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Unconventional Moves to Put Over Mark Henry as Dangerous

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry is now the heavyweight champion. He’s got very limited offenses, but with his incredible strength and size he makes every move count no matter how basic. Let’s look at his current finisher, the World’s Strongest Slam. A simple falling bodyslam. He’s had that for 10+ year now. He’s had the chocolate slide as a babyface where he gets his opponents on the ropes kneeling, gets a running start and just slides through the ropes to the outside. Quite impressive. And he’s got the bear hug submission, which with his size and strength its perfect for him.

Let’s add something more to his moveset, something that every wrestler has, but when Mark uses it, it can be dangerous. I’m talking about a headlock. Every wrestler uses it as a transitional spot. No one has submit to a headlock since the 70s. I’m not saying Henry ends the match in 1 minute (unless they’re a jobber). Build to it… At the finish of the match have Henry put on that standard side headlock and with Henry’s giant arms, wrench it and show the pain. Then have the midcarder tap out to it.

This wouldn’t be an ordinary side headlock, Henry would of course put his own twist on it and make it look better than everyone else’s. Maybe use a trip or a takeover to put the guy down on the mat where Henry just pulls back and pop goes the head. Maybe he can drag his opponent around and twist his body wildly to put the pain in.

Build the move and make it dangerous giving him submission victories, maybe even put someone in a neck brace. Eventually after a few months of it, Henry gets cocky. He wants to inflict pain, a tapout isn’t good enough. So when it comes to a main eventer like Randy Orton being in the side headlock, Henry will pull him around the ring and make it so the ref can’t take a submission. Then Randy can either slip out and win or be crippled in a neck brace. That way they both save face.

Here’s another thing… if Mark Henry can curl a frying pan as he’s demonstrated several times over the years, imagine what he can do in a hammer lock. He can put over a hammer lock as dangerous. He can break people’s forearms and either put them on the shelf 2 months or have them wrestling in a forearm cast.

These 2 submissions open up a new series of match types for Henry. Imagine Wrestlemania 2012, Mark Henry goes in after 6 months of submissions to defend the belt against Daniel Bryan’s Labell Lock. A move that Bryan can’t even get on Mark Henry… but luckily for Daniel, he’s not one dimensional and after working on Henry’s neck, he can make the dangerous olympian submit to a headlock… or submit himself.

Maybe those 2 moves aren’t big enough when Mark has put people through cage walls, slammed them onto steps and put them through tables, but just these 2 simple moves can put the moves over and make Henry dangerous and make the sport more realistic.

All I know is that somebody gone get they ass kicked.