Mapping out a year long Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes feud

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: Their big match is tonight… even though they’ve had TV matches with Cody going over and they’ve even had another feud when Cody and Ted Dibiase broke away from Legacy. We saw how well that went.

Cody has a lot of things working for and against him. He’s heavily gimmicked with a mask, the intercontinental title and he’s the son of a son of a plumber, the great Dusty Rhodes. He has a lot working against him, such as his height, his lack of weight… and well he is Dusty Rhode’s son and Goldust’s brother. WWE has a tendancy to push the tall, chizzled men who are sons of legends like like his opponent Randy Orton.

Well after posting on someone’s blog I thought that I would flesh out a year long feud with Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Leading up to tonight’s Vengeance pay-per-view Cody has a few TV victories over Randy Orton.

VENGEANCE >> CODY cheats to win
Sure Cody has won clean before, but this is a grander stage… well kind of. pay-per-views seem to mean more even if its a C level pay-per-view. But pay-per-view matches become something of legend… because only 100,000 people see them instead of the 3-4 million that watch RAW. Another thing that helps is the fact they will talk about the match afterward.

SURVIVOR SERIES >> CODY cheats to pin Randy in a survivor series match
On Randy’s side will be Sheamus, the Big Show and Kane… or Daniel Bryan, but who care’s this is all about Cody. On Cody’s team will be Mark Henry, Ted Dibiase and Christian. Cody will cheat to win over Randy before Cody himself gets booted and pinned by Sheamus. Then Randy Orton puts Cody through a table for revenge!

DECEMBER PPV (TLC?) >> RANDY wins a tables match
They go into a tables match. Cody wants Randy to suffer. In fact he wants to inflict facial pain and promises that he will put Randy through a table face first to leave his face mangled and disfigured! Cody wastes so much time doing this that Randy wins…. Subtly saying… Cody can’t be pinned…

ROYAL RUMBLE >> CODY and RANDY in the rumble match eliminate each other
Their feud has simmered for a while. During an in ring interview with Randy, Cody cuts him off. Randy won’t win the Rumble. Not while Cody is in there with him. Cody has several pins over Randy… but Randy hasn’t pinned Cody in a while. Pinned??? No… beaten yes. Royal Rumble isn’t about pins, its about throwing your opponent over the top rope and Randy has the size and leverage. They end up brawling heading into the Royal Rumble.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER >> CODY and RANDY are in the chamber match CODY cheats to pin RANDY but doesn’t win the title
Even though neither man will win the Royal Rumble… they’ll still get a title shot at Elimination Chamber because that’s how backward the WWE is. With Daniel Bryan claiming he will take his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania, having a Smackdown elimination chamber match seems pointless.

Anyway, Cody steals a pin over Randy. Steals as in Mark Henry slams Randy and gets distracted then Cody picks up the scraps. Then Mark Henry slams him as punnishment for the pin. Randy and Cody can brawl on the outside.

Building up to this match Cody can boast about how long its been since Randy has pinned him. Well at Wrestlemania, there will be a guest enforcer to watch the match and make sure that Cody doesn’t cheat to win. Randy goes over clean thus… falsely ending the fued.

No one pins Cody Rhodes! No one! Randy brags in an interview and Cody beats Randy with a lead pipe and takes him out for several months. There is blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood, cut to black and white) and a stretcher to get the injured Randy. Full neck brace and all. Randy should look comatose. Officials should take Cody away. Cody gets suspended for such poor sportsmanship.

When Cody Rhodes is brought back, he goes on a tear through cruiserweights and smallar guys. At pay-per-views Cody faces larger opponents. Kane, Big Show, Khali and so on. GM Teddy Long punnishes him for his brutality at every pay-per-view. If Cody wants to brutalize he’s gonna know how it feels playa!

Cody’s bagmen increase. They help him win matches and turn into a villainesque army. Imagine Cody leading 10 bagmen down to ringside to just lumberjack around the ring for TV matches. They don’t interfere, just look laughably imposing and beat up any face that tries to enter. These bagmen should have black lucha masks underneath incase a bag gets knocked off.

MAY 2012 >> CODY over KANE
This match gets built for a TV match when Kane is swarmed by the bagmen. He can even light the bags on fire… but the WWE won’t do that now. Instead they will have a pay-per-view match.

JUNE 2012 >> CODY and BIG SHOW go to a no contest
Big Show trains for the match by punching meat and punching the face off manniquens. That’ll be Cody and his bagmen. In the match, the bagmen rush the Big Show who destroys them all, but Cody runs. Big Show didn’t need the bell to be rung!!!

JULY 2012 >> NO DQ >> CODY over BIG SHOW
Big Show demands a rematch. No DQ. He’s the Big Show. He can take out 10 bagmen and Cody! So GM Teddy Long makes the match! Bagmen get destroyed… Cody chops down the Big Show. He has help. A lot of help. Cody gets hoisted up by the bagmen! Hurray! But then Randy Orton takes off a bag and RKOs Cody and bolts after punching a few more bagmen out!

Randy wants blood (even if the WWE doesn’t do blood). Nothing will save Cody. He wants a cage match. But going into the cage match… Randy takes out the bagmen one by one. RKOing them all so no one will be left by Summerslam. The bagmen can still rush out in the cage match to keep Randy from winning at first, but Randy will RKO them one by one and destroy them with the cage as a weapon. With all of the chaos Cody escapes.

By now if you’re not dead from reading… Cody has gained enough steam to go for the heavyweight title. Let’s say against Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan brings backup to protect himself from the bagmen. Big Show, Randy Orton and Kane. If they help Daniel tonight, he’ll give them each a one on one title shot. Well it never happens since he loses the title! Randy, Kane and the Big Show destroy the bagmen quickly so they don’t make a joke of the match. Then they all disappear.

Randy wins a #1 contender match the Smackdown after Night of Champions to set up Cody vs Randy. Hell in a Cell. There’s a top on the cage. No one gets in. No one gets out. 2 men go in 1 champion comes out. It’s Hell in a Cell. Cody cuts a promo with the bagmen who have bolt cutters. You think Cody is afraid?

Teddy Long comes out and says enough is enough. No more bagmen at any WWE live event. Either they leave or Cody is stripped of the title and fired. Teddy won’t have a mockery of Smackdown anymore. You think Cody needs the bagmen? No. He’s beaten Randy on his own and he’ll do it again!

I’d say keep the title on Cody since he just won it. Logic dictates that Randy would go over to conclude the feud.


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