13 months of my TNA booking A-B guys (months 4 – 6)

Months (1-3)

– Hogan comes out and says AJ is the new #1 contender for defeating Samoa Joe!!!
— Angle comes out and refuses to fight an injured man with a cast. That’s too easy.
— AJ appears and says he’s held every belt in the company… AJ will be the most difficult opponent Kurt has ever faced!
— Angle wonders how many matches they’ve had, 100? Kurt wins them all… AJ says Kurt’s math is off and when Kurt won he had his wife in his corner… but now Kurt has no friends, no wife, just his championship. He sacrificed everything for that strap and now AJ wants to leave him with nothing.
— Kurt agrees to kick his ass at the PPV!
— Hogan said AJ is the #1 contender… but Angle might not be the champ!!! he reveals there’s 2 healthy guys chomping at the bit to get that title back… Anderson and Sting. There’s a title match tonight.
– 3 WAY TNA TITLE MATCH >> ANGLE over ANDERSON / STING clean at around 15 minutes
— Pre match serious backstage interview with Anderson. He hasn’t had a shot at the title in 3 months. He needs this victory and he can play Sting against Angle and pin who’s left.
— Use tricks like tables or have Angle vs Anderson while Sting rests or any combination.
– Backstage interview with Kaz… interviewer asks is his wife Traci Brooks ok??? Yeah she’s okay, it could have been a lot worse… She’s at home relaxing tonight.
— Daniels appears and said she shouldn’t have been there! Don’t you have something to say???
— Maybe you were right Daniels. She shouldn’t have been there…
— Thank you! Then Daniels issues a challenge to Stiener / Gunner for next week!
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 52 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Jarrett comes out and announces he’s got a match with RVD for next week. He cuts a promo and runs down RVD. He also mentions how that guy won’t even have a title shot for a year! Jarrett then mentions that RVD can’t fall any further down the rankings then that.
— Bischoff comes out… oh yes RVD can fall down further… Why’s that Eric? Because if RVD loses his match next week then why even keep him around? For the fans? Ha! I don’t care what the fans think. RVD will be RV-Fired next week if Jarrett wins! They both laugh!
— RVD comes out and says he knows he fell to the bottom of the ladder if Jarrett is there with him! But soon enough he’ll be back on top because he’s Rob-Van-Damn.

– MATCH >> Hogan is in the ring with a table setup… There is a contract signing between Angle and AJ in the ring.
— Angle signs it. He gives the pen to AJ … can he even sign it with his cast?
— Angle says under normal circumstances he would beat down AJ to get the edge at the PPV… but with that cast on you… I don’t need to AJ. That cast is a symbol of the edge I already have. When the PPV comes I’m gonna focus on that arm and make you tap.
— AJ says confidence is a good thing, but overconfidence will be his downfall. While Kurt is focused on the weak arm, he’ll forget that my offense isn’t made up of punches and submissions, it’s made from my whole body. I will take your title Kurt and leave you with nothing.
– MATCH >> RVD over JARRETT w/ KAREN at about 15 minutes
— RVD lost his title match… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 51 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Bischoff has a gleeful vested interest in this match as he watches from the back in his office on a monitor!
— Karen circles the ring and when the ref takes a bump Karen gives Jarrrett a chair. Jarrrett is about to use it when he RVD gives him a Van Damninator!!! RVD throws out the chair, wakes the ref, RVD pins Jarrett!
— Bischoff marches out and tells the ref to reverse the decision and make Jarrett the winner. But Eric why? Because he cheated! He used that chair and Karen is a witness!
— RVD says all these fans are witnesses too… Hey fans did I cheat? Or did I just pin Jarrett 1-2-3? … fans respond … you know Eric the ref’s decision is final!
— Fine, if the referee won’t reverse the decision… he has the power to just fire RVD!!! Bischoff is about to fire RVD when Joe shouts no!!! Give him to me at the next PPV!
— Bischoff is intrigued. He hesitates. Joe gets face to face with RVD and says why fire him when Joe can put him in the hospital? … Then you can fire him!
— Bischoff likes the sound of that! Bischoff makes RVD against Joe at the PPV.
— Daniels wins and is elated at the victory! Gets on a mic and says bros before hos!
— Kaz takes the mic and says apologize! Daniels wonders for what? They just won the match! Oh what I said… sorry man I just got caught up in the moment. I meant no disrespect to you or your wife. Look man, I just needed this win to get my career back on track and again I apologize. Issue settled…

