My Fresh Game Modes for WWE games

I wrote a previous article with 3 fresh WWE games. Now I’d like to think outside the box while still thinking in the realm of video games. ( Here are my ideas for new online modes for the next WWE games.

Let’s pretend the WWE still has a brand split with Smackdown and RAW superstars. Two teams of 12 compete against one another to own the ring. 12 Smackdown guys, 12 RAW guys compete spawning in their own locker room and making their way to the ring. The object is to have the ring controled by your brand for a certain amount of time. When someone is pinned or KOed, they are out and respawn in their locker room after a few seconds. This keeps everyone in the game. There are plenty of games with King of the Hill modes.

This is the same idea as the first, but you need to control the entire arena. You can have your group of 12 take over one section at a time, or sent 3 wrestlers to each section. Brand teams must control each section for a moment in order to consider it their territory.

Since each brand has a main title, I say make teams of 12 vs 12 where you spawn in your locker room and need to make your way to your opponents locker room to steal their title or briefcase. When you are pinned or KOed you just respawn in your locker room, that way everyone stays playing. You can then pick another wrestler. Not just that, but you can break it up where there can be a top tier title with top members of the WWE roster and the bottom titles with lower members of the roster. That way you can break up the rosters into 4. High end RAW & Smackdown and low end RAW & Smackdown. Heck, the object can even be to pin the champion hidden in their locker room or the ring and then the winner needs to make it back to his home locker room with the belt. Randomly assign a champion. If that person is pinned by the opposing brand / roster, that person becomes the champion. But the object is still to get the title back to your locker room from the other brand.

A series of one on one matches where you keep going until you are defeated and the system would be smart enough to pair you against other people in their streak mode. So chances are someone will get a streak of 4 or 40 and pair you with someone on a streak of 4 or 40.

Like the never ending royal rumble from No Mercy, its Survival Mode… but online. Two people start the elimination style match and the rest of the players get put into a cue of never ending wrestlers that just keep adding. There is no end… you get elimanated then get sent to the back of the line of online players. You see how many eliminations you can get.

That wraps up my take on most of the popular modes with a wrestling twist.


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