3 Fresh Ideas for WWE Video Games

So with the announcement that WWE 13 will come out this year and WWE 15 will come out 2 years from now, a lot of people groan and say its the same game every year. WWE video game sales go down further and further when people know they can buy the game for $20 in a few months if not just figure… eh I’ll skip it. The ‘wrestling game’ is very one dimensional as it is. Match after match, it is fun with friends and the first week you get the game, but it soon gets repetitive. So I’ve come up with a few different games.

Just like the old Double Dragon or Final Fight, make a beat em up style game and then tack on a wrestling game. Wrestling games are essentially an advanced beat em up with tons of moves. Just imagine randomized enemies thrown at you with randomized moves. You might be playing the same levels over and over, but with randomized enemies. There could be a standard mode without randomized enemies.

Of course there would still be a slew of WWE wrestlers as bosses. Those bosses could be random too. Level 1 might have Dolph Ziggler… but on your next playthrough it might have Kofi Kingston. Playing as a heel would have face wrestlers as bosses and playing as face wrestlers would have heel bosses.

Normal beat ’em ups have you button mashing your way to victory, but I propose the game would be advanced to have enemies that would need you to take them out in a certain way such as with grapples, leg submissions, or just strikes. That way combat doesn’t get repetitive as you do the exact same move for 4 hours through the game to beat everyone. For every move you do, you build up special meters that allow you to use finishers for a certain amount of time when activated.

The Rockstar game, ‘The Warriors’ was an awesome new breed of beat ’em up for the modern age. The WWE could do something similar with their existing game engine. Dolph Ziggler could lead an all blonde gang. Kane could lead a gang of masked freaks, HHH would have a bunch of suits working for him and so on.

Maybe you could even hook it up online where if you are beat, you get sent into someone else’s game as an enemy. Or just choose to jump into someone else’s game.

Remember the old Wrestlemania the Arcade Game? Came out 2 decades ago, had around 10 playable characters. What if for $100,000 budget a retro style arcade game can be made for download on PSN or X-Bog Live or even Wii Marketplace for $10 or $20. Something that is like a fighter that forces you to do half circle moves along with high punch, low punch, high kick and low kick. The initial game could have 10 wrestlers with an arcade mode where you just plow through everyone in one on one then one on two and one on three matches. Later on there could be DLC where you get 2 extra wrestlers for $2 or 5 extra for $10 or whatever.

You pick a wrestler from the WWE roster to play as and you have a free world to roam around in. At night you wrestle your match in the arenas, but in the daytime, you need to get from one arena to the other. This can be done by stealing cars, renting cars, hiring taxies, flying planes, riding trains or riding a bike. The choice is yours, but you need to make it to the next event. Fight or shoot your way through crazed fans, cops, other wrestlers.

You can take on side jobs like being the muscle for the mob, go on dates, prank other WWE wrestlers and go to the gym to train. If you don’t train your stats will go down eventually. You can train with other wrestlers at the gym or compete in minigames like weight lifting and swimming.

But at the end of the day, you need to be at the arena and if you miss shows or come late you’ll get a negative reputation and eventually lose your job at WWE. That and if you go around shooting people you might lose your job anyway when the cops show up at the arena.

Anyway, THQ already does WWE games and does Saints Row games. Just combine the two. Unless that’s why Saints Row has all of the wrestling moves already in it.

If the WWE wants to pimp out its wrestlers to Hollywood, then surely it can put their wrestlers into video games that are uncharacteristic of the WWE.


3 thoughts on “3 Fresh Ideas for WWE Video Games

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  2. Best Critic Known To Man (BCKTM)

    The GTA suggestion could fück off; you’re asking for entirely too much change, don’t get me started on the stealing & shooting concept either ..

    1. workmancer Post author

      So how about the other ideas? 🙂 And yes it would be too much work, but they barely work year to year as it is. Just update the roster and add a storyline here and there.


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