– HANDICAP MATCH >> AJ over MEXICAN AMERICA clean at around 15 minutes
— To setup the match, Angle calls out AJ and says that he went to Bischoff and asked for a match. Tonight… AJ vs… Mexican America’s music plays, they come out and circle the ring.
— AJ wonders well who is it? Hernandez? Anarchya? Rosita? Sarita? Who Kurt? Kurt reveals Hernandez and Anarchya! Kurt smiles and says good luck before he backs out of the ring and Mexican America enter.
— Kurt stays at ringside to coach Mexican America.
— Commentators ponder… Mexican America with an American Gold Medalist… They’re hired guns tonight.
— AJ is still in a cast, but doesn’t use it as a weapon it just limits his wrestling holds with 1 hand.
— Mexican America do arm locks on the cast and stomp it! … because Kurt tells them to.
— AJ wins and is in obvious pain from his arm. Commentators mention that cast is a bull’s-eye and a weak spot… but on the other side of the coin, AJ did just go over 2 men at once. Can Kurt stop AJ Styles?
– Bischoff comes out to the crowd… he was thinking last week when Kaz / Daniels won, they need a rubber match with Kaz / Daniels against Gunner / Stiener for the next PPV.
— Kaz / Daniels come out saying no problem, they’ll win again! Oh really wonders Bischoff… how about when Traci Brooks is the special guest ring announcer? She announces the entrants and the winners.
— Daniels has a disbelieving smirk. Kaz says no problem! Daniels shakes his head.
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 50 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Training vignette with RVD at his gym. His exercise, his martial arts, his stretching. Interview with him at the gym and RVD says in a way Joe saved his job. He mentions bands who have been banned from venues only to return and blow the roof off the place. That’s what RVD is gonna do in a year… return and grab the title.
— Totally different training montage with Joe, training in a gym with MMA guys. Working on strikes and submissions and clips of Joe destroying jobbers. Interviews with guys Joe trains with who say that Joe trains to go the distance with every fight, but he can end it in an instance. They have no doubt in their mind that it’s Joe all the way at the PPV.
— Commentators announce Joe against KAZ for next week.

– MATCH >> JOE over KAZ clean at around 15 minutes
— Before the match… Bischoff is interviewed. He wants Joe to give everyone a little sample of the beating RVD is gonna get at the PPV.
— Interviewers try to get a word with Joe before the match. Bischoff wants a preview of the beating Joe is gonna give to RVD at the PPV… Joe says he works for himself and he’ll do what he wants. He keeps moving and doesn’t really let himself be interviewed. Joe says sadistically … just remember though… Joe’s gonna kill you…
— Before the match… backstage Stiener with Gunner in the background cuts a promo about their upcoming match and that fine ring announcer Traci Brooks. He won’t be able to stay in the ring and she won’t be able to keep her hands off him! Think about that!
— Joe works heavily on Kaz’s ribs, back and mid section.
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 49 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Bischoff is in the ring and calls out RVD. He then tells RVD that the PPV will be his last match one way or another… Either Joe puts RVD in the hospital or Bischoff will flat out fire RVD.
– Sit down interviews with TNA workers, road agents and commentators. Who’s going to win AJ vs Kurt? How will the cast factor in? Is it a weakness or a strength? AJ just went over Mexican America with that cast. Throw in video of their past encounters and who has won.
— Doesn’t matter who Angle faces, he goes over clean by submission and looks dominant.
— AJ comes down after the match and gets in Kurt’s face. Kurt raises the belt between the two of them and then it fades out to end the show.

