TNA should raise money for Jesse Sorensen and here are some ways to do it

Since Jesse Sorensen’s neck injury at one of the recent TNA pay-per-views, I’ve read a few blogs from people saying that TNA can’t make money from Jesse Sorensen since he will be out for the next year if not his life. He had a brief wrestling career in TNA that was maybe 6 – 9 months at the most. He was a low-end babyface that was injured before his career even started. People have been focusing on the negatives of Jesse for TNA when I think people should focus on the positives of TNA for Jesse.

Have a benefit show for Jesse. Don’t make it a pay-per-view, don’t make it an Impact taping. Make it a special show that gets released on DVD or TNA on-demand web service. All proceeds go to Jesse’s hospital bills. Pack the DVD presentation full of Jesse, fans and matches. Why have one show when you can have a few each year. That would put specialness to what would normally be an ordinary live event.

Sell T-shirts that read ‘get well Jesse!’ Make them in women’s sizes too… women heart Jesse and they’ll buy it at your live events and wear it. Sure all the money would go to Jesse… but it would also be publicity for you. Gotta think about that too.

Setup a place for fans and well wishers to donate. Sure TNA should be covering his medical bills, but what if he recovers and he’s unable to work a normal job for years? Gotta have a plan for that worst case scenario.

If he can’t get ever back to the ring or choses not to… he can have an office job for life. I’m sure a young guy can find a place in TNA outside of the ring.

Just some simple ideas 🙂


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