A way to get John Cena over as a face and get him cheered

Most wrestling fans want WWE’s John Cena to turn heel…. so he can get cheered. Since he’s face, he gets a lot of boos. Figure that one out. Anyway, John Cena has been a staple of the WWE for 10 years and barely taken off any time in those 10 years. He has his typical 5 moves that any WWE wrestler has. They are all very safe moves that will never injure anyone. When Cena talks, it is all just bad cheesy jokes. Maybe that’s him. He is kept a face either because he wants to or the WWE sells so much merchandise with him as a face that they wouldn’t sell the same amount with him as a heel. So I have come up with an idea to keep him face and get him cheered.

Cena is the biggest heel, so having him challenge bigger heels will not cut it. Fans have seen his feats of strength so many times that they are taken for grantid. Fans have seen him and his moves so often that they have no effect anymore. So I say GM John Laurenitus comes out and punishes John Cena. If John uses any of his ‘5 moves of doom,’ the 5 knuckle shuffle, the throwback, the FU, the STFU or the top rope leg drop, he will be suspended one month. John is in control of his own destiny and if John is the top wrestler, he will still be able to beat opponents using new moves. Well Cena forgets and delivers a big FU to some giant opponent getting him disqualified and suspended for a month. It is unjust and unfair.

In that month, WWE cameras follow John Cena in the gym as he trains with some of the WWE legends. These are good for comedy and comedy is good for entertaining people and when they are entertained they forget. Show him training, learning new moves in comedy vignettes for 4 weeks. I said comedy vignettes…. but not over the top comedy, something humorous can happen in all 4 vignettes without being the usual WWE craziness.

When Cena comes back, he unleashes a new finisher each week, powerful, effective finishers. Lesnar him. Fans love a killer. Cena can be a killer. Don’t have him talk…. do a less is more with him. Not having him talk will cut out his cheesy and goofy natural self. In fact, the general manager John Laurenitus can tell the crew not to let him talk or not to give Cena a microphone.

Another problem with Cena is that he wears his own merchandise which is great for selling it, but he has a giant muscular body, so he needs a shirt the size of a tent. He looks goofy coming out with a shirt the size of a tent. General Manager John Laurenitus can tell Cena he’s not to wear his merchandise anymore to the ring. In fact he never wants to see a John Cena shirt again. A heel not wanting it worn might actually sell more of it.

We know Cena has the chain gang…. but he doesn’t have to be the one to talk about it. The corporate tool announcers can be the ones to talk about how he’s got a chain gang of fans with him. Don’t even have Cena mention the Cenation or the chain gang, that’s what the commentators are for. Kind of like Cena is too cool for the fanfare.

See you don’t need to make him heel to get him over…. just take away negatives.


2 thoughts on “A way to get John Cena over as a face and get him cheered

  1. Vinny

    This is a pretty creative idea. I think that Cena should come up with the idea to change up his move set instead of Jonny Ace saying he had to change it. It kind of give Cena an excuse that he had to change. The Cena that was there during the build to Mania is the Cena that peole want to see. They need to add some aggression and intensity to his character instead of the happy, smiling Cena everyone is sick of.

    1. workmancer Post author

      Thanks so much for the comment Vinny. And yeah Cena wanting to come up with a new set of destructive moves would be good…. but giving him the mic he might turn it into a big joke and blow the whole thing. I sometimes wonder if it’s WWE making him happy and goofy or if it is just him. Like an actor that can’t say his lines because he’s too giggly. Anyway, thanks a lot for the comment 🙂


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