James Storm winning the TNA title (2 stars with 1 stone)

A lot of people seem befuddled on why James Storm won the TNA title and not Roode. I think I understand why they gave the title to Storm. To garner more interest in Roode vs Storm and hopefully make 2 guys while Angle is injured.

Let’s say with Roode… that month long push (BFG series doesn’t count as a push) made him a B+ or A- guy. If he won the belt he’d be A+ and Storm would be a C. Storm winning the belt made him go from C to lets say B-. With work they’ll make him a B+ or A-. So you still have a B+ and B- But at least you don’t have a pair of Cs anymore…
Another thing with the bait and switch of Storm as champion is the simple fact that Storm never went through Fortune. So he can stay a face for a while and go through the faces… then become a heel and go through Fortune one by one leading to Roode vs James Storm in a year.

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