Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (02/02/12)

It was great and made it TNA feel big. Proof that I’d rather watch a good serious opening than some backstage brawl.

Hugggeee arena and that’s awesome. Oh my word this felt as big as a WWE RAW audience. TNA should just move here or for PPVs fly to the UK. Sure they can’t keep up this incredible audience, but it was awesome. The crowd was so hot for TNA. The camerawork felt bigger and less cheap than usual. If anything, this was TNA’s biggest event ever… so they gave away their biggest matches ever. It was a great isolated event, but it should have been a PPV, because for a TV show it should make you want to buy the PPV and this show didn’t make me want to watch the PPV.

Good a promo! Not an angle, a promo. This was good heel stuff, The faces come out and Sting makes a match. This is your average segment, but in front of a giant arena it made them feel like stars. Sting makes Storm vs Roode then Storm vs Bully Ray. What the hell is this? Those are 2 matches that should not be given away for free! Especially not Storm vs Roode!

A commercial is a commercial, but when its for a shop they NEED TO SHOW MORE MERCHANDISE!!! Having Eric Young prancing around and ODB in a prom dress with champagne isn’t wearing merchandise to sell it. The other women are wearching merch and I always get on TNA’s case about this. To sell merchandise, you need to show merchandise.

BUCKINGHAM BRAWL >> CRIMSON & MORGAN vs JOE & MAGNUS (why was this not for the title in the UK?)
This wasn’t a brawl so much as a TYPICAL WRESTLING MATCH. A buckingham brawl is 2 on 1 for the first few minutes before it turns into a tag match. I think the visual on this was off slightly because Morgan was allowed to be on the apron. He should have been on the floor until allowed to participate. Personally… I feel its wrong to have this tag match on free TV. Sure its a tag match, but when you are building to this match at the PPV, you don’t give it away for free. Build it with 1 on 1 matches or having Magnus & Joe going over another tag team. Even though this had an ok stip… I’ve already seen it so now I want to see it less at the PPV so that will downgrade my overall score of the PPV. If anything they should have kept it a 2 on 1 handicap match. Oh and if they did this, it probably should have been for the titles. Magnus from the UK could win the belts in the UK. I see Joe & Magnus going over at the PPV. Oh and since Crimson lost, does that mean his streak is over?

ERIC BISCHOFF ANGLE (a waste of time)
Wow Garrett has twangy rock music and sideburns that belong to the Honkey Tonk Man. To be honest this should have been handled far differently from a lot of perspectives. Garrett probably should have revealed Hogan by calling him out instead of Bischoff disbelieving and discrediting the mystery man. If Hogan is a draw he probably should have been hyped on TV before randomly being called upon. He was hyped to the arena and we all knew Hogan was the mystery trainer a few months ago. Hopefully this keeps Hogan out of the ring, but because Hogan was such a big name back in the day, he should be tied with the biggest names of TNA and not stuck with his friend’s son. Worse yet… doesn’t Garrett want revenge on Gunner for almost crippling him? There is less and less of an Eric / Gunner connection as time goes on.

Good little video, kept short and rightfully so. He’s the right guy for Austin Aries to take on.

AUSTIN ARIES vs MARK HASKINS (a good isolated event)
I think Haskins only really works in Europe, which is fine. A good display of talent from both men instead of a flat out squash. This felt good like a brief PPV match just because of how fantastic the crowd was. Good for making Aries. It is at this point that I realize how TNA is giving things time to breath by ending them without crazy run ins or anything. I guess the only thing missing was Alex Shelley, but you know what… it still felt like he didn’t need to be there and it took nothing away from their feud. Perhaps an Aries vs Shelley video package before the match would have been good so you don’t forget about it. But you don’t want to have 2 video packages back to back.

STORM vs ROODE (why was this free?)
What? Why is this on free TV. If anything give it to the fans as a non televised main event to the UK fans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When 2 people touch, you want to see it less and this could have been a money match for them. But since they gave it away for free they didn’t pop the rating. In fact nothing will ever pop their rating. It is like pushing a cart full of rocks. When you try to shove it… the cart will go no where, but when consistently push it, that cart will get momentum and eventually push itself. This match was not hinted at or hyped up from last week. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe fans love to watch two guys with momentum fighting it out.

