What is stopping MVP from winning the TNA title?

Eric Young is the current TNA champion. He’s a fighting champion, he’s a strong champion that goes over clean week after week. Meanwhile, MVP is the director of wrestling relations or director of talent relations. Something like that. So anyway, MVP can make matches and he decided to book himself into title matches. Why? Because the TNA title is somehow more powerful than the man making matches. That’s TNA’s logic. Then, MVP gets his unearned title shot against Eric Young and his new faction gets him disqualified.

What? Why doesn’t MVP book himself in a no DQ match? Why would his group get you disqualified when he wants the title? What idiots. Then MVP commands a referee to restart the match. The referee refuses… well why not just instantly book a rematch! You can do whatever you want right? This is why authority angles are stupid. I can understand authority figures being used as foils to make handicap matches, but there’s no need for authority figures.

So if MVP really wants that title and somehow it is written that you can only have one TNA title match per night, why not just give Eric Young 10 matches that night leading up to his title match with MVP? Why can’t he just strip Eric Young of the title and put it on himself? Do you think the fans would riot? Do you think Dixie Carter would pull power from MVP for the abuse? Nah. He won that match a while ago. Nothing is stopping MVP and TNA from getting the title off Eric Young, except logic.


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