Watching NXT and finding faults it shouldn’t have (and how to fix them)

In 20 minutes into watching NXT and I’ve only seen 1 NXT guy and 5 pros. Maybe that’s for better matches and better promos… but 2 segments in… there is ZERO crowd heat. No one cheers, no one knows the pros.

That’s a big problem. Not just the only problem. Since this is a net show showcasing rookies it should suck… but this sucks on a different level.

It kicked off with JTG and a “rookie” the toilet brush. JTG cut down the fans and the fans had no reaction even when being insulted. Now that was sad. I actually say the toilet brush rookie he was with (formerly CM Punk’s rookie in season 2) is better known than JTG. Terrible segment that went on for 8 minutes. A match is setup later.

This match should have had heat. Jinder punched in Yoshi’s teeth on a different episode… which should have been shown before this match. This was a squash match when they should really be showing off Yoshi’s high-flying and still have Jinder win.

William Regal (on commentary) explained a real life story that he was at Jinder’s christening 25 years ago! Wow! That’s crazy if its true.

Yep they sure were…

Wow they changed poor Percy. Now he looks like everyone else only black. There is nothing that makes him stand out. His attire is devoid of color and flair. Maybe it was some on air thing where they stripped him down.

Where is Tyson Kidd’s rookie? His rookie was eliminated, but the rookie still needs to be there. Speaking of rookies… Darren Young’s (toilet brush) pro is Chavo Guerrero who was released from the WWE. JTG’s rookie was eliminated so they must have teamed up. Where was Percy’s pro??? Is Percy a pro himself? If he’s a pro then why is another pro vs pro match on NXT?

This was probably Tyson Kidd’s best match in the past year. It made him look like a star by jobbing out Percy Watson. The one thing I got from Percy is he jumps high… so does Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin. It’s like a check box for black athletes.

Yawn. He has the look of a young Rock. He says that tonight marks his return to greatness. This probably should have been before his match, but whatever.

Lets recap before we start this… 2 rookies, 6 pros. According to the WWE there are 3 rookies left. 1 of which is Darren Young. The others are Titus ONeil who was backstage with AJ for 1 minute and the last rookie to still be on the show is Derrick Burkman, who is Daniel Bryan’s pro. Daniel Byran is someone this whole show can be built around. Out of everyone he actually feels like a star. He’s been with the company 2 years, he can wrestle, the fans get behind him, but he’s not here… so whatever.

The main event was around 10 minutes long and had the fans interested. The right team won… and afterward 2 more pros jumped them to quickly close the show.

Its like the WWE is swimming backward. WWE has this show for rookies, yet they only had 2 rookies (if Percy isn’t a pro). Only 1 of the rookies had not been eliminated. They should have all of the finalist rookies getting victories on this show to build them headed into the finale. Job out the guys who have been eliminated. Don’t have current WWE “stars” go over them. Once they get integrated into Smackdown or RAW (or Superstars) have them do jobs to the WWE stars. This is NXT and the pros can dominate their show on WWE Superstars (online).

WWE should keep that in mind for next season, but the WWE will do what it wants and bury guys they’re trying to make.

Since there is zero crowd heat, NXT needs a star to tie everything together. Like a host. Jim Ross comes to mind. He can be the guy everyone pays attention to so there is a crowd reaction. He can have in ring interviews. It’s either that or have a wrestler host or have a weekly guest host to make it interesting. CM Punk hosts one week. John Cena hosts another, Christian hosts another. This would pop the Internet ratings and by pop I mean 500 extra views and it will get people paying attention. That superstar would take a hit considering he doesn’t get his 1st appearance pop on Smackdown and he might feel stale before he appears on Smackdown.


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