Bobby Roode needs to win the TNA title tonight (and not later)

With this amount of push Bobby NEEDS the to win the TNA title tonight at Bound for Glory. If he doesn’t win the title, it will be another 5 or 10 years before fans take seriously and that is lost money. If its not tonight and then he gets it next month then it will be meh. Then it won’t mean anything. People would rather see him win the TNA title tonight and have a rematch instead of a not winning the championship tonight followed by a him winning next month.

That meh is a deflation of the crowd and their willingness to pay to see him. He needs to look strong and by strong I mean a clean pinfall without any dirt such as runins, cheating or whatever. Kurt can cheat… he’s a heel.

He also needs his glory at the end THIS IS BOUND FOR GLORY. Meaning no post match beat downs. You can even have an evil glance from someone… just nothing that takes longer than 1 second. People will eat up an evil glance.

Let’s look at history like in WCW when Sting was screwed out of his big match against Hogan only to win the title a few months later. That was past everyone’s point of giving a damn. Ultimate Warrior came in and won the title with no loss of momentum. People pay to see momentum. Especially if there are 2 momentums going for a head to head collission course.

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle needs to be the main event of the pay-per-view. Bobby needs to be over the company politics between Hogan, Sting and Dixie. He needs to be above that celebration. He and THE TITLE need to be above it. By pushing him strong with him as your champion it will make your company look better. People want strength that’s why they’ve gotten behind Mark Henry after not wanting to see him for years. Strength and steam will push the promotion and make people want to see TNA, Bobby and the fresh matches he will bring to the main event picture.


One thought on “Bobby Roode needs to win the TNA title tonight (and not later)

  1. Sean Williams

    Amen to that. If Bobby Roode loses tonight, then the BFG series was truly a failure and a waste of time. Despite Hogan flapping his gums saying Roode isn’t ready, the bottom line is that if Roode isn’t ready tonight, he won’t be. This is the best chance that he’s got and may ever get and if TNA wants to do the right thing, they’ll strike while the iron is hot and let Roode win the belt.


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