Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (a comedy of errors)

Tru TV has a new reality show called Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. Its a midget league of about 8 wrestlers on tour in Florida. The promotion is owned by Johnny G, trained by Pat Tanaka and invested in by Hulk Hogan (hence the name). Brian Knobbs is also there… for whatever reason. Since this is a reality show there is more reality than show. The debut episode only showed brief clips of 3 matches… and that was for the best.

This is the second midget reality series to make it to television. The other one was on Spike TV after Impact. It lasted a season and was much better than this disaster.

Wow what a train wreck of a show for a train wreck of a promotion. Hulk Hogan even endorsed it by saying this was the worst wrestling show he’s been to in 35 years.

Here’s what made it so terrible. First of all, there is a lot of drama behind the scenes. 3 of them got sent to do a radio show. The pretty girl midget was chosen to go over the fat girl dwarf. So that resulted into them arguing over half the show and not working well together.

Secondly… its the first episode and the company is already going under. That happens to a lot of reality show companies. Maybe that’s why they agree to a TV deal. Its revealed that the owner is paying everything out of pocket and everything is maxed out. It makes me wonder how much he actually spends per show when they all travel together and their ring is a lot smaller than the normal ring.

Third… their “top star” gets fired out of spite on the first episode. The top star they also bury as being terrible and phoning it in at a big match. A big match that opened the show.

Finally they start with only 6 wrestlers (2 women 4 men). Then they use the radio promotion to say they’ve got open casting calls and they pick up 1 wrestler and 1 vallet. The other workers then feel shitty because the owner Johnny G wants to expand the roster to 8. What the hell? Is there something written saying there must be 6 workers in that promotion? What a bunch of bitches. Is it because the RV is too crowded already?

They make it seem on the show this guy was just thrown out in a match without even meeting the crew. That seems a little strange that no one would see him backstage and wonder who’s he…

The new wrestler they hired ends up having a disasterous match where he freezes up. So then Hulk Hogan makes an inpromptu head shaving stipulation during the match. He just so happens to have the trimmers right there. The new guy later quits saying that he’s not at MCW’s level… well that’s not saying much considering even the promoter says how bad that first show was.

By the way, this inagural show was at Panama spring break 2011, so this show has been 6 months in the making before it came to television. More importantly than that… Hulk Hogan signed on 6 months ago.

Since this is a reality show they spliced match clips with clips of Brian Knobbs, Hulk Hogan and Johnny G saying how bad the matches were. They mention how the fans got bored with the second match in. Quite honestly midget wrestling isn’t supposed to be 5 stars. Its a special attraction like a magician at a party. I’m sure there are some midget wrestlers that can work good matches, but they’re probably few and far between.

This was a demonstration in everything wrong. Good job. I’ve learned what not to do.


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