Everything wrong with TNA Impact and how it should have been (in my mind) (11/10/11)

New TNA champion Roode came out… as a full fledged heel. That seems a little iffy. Just boom he’s a heel now. He didn’t do it and everyone else would do the same deep down if they saw a brass ring and saw stepping over their best friend, their partner for their own glory they’d do the same and that’s why you’ll boo me now.

Having Storm go out was a little silly but acceptable. They really should have had him take time off saying he had a concussion and had AJ Stylez challenge him to the pay-per-view for Fortune. Or KAZ wants revenge too. Roode says how bad do you want it? Go through the other and I’ll give you a title shot. Just like I had to do leading up to Bound for Glory.

Garrett Bischoff… he looks like a wrestler. But having his first meh match on national television. Personally I think they could have done Gunner vs Garrett… but do it in 3 months with 3 months of 1 minute training vignettes with Garrett at wrestling school. Then have his match on pay-per-view…  Bischoff can interfere and cost his son the match. Then they all beat him down and send him packing of a year where he gets proper training in OVW.

Jersey Shore. Having Jersey Shore Ronnie and Garrett debut on the same show when they’re both very limited felt the same… Ronnie was minimized which was good. But now suddenly Robbie E gets a TV title shot for losing a match after he lost a match makes little sense. Wow this match should have been on pay-per-view. Granted Robbie E vs EY will be a better match, but maybe they shouldn’t have jobbed out Robbie E to EY. Maybe instead Rob Terry interferes for the DQ, then EY brings in Ronnie. Then they do the tag match… with Rob Terry taking the pinfall and then Robbie vs EY with Ronnie in his corner. His enforcer. Then he pops Rob Terry at the pay-per-view and EY pins Robbie. Bada-bing!

Crimson…. He needed to be more dominant in his victory over Pope. I felt more like Pope made a mistake. Morgan should have been on commentary and Bellatore’s CEO shouldn’t have been on this week, but last week.

Kid Kash & Jessee Sauronson…. How did Kid Kash get a title shot? I would have loved to see Kash swerve Jessee and say you signed this match to face me & Austin Aries vs you. Not a 3 way-not for the title. Just stacking the odds against Jessee.

Chris Daniels…. wow they shouldn’t have had Bellatore’s CEO doing commentary. He took away from the match. Daniels vs AJ was great, but if AJ is going for the title, he should have gone over clean. Then RVD can pick up the scraps for revenge from the earlier week… or just don’t have it. There’s no build at this point that would draw interest more than you will see Daniels vs RVD.

6 Man Tag…. You know I can’t complain too much about this. Abyss went over Stiener. That makes Abyss look strong when he’s recently broken away from Immortal and the weak link Stiener gets pinned. Nothing wrong here. Hot match.

Main event… Should have been #1 contender’s match to get the TNA shot at Roode. KAZ against AJ like I said before. Better yet, no DQ that way Roode can be at ringside and throw in KAZ or AJ if they go to the outside. Fight for his amusement! Just like he did. The gold is sweet guys! AJ can go over, then send Roode packing and shake KAZ’s hand.

Just my thoughts….


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