– TNA TITLE MATCH >> ANGLE over AJ via submission
— AJ is still in a cast, but doesn’t use it as a weapon it just limits his wrestling holds with 1 hand.
— Kurt Angle uses stomps on the cast and various arm breakers… AJ submits to a cross arm breaker.
— Angle gets on the mic and berates AJ and Hogan for even making the match.
— AJ pops up and gets a fiery comeback, beating Angle senseless! Makes the champ bleed with the cast until Bischoff sends a flood of security out to save his main eventer!
— Angle is dragged away, the ref is saying the match is over! AJ keeps getting away from security to beat up Angle!
— PPV closes with AJ being dragged away for the final time with AJ saying its not over!
– MATCH >> RVD over JOE
— Joe is more focused on hurting RVD than winning the match. Destroying him, but RVD and Joe have a back and forth the entire match and despite RVD being caught in several of Joe’s submissions, he never bothers to pin RVD.
— Commentators bring up how Joe can just get the 1-2-3, but Joe doesn’t want to. Eventually RVD puts down Joe.
— Bischoff comes down to the ring… Obviously Joe failed to put RVD in the hospital. So Bischoff goes to fire RVD and RVD just kicks Bischoff in the head. Commentators point out that you can’t fire someone when you’re unconscious!!!
— EMTs come out to scrape up Bischoff and take him away. RVD poses for the crowd!
— Kaz’s ribs are all taped up from his match with Joe.
— Special guest ring announcer Traci Brooks (Kaz’s wife) who ruined their first match…
— Traci announces everyone, then in the match Stiener harasses her at ringside… Kaz brawls with him and she leaves the ringside area.
— She stands at the top of the ramp FARRRRR away from the action!
— Eventually Bully Ray and Abyss come out and wonder what she’s doing up there? Get back to the ring or get in the kitchen its your choice!
— She scurries back to the ring. Stiener and Gunner try messing with her, but Kaz defends her. And Daniels gets the victory!
— This match bleeds into the next…
— With Bully Ray and Abyss already standing at the top of the ring, Beer Money come out and brawl them to the ring. While the previous tag match brawls… everywhere else! Through the crowd they eventually disappear leaving the real match in the ring.

IMPACT WEEK 1 (this is a Bischoff heavy show I’d like to change that)
– Angle comes out… he was embarrassed last night after he won the match… He wants AJ tonight!
— AJ appears… will Angle put his title on the line? Absolutely! He’ll beat AJ again just like the PPV!
— Bischoff comes out and says no no… that match won’t happen tonight. This is all about money. They’ll fight at the next PPV.
— AJ tells everyone that in a few weeks his arm will be 100%!
— Joe is backstage watching a TV screen… hmmm… I’ll have to put a new one on you AJ and score that title shot for myself…
— RVD appears and says he’s in line for that title shot! After all he did just beat Samoa Joe the previous night!
— Joe wonders… have you forgotten? You can’t get a title shot for another 11 months!!! Joe laughs in his face and the two men brawl backstage!
– Bischoff comes out with evil intentions… He calls out Beer Money who have been on a winning spree lately… He says he has a big PPV announcement. He has a fresh match for them… someone they’ve never faced before… then Bischoff calls out Kaz / Daniels.
— Kaz is miffed at the match. Daniels is elated. Bischoff wants them to put aside Fortune and give it their all at the PPV. Kaz refuses…
— Bischoff says he hopes someone would refuse! He says if you refuse now… all 4 participants will be suspended for 4 months! Kaz agrees.
— Beer Money say may the best team win and then they shake hands.
— Bischoff then adds oh and guys the losing team will be suspended for 1 month. That’s just to make sure that both teams give it their all! I mean for the fans of course!!!
— Later on backstage, Kaz mentions this is just Bischoff messing with them because Immortal can’t beat Fortune.
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 48 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
– MATCH >> JOE over MORGAN at about 15 minutes.
— Both guys can use power moves to get over. Joe can show off his speed and quickness. Morgan can attempt his own muscle buster!
— With Joe still in the ring Bischoff comes out and wonders what happened last night? Joe said RVD would be in the hospital! Instead it was Bischoff who went to the hospital!
— Originally Bischoff wanted to fire RVD… but now he just wants to see one of them in the hospital. Either RVD or the man who failed to put him in the hospital… At the PPV there will be a stretcher match!!! Next week they’ll have a contract signing.

– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 47 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Bischoff comes to the ring where there is a table waiting… Due to their backstage brawl last week, Bischoff is making a rematch Joe against RVD.
— Its the contract signing between Joe and RVD. RVD signs… Joe says his pen doesn’t work… So he lunges across the table and jams RVD in the head with the pen.
— He violently attacks RVD with the pen until RVD is busted open and lying on the mat. Joe then uses RVD’s blood to sign Joe on the contract. Bischoff is in glee.
— Joe gets on the mic and says… he lied, that pen did work, he just didn’t have the color he likes! Then he beats down RVD until security comes. Joe leaves with his arms raised.
– MATCH >> ANGLE over STORM clean at about 15 minutes
— Bischoff has ordered security to surround the ring to protect his PPV main event from AJ.
— After Angle wins via the ankle lock… he brings the belt in with evil intentions… He’s gonna make Storm bleed!
— Robert Roode appears at the entryway and starts to march down… security block him…
— But then AJ comes through the crowd, jumps the barricade and gets in the ring! Security notices and quickly gets between the two of them.
— Bischoff announces that if Angle and AJ touch before the PPV they’ll be suspended without pay for a month and stripped of the title!
— Later on… backstage in the office, Hogan has issues with stripping Angle of the title. If that happens… what then? Bischoff says he’ll figure it out. Hogan says well if it happens we’ll put it on another top end talent… like RVD who won his last match! RVD wouldn’t be getting a title shot he’d just get the belt and then Joe would get the title shot at the PPV.
— Bischoff hates the idea and throws the cameraman out so he can argue with Hogan alone.
– Brief vignettes with Kaz / Daniels training together as a friendly sort of competition without ever being mentioned. Who can press more weight, who can run the fastest, who can do more situps, who can do more pushups. If one of them starts to waver, the other one pushes them.

– RVD lost his title match… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 46 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Backstage interview with RVD… How is he going to win when Joe is so big? If he knocks out Joe, can he really put that man on a stretcher? RVD asks if the interviewer ever thought that the stretcher can come down to the ground and then be raised. Ah ha!
— Bischoff makes a match for next week: RVD against Gunner and Stiener before the PPV.  Gunner and Stiener … walk out and get into the ring. They look intimidating and surround RVD. When they pounce, RVD briefly gets the better of them, before Stiener with a pipe leaves RVD laying out.
— Bischoff orders Stiener to keep beating him and says that’s for kicking Bischoff in the head at the PPV!
– MATCH >> AJ over JARRETT w/ KAREN clean at around 15 minutes
— AJ is still in a cast, but doesn’t use it as a weapon it just limits his wrestling holds with 1 hand.
— Karen remembers when she had a thing for AJ
– Clips from last week are shown… of Hogan telling Bischoff if AJ and Angle get suspended a month for touching before the PPV, RVD will become the new champ and Joe will be his first title defense at the PPV…
— Angle is backstage… Joe comes in and gets in his ear… Are you gonna let that punk AJ embarass you? Joe says a real man wouldn’t let stipulations get in the way. A real man would meet AJ in a parking lot with no cameras…
— If Bischoff doesn’t know about the brawl… he can’t suspend you right??? Or are you a coward?
— Angle agree with a smile and a laugh.
— Later on… Bischoff calls Angle into his office… if Kurt does what Joe told him to do just don’t. Kurt says oh I won’t.
— Later on… Joe is dragging a cameraman somewhere and tells him to get down (Joe’s gonna film you)…
— With the cameraman hidden behind some parked cars, Joe says film it and then disappears! In an empty parking lot there’s AJ and Kurt (both in street clothes) under a single street light about to fight. AJ says he got Kurt’s note… Fortune is there and Angle says AJ brought his gang and he’ll beat their asses if they get involved, Storm says he wouldn’t mind kicking some ass tonight. AJ says they’re lookouts.
— Robert Roode yells out who the hell is that? He walks over and finds the cameraman! Angle bails into the shadows.
— Roode and Joe start brawling and Joe wins the fight then runs before he has all of Fortune to deal with.
— The cameraman then admits Joe brought him out there to film a fight, give it to Bischoff and make his match for the title!

