Pondering the logistics of starting my own D-grade wrestling promotion (and touring nationally in 9 years)

For the past month, I’ve been pondering making a small promotion. Small like tiny to start with.

I’ve calculated how it will work… Once a month there is 1 show with 12 guys that is broken up and made into 4 episodes. 12 guys fresh out of wrestling school, so they’ll either work for free or $20. So 12 x $20 = a payout of $240 – $300. Experience > money.

Then for the ring I spend $5,000 – $6,000 for my own ring and that might be best in the long run. I’d need a promoter’s liscense.

Then its host the event in someone’s backyard (unless that’s illegal) and the folding chairs come from the local VFW.

I can get friends to video tape it and build a platform for the hard camera. We have 2 or 3 cameras. I know a few people with HD cams. Then for publicity there are always tear sheets, websites and facebooks.

So with all of that it would cost $500 per show and chances are local wrestling schools could tell their guys to work for the company because a video taped match is a video taped match. Experience > money.

1 taping a month = 4 episodes.  Air the episodes on public access and show them on Youtube in 4 10 minute segments. Tickets would be free for a startup OR have a donation jar. You like it, you give.

So with the ring $6,000 and 12 shows x $500 = $12,000 by the end of the first year. I can swing that. But at the end of the first year, I’d have to start charging $5 per ticket. Hopefully draw 50 people paying. $250 per show. Which would be half of payroll. Then I’d have to start paying the year 1 guys more money and cut half of the year 1 guys to replace them with fresh workers from wrestling school. Which would turn payroll into 6 workers x $50 = $300 + 6 workers x free or $20 = $120 = $420 – $500  + other expenses = $700 per show. Losing an estimated $450 per show.

To take up the slack, I’d get sponsors.
– 1 month sponsorship with 8 (10 second spots) $50.
Like WCW Saturday Night always had hot pockets.
– To get $450 I’d lose each show, I’d need 9 sponsors. Fuck.
– 9 x 10 second spots = 1 minute and 30 seconds of ads cut into my TV time. I’m happy with that. … Since I’d never get 9 sponsors its more like 30 seconds of ads out of my TV time. Making $150.

Local promotion 12 shows a year for the first 2 years, then 24 shows a year within a 2 hour radius for year 3 and 36 shows per year year 4. Then the local promotion makes a profit after losing $48,000 ($12K x 4 years). Then hopefully year 5 I can get 50 shows per year and work on a regional TV deal. Year 6 work on iPPVs 12 per year then hopefully get the first stage of a national company. Find out where the biggest sales for iPPVs are and go there. Then find some upstart TV network and join with them… assuming I haven’t gone bankrupt. Then by year 9 turn into a national touring company. If not the US, head to Canada.

There is a wrestling promotion simulator on PC that I’ve done this all with, but I don’t think their figures are realistic. I’ve got a friend that is making a wrestling promoter sim… but he makes one every year and it never gets done.

In 9 years I’m onto a much bigger scale. 25 workers, with a payroll of $800,000 per year. Average salary would be $50,000, but some would have $100,000 others would have $20,000.

50 TV tapings per year at $20 per ticket. 12 PPV or big events per year at $20 per ticket, 3 non televised events per week for 50 weeks. With 7 matches at each (minus 12 events that are PPVs) at around $15 per ticket.

Get at least 1,000 paid at TV tapings, at least 1,000 paid for big events, and at least 500 paid for non televised events.

That comes out to more than $2 million per year with around $1.5 million for other expenses.

I’d think around 200 live events with $1,000 per venue so a payout of around $200,000.

Tour the US with PPVs or big events in major cities and instead and tour in a circle.


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