Shane Douglas starting an Extreme Reunion Company and here’s how to do it

So Shane Douglas does these ECW reunion shows every year or every so often. The ECW reunion shows have been done too much. Now he wants to start an entire wrestling company based off of the old ECW. nostalgia can’t drive a company forward so much as wait for its legs to crumble out from underneath it.

I came up with a simple idea that might pass the torch to a new generation of extreme. Take your former ECW stars like Raven, Sandman, New Jack and Terry Funk and use them as associates of new guys. Raven gets a pair of goth wrestlers, Sandman gets a pair of average joe / drunks / blue collars, New Jack gets a pair of muscled up black thugs and Terry Funk gets a pair of hardcore cowboys. Raven is used to having a flock of underlings, Terry Funk is your inspirational leader, Sandman is your bad influence and New Jack is the man who just wants money and uses his new guys to get it.

There are your 4 ECW names and 8 young guys to get associated with them instead of throwing out guys with no sort of association. People need the association or else it will be a nostalgia promotion or WWE’s version of ECW with fresh talent that doesn’t feel like classic ECW. If those four guys aren’t the guys to ‘coach’ others, then go for Stevie Richards that is now a leader and hates Raven or he becomes the new Raven abusing his clueless pair of putz underlings.

The four original ECW workers on top can still have their top end feuds and 6 man tags, but they can give the rub to the new guys that will carry the company past the first three months. Then in a year once the underlings have gotten a foothold they can break away from their leaders while still carrying their leader’s gimmick.

There can be the new hardcore guys that resent not being good enough to be associated with the legendary ECW roster and take it out on the originals.

Personally I’d call the company Extreme Evolution Wrestling. Oh and make sure to take plenty of shots at TNA and WWE.


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