An idea to make TNA’s Kurt Angle into a killer

It is funny, there are rumors that people run into Kurt Angle at airports and think he dropped out of wrestling just because he’s not with the WWE anymore. Anyway, Kurt Angle is in TNA and he seems like just another guy on the roster.

Kurt is a former Olympic gold medalist and the rumor was that he was going to try out for this year’s Olympics. Because he’s an Olympian, he probably has enough wrestling talent past his prime to put everyone else to shame. So what I think is to make Kurt a killer. Kurt’s gonna kill you style. Each week have him wrestle 3 local jobbers all at once in a 2 minute match. I bet Kurt could dazzle and entertain us with how well he wrestles. He doesn’t have to do an Olympic Slam or an ankle lock for the victory. He should do anything for the victory. I’m talking arm bars, three-quarter nelson pins and even a simple headlock crank for a submission victory. Anything he does could cause a victory showing he’s dangerous and legit. The three jobbers should get nothing in and his victories need to be quick, effective and dynamic from week to week.

Then after the ‘exhibition’ have him do his storyline for that week. Have his opponents for the pay-per-views watch him at ringside but not do commentary. Have promos, have run ins after Kurt wins. Kurt could have sitdown interviews hyping his next pay-per-view match instead of promos. He could be shown training in the gym along with his diet regiment. The crazy things he does to stay at his peak physical condition.

His opponents could have vignettes training counters to even the most basic of holds that Kurt makes deadly. Interviews with training coaches saying they’ve seen a weakness in Kurt’s game. Perhaps have Kurt’s training partners go turncoat and blab secrets to Kurt’s next pay-per-view opponent. Don’t do it cheesy and over the top like TNA does, treat it more real and serious that Kurt’s training partner left, a guy that knows Kurt’s weaknesses, secrets and injuries.

Outside the ring out on the town, Kurt should wear suits even in Orlando. He could be seen as a big deal instead of a guy that wears jeans and his own merchandise. If TNA wants to sell his merchandise, they could have some ring models wearing his new shirts.


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