How to get Garrett Bischoff as a Face (the TNA challenge)

Garrett Bischoff is the son of legendarily hated WCW promoter / backstager Eric Bischoff. It’s a tough uphill battle to make Garrett a face even when he takes on his villain father and gets pushed as a prime guy for TNA wrestling. TNA has tried for months to put him over as a face on their Impact wrestling show, when a safer bet would have made him a shmuck goon of his evil father (like Shane McMahon) until the fans want him to turn face. Or even as a face Gunner could have injured him where he could train at TNA’s developmental territory OVW. Then he could return after his ‘injury’ with experience. There is a good upside to Garrett, a lot better than David Flair, Shane McMahon or some others that we’ve seen over the decade.

Instead, TNA has decided to challenge themselves by making him a face. TNA was given a great story opportunity with Garrett being the real life son of Eric, but Garrett himself isn’t ready. He started as a referee for a year and then after that with zero ring experience he is now a wrestler. He has a good look that is scarred with the Bischoff name tattooed on his pec. TNA has paired him up with some of the biggest names in the company. Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Damn, AJ Styles and the MotorCity Machine Guns. He’s seems to be their vague leader, when it should be the veterans that came before him letting him be with him.

My idea to get him over is to  pair him with a frail and likable woman. None of the Knockouts on the roster really fit the mold, but find some chick that isn’t TNA’s inflated implant stereotype, get the most normal looking short, happy girl that they can find. Have her with Garrett…. no no not for the eye candy, not for the dating purposes, but just have her come to the ring with him for weeks on end and pep up the crowd. Then at a PPV against Gunner, Gunner can punch her right in the face. Why? Because he’s sadistic. That will upset the fans because of who her style and look is. She’s normal, you don’t do that to normal people that can’t defend themselves. Her happiness is taken away from the fans. Her average joy is no longer at the arena…. and only one man will get revenge and that’s Garrett Bischoff. Once Garrett vanquishes Gunner and the man that hired him to punch a woman Garrett will get over, because he brought the woman back and she’s why he’s there. She the non Knockout.


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