– MATCH >> ANGLE over MAGNUS by submission.
— Squash match, make Angle look strong headed into the PPV.
— AJ comes on the screen. He’s backstage and cuts a fiery backstage promo to Kurt… then reveals his forearm cast is off!!!
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 45 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
– NO DQ HANDICAP MATCH >> RVD over GUNNER / STIENER at about 15 minutes.
— Hide Stiener in the match and have him come in for a few spots here and there. Have him around to setup tables or swing a pipe.
— RVD wins via Van Damninator to Gunner.
— Joe runs out after the match and beats down RVD and leaves him in a bloody mess from a chair shot.
– Sit down interview vignette with workers, Traci Brooks, agents and commentators about Beer Money against Kaz / Daniels. Who will win? Who has the edge? Why did Bischoff make the match? Friend vs Friend. The rocky road Kaz / Daniels have had recently.

(I only care about the A-B guys)
— Pre match backstage interview with Angle… he expects a good clean match. Then smiles as if he’s gonna cheat.
— Pre match backstage interview with AJ…  Beer Money is in the locker room with him. AJ is happy his cast off and he’s gonna apply some submissions of his own.
— Good clean match, but in the end after finishers are kicked out of and nothing can end this match… AJ messes up a springboard something and Angle pins him.
— Both men start out by having a good clean match… before they realize they need chairs to get the other on the stretcher. There will be straps on the stretcher to tie down the guy. RVD can slide out of upper body ties, Joe can untie lower body ties.
— Chairs come out, Joe gets Van Damninatored… but RVD can’t lift him onto the stretcher. Joe snaps out of it and chokes out RVD… puts him on the stretcher then chair shots to make sure he can get the ties on and stretchers him out!
— Joe ends up with arms raised!
— Kaz loses to Robert Roode. Afterward Beer Money shake hands and hug with Kaz. Meanwhile Daniels shakes his head at Kaz for losing, but finally shakes Beer Money’s hand.
— Post match interview with Kaz… he admits he lost the match and now they’ll be gone for a month.
— Post match interview with Daniels who says ya know… Kaz will go back to his wife at home and Daniels will go back to the gym and come back better than ever. Daniels reiterates he’s not the one that lost the match.
— Security comes to throw out Daniels and Kaz (separately).
— Beer Money are interviewed afterward… it had to be done. Bischoff put their backs against a wall and they had to do it. They’re asked if this will drive a wedge between Fortune… that’s what Bischoff wants right?
— Doesn’t matter who Shelley goes over.
— Morgan and Crimson get on a roll as a tag team.
— It doesn’t matter who Mexican America beat, just that they destroy their opponents.

– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 44 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
– Hogan announces that RVD / Angle / AJ / Joe are the top 4 guys in the company. At the next PPV there will be a 4 way match between the 4 of them…
— Angle appears and asks did Hogan forget at his old age that RVD can’t get a title shot for another 10 months! Angle tells him don’t try putting someone else in, because Angle wants the top talent, not #5…
— Eric Bischoff comes out and says RVD is injured from Samoa Joe and couldn’t be in the match anyway.
— Hogan has the perfect idea… Over the next 4 weeks there will be an 8 man tournament for that final slot at the PPV.
— At the PPV it will be a mystery man / Angle / AJ / Joe … Assuming they all win their matches leading to the PPV. If they lose one match, that loser will be replace them. Hogan announces Angle will have his match next against Morgan! Oh and it will be for the title, because if Kurt were to lose he’d be out of the TNA title match at the PPV.
– Joe is backstage. He cuts a promo on RVD how he injured RVD and how this will be his first title shot in 6 months. Angle has been ducking him. Always making sure that he could have matches he could win. Why do you think he’d accept a match with a man that JOE broke the arm of… then wanted a rematch against him? Angle isn’t the shit he just smells like it! Remember this Kurt… at the PPV… Joe’s gonna kill you!
– NO DQ TNA TITLE MATCH >> ANGLE over MORGAN at about 15 minutes
— If Angle loses he’s replaced by Morgan in the 4 way at the PPV.
– Beer Money against Mexican America is announced for the PPV. In the meantime, they’ll have some single’s matches…
– The tournament brackets are announced!!! Sting vs Gunner, Abyss vs Eric Young, Jarrett vs D-Von, Pope vs Kendrick.
— Eric Young can do his comedy spots against Abyss… with little effect. Abyss will just clothesline him down with every bit of silliness. Then at some point it stops being silly and gets sad for Eric. The smile is gone. The fans aren’t laughing. Its Abyss kicking this guy’s ass above and beyond what’s needed.
— Eric is beat down so bad that after the match the fans cheer when he can stand up and walk out on his own power.
— Sting dusts off Gunner despite his cheating and aide from Stiener.
— In 2 weeks it will be Sting against Abyss in the Semi Final match. Next week will be the other 2 quarter final matches!
— Backstage after the match… Brian Kendrick congratulates Sting, then asks for advice about the tournament. Sting says that fun is fun, but Kendrick has been given an opportunity and now its time to get serious. He’s a competitor and should act like one. Just look at Eric Young…

— Angle comes out and announces he’s not afraid of facing 3 men at the PPV. In fact… tonight he’s gonna go through 3 top guys from his Angle Academy!
– MATCH >> JOE over STORM at about 15 minutes.
— If JOE loses he’s replaced by Storm in the 4 way at the PPV.
— Pre match backstage Beer Money discusses if Storm gets a title shot Storm will still wrestle Mexican America, because the team comes first.
— In the ring before their match, Roode gets on the mic and cuts a promo how Bischoff gets sadistic pleasure in making their lives hell. Putting them up against Fortune members, now trying to divide them by putting a singles title in front of one of them.
— Roode announces if Storm wins his match, he will be in Storm’s corner for the title shot and Roode will find a new partner against Mexican America.
— Joe comes out with a mic, boys… none of what you said matters, because at the end of the night, James Storm will have a loss and a few broken bones! Match starts.
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 43 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Highlights of the Joe vs RVD feud are shown. First with RVD getting the win… then Joe getting the win.
— Jarrett cheats, they brawl everywhere. Karen helps her man cheat and in the end its too much for D-Von.
— Kendrick wins!!! Post match interview. The interview is excited for Kendrick. Kendrick cuts a fiery promo saying he’s gonna win all 3 of his matches and then march into the PPV and beat 3 other men to win the 4th match in a row and capture the TNA title!
— Its announced for next week Kendrick vs Jarrett in their semi final match and Sting vs Abyss!

– Angle isn’t at the arena… he’s training hard in the Florida sun. Squats, lifting weights, taking on 3 jobbers at a time in armature wrestling matches.
– MATCH >> AJ over BULLY RAY at about 15 minutes.
— If AJ loses he’s replaced by Bully Ray in the 4 way at the PPV.
— At the start of the match Bully Ray tells AJ he’s gonna turn around and he wants AJ to forfeit the match and his spot on the PPV by leaving the ring… if AJ is still standing there when Bully Ray turns back, Bully Ray is gonna beat the crap out of him.  Bully Ray turns… counts to 5, when he turns back AJ punches him!
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 42 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
— Its announced RVD will return next week! In a tag match! RVD / AJ against Joe / Angle.
— Video package hyping up RVD with all of his achievements in TNA. The title and his great matches!
— After that… Joe cuts a promo backstage about how RVD is a fool to ever come back after he was taken out on a stretcher the last time!
— Sting wins and conquers the giant.
— Pre match promo backstage from Kendrick… it has to be a good promo. If it isn’t I’d take this victory away from him.
— Jarrett cheats, Karen helps him. Kendrick fights back against all odds to beat him. Commentators wonder if Kendrick can really go all the way!!!
— After the match, Kendrick is still in the ring to close the show. Sting comes out. They go toe to toe to build the match next week. In the background Kurt Angle slinks in the ring with his title. Kendrick shoves Sting out of the way and clotheslines down the champ as the show closes.