This is probably a nitpick, but both men look similar, so to the people in the nosebleed sections they probably had no idea who was who unless they noticed the giant cattlescull on Storm’s tights and the long forearm sleeves. Roode probably should have worn green tights. They aren’t wrestling in front of 1,000 people at the Impact Zone. This was 8,000 people of a 12,000 seat arena.

If anything this builds to a cage match… and not a 3 way at the PPV. Adding Bully Ray into a 4 way at the PPV would be good, because otherwise I see Bully just helping Roode cheat to win as he’s done for weeks now. Oh and lastly… it was Sting in fro the save… not Jeff Hardy, not AJ styles or some young top contender. If anything it makes Storm look weak that a non wrestler had to help him. If anything it should have been Sting trying to help, but Bully and Roode get the drop on him and Storm saves Sting.

NON TITLE >> TARA vs GAIL KIM (before the title match at the PPV)
I’m shocked they didn’t just give away Micky vs Gail or make Micky vs Tara, because they were in the WWE longer than Gail. So this is a non-title match before the PPV… Logic. Hell if anything make a non title match at the PPV and make the title match at the next PPV. Orrrrrr…. have Tara vs Rayne & Gail 1 on 2. That way Tara will want Rayne out of the picture so she doesn’t interfere in the PPV title match. Like Tara will lose the 1 on 2… but she will temporarily injure Rayne like a concussion or a broken arm to take her out for a month. Hell the WWE would probably food poison Rayne to keep her out. The crowd seemed really flat in this match. Maybe its because they already saw the main event as Storm vs Roode. With the ending of this match and Rayne costing Gail the match… I have a feeling that Gail will ban Rayne from ringside like a true face.

Are those bras and pantis for sale… Then why were they in the commercial. Oh and fuck… the shirts are so modified so you’re not buying those shirts… you’re buying real shirts, but whatever. Not like I know how to sell merchandise or anything.

BISCHOFF SEGMENT #2 (once was good enough)
Thankfully Gunner was brought along. Really… did there need to be 2 Garrett Bischoff segments? Two Eric Bischoff segments I’d be fine with, but not two Garrett segments. The mystery trainer was revealed… to the public… not just to Eric this time. Was it me or did Hulk Hogan not look as big muscle wise. Maybe he’s had a back surgery or something. Gunner bumps for Hogan and Garrett… That is you rkiller you spent a month of crippling guys like Garrett, Doug Williams, RVD and almost AJ Styles. Imagine if Gunner took out Garrett… Hogan makes a temporary save… Eric distracts Hogan and Garrett fights back and tries to piledrive Hogan on the concrete only to get saved by Garrett then refs split them all up leaving Hogan and Garrett to pose in the ring.

STORM vs BULLY RAY (how does this make sense)
Jeff Hardy must not be able to leave the country or something, because he wasn’t here on TV… oh but that’s right Bully Ray injured him last week by putting him through a table. If it was to take him out, it should have been 2 tables to the floor off the stage or something. Perhaps that is a spot to injure someone for a month when a top rope powerbomb through a table is a week long injury spot. Since Hardy wasn’t a part of this card… I felt like it should be Roode vs Storm… but then they just had it!!!

Before we start this match… how the hell does this make sense. Take on the champion to get to the man who screws you over in the same night. Shouldn’t it be reversed? Take on the man who screwed you over to take on the champion. Hell and why did he even need to take on the champion? If they are aiming to make a 4 way for the PPV. Then I’d have Bully Ray go over… he beat the 2 #1 contenders… that puts him into the PPV match. Actually it would make more sense to just have the man who beat the 2 #1 contenders do a singles match against the TNA champ.

There was fire in this match which is a shame, because Storm is injured coming into this match. Sting came out with a cricket bat… I guess Sting needs to earn his money somehow, but it doesn’t make Storm look strong being defended by a non wrestler. Storm should be defending him.

I hate to say it, but this was a better match than Storm vs Roode… but maybe Storm only did it half hearted knowing he had a second match.

The crowd was very hot even though they died down by the end thanks to the fact of Storm vs Roode in the middle of the show. This was a good isolated event that should have been a PPV for the most part (outside of the angles and Storm having 2 matches). It did some building… but it didn’t make me want to see matches twice in two weeks. TNA should make you want to see a match through building it up… NOT MAKE YOU WANT TO SEE A MATCH THROUGH SEEING THE MATCH! WWE is guilty of this too, but its a way to find out if a PPV is going to sell or not based on the ratings. If it does not get the ratings, they can always change the match.


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