a tombstone and disappeared. That man is Brock Lesnar, or as I’ll call him for this ‘Brockzilla.’ Brock is like Godzilla, he comes around every so often, terrorizes, throws things, people and fits. Then he disappears. Since defeating the Undertaker and his streak at Wrestlemania XXX, I’d say Brock Lesnar is the #1 contender for Daniel Bryan’s title.

Since beating the streak, Brock hasn’t done much and nor has his manager Paul Heyman. In fact, Paul just runs around bragging about how his client Brock Lesnar beat the streak. Someone should really put that on a shirt so Paul can save his time.

But after hearing that for a month or so, Paul Heyman should do what managers are paid for and that’s get their client matches. Well in reality they just take 15% and if Brock doesn’t work, its no sweat. Nothing makes a client more valuable than having the top title. He’s everything the WWE has ever wanted, giant muscles and blonde hair.  Paul needs to strike while the iron is hot and get his client a title match at Summerslam to have 1 in 4 matches per year. To build to the summer’s main event. To have something and someone to cut promos on.

Brock Bryan: Summerslam. Even if it doesn’t go through, its something to talk about, to plan.

While we’re at it, why wouldn’t a manager get his client Ceasaro a title shot of some sort?


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