– TAG MATCH >> ANGLE / JOE over RVD / AJ at about 15 minutes
— Joe goes over RVD. Then looks at Angle… like that would be him at the PPV. Then AJ springboards in and breaks up the look!
— Afterward there is a big brawl throughout the arena with all 4 participants! It’s far from over!
— But there’s a wildcard still… Kendrick and Sting. Who will win that match? Who will the 4th man be?
— Backstage interview with RVD… since RVD lost the match tonight, he’ll face the loser of Kendrick or Sting at the PPV. Who does he hope to face? It doesn’t matter… I’ll burn the house down and have the best match on the show, because I’m Rob-Van-Damn.
– MATCH >> supposed to be ANARCHYA vs STORM
— Anarchya has a doctor’s note. He can’t compete due to an allergic reaction…
— Beer Money come out and say they’re allergic to bullshit. Mexican America better not have any notes at the PPV, because come hell or high water, Mexican America is getting an ass kicking!
– RVD lost his title match against Angle… coming back from commercial or going to a commercial a 5 second thing that says 41 weeks until RVD can get a title shot (show a clip of RVD agreeing to the stip).
– Questions are posed for Sting against Kendrick the match… Can Sting beat Brian Kendrick the title one more time? Is it Brian Kendrick’s time? Can he go over an icon and win the title?
— Sit down interviews with the workers, who will win? Sting or Kendrick? Sliced bread or the Scorpion Death Drop? Is Brian Kendrick the new young Sting?
— Alex Shelley is interviewed afterward backstage… He says that Kendrick shouldn’t forget about him. Any title that Kendrick can get… Shelley will just win it from him. Then he pats the X-Division title on his shoulder that he won from Kendrick.
— To make this seem like a big match, the intro needs to be drawn out. With different music. A video package to highlight Kendrick’s rise.
— They shake hands and Sting destroys him through the entire match.
— Show ends with Kendrick celebrating in the ring or with the fans. That should be the last shot.
– The 1 month suspension of KAZ and Daniels will be up in one week! Tune in one week!

(I only care about the A-B guys) (this card feels light… and to compensate with how light it is… I’d fill it with good matches. Make people feel like the missed something even with a light card)
— They can do crazy stack plexes and pair off.
— Angle and Joe never touch… Angle goes over AJ to keep Kendrick and Joe strong. AJ will get shuffled down the card within the next 3 months.
— But the angle here is Joe gives AJ a muscle buster and Angle throws him out. Angle pins AJ and Kendrick tries to break up the pin.
— After the match Joe is furious and beats up Kurt, then destroys the set leading to the fade to black.
— Early on Mexican America get beat bad and try to leave. Beer Money stop them from leaving. Then they have a more back and forth match with Beer Money winning.
— Regrettably, there is no build to this. They’re both the losers of this month pretty much.
– The suspension is over!!!! Kaz and Daniels will return on the next Impact!
– X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH >> SHELLEY over ??? (doesn’t matter I’m not booking this division)

(wow 6 months in… and this is 21 pages now!!!)
(the landscape is starting to shift toward Daniels, KAZ, Beer Money and Kendrick. By the end of the next 3 months the A guys will have shifted)
(there are seeds planted for continuing feuds, Daniels vs KAZ, Joe vs Angle, Beer Money vs Mexican America is only the beginning its about to get VERY memorable, Shelley, Morgan and Crimson are staying warm just incase)
(Bischoff is doing diabolical things and pitting Fortune against Fortune… face against face)


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