HHH’s Quest to put himself over by putting heat on his path to greatness (Punk Who?)

It has become clear that Punk was another 3 month push… like R-Truth… like Miz… CM Punk was derailed by HHH who when Punk disappeared HHH returned and took the role of COO. So we all had HHH’s return and his new position with the company to talk about.

That was only the beginning folks. With HHH back, he needs a program, a feud, not just feuds, but HHH needs a golden path to walk on his quest back to greatness. HHH taking over the WWE is just a brief checkpoint. John Laurenitus will eventually take over the company. It is inevitable, but so is HHH wrestling.

With CM Punk gone face and John Cena going over all of the heels earlier this year, HHH really has no fiery opponents. So the trick is get the heels over again. The new COO started to put over a pair of heels (Miz & Truth) by firing them. That greatly takes away any heat, but they came back in the role of the spoiler sparing HHH from losing his big match with CM Punk at Night of Champions.

Then Miz & Truth returned to cause chaos in the cage (TM) at Hell in a Cell. They were both handcuffed and taken away by police and punched by HHH on the way out. They have the spoiler role… it’s a heel thing.

But it puts heat on Miz & Truth as heels. Without this heat, there’s really no heat on any potential match with HHH. Of course after seeing what HHH had done to Sheamus and Ted Dibiase Jr before Wrestlemania 2011… I’m not sure anyone can get any heat on a match with HHH.

I foresee and predict first that HHH will go through R-Truth, then the Miz. Two fresh matches for HHH… too bad for CM Punk, he had a match with both men on free TV back to back. Heatless matches on free TV.

But HHH’s ultimate goal is John Laurenitus. The man who will essentially take the WWE from HHH and turn everyone against him. On Monday night, all of the heels spoke out against HHH. The workers had a shaken vote of confidence against WWE COO HHH… which means very little… But nothing makes someone feel special like having THE ENTIRE ROSTER AGAINST HHH. It makes it look like HHH at the top of the pyramid and its him against everyone. That would build quite well to the Royal Rumble match…


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