A better idea for AJ Stylez, Christopher Daniels, KAZ and fleshing out a TNA TV title division

Over the past few months in my TNA recaps I’ve stated my idea how TNA can salvage the feud between AJ Stylez, and his former Fortune faction mates Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Their feud is a mess since only Daniels and KAZ knew the sense and logic behind it, but TNA never let the fans know what is exactly going on. These three guys can have stellar matches either together or against one another. AJ and Daniels have a singles match once every month and the sad part is that I could care less because they’ve been saddled with a terrible storyline. Perhaps they want to prove that their wrestling can get them over even when they’re stuck in the mud as they are.

Believe it or not, TNA has this thing called the TV title. It is the equivalent of the WWE US or Intercontinental title. Robbie E is the current Television champion. It is the perfect belt for a guy who hasn’t been with the company, but because he’s TNA’s D-grade wrestler he doesn’t get on television much.

Instead of having AJ, KAZ and Daniels feud for a reason known only to KAZ and Daniels, they can make it a feud about a shiny new belt. AJ Stylez can win the Television title in a brief program with Robbie E and Rob Terry. You can have AJ do a stunt show with Rob Terry and Robbie E to catch him. Then have AJ win the belt. Why AJ? Because it will put a spotlight on the title. Sure AJ is bigger than the belt, but AJ will get the belt on pay-per-views. AJ will have great matches. AJ will be the squeaky clean babyface that TNA doesn’t have right now. Think about it… Aries, Roode, Gail, Joe and Magnus are all heels. So is Robbie E.

Then KAZ and Daniels get jealous. AJ has the belt. Daniels wants the belt, because with ANY belt that means AJ is better. Then perhaps KAZ can be forced into a match with AJ that tests their friendship. KAZ too can get jealous of AJ or at least have a competitive spirit. You won this time AJ, but if we wrestled 10 times I’d win 5 of those times. They can have three ways… all for this little piece of gold that proves AJ is the best out of the three of them. The three of them are too good for the TNA X-Division title, but they can put the TV title on the map.

But what about Robbie E? Shouldn’t a young guy have a young man’s title? Robbie wouldn’t be out of the picture. Robbie would want the title back of course and every so often he and Rob Terry can challenge for the belt with either a one month build feud or a one show feud.

AJ is a spotlight and AJ would have something that the other talent wants. TNA management would put D-grade wrestlers in with AJ styles week after week while AJ builds to pay-per-view matches against KAZ, Daniels, RVD, the newly returned Mr. Anderson. D-grade wrestlers like Eric Young, Shannon Moore, Doug Williams and so on. In fact they could do a program where Pope and D-Von return… but not as a tag team. The Pope wants the TV title. D-Von wants the TV title. Well you’ll have to go over me to get it. They can have their TV matches against AJ, but build up to a pay-per-view match. AJ vs Pope vs D-Von. Will they work together to have one of them get the belt? Then after Pope and D-Von disintegrate and end up attacking each other. AJ gets the pin. But then a match is made… AJ vs Pope & D-Von in a handicap match. If Pope & D-Von win the match together… they’ll have a singles match for the belt. Twisting the screws of a tag team gone wrong. That would be a good reason for AJ to lose it to lesser guys.

With AJ as the center of the universe, all of the wrestlers would revolve around him and an entire TNA TV title division would be born! You could then easily make 9 months of TV title PPV matches with AJ from Robbie E, KAZ, Daniels to Anderson, RVD, Pope & D-Von.


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