Randy Orton vs Kane (a far better idea to get heat) and kickstar an evil era

Randy Orton and Kane have a match tonight that was based around nothing until Kane revealed that he didn’t like feeling human when Randy Orton beat him in a match last summer. Wow what a meh reason for a match at WrestleMania. Basically they had no place for either one of them, so they stuck them together.

Now here is a better idea that should have been done weeks ago (sorry I’m so late on posting this): Randy Orton, you’re too pretty. I hate pretty things. Your male model looks I’ve always liked scarecrow frankenstien good looks. I’ll make you so gruesome you’ll fall out of life and be to embarassed, humiliated and humbled to ever show your face in public let alone wrestling. I don’t want to win at wrestlemania. Just disfigure you. Put your pretty face between the stairs and stomp the pretty out of you.

I think the interest from my version of Kane vs Orton would be seeing Randy’s face stomped in the stairs. In fact he can do it to Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase Jr and take them out for 2 months. Get the staircase face stomp  over.

Kane can even terrorize the Divas because they’re pretty. Kane can take Kelly Kelly outside the ring, throw the top set of stairs off and put Kelly Kellyh’s head down on the lower stairs only to have Orton save her. Kane can be suspended, because WWE doesn’t allow violence against women… even though they do. Suspend Kane til Mania.

The week before Mania, Orton can even question the logic behind why Kane has his mask back and vows to unmask the Big Red Monster after he pins him. However, at Mania Kane can get the upper hand and just staircase Orton’s face to put him out of action briefly enough time for Kane to go onto other things. Things such as why is Kane wearing the mask… because his mask was taken from him by the wrestler HHH. The wrestler HHH has now been replaced by some corporate suit wearing shell of a man and if someone wants Kane’s mask, they can take it from him.

Kane then goes on to destroy people and Kane wants revenge on HHH who is no longer a wrestler. Kane will make HHH a wrestler again by taking out guys on the show. If there are no wrestlers left, HHH will be forced to wrestle. Then you either have HHH win and take off Kane’s mask… but more interestingly let’s say Kane injures HHH and beats him to a pulp and puts him on the shelf.

The night after Kane takes out HHH the red monster can laugh and point out he got what he wanted… not revenge on HHH, but now no one runs the WWE, there will be chaos! The WWE will turn into the wild west where only the strong survive. John Laurenitus can try for a power play to take over the WWE and some face like Punk or Cena can prevent him while the rest of the card has monsters destroying guys. Khali, Henry, Big Show, and Kane destroy guys for months. Kane can convince guys like Brodus Clay to embrace the hate and shed his red jump suit to be himself and destroy the weaker wrestlers. T-Rexx, Drew McIntyre can kill low end guys. It will finally culminates at Survivor Series where the top 4 faces take on the top 4 monsters to restore order. The next month HHH could come back and take out Kane.

Kane can create a unique situation with no one in power and kickstart an evil era. They can brand that idea and it would provide for 6 months of shows that lead into and after Surivor Series. This could even lead to Kane getting the belt, which with an entire era revolving around him creating this chaos.


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