My Storyline to Push WWE’s Daniel Bryan (now not later) (7 PPVs)

Daniel Bryan seems to be on WWE’s backburner lately and has lost several matches and not been on a few cards. Since he won Smackdown’s Money in the Bank and has declaired that he wants his heavyweight title shot at Wrestlemania… the WWE probably feels they can use him to put some guys over before they heat him up in January for his title shot in March. I really think that’s their logic and we’ll see him do a lot better then.


Since they’ve got something going with Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara… WWE will do good vs evil Sin Cara at the PPV. Good one can prevail or the evil one can prevail and injure the good one, Then on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan can challenge evil Sin Cara. DB can go over evil Cara clean… no sweat.

Meanwhile… headed into Survivor Series, there is news that there will be a Smackdown Survivor Series match. Team Randy vs Team Henry. Henry’s team is assigned to him by Teddy Long… while Randy wants to assemble his team. Sheamus, a mystery man and the final member, Daniel Bryan.

In the match, Kane or Big Show can be the mystery man.Daniel Bryan puts Christian in the Labell Lock… Christian is tapping out… but the referee is out. The lock gets broken up and then  Christian uses a chair or a bell then pins Daniel Bryan as the referee wakes up. Ref counts the 3. Daniel Bryan attacks Christian who takes a bump and Christian gets pinned by someone else thanks to Bryan.

Next Smackdown, Daniel Bryan wants payback. he wants Christian at TLC or whatever the December PPV is. Maybe there is another one after that. Damn the WWE and all of its PPVs.

Christian comes out on an arm brace or a sling something. Christian tore something in his arm thanks to that Labell Lock at Survivor Series. Christian doesn’t want to face Daniel Bryan!!! That Labell Lock hurts! But… Christian says the only way he’d agree is if Daniel Bryan puts his Smackdown Money in the Bank title shot on the line at TLC. Daniel Bryan agrees, then Christian takes a swing at Daniel Bryan with the injured arm. Daniel sees it coming and puts the Labell Lock on Christian until security pries them apart.

On a different Smackdown, Christian gets into Teddy’s ear and proposes a ladder match. Think of the PPV numbers Teddy! Me in a ladder match! Teddy says he’s gotta think about Smackdown numbers too and just giving Christian a ladder match would put Daniel Bryan at a disadvantage when Christian has been in 100 of them. So on Smackdown, Teddy makes a match… if Christian wins the match tonight he’ll get to choose the match against Daniel Bryan. If Christian loses Daniel Bryan gets to choose. Bryan is stoked about it. He’s gonna choose a submission match!

Christian vs Khali. Christian wins by cheating or interference or whatever. Christian wants his ladder match.

Daniel Bryan goes over Christian in the ladder match. Daniel works on Christians arm the whole time with the ladder and the Labell Lock. That way Christian’s arm will hurt too much to use both arms to get the money in the bank briefcase…. even if working on the leg would be more effective, but whatever.

Daniel Bryan wants to win the Royal Rumble so he can use his money in the bank title shot for the Heavyweight Championship and then use the Royal Rumble title shot for the WWE title and unify the championships!!!

Maybe him saying unify the championships would look bad, because then it looks like he failed to do something… and that’s not good.

Instead of having Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match… he has a match against Wade Barrett. Nah the Royal Rumble idea is better. Put him in the Royal Rumble… but have Brodius Clay eliminate him.

Daniel Bryan has a match against Brodius Clay. Daniel goes over clean, looks strong and effective doing it.

This isn’t really about Daniel Bryan… its about the heavyweight title. Mark Henry defending in the chamber against Randy Orton, Kane, Big Show, Sheamus and Christian. Either Henry or Randy win. Henry should win simply to be a challenge for Bryan or Orton should win to be a better match for Bryan on Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry or Randy Orton. I say Henry… just to keep the title on him 6+ months… but Randy would make a better match but once Daniel wins the title he can have good matches with Randy anyway, so Henry.

David vs Goliath… however… Daniel Bryan doesn’t win the belt. Henry gets knocked out of the ring. Knocked out KOed… knocked the truck out. Daniel literally can’t get him back in the ring, so Daniel wins via count out.

Teddy Long didn’t like the finish of Wrestlemania, he feels there should be a rematch… Teddy wants to make a falls count anywhere match. Daniel Bryan wants a submission match, Henry vs Daniel Bryan. Henry comes out laughing at Daniel and says Henry is so powerful and Daniel Bryan is short. However, Henry only knows bear hugs. Daniel says power means nothing when you have heart and never say die.

Daniel Bryan wins the heavyweight championship… but unfortunately… Daniel Bryan literally cleared out all of the heels except for Wade Barrett… so then I say draft Daniel Bryan to RAW and bring the title and put John Cena on Smackdown and bring that title. TONS of fresh matches.


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