Coach Scott Stiener needs 3 college wrestlers (my idea to put 3 guys on the map)

Scott Stiener should probably be used in a limited capacity until his contract runs out. He cuts promos that everyone loves to see and he can still have a match every once in a while, but I propose the idea of making him a manager… or better yet A COACH. Unfortunately TNA beat me to the punch because I scheduled this blog to appear in 2 weeks…

With no further a due… here’s my plan (it may sound like Kurt Angle with Haas & Benjamin).

Hire 3 college wrestling jobbers. Preferably a blonde, a dark-haired guy and a black guy… this way people can tell the 3 of them apart if they’re all wearing singlets.

Have Stiener saying he’s gonna scout for fresh Immortal talent. He can then disappear for a while.

Have Stiener at real wrestling meets scouting.

Stiener finds the first man, the first man says you’re Scott Stiener, I’ve seen you wrestle since I was a kid… Stiener says I got a job for you. The second guy says he’s looking for competition. Stiener says he knows where to find it. Come on kid. The third guy asks about the pay… Stiener says limos, gold watches, briefcases fulla money. Deal.

This way it puts over TNA as a place to find competition, wealth and stars.

Then start the training vignettes for 2 months. Stiener yelling at them, beating them, showing them moves, spotting them lifting. Running his wrestling school. These vignettes don’t have to be more than 2 minutes per week. Stiener can cut their hair and even have Rick Stiener or Kurt Angle as a guest trainer.

Also take this 2 months to have them wrestle at house shows with Stiener still out there as their trainer if he works house shows. That way they’ve got 2 extra months of experience.

Setup a debut on TNA’s B-show. The first one has a match with the other 2 just there. Build the first guy as a singles guy. Then bring in the other 2 as a tag team after the first guy is established. Stiener can cut promos for them. Have them go against jobbers on the B-show for 4 months. Stiener can slap them around, roll around with them too. Not matches, but exhibitions. Stiener is still top dog.

After 6 or 7 months, so you take them to Impact… Scott can either bring them to Immortal who say NO, they’re too green and feud with Immortal or have them just be their own faction right off the bat without any mention of Immortal. Stiener cuts their incoherent promos. You have a new legit tag team and you have a new TV title contender right there. Then you have 3-4 guys to feud with Fortune.

This step will happen in 2 or 3 years. They can feud with each other, feud and feud with Scott Stiener if not retire him or heck do it all over again with Scott finding a fresh crop of workers. But see these 3 guys with a college wrestling style opens up several matches. Submission matches, grecco roman matches, they can wear the ear guards, they can say… I refuse to wrestle a man who punches or kicks… this is pro wrestling not MMA. One can be the wrestling snob, another can be the blood thirsty badass and the last guy can be in it for the money and fame.

Make it happen! This idea fills up pre-taped segment time as well, so that’s another plus!


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