An idea for WWE developmental territories to beef up the wrestling industry and not just the WWE

Wrestling promotion TNA (Total Nonstop Action) picked up a developmental agreement with Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE’s developmental territory FCW has told its television company that it is closing its doors. Rumor has it that FCW would be moved to Connecticut to be closer to the WWE and hopefully have more of a crowd at the television tapings. If this is true or not… I think that I have a better idea that will benefit the WWE and ultimately the wrestling industry which seems to be dwindling over the past few years compared to the rise of MMA.

Logically the WWE doesn’t even need a developmental territory when they can just scoop up anyone they want and put them on NXT or Superstars for a year before they make it to RAW or Smackdown. That keeps costs down while still training talent.

Start 4 territories or get an agreement going with 4 existing promotions. These territories need to be in big cities far away from one another. Let’s say New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. These are all in English speaking countries since the WWE is an English speaking company.

Each company would have around 20 wrestlers and 3 of those would be WWE contracted employees, the WWE could send 2 or more developmental workers to each company, and on top of that, the WWE should send 1 midcarder to each company for a TV taping. These midcarders would be main eventers and given a chance to shine with these small companies. In the TV tapings they could work programs with the developmental guys to train them on regional TV. Imagine Dolph Ziggler vs Richie Steamboat in Los Angeles for a month. Jack Swagger vs Chris Hero in Toronto. Cody Rhodes vs Xavier Woods in New York. The TV tapings are for 3 – 4 weeks of TV. Have the WWE midcarder the star for that taping to get eyeballs and sell tickets. Then the next month shuffle the WWE midcarders that come in. Jack goes to Los Angeles, Dolph goes to London.

Then if they want ratings… the Toronto one could invade the New York territory for a few months. Or the UK one could invade the Chicago territory. And yes European style and diversity are very important. I miss diversity in wrestling. It is so simple 4 developments in 3 countries to draw in 20 workers each. Let the promotions hire 18 guys and WWE could give them 1 dev talent and 1 midcarder per TV taping. 1 TV taping for 4 episodes per month. 2 storylines to follow with each show.

The companies could do once a year or once every 2 years.  The away team from a city better than yours comes in to threaten your home town babyfaces. Month one the heels go over, months two and three the home team wins. Then… you go to the other city and reverse the home and away teams. Home teams always win in the end. Like if WWE invaded WCW on WCW TV the fans would want WCW their prefered product to win. Plus you’d get a chance for your roster to practice heel and face. Away team is always heel even your squeaky clean faces in Los Angeles become heels in Toronto. So you know how is this guy as a heel without the guy’s character by flip-flopping him face heel face for the home territory.

SInce you can’t have a company of 3+ WWE workers, the feeder company needs to have other guys and with the tagline of WWE developmental territory it would attract workers. With four feeder companies in 3 countries it would attract everyone in the country that wants to make it to the WWE. There are legends of guys living out of their car just to get the WWE to notice them working at the developmental territories. Canada has some great workers, so the WWE needs to have a territory there to make the tradition from Canadian wrestler to American sports entertainer go smoothly. London needs a territory to have a different WWE style and if William Regal and Fit Finley can make it in the WWE, then there can be other success stories. Since the WWE is so international, they need English countrymen the fans can cheer for. Someone that looks and sounds like them.

Look for a second part to this discussing how the WWE can saturate the industry with wrestlers to fill these feeder promotions if they don’t have their own training academies.


4 thoughts on “An idea for WWE developmental territories to beef up the wrestling industry and not just the WWE

    1. workmancer Post author

      Wow thanks Shawn. I’ve got a lot of crazy ideas to beef up the industry, because if the WWE doesn’t beef it up wrestling will just be 3 companies. I went from my Chicago area having 5 indies ten years ago to 2 indies and one is an all female promotion. Plus shouldn’t there be guys entering wrestling that grew up on Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, DX? Nope they’re all in MMA.

      1. shawnwilson

        I agree. I think wrestling has lost it’s spark and appeal. The industry needs to find that one thing that makes them cutting edge again. I thought they were doing that with CM Punk this past summer but they killed it for some reason. Hopefully something will happen soon. Again great post. Do you mind if I repost it on my page with a link back to you?

      2. workmancer Post author

        Sure repost thanks 🙂 And CM could be the next guy still… but so could have Orton a few years ago with his feud with the McMahons. MMA is rising while pro wrestling is on a downturn and I want another boom period which might happen in another decade.

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